Wedding Day Cuckold

My wife Holly fucks other men. Not just one, but a
bunch of other men. We've been together for 3 years
and married for 2 and I have been knowingly (although
unwillingly) sharing her with any man that has come
along since the day of our wedding.

Well, that's not entirely true. Holly doesn't cheat
on me with just any man. She has one basic qualifica-
tion for the men she allows between her legs. Big
cocks. Holly likes big cocks. Not just your run of
the mill 7-incher. No, Holly likes guys who are hung
like bulls. I've watched her face light up on many an
occasion when she unzips a new guy's pants to find a
cock she can barely get her fingers around. The
bigger the better is her motto.

She has also made it quite clear to me that my little
5«-incher just doesn't cut it anymore.

It wasn't always this way, or so I thought at the
beginning of our relationship. During the first year
together things were good, sexually and otherwise. We
met originally at an IT conference. Holly does web
design and I work in LAN administration. We hit it
off from the very beginning.

From the moment I met her I knew I would make Holly
my wife. We got serious in a short period of time,
and after a year together I popped the question.
Holly was thrilled and agreed immediately. It seemed
at that point as if everything was perfect, and up
until our wedding day everything was.

I had no idea of the bomb she was going to drop on me
then and how it would change the nature of our
relationship forever.

We went back to Holly's hometown in Virginia for the
ceremony. It was traditional from start to finish. We
had the reception in a medium-sized hall with about
200 guests, most of which were from Holly's side. I
had met Holly's parents on several occasions but I
hadn't had a chance to meet many of her friends, as
we hadn't visited her hometown since we started

The first thing I noticed about her group of friends
was that they were predominantly male and almost all
of them were black. This seemed a little unusual to
me given what I knew of her background but we were
pretty busy with the usual reception speeches and
chatter so I didn't give it a lot of thought.

Holly looked beautiful in her long white lace wedding
dress with the veil she had worn pulled back over her
short dark hair and all I could think about was
getting her back to our hotel room and getting that
dress off her. Then Holly's s****r made a speech that
would signal the beginning of the bizarre lifestyle
that I've been living ever since.

She talked about tradition and the history of the
f****y and went on to say something about how Holly's
f****y have been observing their wedding day ritual
for 6 generations and how proud the other women of
the f****y were to see Holly carrying on the

I had no idea what she was talking about but everyone
else seemed to be following her.
Holly sat beside me with her hand in mine, a smile on
her beautiful face and a big rosy glow in her cheeks.
She positively beamed and I felt a huge wave of love
wash over me thinking that this was the woman who had
chosen to spend her life with me.

Her s****r finished her speech and the music started.
It was time for the first dance. I was about to get
up when Holly put her hand on my leg and whispered in
my ear, "We do it a little different in my f****y
Hon, just sit back and relax."

One of Holly's 'guests' got up and took her hand to
lead her to the dance floor. It was a particularly
large black man who I found out later was named Ray;
I had just met him before the reception.

They slow danced to the song the DJ played while
everyone watched and I was left thinking how odd this
was that she wasn't dancing with me for the first
dance. As the song continued, Holly and her partner's
hands seemed to roam a little more freely than I
thought normal, but everyone around me acted as if
everything was fine so I didn't say anything.
Then Ray slid one hand from the middle of my new
bride's back down over the top of the train of her
wedding dress and when they turned so her back was
facing me again, I could see that it was planted
firmly on her ass!

I was feeling very weird about this now and looked
around embarrassed, wondering what people were going
to think. Nobody else flinched at all. They all sat
chatting quietly watching my wife of less than two
hours get mauled on the dance floor by this big black
man. I overheard the woman next to me comment to her
husband about how good they looked together and then
something about how this should be a good show. What
did she mean? I wondered.

My attention went back to Holly's face, and I saw
that she didn't seem to mind the familiarity of her
partner's touch at all. Quite the opposite in fact,
she was rubbing her hands over his chest as he moved
his other hand down to cup both of her ass cheeks and
brought his face close to hers, apparently whispering
something in her ear.

She smiled and laughed and then their lips met and
they kissed. Not a peck, but a long deep kiss that I
thought should have been reserved for me.

I'd had enough. I was about to get up and put a stop
to it when the entire hall broke out in applause.
Everyone had risen to their feet and was cheering my
new wife and Ray as they kissed as deep and long as I
had ever kissed her. I slumped into my seat again,

Holly's s****r took the microphone as the song came
to an end. "Thanks very much to Ray for being here to
accept his right of the first dance with the new
bride." Applause all around. "Ok, I guess we've
reached the point in the festivities that you've all
been waiting for so we won't make you wait any
longer. Bridesmaids, go ahead and do your thing!"

With that, a thunderous round of applause arose as
the music started again and three of my wife's five
bridesmaids, all dressed in their pink satiny
dresses, approached the head table and then got on
their knees to crawl underneath. I had no time to
think about them however as the other two walked over
to where my wife and her dark dance partner were

One of them lifted Holly's dress up; revealing her
white lacy panties while the other got on her knees
and proceeded to undo the garter my new bride wore.
She didn't stop there however. Once that was off, she
moved her hands up further and pulled down Holly's
lace panties.

Holly helped by stepping out of them and the
bridesmaid handed them to Ray as the entire room of
200+ people got a perfect shot of my new wife's bush,
and I sat there unable to move, my mouth agape.

Holly's parents sat down on either side of me. Over
the din of the crowd and the music, her mother told
me that this was the Bairns' f****y tradition going
back over more than a hundred years and was also
practiced by the majority of the other families in
the area.

She told me that she had experienced the same thing
on her wedding day while Holly's father watched and
that it was intended to start the marriage off
properly so that there would be no misconceptions
about the husband's place. She talked about how
Bairns women needed real men with real cocks to
satisfy their requirements in bed and that all of the
women in their f****y went outside their marriage to
find men who could keep them happy sexually.

She apologized at how sudden this must all be for me
but that it had been tried many different ways and
this seemed to be the best time for husbands to find
out. She informed me that I would be changing my name
to Bairns and that any daughters I had would follow
the same path and that if I truly loved Holly that
this is something I would have to learn to live with.

My head was swimming.

Mrs. Bairns lifted the cloth that covered the head
table we sat at and her and her husband looked
underneath. I could see that two of the bridesmaids
were on one side of the three of us and one was on
the other. Each of them was on her knees in front of
one of the black male guests who were seated at the

They each had their respective man's cock out and
were sucking away at three of the hugest hardons I
had ever seen. None of the men could have been less
than 9 inches and all were very thick. The women's
heads bobbed between the legs of the three men as
their lips moved up and down on the big black cocks.

I looked up in time to see my new wife being lead by
her other two bridesmaids to the banquet table that
had our wedding cake on it. The cake was pushed to
one side and Holly sat up on the table. The
bridesmaids laid her back and then proceeded to lift
her wedding dress up, exposing her naked lower half
to the crowd.

Holly's s****r picked up the microphone again,
"Ladies, now comes the moment where you'll see why
the first dance rights were awarded to our winner.
For you Bairns men, let this be a reminder to you of
why you aren't worthy of your women and why you
should be happy they are good enough to keep you
around even though there are real men like this out

With that, Ray, my wife's dance partner, unzipped his
pants and pulled out the biggest, blackest cock I
have ever seen in my life. This thing reached more
than halfway to his knee and had to have been as
thick as my wrist. An audible gasp came from the
crowd and then a huge round of applause.

Ray acknowledged the guests with a quick wave and
then moved toward the banquet table where my wife
lay. The music stopped. I looked at Holly's mother
sitting beside me and she had a warm smile on her
face. She looked at me and said, "I've been waiting
for this moment since the day she was born. I'm so
proud of her." I was numb.

The two bridesmaids stood on either side of the table
that Holly lay on, and each of them took one of
Holly's legs, holding them apart lewdly and pulling
them back so that her ass was raised slightly off the
table as her dress bunched up about her waste.

Ray moved into position between my wife's legs at the
end of the table, stroking his enormous black cock
with his hand. The crowd watched in near silence as
he put the head of that monster at the opening of her
pussy and then rubbed it up and down her slit several
times, getting it wet.

The crowd oohed and aahed as they heard Holly moan
when his bulbous cockhead rubbed over her clit. They
went silent again as he moved it down to her opening
and then he impaled her with a single thrust, burying
three quarters of that mammoth meat in her and making
her scream aloud. The crowd cheered.

The room was suddenly a hive of activity again. The
music started. The bridesmaids under our table who
had stopped working on the three black men returned
to their oral duties. Several of the women among the
guests crowded around the table where Ray was slowly
developing a rhythm as he fucked my wife. His hips
were pounding in and out now as he buried that big
bone to the hilt into my little Holly with each
thrust. Over all the noise you could hear my wife
grunting as he fucked her and the women watching
commented on what a good job he was doing and how
they would like to have him for themselves.

The entire scene was completely surreal. I sat
motionless watching my wife getting plowed by the
biggest cock I could imagine. Her bridesmaids lifted
her legs back more so that her knees were pressed up
against her tits, which were buried under her
crumpled wedding dress.
Ray supported himself on the table with his hands on
either side of my wife's head as he pounded his cock
into her again and again. My wife was screaming now,
"Ohhhh...myyyyy! Oh god I'm cummmmiiiiing!" as her
pussy was stretched to its limits by Ray's massive

A couple of the women had helped Ray out of his
jacket and shirt to reveal his muscular body, his
black skin shiny with the sweat he was working up
fucking the living hell out of my bride. I looked
over at Mrs. Bairns and she had tears in her eyes
with a big smile on her face.

Ray's pace quickened and the noise from the crowd got
louder as everyone anticipated his climax. You could
hear him grunting over the crowd as his hips slapped
against the soft cheeks of Holly's ass. My wife was a
babbling mess beneath him, screaming like a mad woman
as she endured the onslaught having orgasm after
orgasm. Finally Ray raised his head and with a look
almost of extreme pain he shoved forward once more
and you could tell he was cumming.

Holly screamed, "Yes, cum inside me with that big
beautiful cock!!" as she pressed her arms against the
table to support herself and bucked her hips back at
him. Ray bellowed as he came and the entire crowd
broke out in applause again, cheering. He collapsed
on top of my wife and after a minute or so, pushed
himself up with his arms and pulled his cock from my
wife's wasted pussy. Thick globs of cum dripped from
her gaping hole as Ray's cock was cleaned orally by
one of Holly's bridesmaids.

Just when I thought the nightmare couldn't get any
worse, the three black guys who had been sitting at
our table being serviced by the bridesmaids got up.
They walked over toward my wife with their huge
hardons poking out of their pants. Two of them picked
her up off the table and carried her into the centre
of the floor of the hall.

The third man was laying on a blanket that the
bridesmaids had laid out, on his back, his black cock
pointing toward the ceiling. My wife was laid on top
of him, her wedding dress mercifully falling to cover
their union for a moment, but it was obvious when he
slipped his cock into her dripping pussy and he began
fucking her as she rode him. The constant pounding
seemed to help her get her wind back and she began to
bounce up and down on his cock, skewering herself
with it again and again.

As the crowd moved around them in a circle to watch
my wife get royally fucked by someone other than her
husband for the second time that day, one of the
other black men moved into position behind my wife.

"Oh God no.." I thought, but I knew what was coming.
As the crowd looked on and my wife screamed at the
top of her lungs, he lifted her dress to unveil her
ass once again, and gradually wedged that huge cock
of his into her tight little asshole. I had been
there with my little cock before and knew how
sensitive she was there and couldn't imagine what she
must be feeling with that giant python inside her.

Bit by bit he fed her ass his cock while the other
man continued plumbing the depths of her cunt. The
third black guy moved over in front of her and by the
time he had his cock buried deep in her throat I had
already resigned myself to the fact that every
indignity I could possibly imagine would be hoisted
upon me this evening. 200 people were watching my
wife get fucked in all holes by three of the best-
hung black men I had ever seen and I felt powerless
to do anything.

The four of them gyrated there on the floor for what
seemed like an eternity. Holly's mother sat beside me
in a glee yelling for them to fuck her harder, that
she deserved those big black cocks after suffering
with my little prick during our courtship. Holly was
moaning incoherently as she came again and again, her
faced stuffed with black cock. The man in her ass
came first, bellowing as he filled her rectum with
sperm. The crowd cheered.
Moments later the man beneath her gave her pussy its
second load of black cum of the day. The crowd
cheered again. Finally, the man fucking her face
unloaded down her throat. You could see the muscles
working as she swallowed over and over again and the
crowd roared louder than ever. He finally pulled out
and my wife gasped and collapsed on the man beneath

I managed to unfreeze myself from my seat and got up
and staggered toward the crowd gathered around my
freshly fucked wife. The crowd parted and everyone
smiled and whispered as I made my way through them. I
finally reached the place where my wife lay on top of
one black man with two others spent beside her. I got
down on my knees with tears welling up in my eyes and
all I could muster was a weak "Why?"

My wife looked at me and said for the entire room to
hear, "Baby, you didn't honestly think that you could
keep me satisfied with that pathetic little prick of
yours did you? Now be a dear and go get me a glass of
champagne so we can toast this occasion properly."

And that's exactly what I did...
89% (68/8)
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Should have pulled out a gun and killed those niggers, then his wife
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2 years ago
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3 years ago
I fantasized about my wife being fucked like this on our wedding nite by other men, damn this story is hot. I would haved licked her clean
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too hot! he should have licked here clean
4 years ago
better than my wedding!!
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WOW that was fantastic!