Turning Fantasy Into Reality

My wife and I were enjoying our weekend with the k**s
at the grandparents. Friday night was a relaxing dinner
with friends and then we had a nice session in the
bedroom and my wife, Kelli, let me set up the video
camera for the night.

Saturday was quiet, we met friends for golf and then
came home and made dinner and then Kelli said she was
going to take a bath and I should come up in an hour.
At about 8 pm I headed up and she was on the bed
completely naked and slowly touching herself basically
getting me ready for her. When she removed her hand I
saw the other surprise, she was also completely shaved,
an added turn-on for me. She had also started the video
camera so she was showing it all for the video also.
Next to her were the restraints we have tied each other
up to the headboard.

I walked over to her and gave her a kiss and then took
the restraints and proceed to tie her to the head board
and then started kissing her breasts and kissed my way
down to her dripping pussy. She was quite turned on and
my tongue seemed almost electric to her when it hit her
opening. We were both getting into it when all of a
sudden we heard "fresh white pussy, just what we like."

Standing there were two black guys that moved quickly
and grabbed me and put me in a chair and then used
belts to tie me up and then they told Kelli screamed
out "what are you doing" and they said, "Shut up and
don't move bitch!"

After they had me tied up and the one looked at the
other and said "you can fuck the skinny white bitch
first, I do like the look of the bald white pussy."
Then he said, "The more you fight it the worse we will
make it for you so you best just let us have our fun
and try to enjoy it." The first one was now naked
standing there with his 7 inches hanging there getting
hard right in front of us. He turned and looked at me
and said "she needs a read dick, not that skinny little
white thing you have."

I was right at 6 inches but he was at least 7 inches
and was much thicker around. He walked over and put it
in front of my wife's face and said "lubed it up baby"
and basically f***ed it into her mouth as the other one
was there holding her some to make sure she knew who
was in control. He then pulled out of her mouth and got
between her legs and rammed his cock into her and
started fucking her much harder and faster than I ever
do. He then said "how do you like the feel of a real
cock" and he kept pumping away and then he ass cheeks
started to tense up as my wife was cumming and he
rammed his cock hard into her and unloaded his cum deep
into her pussy.

When he pulled out what seemed like a gallon of cum
oozed out. The other guy was there waiting. His cock
was probably a little longer but not as thick. He was
right there to take the other ones place and he fucked
her hard but with slower more rhythmic thrusts each
time driving in as deep as he could possibly go. From
the look on my wife's face this was driving her crazy
and she started cumming again as he kept thrusting deep
into her. He was getting close to cumming and he pulled
out and brought his cock to her face and sprayed what
seemed like a gallon of cum at first on her face and
then on her tits. Then he said, "Don't worry babe, we
are just the warm up act."

My wife had a confused look on her face and asked what
he meant and he just said "you'll see." The first one
was on the phone and he said "great, we will see you in
a minute" and hung up. Then we heard someone coming up
the steps and a third guy walked in. He asked "she
ready for me? Can she handle me?" the first two said
she was ready to try at least and laughed. The third
one started to take his clothes off and to both my
wife's and my surprise he had a cock like we had never
seen before.

It was definitely the main attraction and had to be at
10 inches. My wife gasped and quietly said, "Oh my

He said someone needs to lube it up and walked over to
my mouth and stuck in what he could until I almost
gagged. Then he had them untie her and get her on all
fours and got up behind her and slowly started working
it in, an inch at first and then pulled out. He did
that a couple times and then another inch and kept
doing this until he had most of it in. My wife seemed
to be enjoying it but was definitely more than she had
taken before. Once he got it all the way in he started
working it slow at first to get her use to it and then
he grabbed her hits and said, "Now you're ready for the
fucking of your life."

He started pounding his 10 inche boner as hard and fast
as he could. My wife screamed, over and over again, "Oh
my god! Oh my god! That feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck

He kept it up until my wife seemed to start tensing up
and she screamed, "I'm cummmming! Fuck, I'm cumming!"

For the first time I saw her squirt as she came. She
squirted so much that it looked almost like she was
peeing. He enjoyed it saying, "That's it baby, you like
the big black cock hammering you!" And he kept pounding
away and she kept screaming, "I'm cummmming! Fuck, I'm
cumming!" And squirted more and then finally he groaned
and his body tensed and he was going to cum. He pulled
out at the last second and my wife took it to her
mouth. "Swallow it all down! I don't want none wasted,"
he moaned as he stroked himself unloading everything
into her mouth.

She swallowed what she could and then she got up and
walked over to me and pushed his cum into my mouth.
Then she whispered in my ear, "Thanks for setting this
up," and went back to the bed and laid back and the
first guy was ready and fucked her again. As he was
ready to cum he pulled out and walked over to me and
pushed me down onto my knees and shoved his dick into
my mouth and stroked until he came in big loops of
molten cum. "Now you can taste it straight from the
real thing man," he said as he was unloading into my

The second guy had my wife down on all fours and was
fucking her from behind with his thumb in her asshole.
He thrust away for a while until he pulled out and then
slid his cock into her backdoor and fucked her until he
was ready to cum and then pulled out one more time and
sprayed his spunk all over her ass and pussy.

The first guy undid me and told me to go clean her up
and while I was doing that they all got dressed and
then they all disappeared. I was hard so I slid my cock
into my wife's used ass and fucked her until I came.

As we were laying there she said that was the best
night of sex ever, but she was surprised I set it up
now that she had stopped taking the pill. I asked her
what she meant and she said, "We talked about having
another baby so I stopped the birth control."

I said, "Oh shit! I didn't think you were going to do
it right away!" I gave her a kiss and said, "Well, too
late now."

She did end up pregnant but when the baby was born we
dodged a bullet, it was mine but it made for a little
extra excitement during the pregnancy and in the
delivery room.
96% (24/1)
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1 year ago
very good
2 years ago
great stories.
2 years ago
wow love it given us a idea xx
3 years ago
i know that delivery room feeling very well

i also thought that maybe it was not a setup
3 years ago
Great story.
3 years ago
Good story, but I half expected you to tell her, at the end that it wasn't a set-up at all.
3 years ago
I love having a black man pull his dick out of a white pussy and cumming in my white faggot dicksucking mouth!
3 years ago
Nice twist at the end. I also thought it was going to turn neither of them had set it up! :-)
3 years ago
Excellent story, well written.. It had me rock hard!