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I collect online slaves, many I abuse and humiliate over webcams and through pictures I see the results. I like my slaves to obbey my every comand. One of my slave called olga or cumslut as I call her is very submisive will do anything I order. The other day I decided to punish the worthless piece of trash by ordering her to insert large objects. She began with a coke can will this be bugger enough master she said I agreed she easily slid the can into her pussy so I ordered her to find something bigger. She returned with a 2 ltr bottle she placed the bottle on the floor and lowered herself on to the bottle. The look of pain on her face and the moans she made are what I live for 3 quaters of the bottle where now inside her she said master I can take no more to which I replied all of it . At this point she began to cry which turned me on even more. Get all the way down u worthless little whore I shouted and she slowly slid the rest of the bottle into her tight pussy. By now i was so hard I was wanking myself off as she watched me do so she was in pain but began to rub her clit. Master i want to taste Ur warm cum she said . At this point I had an idea I cum in a condom tied it up posted it too her the same day. The next day she recieved my little package and took great delight in spreading it all over her fsce before licking every last drop. I need more slaves like her.
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