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[Story] using a hooker

Cruising the streets of London in my van late at night the rains pooring down . I couldn't sl**p so went for a drive the streets are quite and mostly empty . I drive round and round for well over an hour. I find my self in red light district many hookers are walking the street none of which take my fancy. That is until I see a young girl no more than 19 cowering from the heavy rain in a takeaway shop doorway. Shivering in a mini skirt fishnets and knee high boots she looks ideal her dirty bleach blonde hair dripping wet . I blast my horn wind down the window and call her over. She speaks quiet... Continue»
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My dungeon

I ve recently got heavily into bdsm as such my dominant side that I ve kept well hidden has no surfaced. I advertised my services locally as a dom master. To my utter suprise the phone rang off the hook. I offered my services to many people but most interesting was that 60% of my clients were men. I started off offering bondage , humiliation, spanking ,light s&m. Quickly discovered my clients wanted more my most memorable client was a guy who wanted to wear panties be tortured then bent over and fucked. I'm a straight guy but thought I d give it a go anyway. Baring in mind I'm a 6ft 27 st bug ... Continue»
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Str8 uk guy seeks tranny

I'm s UK seeking my own cd, ts or tv must be convincing . I really want to abuse a tranny slut hardcore sexual abuse humiliation, bondage, light s&m , spanking , gagging , facials , anal sex . Get in touch if this is for you.
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guy doing tributes message me

I'm doing tributes all day message
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[Story] Bound and fucked

I arranged a meet with a girl online. I booked a hotel localy I was unsure if she would turn up at the agreed time. I waited in the room alone when suddenly there was a knock at the door I eagerly rushed to open it. Stood in front of me was a woman aged around 40 curvy figure wearing a rather classy black dress her long red hair tied in a pony tail. she was a real stunner. I invite her in and offer her a drink I can see shes a bag of nerves. I tell her to sit on the bed while I got her drink . She sat on the bed I gave her a drink and stood in front of her I pulled down my zip and slid out my ... Continue»
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mr gray

Seeking my sub slut
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[Story] my tranny slave

I had always wanted to be a master to a tv or ts so I placed an add in a contact magazine. Much to my surprise I received over 50 replies. One of which included a picture this was Emily a 19 yo tranny from hull. I immediately had to meet her so I called the number given and spoke to Emily for the very first time. I was shocked to hear she was a virgin but loved the idea of being totally submissive to a master . We arranged to meet the following weekend so I took drive to hulls she lived very close to the marina and her flat was easy to find. I rung the door bell and within seconds the door was... Continue»
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Any girls to cam

Hi I love camming with girls so if your horny get in touch.
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[Story] Pakistani girl sucks me off ( bradford girl )

I met a Pakistani girl while shopping in morrisons in bradford. She was dressed in a sahari and looked very traditional . I known a few Muslim girls before and non liked talking to white guys but I thought I d try my luck no sex for 4 days and I d always fancied Asian girls. After following her around the store for a few minutes I finally struck up the courage to talk to her. I asked if she knew which curry paste was best lame I know but it broke the ice. I asked her name samia she replied after chatting for 5 minutes I gave her my number she looked reluctant but she took it anyway. I was expe... Continue»
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seeking uk sissy tv/ts/cd

Hi I'm a horny dom guy looking for a sexy submisive dirty little slut tranny to abuse. I would love to tie you up f***e you to gag on hard cock fuck ur tight tranny pussy and abuse you in every way possible. So uk trannys get in touch
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uk seeking sissy slut

Hi I#m a 31 year old uk guy seeking fun with sissy sluts in yorkshire and surounding can travel cant accomodate.
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[Story] tranny hooker ( UK GUY SEEKING CONVINCING TV &

I was out late looking for a cheap hooker with £15 in my wallet I should at least get a blowjob. After 20 minutes of searching I see a young girl stood on the corner. I pull up along side her she tall long legs short skirt stockings m holdups long dark hair as she bends down I tell her how much for a bj. For u darling £10 for everything I m more than happy with that. Once in the car she tells me to drive down the road and take 2nd left. We end up down a dark alley at the end a quite car park. Once there I turn off the car she opens her legs grabs my hand and slides it down the inside of her th... Continue»
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[Story] Ebony black girl abused by white guy

After many hours at work I had finally finished and it was time for home it was late. I put on my coat left the building and got in my car it was 3am and the roads were quite. Driving through the quite city streets I notice a young black girl walking down the centre of the road I slow down and drive slowly along side her. I wind down the window and ask if she is ok to which she replies yes I'm just a lil d***k can u give me a lift home. The girl is hot with a skinny body and very young looking . She's wearing a short skirt with black stockings and holdups. I ask where she lives which happens t... Continue»
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pregnant uk women wanted

Any pregnant UK women looking for fun.
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fisting & insertion vids pls slaves.

Really loving fisting and insertion vids would love my slaves to do me some of these vids.
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[Story] Tranny suck me off (tv ts cd )

I have a new found love for trannys I love convincing polling tv,ts and cds. The other night i met a tv from Halifax a town close to my home town. Wed arranged a meet online I d agreed to pick her up on a street corner like a cheap street walker. I pulled up at the side of the curb and a woman stepped foward from the shadows tall long sexy legs blonde hair, short skirt, fishnets , high heels and a figure to die for. Leaning in the window she asks one question are u hard for me baby. My reply shock she was hot so obviously yes. She got in the car that's when I noticed her xtra long legs ... Continue»
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[Story] my online slave bdsm

I collect online slaves, many I abuse and humiliate over webcams and through pictures I see the results. I like my slaves to obbey my every comand. One of my slave called olga or cumslut as I call her is very submisive will do anything I order. The other day I decided to punish the worthless piece of trash by ordering her to insert large objects. She began with a coke can will this be bugger enough master she said I agreed she easily slid the can into her pussy so I ordered her to find something bigger. She returned with a 2 ltr bottle she placed the bottle on the floor and lowered herself on ... Continue»
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online abuse & humiliation from uk british mas

I'm a 31 to British master seeking slaves for online abuse and humiliation.
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