Bi leather spunk loving teen sluts (complete)

I ordered the 20-year old female teen slut I was training to pull up her tiny leather mini skirt to expose her black leather panties. I knew she was shaved under the soft, shiny fabric as the day before I'd shaved her cunt. But the 18 year-old lad whose head I was pushing between her long legs didn't know just how smooth her pussy would be - or the sticky treat that lay under her leather knickers. Fuck, before he got stuck in I'd have a treat. i yanked his head back and put my head between her legs.

The smell was intoxicating: the aromas of leather and spunk filled my nostrils. What a combination! The 10 men I'd just got to gangbang her had each emptied their balls into and over her slit, and the inside of the black leather panties was coated in thick, white ropes of sticky cum.

I ordered the lad to lick her cunt through the leather. The panties squelched and the teens started to moan softly.

I couldn't wait any longer. I tore her black leather panties off and wrapped the spunk soaked material around my throbbing cock, smearing the spunk from the tip of my dick to the base of my shaft. This spunk was going to make great lubrication as I fucked the lad's mouth. The girl started to wank herself.

"Open your mouth slut," I ordered. The hot teenage boy opened his willing mouth and I thrust my cock in. I held his hair and he groaned sexily. I was loving the idea of shagging his dirty young mouth.

He gagged.

I fucked hard, the cream on my dick oozing out of the corner of his mouth, mixing with his saliva and drenching my shaft and balls. I held his hair tight and f***ed his face backwards and forwards on my squelching dick.

"Fuck him, fuck his face!" yelled the girl. "Fuck, I'm soaking; my cunt is so wet!" she screamed. I loved the fact this hot girl was wanking herself as I skull fucked her boyfriend.

"Get your head next to his face," I instructed her. "It's your turn next to be facefucked."

I held the lad's head tight and ordered him to lick my balls as the whole length of my cock filled his teen slut mouth. My pubes were on his lips.

I ordered his girlfriend to rub her cum-soaked leather knickers over the boy's face, and the remaining cum glistened on his skin. It was incredible.

I wanted to facefuck her too. So I pulled out, pulled her head towards my dick on shoved the sticky bell-end towards her lipe, wanking furiously.

Her boyfriend slid his dick into her mouth next to mine, his shaft leaking pre-cum. It felt gorgeous to have a teen girl suck me while a throbbing teen cock twitched and trickled its love ooze over my prick.

"Choke on 2 dicks" I yelled. "Fuck, I want your spunk" she replied.

We weren't going to give it to her - yet.

Her boyfriend was wearing leather trousers and I wanted to see his bum muscles flex in their soft hide as her screwed her mouth. I stood behind him and admired the view. Her hands groped his tight little leather covered arse as she gyrated. It looked so good.

I wanted to spunk and asked the young couple to fulfill a fantasy.

I lay underneath her hot, lithe tennage body in a 69. She was on top, her tits squashed against my chest; her lips wrapped around my sticky knob, expertly working it. Her sweet smooth cunt just inches above my face.

"Take a look at this." the lad told me as he started to fuck her doggy style.

What a sight. I watched in ecstasy as his long, teen dick parted her cunt lips on every expert stroke of that thick tool. The sight was incredible and so was the smell of cunt juice, leather and spunk mixed together.

I started to cream and so did I, shooting into her mouth. I yelled out to her to hold my spunk in her mouth.

The lad spounked buckets! All over my face and her creamy snatch. It tasted lovely.

Then in a moment I'll never forget she leaned over me and dribbled my own spunk onto my face and then positioned her spunk covered pussy above my face and lowered.

It was incredible. She slid her cummy cunt all over my face. It was face-sitting and a facial in one go. Evrey time she slide backwards and forwards a delicious coating of teenage spunk was smeared all over my cumslut face.

I had spunky leather sex with my filthy teens once or twice more until they moved into a new area. Now I see them 2 or 3 times a year.

God, I want to meet some other shaved, bi cumsluts and do the same.
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2 years ago
Fantastic bi fun.