Afternoon with Felicia

A brisk Autumn afternoon. Leaves of all colors floating, wind carrying them through the air, almost as if feathers falling from an angel. Greg walks up a street that is almost deserted, almost feels as if today is a different day, a special day. Greg walked up the porch steps of his best friends house, the door swings open, he meets his Best friends very petite blonde girlfriend on the porch.
Felicia was a very small petite girl, about 17-18 years old, perky tits, and just assuming from her body a very tight pussy.
"Join me for a smoke?" Felicia asks.
"Sure why not, wheres kevin too?"Greg asks.
"Don't want to talk about it, he has been leaving here lunch time everyday for the last three weeks to hang out with his buddies, smoking weed and drinking, just so he can come home tonight and go to sl**p. I am getting sick of his shitty attitude. I figured you'd be with him?" Felicia insists.
"No, I don't hang out with him as much as I use to, times are changing, time to grow up."

Felicia just smerks with a side ways grin, before she faces him and flirty bites her bottom lip. Greg only wishes he could understand what he said to get that kind of reaction from her. As the smoke from there cigarette is carried away by the brisk autumn wind, both turn to the door, both of there hands reach for the knob, and both hold the knob, she lets out a giggle as the knob turns.Entering the kitchen, Felicia turns to greg walking backwards and asks, "Movie?" "Sure why not nuttin better for us to do?" Greg responds with a flirtatious giggle. she goes into the bedroom off the livingroom, leaving Greg to sit on the couch pondering about the sexual tention that has been felt between the two for about two years now, when a d***k night lead to a very passionate kiss outside a bar. She was still with Kevin, and still a secret.

"Be out in one sec, getting more comfortable".
She enters the room with just a night shirt on, hanging down just a few inches from her ass. She beds over to the stack of DVDs, Greg can see that the night shirt is the only thing she is wearing, as her nipples are hard against the night shirt and her shaved bare pussy is visible from where she is bent over in front of him. she turns to him with a smile.
"Horror or Comedy?" She asks.
"You choose." Greg Responds.
"Horror it is." She laughs.

The movie starts as Felicia sits down on the opposite side of the couch, grabs a blanket from the back of couch and covers herself up. He turns to her, "you going to share some of that blanket?" Laughing. "Well your going to have to join me on this side of the couch, the dark side"? giggling she responds.
Greg moves across the couch, trying to hide his boner in his pants quickly covering up in the blanket. Touching each other the warmth pours under the blanket. Her Hands under the blanket in her lap, Greg sits there wondering what she is doing with her hands.

She turns to the lamp and turns it off, putting the room in complete darkness with the black curtains shut. her hands return under the blanket, she shifts her legs to hang over Gregs lap. Now Greg can tell shes doing something because her legs are spread, he hopes. Felicia lifts her leg up and places the sole of her foot on his hard cock, he lets out a breathe, she can feel the heat from his swollen cock threw his jeans. slowly she slides the sole of her foot back and forth rubbing his cock, Greg lets out a moan, she now is shivering as her hands meet her mound, now throbbing to be played with. Without lossing a heart beat, she rubbs his cock and rubs her clit, now wet and swollen. Gregs head resting on the back of the couch, his hands running up and down her leg and foot. Felicia shakes, with pleasure as she nears climax, she speeds up her sole play to have Greg meet her at this level. Moans fill the living room, almost drowning out the screams from the movie on the TV, Heat in the room rising, the smell of sex rushing across there nose. She speeds up her hands, pushing her, she tenses her body, the tension causing her foot to push into Greg's crotch, Both of them almost there, she starts to buck her hips in to the air, Greg doing the same, as both let out one last moan to climax, her pussy pulses as she pushes her fingers inside, Greg pushes her foot harder down on his cock as they together slide her foot up and down his cock, his cock spits out hot spurts of cum, running down his leg and cock.

The porch door swings open as Kevin stumbles in, mumbling about how everyone are cunts, he stumbles into the bedroom, with a thud of his body hitting the bed. Both look at each other, as Greg scrambles to head to the porch door. Felicia grabs his hand with her wet fingers, opens her mouth and says, "Thank you". Greg just noddles and whispers, "We will talk later."

Greg leaves the house looking back to the house, black and white image in his mind of reality, and thinks 'what have I did, how could I have just leave her there with him'.
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