CreamyMilf sniffs a young woman's panties

I have wanted to sniff another panty girls dirty panties for a while now. I read a post recently in a dirty panty forum from a sexy young woamn who was having the same thoughts that I was. I have sniffed a lot of my friends panties, but I had been wanting to compare my scent with another established panty seller for quite a while. I talked with this sexy 20 year old several times, and we were both very turned on by the idea of comparing her young scent to the smells of this self proclaimed MILF. I made sure to get mine nice and creamy, and very well scented just like I do for my customers. The thought of what we were doing turned me on so much that they were some of the most sexually scented panties I have ever mailed to anyone. I even made a 5 minute video of me masturbating and cumming in them to send to her.

My original intent was to smell them, enjoy them for a bit, and then sell them. She was also supposed to make me a video of herself playing in them. Unfortunately that part never happened. She did send me a sexy, lacy pair of black boyshorts though with a very nice creamy stain right in the crotch. I was alone, and my heart was racing a bit as I opened them. They smelled so nice that within 2 minutes I had 3 fingers inside my pussy and her panties pressed firmly to my nose. I came almost immediately, but it was too quick. It wasn't nearly enough.

I opened up some pictures that she had sent me of herself in, and out of the panties, and I pulled out my favorite vibrator. I made myself cum 2 more times while I inhaled her delicious scent. I sniffed further back where I knew they had been pulled tight up into her sexy young ass. I love the way a woman's ass scent lingers in a pair of panties! Then I pulled her panties over my leg's and on to my cum soaked pussy. I pulled them tight into my big curvy ass and masturbated in them 2 more times, pushing her creamy cum up into my wet, creamy cunt. The thought of her cum mixing with mine led me to one of the most intense orgasms that I have ever had while masturbating. I felt myself gush out some of my creamy white ovulation cum, and could feel the creamy wetness soaking into the crotch of the panties.

All of this time, I was still expecting to offer these panties for sale. I pulled them off and there was a thick white cream right on top of the cum stain that she had left in the panties. I sealed them into a Ziploc baggy, and put them in my panty drawer. The next morning, while my man was in the shower, I pulled out the baggy and opened it up. The moment that I opened it, the strong mix of our sexual scents literally burst out of the bag! I felt my pussy juices begin to flow immediately and my nipples began to tingle. I did something then that I had never done before, but I had seen many of my customers do. I pulled the panties over my head, and put the crotch right on my nose. The scent was so strong, and absolutely sexual. I kept breathing in our mingles smells as I began to rub my pussy. I could feel the wetness starting to run down my legs. I heard a noise, and looked up.

My man was just getting out of the shower, and I looked up with lust filled eyes as his naked, wet, dripping body stepped into view. He looked over at me, and a big smile played across his face as he saw the panties pulled over my head and the crotch silky gusset pressed to my nose. His cock immediately began to rise, and it was pointing straight to the ceiling before he got to me. I heard him say "You dirty, sexy slut" as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me roughly onto his throbbing cock. He pumped the head of his cock into the back of my throat a few times to get my throat lubed up, and then he pushed my head down hard and I felt the big mushroom head pop past the ring in the back of my throat. Suddenly I had all 8 inches of him inside of my throat and my nose was pushed firmly against his crotch, with the crotch of her panties between us.

The orgasm ripped through my body with no warning. It seemed to begin in my nose as I inhaled all 3 of our mixed scents. Then I could feel the sensation in my throat as I felt his head swelling even larger with his excitement. The tingling in my nipples seemed to erupt into flame as the orgasm sped through my torso, exploded through my pussy and screamed through my clit. It took me a moment to realize that I was trying to scream out my mouth, which was stuffed compleyely full of throbbing pulsating cock. I tried to take a breath in, and had a moment of panic as he grabbed 2 fistfulls of my hair and drove his cock even deeper. I took a ragged breath through my nose and again was overwhelmed with the smell of 2 womens cum.

He pulled my head off of his cock, and then pulled my hair and head down hard as he drove all of himself back down my throat. He fucked my throat almost violently as he told me what a dirty pussy and panty sniffing slut I was. He felt thicker, harder and longer than he ever had been as I felt another orgasm begining to flash through my entire body. He slammed my mouth and nose back into his crotch as he buried his cock in my throat and began pumping his cum straight into my stomach. The twitching, throbbing pumping cock sent shock waves through my body and I almost passed out from the strength of my orgasm mixed with my lack of oxygen.

We fell back on the bed together as we both gasped for air. As our breathing came back to normal, we looked at each other and said almost simultaneously. "We are not selling those panties"! They are still in a Ziploc in my dresser, and they smell almost as good now as they did then. He has worn them on his head a few times as he fucked me, and we love to fantasize about all 3 of us in bed together. I admit that I have had them on my head and pushed up to my nose a few more times too. I have a stronger appreciation and understanding of my panty sniffing gentlemen now than I ever have before! If you are interested in a pair of mine just let me know. I will take very good care of you!

Kisses! CreamyMilf
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1 month ago
i would love some of your wet used panties :)
11 months ago
yes that special scent of a womans pussy is so erotic, sensual will make me so horny I just can go on forever
1 year ago
OMG YES!! Would love to sniff & suck a dirty,smelly,nasty,little panty of yours hon. Maybe get another one form the 20 yr old & do the same thing with it & sell it to me. Nothing like the taste & smell of a hot 20 yr old & sexy MILF pussy & asshole juices all mixed together. Email me at please hon & let me know.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very sexy!
2 years ago
2 years ago
I just came after reading this...
2 years ago
OMG Love this story
2 years ago
nice cum. try 4 12. SEXY.!!!
3 years ago
Sounds fuckin lovely
3 years ago
4 years ago
This was so very hot to read :)
4 years ago
would love to sniff and taste your panties with you in them and mix a cream pie in them together
4 years ago
Mmmm nice
4 years ago
Thank you that was hot you made me cum thanks
4 years ago