Weekend with a friend

(This happened last weekend, never thought of sharing it)

It was going to be one of those weekends again. My mom would go out of town while leaving me with a friend of hers. I am 18 years old and don’t need a sitter but mother insists. But what I didn’t know that this weekend was going to be the best ever.

So my mom’s friend, Ms. Bertha, she isn’t ugly nor is she is pretty. She’s practically average. So I arrive at her house on Friday after school only to find out that she also had to go on a business trip. She told me that her 25 year old daughter, Rebecca would be coming home from college during her break and would be staying with me. Now Rebecca is a total geek. Man the last time I saw her she was on a rating between 1-10, a -5. Pimples all over her face, flat chess, got no ass, had one of those high-class braces that prevent a person from not smiling and her voice, it could stop a raging bull in its place. She would always spit when talking and whenever she finished a sentence she would snort like a pig. For all I care, she could have been Ugly Betty’s s****r. I got the goose bumps just from thinking about. I said my final farewells to Ms. Bertha and waited for Rebecca to arrive.

To pass the time I decided to work on some homework. I was about half way done when I heard the door open. I rolled my eyes and prayed to god to please save me from the nightmare from which I was about to enter. As I turned the corner into the kitchen, I saw someone looking searching through the cabinets. I stopped instantly where I was. The ass that was waving in the air was not Rebecca’s. The person turned around and sure enough it was Rebecca.

“Hi bud, how’s it going?”

“Who the f@#k are you?”

“What? It’s me, Rebecca.” She laughed.

I had a wtf face on because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Rebecca changed dramatically over the years. She was wearing white t-shirt with cut off tight jeans that made her ass jump out. Made sense she had the body of a model, size 38D and curves that blew me away. Plus crystal clear face and a smile of an angel along with her straight brown hair.

“So my mom said that you are here for the weekend, right?”

I nodded. I was to blown to speak.

“Great, we are going to have so much fun. So tonight we can just chill, maybe watch a few movies, order take out and catch up. Sound good?”

I didn’t reply for a second. “Uh, what? Oh sorry I was too busy fascinated by the set of hooter you got.” I hit myself upside the head. Before I could apologize, Rebecca put her hand over my mouth and said, “Thank you for the compliment. Now how about a hug for old time sake.” I wasted no time snuggling in between her oh so perfect breast. So we later ordered pizza and ended up talking rather then watching a movie. Turns out that after high school, Rebecca went to a plastic surgeon to change her face slightly then went into modeling after she started working out five times a week. In a matter of months she became the #1 model on campus. She eventually signed a contract with Maxim and left school to fulfill her career. She hasn’t told her mom yet and made me swear that I wouldn’t tell anyone. (Of course I kept my word) Suddenly Rebecca’s cell phone ringed and when she answered, her face brightened brighter then the sun. “Sure you can come over.” “20 minutes, sounds perfect. See you here. Bye”

Without saying a word, Rebecca got up and went to her room. I was upset that she left but confused while at it. So I ignored it and went to my room. A few minutes later Rebecca called me over. I was tempted not to but I was not the type. So I walked in and Rebecca was standing in front of her mirror naked. I turned bright red when she turned around to face me.

“Quick question which bikini do you like better, the red or the blue?” She was bikini’s that looked like it would be tight on her and barely cover her beautiful breasts. “Uh, . . . the . . . red suits you well.” I instantly got a boner and did my best to hide it.

“I agree with you. Thanks.”

“Yeah no problem.”

I left the room and was about to let loose when the door rung.

“Rebecca yelled that she got it. I lean against my door and listened. The sound was not all great but I did hear a few words. “Hey baby . . . great . . . ready to . . . do it?”
I heard them going upstairs toward her room. I leaned too far against the door and it swung open just before they pasted my room. Blanked faces filled the hallway. Instead of seeing a guy, there standing next to Rebecca was another girl, just about her age wearing a bikini as well. She had blonde hair and had a young face and I estimated about a 33 or 34D bra size. “Oh, AJ, this is Jackie.” Then suddenly it hit me. The outfit, the way she didn’t care when I tried to flirt with her. She was a lesbian.

“So when were you going to tell me you were a lesbian.”

“Jackie can you give me a few minutes.” “Sure, I’ll be waiting.” Jackie gave her a quick tongue kiss then left to the room to “pamper up.”

Rebecca sat on wall next to me with a look. “Look I am sorry for not telling you but if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll make it up to you.” “Promise?” “I promise not to tell.” “Thanks you truly are a great friend.” Before I could respond, she grabbed me to her for a long passionate kiss. I quickly separated and asked, “I thought you were a lesbian?” She looked at me and smiled. “I kind of go both ways.” “Then hell.” I grabbed her back into the kiss. I felt our tongues colliding as my hand moved down into her panties and started rubbing her pussy. Her tits became hard instantly and were calling for me. Slowly breaking away from our kiss, I rubbed her tits then started sucking on them. Rebecca moaned softly and I could hear her saying, “Oh yes, take me. Take me all the way.”

Suddenly Jackie called out for Rebecca, wondering if she was ever coming. She had the worst timing of all days. Rebecca quickly fixed her bra and panties whispered into my, “Until next time” before leaving. A few minutes later, I could hear them both going wild. "Oh I will be waiting for that next time." The rest of the weekend was boring. Ms. Bertha came home early and talked about her trip was. (Trust me you don’t want to know how boring it was) Leaving was tough but it had its awards. A few days later, I got a call from Rebecca wondering if I wanted to go to an all expensive paid photo shoot with her at a ski resort next weekend. You know what my answer was.

To be continued . . .

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2 years ago
very good start
2 years ago
plastuck?! hot though (>^.^
2 years ago
Promise to post this story soon. I'm assuming it has bi action?