Bound and fucked

I arranged a meet with a girl online. I booked a hotel localy I was unsure if she would turn up at the agreed time. I waited in the room alone when suddenly there was a knock at the door I eagerly rushed to open it. Stood in front of me was a woman aged around 40 curvy figure wearing a rather classy black dress her long red hair tied in a pony tail. she was a real stunner. I invite her in and offer her a drink I can see shes a bag of nerves. I tell her to sit on the bed while I got her drink . She sat on the bed I gave her a drink and stood in front of her I pulled down my zip and slid out my limp cock. She turned her face away I grabbed her head and pulled it towards me. she looked up at me her big blue eyes filled with fright. I grabbed my cock and slapped it across her face repeatedly unitl she took hold it firmly and slid her hand up and down my shaft. I order her to lick it which see does as she does I f***e it into her mouth now hard it fills her throat I f***e it as deep as I can as she struggles to breath. I pull out f***e her back on the bed straddling her with my knees on her arms she can not move. I rip open her dress to reveal her black silky bra from my rear pocket I pull out my flick knife i open it slowly the blade shiming in the light I hold it to her face before slowly and gently sliding he blade down her cheek , neck and her chest I use the blade to cut off her bra uncovering her large freckled breasts . I put down the knife and fondle her tits roughly and pull her nipples before nibblig and sucking them. I whisper in here ear not to move or scream as I release her from my grip. working my way down her body I rip off her dress completly leaving her lying there still in just her sliky panties which I quickly remove. I spread her legs to take a look at her bald tight little pussy. I slide in a finger then 2 then 3 slowly and gently sliding in and out as I lick and flick her clit with my tongue I feel her pussy getting wet and I do so I now increase the speed and f***e as I thrust my fingers harder inside her. she screams with pleasure or pain I'm unsure but who cares. I stretch her pussy to its limit thrusting my full fist inside her. Her pussy is now dripping and my fist is covered in her juices. I pull out my fist and slap my rock hard cock against her clit she tries to push me away. I now bind her to the bed face down with her hands and feet tied to each corner of the bed. I climb on top of her spread her ass cheeks and thrust my cock in deep into her ass not totaly dry as her pussy was still dripping wet. Her ass was so tight I struggled to get all the way in on the first atempt but by thrusting harder I was balls deep in no time. I muffled her screams with my hand. I fucked her hard and fast until I was close to blowing my load. I pulled out quickly untied her rolled her over again I straddled her sat on her chest with my knees on her arms. I wanked myself off as she could only watch I told her to open her mouth which she refused to do so a swift slap changed her mind. I was ready to cum. I cum on her face and on her tongue as she lay the shocked as she gagged at the taste of my warm cum in her mouth. I came hard and her face was covered in my sperm. I got up and dressed. I threw her coat at her and told her to get out I dumped her out of my room naked and covered in cum. that was the last I ever sore of her.
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