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I ve recently got heavily into bdsm as such my dominant side that I ve kept well hidden has no surfaced. I advertised my services locally as a dom master. To my utter suprise the phone rang off the hook. I offered my services to many people but most interesting was that 60% of my clients were men. I started off offering bondage , humiliation, spanking ,light s&m. Quickly discovered my clients wanted more my most memorable client was a guy who wanted to wear panties be tortured then bent over and fucked. I'm a straight guy but thought I d give it a go anyway. Baring in mind I'm a 6ft 27 st bug build guy I.have a shaved head and wear jeans and a leather mask while working . The guy who wanted to be fucked was 5,4 and 10 stone. I chaine him d his hands to table legs he was face down bent over I ripped of his panties put my condom on I spread his arse cheeks and thrust my hard cock in his tight hole as hard and deep as I could . As I fucked him harder and harder I found my.self totally aroused at how much control I had over him. slapping his arse as I slid in and out of him.. until I was ready to blow my load u cum so fucking harmy wet spunk.filling the condom. I removd it sand emptied the contents over his head and face before slapping him now limp.cock. while he was still under my control and tied helplessly to the table I I set with my big black.dildo I f***ed it deep into his mouth first he gagged as I rammed it in. He was still gasping for breath when I inserted it inti his arse he let out a lil cry of pain whii
Posted by crbigboy 2 years ago
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