Whore Wife

I've read several stories posted to the Internet about
interracial affairs and pregnancy, and many of the
writers have said they would like to hear from similar
people. At my husband's suggestion, I have decided to
write to you about our experiences.


I'm a lil white girl; I grew up around blacks all my
life, and even though there's always been a barrier
between the races I've had a secret desire to fuck some
of the black studs I knew in school and around our neck
of the woods.

So at the age of 29 after seven years of marriage, when
my husband and I felt it was time to add some spice to
our lives and it wasn't a huge jump for me to think
about making my secret fantasy a reality. My husband,
Larry, after looking at all the stuff I'd downloaded for
the past year or so seemed very aroused by interracial
sex, and wife sharing in general. We had fantasized
about having one or another black man I knew in a
threesome many times when we fucked.

Then one day Larry began suggesting that he would really
like to see me fuck a black men. I didn't know how to go
about finding the right guy, I didn't want to catch any
nasty dieses and since I wasn't into the bar scene I
didn't really know any of the black men in our area.

Some of the black men where I work as a secretary were
constantly hitting on me, but I had always turned them
down. I was flattered by their attention, but up until
this time I hadn't been looking for a black boyfriend,
or any boyfriend for that matter.

Then an opportunity occurred. Some friends from work
threw a Halloween Party, and Larry and I were invited.
Larry didn't really know anyone there, but we went for
the fun of it. He dressed as a sheik and I went as a
harem girl dressed in see-through pants and a tiny
bikini. (If I say so myself, I think I looked every bit
as sexy as Barbara Eaton did on I Dream of Jeanie.)

The party was a lot of fun, and as the night wore on we
danced away. The black guys from work were there and
they loved my costume. When I danced with them, each
wanted a quick feel -- which they got, and it only made
me hornier. I told Larry about it and he encouraged me
to flirt with them. By this time he desperately wanted
me to have sex with a black guy so everything seemed

Later in the evening I found myself sitting on a sofa
with Todd, one of the black men from work. He had come
as a Calypso dancer, wearing thin cotton pants with a
drawstring and a baggy cotton shirt. We laughed and
talked, but all I could think about was Larry's (and my)

Then Todd put his arm around my shoulders at one point
and drew me closer. When he kissed me his tongue went
into my mouth and I accepted it. We turned to each
other; his hand went to one of my tits and he felt me
up. Nervously I put my hand on his crotch and felt an
enormous swelling there.

We kept kissing and I was getting even hornier, thinking
of that black b**st under my hand with only the flimsy
material of his pants separating us. Slowly, Todd
maneuvered me over until I was on his lap, my legs
straddling his and his cock pressing against my pussy
from underneath. Then he began gyrating under me and I
felt his cock growing harder.

"Let's get away somewhere where we can be alone," he
whispered into my ear. I wanted to do that, but I wanted
Larry to know about it. I reluctantly pulled myself from
Todd's lap and went to Larry who had been watching from
a secluded spot across the room. As a matter of fact,
most of the people there had been watching! I told Larry
what Todd wanted. He nodded his approval and I went back
to tell Todd the good news. He stood up, took my hand
and led me up the stairs to the bedrooms.

As soon as we entered the room we embraced and kissed
and I whispered, "Fuck me Todd," in his ear, opening his
pants and pulling out his cock. It was everything I had
hoped it would be--big, thick, long and shiny charcoal
black. I held it in my hand, rapt by the size and
thickness of it. I pushed Todd down on the bad and
straddled his lap. Having pulled off my harem pants and
bikini I sank down on his wonderful dick.

When it entered me I couldn't believe how good it felt.
My pussy opened up like it had never been opened before.
I felt like a boa constrictor taking its meal. I sank
all the way down on it and we rocked into a fucking
motion. Todd unfastened my bra and brought both of my
boobs to his mouth and sucked them one at a time between
his thick lips. I just leaned my head back and rolled my
hips enjoying all the wonderful sensations.

When I looked down all I could see was my hairy cunt and
his black belly. We fucked and fucked. Groaning with
pleasure Todd closed his eyes and thrust up at me. We
did this for several minutes until he changed position,
rolling me off on my back and spreading my legs. Todd
rubbed his cock up and down my open pussy and then slid
it in. I felt wonderful to be filled with black cock.

Then he fucked me hard, holding my ass cheeks and
grinding into me. I couldn't get enough. I wrapped my
legs around him and my hands dug at his black ass. I
came hard, my whole body quivering with excitement and
release. In a flash I realized this was what I had been
missing all my married life.

I felt him tensing up to cum. He rammed his cock deep
inside me and then finally began shooting his hot sperm
into my cunt. It just kept spurting and spurting.

When Todd finally dismounted his semen ran from my open
pussy and dripped down my inner thighs onto the
bedspread. I found that after that experience that I
loved the sex and the very idea of fucking a black man.


In the following weeks I went out with several of the
black men at work and always ended up fucking them. By
late December I found out I was pregnant. I also learned
I had been knocked up at that Halloween party. It was
definitely Todd's black baby in my white belly.

The evening of the day I found out, I lay in bed with
Larry, jerking him off slowly as we talked about my
interracial sex. I finally got the courage and said,
"I'm going to have a baby." Larry looked at me. "I'm
pregnant," I said again, "And the baby is definitely
going to be black." Larry stared at me, his cock growing
hard as an aluminum baseball bat. I told him again about
what I had learned. With a deep groan, my husband shot a
huge load that flew a full foot into the air before
covering my hand.

Larry insisted I have the baby. He said that we could
tell everyone that we'd adopted the c***d, that I could
quit my job before I started showing.

I agreed.

But he also insisted I continue to date and fuck black
men. I more than enjoyed the black cock I was getting -
by then I felt like I was almost "addicted." My belly
became big and swollen and my already big tits grew even
bigger. Larry stopped cumming inside me because he loved
to have me jerk him off over my heavy, bulging belly. He
began calling me his "whore wife," and was ecstatic to
have his very own "back man's whore."

His whore wife had her black baby last July. We passed
the c***d off as being adopted and everything was fine.

I had wondered what my sexual desires would be after
having a black man's baby. I wondered the same about
Larry. I can honestly tell you that nothing has changed.
I still date and fuck black studs, and I have a steady
black boyfriend now. His name is Garrett and he is hung
massively. That's why I chose him. He fucks wonderfully
well and we get it on several times a week.

Interestingly enough, he wants me to have his baby now.
My husband is excited beyond belief. He considers my
cunt and mouth a natural reserve for "black men's cum."
He loves for me to jerk him off as I tell him how much I
prefer sex with black men. He always wanted a whore wife
and now he feels totally fulfilled. I have willingly and
enthusiastically agreed to be a whore for black men. For
me there is simply no other alternative...
15% (11/66)
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2 months ago
hot...nicely told. ultimate cuckold desires...a child to prove his wife's sluttiness.
1 year ago
Your the ultimate perfect wife. My own wife has been bred 7 times by various men throughout our marriage, unfortunately though non of them are black. You should really tell people that the child isn't adopted but in fact you got knocked up by a black man, and be very proud of that fact.
2 years ago
great story, you have a perfect set-up, white husband, black lovers and as a bonus now a mixed child.
3 years ago
Great story, thanks
3 years ago
Great story
This reminds me so much of our marriage. My wife was a whore four other men before we were married a continued to be long after.
4 years ago
sexy story
4 years ago
very nice story, i do love seeing my wife getting fucked by a black man, keep up the good work
4 years ago
4 years ago
fucking hot
4 years ago
Great story...
4 years ago
wow if that was my wife id be pissed got kocked up what man would be happy to have his wife pregnant by so random man shit i would get a divorce
4 years ago
i loved it! great stuff.
4 years ago
your husband is sick. there isnt even a reason why you married.how can he love you when he calls you a whore and lets other men fuck you and give you a baby. what a loser.
4 years ago
That story was so hot, I shot my load reading it, thanks.