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I had always wanted to be a master to a tv or ts so I placed an add in a contact magazine. Much to my surprise I received over 50 replies. One of which included a picture this was Emily a 19 yo tranny from hull. I immediately had to meet her so I called the number given and spoke to Emily for the very first time. I was shocked to hear she was a virgin but loved the idea of being totally submissive to a master . We arranged to meet the following weekend so I took drive to hulls she lived very close to the marina and her flat was easy to find. I rung the door bell and within seconds the door was open and standing there was the most sexy tranny I had ever seen. Long slender legs, small pert breasts and long blonde hair in bunched . Dressed in tight fitted denim jeans and a low cut top I instantly became hard. Following her into the flat I couldn'thelp bit notice her tight lil ass looking so fine in her tight jeans . She led me straight to the bedroom which was decorated with bright pink walls very girly like s young c***d's room not at all what I was expecting. Once inside she dropped to her knees in front of me and whispered in a soft voice what do you want me master . I instructed her to strip to her underwear which she did. Without wasting a single second. Her tight lil body and small bulge in her knickers made me very hard so much so I could feel my cock throbbing I want to bend her and fuck her hard in the arse there and then. But I conolled my urge I wanted to play with my new slave first . She stood in front of me wearing black under wear with a pink frilly trim. I told her to face down on the bed I bound her hands behind her back I ripped off her knickers and f***ed them in her mouth I ran my fingers down her back slowly over her pert ass cheeks before spreading them to reveal her tight virgin ares hole I took 2 fingers and thrust them deep inside her she didn't even flinch. I slapped her arse as hard as I could and scanned the room for a suitable object on the dressers was a perfume bottle long and slender. An ideal object to fuck her with after dribbling baby oil on the bottle I began to push the bottle inside her this mace her flinch s I move it in and out of her ss. The first anal she had ever had tears rolling down her face,as I thruster harder and harder . I was so turned on I almost came in my pants. I now sat her up on the leaning her against the headboard of the bed I stood in front of her and dropped my trousers to reveal my rock hard cock. I removed the knickers from her mouth and pushed her head into my crotch forcing my member into hee open mouth she slurped as she sucked me. I thrust my cock as far down her throat as I could making her gag for air. In and our it felt so good . I then rolled her over and climbed on top spreading her cheeks I slid my cock slowly into her tight hole before pushing in balls deep hearing her first moan of pain as I went as deep as I could . I pounded her hard for half an hour first on her front then her back her feet above her head I ducked her as hard as I could . Her little cock was hard and it wasn't long until the gym was flowing she came. I ylled our f***ed her too her knees ans wanted myself off in front of hee face. After saying very little I made her beg for my cum on here face. Please master cum for ne cum for your slave she said at,which point I blew my load hot cum all over her face. She lapped it upland li ked every drop off.
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