Weekend With a friend 2

I left some things out when i wrote this before, now just wanted to be honest. Enjoy

So after receiving Rebecca’s offer about going on an all expense paid photo shoot at a ski resort, I immediately responded saying hell yeah. She told me that we would be leaving on Friday and too meet at her house around 9’o clock (am). The days felt so slow as I constantly checked the calendar and watch, hoping that time would go faster. I wanted to so badly feel the warmth of her oh so smooth curvy ass, her 34C breast, her gorgeous face but most importantly feel her tight pussy. I would practically burst with excitement every time I thought of her. The day finally arrived. As I walked toward her house, I saw an RV parked in front. I assumed it was hers but thought she would have wanted to go in style. You know like a greyhound bus with plasma screen TV’s, waterbeds and all that other stuff. I ignored the thought and went towards the RV. Before I even laid a hand on the door, I hand grabbed me from behind. I spun around with joy thinking it was Rebecca. But it wasn’t. It was apparently was Pierre, Rebecca’s personal photographer and manager. Based on what Rebecca told me about him on the phone, he’s not the type that takes things easy when things don’t go his way.

“Who the hell are you?” He asked.

“Uh, my name is AJ.”

“Oh, you must be a fan. Well I’m sorry but my client is busy right now so I advise you to leave.”

“But I was invited here.”

He gave me a “what” look. “By whom.”

Then another voice filled the air, “by me.” We both turned to see Rebecca coming out of her house. The world suddenly slew down as she walked down the steps in her winter outfit. I was dying to find out what was underneath all that fur.

Rebecca walked to me and gave me a hug. Her breast, as always snuggled with my face. Pierre got a fit.

“Rebecca, darling. Who the h@ll is he.”

“This is my cousin and I invited him to come along.”

I did my best not to seem surprised when she mentioned that, If Pierre did found out I wasn’t her cousin, there was going to be trouble.

“Why on gods name did you invite your cousin?”

“Well, if you must know, his mom and my mom are both out of town so I thought it would be fun for him to tag along.”

“Unacceptable. He is not going and that is final.”

I looked at Rebecca and she gave me the wink.

“Ok then, if he doesn’t go, then I don’t go.”

“What? You are risking your modeling career over this tart? If you don’t go, then you will lose your chances of going pro.”

“That’s ok with me. There are other things to do than modeling.”

Pierre’s face went to bright red and he walked away gathering his thoughts. During that time, I told Rebecca thank you and she said it wasn’t a problem and this trip wouldn’t be fun without me. “Besides, we didn’t finish our business last time.” (Rebecca)

“Oh I like thst idea” I said while rubbing her tight ass. She kindly pulled my hand away and whispered, “Not here but play your cards right and you might win something.” Then Pierre showed back and announced that I could go but under one condition, I would have to be the bust boy. Before I could jump for joy, Pierre slammed a suitcase into my chest. “Here bust boy, carry all the bags into the RV.” I looked behind and saw about 10 more bags filled with cameras, extra film and ect. “Holy shit.”

Took me, alone, no help, about 20 minutes to pack everything before Pierre scolded me for making us 30 minutes off scale. As much as I wanted to say something, Rebecca shook her head in disapproval and I decided to let Pierre live, for now. From there it was hell. The trip to the ski resort was fine, but listening to Pierre talk about stories of his c***dhood everytime a new subject was introduced, made me want to just barf. The trip lasted about 4 hours (thank god not five, I would have drove a kitchen knife into his chest if I had to hear one more story about how the French government make their living.) Things from there got worse. Pierre had called ahead and only made reservations for two so I ended up sl**ping in the RV. Did I forget to mention that the weather had dropped down to the negatives. Man I nearly froze to death. The only thing that kept me warm was fantascizing about Rebecca’s warm perfectly curved body and sticking my hard cock into her tight pussy. But of course my fantasy was interrupted by a loud banging on the door the next morning. Pierre apparently wanted to be at the photo shooting spot before it becomes to crowded. Before I was able to grab some breakfast, he slammed several camera bags into me and pointed to where I had to take them. This mother f%^#er pointed to the top of the mountain which was about a good 2 miles away. He signaled Rebecca to come as he filled out the paperwork for a rental snowmobile. She cam out wearing only a single heavy jacket. Her legs were slightly exposed but I could only wonder what kind of panties she was wearing.

“Good morning, AJ. How are you feeling this morning?”

“Oh just great, now that you are here.”

“AAHH, thanks.”

“Aren’t you cold since you don’t have pants?”

“Not really, since I know you’ll be there to warm them back up.”

I blushed. Pierre called Rebecca over and together they left me behind to walk, though I did saw a worried look on Rebecca’s face.

“Yep she does love me!”

Then I realized if I didn’t want to miss her shoot, I better hustle up the mountain. By mile 1.5 my the bags were giving me blisters all along my shoulders. Even with my snow gear, the wind only made the temperature drop farther. I finally made it to the shooting spot after an hour of trekking up the mountain. Pierre of course was pissed at me again for being late, “again”. I ignored him and helped unload the cameras. Then the party really begined.

Rebecca took off the jacket revealing her stunning body in a white two piece bikini. Her thong went up into her ass crack and the top barely covered her tites. As Rebecca posed and smiled for the camera, I sat behind Pierre with back up films to give him when he ran out but I was too ditracted by oh so many poses she did. There was the snow angel pose, hands holding her breast pose, over the pussy pose, laying in the snow with legs open. My favorite one was when she started licking snowballs from her hand. Oh man I wished I was those snowballs. After an hour or two of posing, it was time to move to the other photo spots. We went to a frozen waterfall inside a cave, topside of the mountain, the ski resort and finally a frozen lake behind the hotel. Though the manager warned us not to go onto the lake Pierre insisted Rebecca go onto the ice. She did not like the idea and was already shivering. I kindly asked Pierre if we could call it a day but he said no, quite loudly. He said he has had enough with me and that I have been a waste of valuable time. Suddenly the ice started to crack. Rebecca stopped moving instantly. The waters temperature was about 40 degrees below zero, so if Rebecca fell in the bikini, she would freeze to death instantly. I gathered up my courage and and slowly trekked towards her. I told her to stay calm and to slowly come to me. I could see the fear in her eyes and in Pierre’s eyes suprisinlgy. Plus he had some yellow snow underneath him for some reason. When I finally reached Rebecca, I quickly and swiftly gave her my jacket (I was wearing under armor thank god) and together we carefully walked back to Pierre . Just when were about 1 foot away from the shore the ice broked but at the last second, I pushed Rebecca into Pierre before falling in. I was engulfed by darkness and I could hear Rebecca calling my name. But thank god it wasn’t that deep and I managed to resurface and crawl onto the shoreline. I was shivering more than Jack frost on chistmas eve. All I remember was lying on Rebecca’s lap and saying, “Are you an angel here to take me away to heaven?” She tearfully laughed and said, “no, if you were dead I wouldn’t do this.” She gave me a kiss on the lips and our tongues collided.

I only suffered the minor effects of hypothermia. Doctors told I just need a good hot tub soak and I would be fine. So later that evening, I rented a hot tub for an hour (all paid on Pierre’s credit card which I “borrowed” from his wallet) A few minutes later, I heard, “Mind if I join you?” I turned to see Rebecca in a oh so sexy leopard two piece bikini, again barely covered her breast.

“Come on in.”

We both sat in silence, then Rebecca started the conversation.

“Well, you had a hard and productive day. Didn’t you?”

“Yeah, carrying 40 Ibs of equipment and nearly drowning was awesome part.” (Being sarcastic)

“I’m sorry that Pierre has been treating you like shit, but he’s really not a bad guy. He’s just single minded sometimes. He’ll only cares about the future of his and my career.”

“Yeah, I noticed.”

During the talk Rebecca snuggled against my chest. I did not hesitate to put my arms around her stomach followed by her hands on mine.

We both sat quietly enjoying the clear stars as they sparkled in the night. The feeling of her body against mine gave me a boner. Rebecca felt it and rubbed her ass against it. I could feel my cock going up and down between her cheeks.

“It seems like this hard worker wants his award sooner.”

“What award?”

Rebecca smiled and backed away. She fiddled around underwater and pulled out her panties. I was stunned for a second but quickly caught on. I gave her the “oh way” look and went underwater and started sucking on her pussy. Though the water burned I stilled continued to suck and nibble at her pussy. I could hear her moan and slowly thrashing as her body tried to counter act the pleasure. I surfaced for air when our lips connected and we made out passionately allowing our tongues to collide. While I was rubbing her breast and tits Rebecca’s hand began fumbling with my trunks, trying to remove them. Using my other hand, I pulled down my trunks. Using her hand as a guide, I inserted it into her pussy.

“Oh, yes!! I have been dreaming about this for days! Feeling your hard cock in my pussy. It’s just as I believed it would be.”

I smiled and started the show. The pace went slowly then increased after a few seconds until I was at full speed. “OOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEESSSSSS, OOOOOOOO, IT FEELS SO GOOD!!” The water splashed all around us as I pounded the fuck out of her pussy.

“Oh man!! I’m about to have an organism!!”

I held it back as long as I could but I the powerful feeling pushed its way out of me and into her. As we separated, I was about to take off her bra when suddenly Pierre came bursting through the door. I instantly swam back away on the other side of the tub.

“Hello, you two nice night for a dip?”

Pierre was wearing the tightest speedos I have ever seen. I nearly vomited my dinner but I suppressed it. Without even asking, he jumped into the tub in between us and started blabbing again about his c***dhood hobbies, his parents, friend and his pet dog who apparently bite him. He didn’t notice me giving back her panties underwater. Rebecca and I just sat there and pretended to be interested. Somehow, Pierre knew something was up.

“Ok, what is up with you two?”

We looked at him with confused faces.

“Ok, look Rebecca darling, I now for a fact that he is not you cousin because cousins don’t tongue kiss each other, like shown earlier.”

“Well, um, you see, um . . .” (Rebecca)

“But nothing Rebecca, I can’t believe you lied to me and brought this mother f$^$er here with us.”

(Me) “Now hold up Pierre, Rebecca and I are cousins. We’ve always practiced kissing with each other because I was curious. Heck even our mothers kiss each other just for the fun of it. Right in front of us too.”

Pierre lashed out a finger at me, “Shut the f&*k up you little S@!T, You are NOT TO SPEAK RIGHT NOW!!”

“Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?”

“Who else American boy?”

“You know what, I just have had enough with your bullshit. I would have dropped your ass but your model asked me not too.”

Pierre and I argued back and forth until suddenly, Rebecca just snapped and told both of us to shut up.

“Pierre, do you want to know why I invited him here? Because, because . . . I LOVE HIM!!”

The tub was quiet for a few minutes. I was to blown to say anything.

“But, why do you love this puny American?”

“He’s more than just my cousin, he’s my best friend. He makes me feel special and he actually cares about who I am and doesn’t treat me like a slave like you do. You always make things go your way and not ONCE have you asked me how I wanted to do things!! I’m sorry Pierre, but once this photo shoot is over, your fired.”

I just don’t say a word. Pierre was stunned and did not speak for the rest of the time.

Finally the hour was up and we all went our rooms for bed. As I went into the RV, I noticed by bag was missing. I checked everywhere and realized only one person could have taken it. I marched up to Pierre’s room and banged on his door. He denied having the bag even though I clearly could see it on his bed. Without warning, he slammed the door.

I banged on Pierre’s door, but no response. I banged again and finally he answered. I asked him politely if I could have my bag back but just told me to go f*#k myself and it was my fault for him losing his job. For that, I had to be punished. Before I said another word, he slammed the door.

As I turned to leave Rebecca came out of her room, wondering what was all the noise. She then noticed me leaving and asked if I wanted to bunk with her tonight. I of course, did not deny the offer. As she wrapped me up in blankets, she asked, “Are you ok?”

“What do you think? Besides, I’m the one that should be asking you that question,”

She doesn’t reply, “Look, I didn’t do all that for you. I was doing this for me. Besides, you taught me something. You taught me that I have to stand up for myself and not get bossed around all the time. “

“I’m glad you finally stood up for yourself but you didn’t have to fire him just because he’s jealous of our relationship.”

“But that’s the thing, his jealousy is who he is. He gets jealous easily and I didn’t expect his jealousy to take over and make him treat you like crap. For that I’m sorry.

I don’t reply. “Look, AJ. Lets just put that incident behind you and enjoy what’s left of the evening.”

“Sure, but I’m not sure anything can get my mind off this.”

Rebecca wrapped her arm around me and thought for a moment. She suddenly snapped her fingers and ran into the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out wearing a sexy nurses outfit that really puffed up her breast.

“Hello there, my name is Nurse R. Sexy”

“Well hello to you nurse.” I replied, playing the patient role. (I saw where it was going)

“Its says here on the board that you have a rare virus called “The urge”.”

“Oh, yes I do. Is there any cure?”

She smiled and laid me down on bed. She told me to remove my wet shorts so she could begin operating. She grabbed my cock and began sucking on that thing like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes, I cummed into her mouth and she licked my cock clean.

“Ok, you are cured. How will you be paying tonight?”

“I have a few ideas.”

“Thrill me.”

I leaned up and unbuttoned her nurses outfit revealing her breast. I sucked on her tities for a minute before she said “Take me, take me NOW!!”

She positioned herself on top of me and slide right onto my cock. “Oh my god, it’s so deep in there.” “Yes ooooohhhhh, yyyyeeeeesss. Take me AJ, take me all the way!!!”
Rebecca passionately rode as hard she could. Our naked bodies pressed together the faster I went and the harder she rode. Her breast jiggled in my face as I finally reached top speed. I yelled, “I’m about to cum.” “Hold it in there baby hold in there”

Suddenly, I shot a load into her. “Oh yes!!” She leaned into me and we kissed passionately, feeling our tongues collide. When we separated, she quickly got up and sucked my cock before sticking in her ass. She moaned as it went in.
Without a word we began. Her ass felt so tight, I thought I was going to rip her in two. She screamed as the thrushing increased speed. “I’m about to have an organism!!” She yelled. Faster and faster she slammed into my cock, our bodies became tired but yet we did not want to stop. Her breasts jiggling up and down only encouraged me to go thrust faster. All of a sudden I felt our organism collided. But Rebecca did not stop there. She immediately slide off me and laid on her knees, shaking her ass in my face. Don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure what she wanted.

“You have been a naughty girl,” I told her as I squeezed her cheeks. “Oh, yes very bad.” Rebecca said (playing on with the role) “Bad girls need to be discipline.” I slapped her right cheek. “OOOHH yessss. . . . .punish me daddy, oh please.”

I smiled, “Who’s ur daddy?”

“You are!!”

“You want to feel daddy’s hard cock in your ass baby?”

“Yes please, I beg you. Put in me!! I want to feel daddy’s hard cock in me.”

Without hesitation, I slammed my cock into her tight ass. Rebecca moaned, “YES, daddy!!”

The pace went slowly, than increased as I found a good pace.

“You like this don’t you!!”

I deliberately kept slapping her ass just to get organisms boiling.

We kept at it for a few hours before out bodies finally collapsed in exhaustion. I looked at the time it was 3:28am.

“WOW, that was amazing.” (Rebecca)

“I know, maybe when we get home, we could do this more often.”

“I would like that.”

We both smiled and gave a quick kiss before calling it a night. Rebecca snuggled with me as I placed hand on her chest.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For being a good friend and lover. I love you for that.”

“I love you Rebecca and anytime.”

“Good Night”

“Good Night my sweet cousin.”

The next morning, I woke up reaching for Rebecca’s warmth, but I felt coldness. I looked over and saw the other half of the bed empty. It took me a second to hear the shower on. I quietly got out of bed and carefully opened the door. From the looks of things, she may have just got in. The hot water already steamed up the room so I decided it was now or never. I came from behind her and wrapped my hands around her thighs as I started nibbling on her neck. Rebecca was startled for a second but than tagged in and slowly rubbed my cock with her ass as she felt it come hard. To my surprise she grabbed my woody and and guided it into her ass. I took the hint. I grabbed her tight and fired at will up her tight ass. As I thrust in and out, I moved my hand to her wet pussy and began fingering her. After a few minutes of thrusting up her ass, I shot a couple of loads. The sound of her moaning confirmed she felt it in her deeply. Facing each other, our lips like robots came together. As we separated, Rebecca smiled; “Well, good morning. Guess you were for some breakfast.”

I chuckled. “You can say something like that.”

We came together again for a good morning kiss. Oh the way our bodies pressed against each other while kissing passionately felt so awesome. After our morning fuck, I snuck back into the RV before Pierre returned my bag. He said that he’d found it in the lost and found at the front desk. I did not bother argueing, I just snatched my stuff and put some warm clothes on. (Still acting like I was freezing all night). From there things just got worse. Apparently Pierre deliberatlly called Rebecca’s mom and snitched about her leaving school and lying to her about it. From there is was argument betweem mother and daughter. Rebecca lost her career as a model, went into d**gs, became a prostitue and ended up in jail for 5 months. (Information gathered from her mother and several personal contacts) I haven’t seen Rebecca in almost a year because my mom ordered me never to go near her. But guess who was there when she came out of jail? Me. She looked terrible. Hair all messed up, couple of bruises along her face and she lost quite a lot of weight. I took her to a local diner and I became her ther****t. She told me everything about what happened after the ski trip, her addiction to d**gs and how becoming a prostitue paid the bills. All I could do is just listen and give advice on what she can do to fix her life. (Not going to explain the details, it is rather personal) In the end, she has straighten her life. Don’t know what happened after that but my rewards do come in my mail every month if ya know what I mean.

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2 years ago
man, I was waiting for that fight but still a great story.
Hey, He is French