using a hooker

Cruising the streets of London in my van late at night the rains pooring down . I couldn't sl**p so went for a drive the streets are quite and mostly empty . I drive round and round for well over an hour. I find my self in red light district many hookers are walking the street none of which take my fancy. That is until I see a young girl no more than 19 cowering from the heavy rain in a takeaway shop doorway. Shivering in a mini skirt fishnets and knee high boots she looks ideal her dirty bleach blonde hair dripping wet . I blast my horn wind down the window and call her over. She speaks quietly with a little voice shy she looks down at her feet. Her words hello blow job £15 full sex £30 anal £45 there was no small talk just straight in to business. I told her blowjob with swallow she said I don't swallow sorry. Ok no problem get in I said. Where can we go that's quite. Down the road second on the left I drive down the road and pull unto a yard surrounded by empty industrial buildings. The girl is eager to get it over and done with no sooner have we stopped than she's trying to undo my jeans. Stop I said we ll be comfier in the back. We climb into the rear of the van. I lay on an old mattress and she pulls down my jeans to reveal my semi hard cock. Taking it gently in her hand she slowly slides her lips over the end sucking gently I push her head down forcing her to gag as it fills her throat I hold her down for 30 seconds before she can gasp for air . Her eyes watering and breathing deeply she shouts I don't like that. I slap her face ans tell her to suck it. She quickly gets back to work sliding my cock in and out of her mouth at remarkable speed. I grab her by the hair pull her head up and tell her to take off her clothes. She replies I thought you wanted a blowjob? Shut the fuck up and strip. That will be £30 she says nervously. Well see if your any good first is my reply. She removes her clothes slowly avoiding eye contact at all time . shaking stood in her missmatched bra and thong in front of me,staring at the ground I stand up walkup close to her I can feel her breath on my chest . I slide my hand down her shoulder down her small little breasts along her flat tummy before slipping my hand down her tight pink panties. Placing 2 fingers up her surprisingly tight cunt . hes,shaking like,a leaf I pull her hair back forcing her to look at me I kiss her on the lips . If you want more,wait for part two.
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1 year ago
the word is QUIET not quite.
2 years ago
more please
2 years ago