First Real Cock i got

I must have been around 15 and it was during a carnival festival. Most of the boys were dressed as cowboys, super heroes, firemen etc. For me it was the chance i was looking for to dress up on woman's clothes.
I had picked up a mini dress, fishnet and a small top that was letting my belly free. I got a blonde wig (not the best quality) and tried to make up as good as i could. The result was not the best but for me it was huge.
I went down on the streets to walk without fear as everybody was dressed up, ended up with a friend of mine in a bar. He was dressed as an old granny!!!
After half an hour the barman brought us some drinks, we told them that this was propably a mistake since we didn't order anything; he said that those were coming from the 2 guys sitting at the edge of the bar.
A strange feeling got over me; so far i was thinking about men but i never actually wanted to be with one. My friend was offended and he said we should leave the place, i wanted to stay but i was so afraid to say it and i agree.
We walked for a few meters and he went to his place, i start walking to mine and when i realized that he couldn't see me anymore i turned back to the bar.
I went in wishing that they were still there; and they were!!! i sat on the same spot and a few minutes later one of them came close to me. He asked me where my friend was and i told them that he was feeling sick and had to go. He asked if they could join, i accepted immediately.
After a few drinks i was feeling dizzy but still in control. They proposed to go for a walk, we did...there were talks and some touchings, i didn't stop them so they knew they have the green light. As we were walking one of them said that we have reached his apartment and proposed to go up and hang there. I decided to put all my fears back and accepted the invitation.
His apartment was small but cozy, we sat on the living room. Their names were Tom and Simon. Simon sat next to me on the couch and Tom on a chair at the other side of the living room. As we were talking Simon put his hand on my legs, for first time in my life i was feeling a man's hand on me, i was nervous and didn't know what to do. He understood it and laughed, he told me to relax and everything was going to be all right.
I could see that something was moning in his pans, that made me feeling so hot, i pulled back all of my fears and i touched him as i was getting close to his neck to kiss him. He really liked that and he let me kissing him, i went down to his chest as he pulled his shirt off. I knew that this was the time to give my first blow job, i have practived hundreds of times with vegetables and toys so far but i never had a real cock in my mouth. He took of his pants and i was in front of a big strong cock. I started kissing it and licking it as my hands were all over his balls. I went up, opened my mouth and took it in. It was soooo great, i was going slowly up and down being very carefull to avoid any mistakes. I was feeling it getting stronger and bigger in my mouth; i was hearing him moaning and i was feeling his hands on my ass. As i was blowing i felt that he was putting something creamy in my ass, after a few seconds i was fingered. That made feel hotter and i started to blow faster. As i was feeling his fingers in my ass i also felt his hands on my head; now that was strange... i was so focused on blowing him that i didn't understand that Tom came to the couch behind me. After streching my hole he took his pants off and started to push me with his cock slowly. A dream was coming true for me, my first real cock. He came inside me and start to fuck me slowly, i kept blowing Simon and started to move my ass faster on Tom's cock. They were both moaning and i was feeling that they were ready to cum. Simon asked me to pull over, i did the last minute and got his cums all over my face, fresh hot cum on me. A few seconds later Tom pulled back from my ass and came in front. I got his cums too. I was imagining a romantic first time and i have ended in a slutty one; and i didn't mind at all. I got their cums with my fingers and started to lick them. They were both salty and tasty.
We left and decided to meet again on the next weekend.
Best festival ever!!!!
92% (19/2)
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5 months ago
Hot story
3 years ago
Tat was grwat good experience hope you write many more just like this one thanks
3 years ago
Nice story! thanks for sharing
3 years ago
MMM that was good, hope you have more to tell soon