Pakistani girl sucks me off ( bradford girl )

I met a Pakistani girl while shopping in morrisons in bradford. She was dressed in a sahari and looked very traditional . I known a few Muslim girls before and non liked talking to white guys but I thought I d try my luck no sex for 4 days and I d always fancied Asian girls. After following her around the store for a few minutes I finally struck up the courage to talk to her. I asked if she knew which curry paste was best lame I know but it broke the ice. I asked her name samia she replied after chatting for 5 minutes I gave her my number she looked reluctant but she took it anyway. I was expecting a call but 2 hours later I m home alone phone rings. It's her we chat shit for almost an hour before she asks if is like to meet for a coffee . She tells me she can't been seen in public with me so I offer to let her come to mine she refuses and asks if I have a car yes I say. Meet me at cineworld in the car park its quite at this time of night. I wait 20 minutes before she finally turns up. She looked so fucking hot in the traditional Muslim gear. I was instantly hard as she got in the car. There's was no chatting now she lent over and kissed me at the same time she groped my groin feeling my hard cock she unzipped my fly opened my button and began to slowly but firmly wank me off. Then down she went to give me the best blow job of my life. After 10 minutes of fearce sucking and licking she climbe on to the back seat and began to strip her bottom half she placed her feet on the back of each front seat and began to spread her pussy lips while looking me straight in the eye. She rubbed her clit fingered her pussy and ass while i watched her. She was so fucking wet I could hear the noise as she slid 3 fingers in and out of her tight pussy. I climbed in back with her directly in front of her I slapped her clit with my now rock hard cock before I f***ed it deep inside her. She whispered in my ear fuck me hard my husband never does. I was shocked but there was no way I was stopping now. I fucked her hard in her pussy , ass before finally pulling out and firing my full load into her mouth. She instantly spat it out dribbling down her chin and on to her clean sahri 5 minutes later she open the door kissed me goodbye and left . She's phoned me a coyple of times but we havent met up since. Now I'm extremely turned on by Asian girls so get in touch.
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2 years ago
U sound dumb...
2 years ago
She had a husband too! Good on you fella, feel real sorry for those oppressed women, glad you gave her a proper fucking ;-)
2 years ago
Um, reminds of this pakistani girl who works in my local Maccy D's. In my case its her brother who is the overly controlling one and she likes me and has said I could fuck her if I wanted too, its just her brother watching her every move. What s cunt he is.
2 years ago
Fucking nice story mate, should keep meeting up with her and banging her. Then upload pics and vids.
2 years ago
mmm sounds to good to be true (not saying it is ent ) but i dont think so, tryed to pull a asian babe here in manch... but no show they tend 2 stick 2 there own men
2 years ago
good story i quite liked it, but yeah it would be have been even better if it had more details
2 years ago
Not impressed with the writing. But the scenario was great. I'd love to have that happen to me with a pakistani woman.
2 years ago
good but details