Co Worker Peek Fantasy

Day dreaming of a coworker is such a taboo fantasy, she maybe taken or single and you maybe total falling for her beauty. The little flirts that arise between casual conversation, drives you wild, drives your mind to race, thinking about when she is alone does she think about you, does she think about your hard cock. I bet she does. So starts the fantasy of "Co Worker Peek Fantasy".

Name: Lets call her... Fiona
Body Type: Average, Petite, the kind you could throw around
Hair: Brunette with hints of Blonde throughout
Age: 20's

This woman drives you crazy just by how she walks, talks, laughs, just about everything she does, makes your bl**d run to your cock. Everything about her enthralls you, her look, smell, personality, just circles your mind over and over again.

Fantasy Story:
Fiona is sitting across from the window, naked after taking a hot shower, windows steamed just to the point where she is just a little blurry. Watching her in the window, she slowly spreads her legs, one at a time, running the towel from feet to thigh, she touches her pussy just so slightly with a palm just to feel the heat raising from the moisture between her legs. Her breast glisten, as her hands move to each breast, cupping them, her head rolls back, sliding her hair dripping back on to her neck and shoulders, her mouth opens to let out a gasp of carbon air and to inhale a fresh breath of oxygen. Her slender hands run down the length of her stomach, to her beautiful mound, you hear a muffled moan echo through the glass, as her left hand runs over her moist slit. She opens her eyes watching her reflection in the window, almost looking through you. Her finger tips now run in a circular motion at the top of her slit, manipulating the hood of her clit. Her head falls back again, mouth wide open, letting out long moans and gasping for air, as the pleasure runs throughtout her body. Her left hand now sqeezing her thigh, opening her legs wider, her hips bucking against her hand. She lets out a loud moan, the window pan vibrating against the echo. Her body trembles, eyes shut tight, head fallen back with mouth wide open, her hand in still motion held against her now wetter pussy.

Her body now settles, she raises her head, looks at the window and a big smile from ear to ear completes the moment, the fantasy.

Sample of more to cum.....
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