fell Asl**p

We had been invited to a party at the home of my wife's boss, I knew no one at all at the party, about 40 people. Carrie knew some of them from work. It was her first job as she is only 18 and had only been working there a couple of months. Lots of people who knew Carrie from work were saying hello to her, mostly men. Carrie pointed out several of the men who had been making passes at her at work. She said she had been flattered by their attentions but didn't respond to any of them.

Carrie's boss took me around to meet people while his wife and some of her friends entertained Carrie. It must have been over half an hour before I saw Carrie again, she was looking the worse for wear, too many cocktails. She was in the library that had been set up as a disco, she was dancing with some guy who had his hands full of her arse. I cut in and while we were dancing, Carrie said she needed to go to the bathroom.

I took her upstairs and after she came back out she complained of feeling very tired. I suggested that we went home but she just crumbled in my arms. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom were we had left our coats, there were two beds, one with all the coats piled on and an empty one. I laid her down and stood for a moment admiring how beautiful she looked in her short black cocktail dress. The dress was so short as she lay there, that I could see her stocking tops. I found her coat and covered her legs up then went back and joined the party. I explained to our hosts what had happened and they said it was OK that these things sometimes happen at parties and that we should let her sl**p. Although I didn't know anybody, they seemed very friendly. I got to dance with a few of the wives and chatted to a lot of the men. After a while I needed to go to the bathroom and before coming back down, I had a look in on Carrie. She was still fast asl**p but her coat was on the floor. As I bent to pick it up I couldn't help but see up her skirt and the sight of her golden patch of pubic hair caught my eye. I should have seen black knickers. "Where could they have gone?" I thought perhaps she had left them in the bathroom. I covered her once more with the coat and rejoined the party.

I noticed 2 of the guys Carrie had pointed out as some of the ones who had 'come on' to her in the office. What caught my attention was the fact that they were going to the bathroom together. I thought no more of it and went on enjoying myself.

After a while I thought I had better check on Carrie again. Again her coat was on the floor and I couldn't resist having another look at her lovely cunt. As I raised her skirt and eased her legs apart, I could see spunk seeping out of my wife's cunt. Far from being angry or jealous, I was turned on and buried my face into her golden fleece. I prised her cunt lips apart and sucked on her delicious young cunt sucking up all the spunk and rubbing my face in it. I was turned on like never before with images of strange faceless men taking advantage of my sl**ping wife, of them sticking their dicks into her sweet young cunt and emptying their spunk into her as she slept. By the time I had finished sucking on her cunt, she was completely clean of any spunk. I dried her pussy with my handkerchief, covered her again and returned to the party.

Now, although still enjoying the party, I kept an eye on the stairs and who was going up. When they came back down, if I thought that they had been too long to have just been to the bathroom, I would go and inspect Carrie again. I had got to clean her cunt about 6 times, when I went to check her the 7th time, I got a shock. There were 3 guy's standing around the bed wanking on their cocks. Another guy was on the bed fucking Carrie. One of the guys called me over. "Come and watch this lovely slut in action. She's fast asl**p but is still enjoying lots of dick." I joined them, cock in hand and wanked away as the men took turns fucking my sl**ping wife.

When all 4 of them had emptied their spunk into her and left us alone, I once again buried my face into her spunked up cunt and sucked her clean.
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1 year ago
this happened to a friend of mines wife at a party and they don't know who the father is and she ended up knocked up,
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
Hot story
4 years ago
so horny taking advantage of her filling her with their seed, I feel the same not jealous or angry but hugely turned on. Thanks enjoyed your story