The older lady Part 4

I didn't know what to tell her when she said that she was falling in love with me. I knew I didn't want an exclusive relationship with her. I coldly told her that we agreed it was only sex from the beginning and she got quiet. She knew we discussed it when we started, I guess she thought I'd change my mind. For crying out loud, she was married, anyway! She told me it's OK and we sat quietly for a while.

She never mentioned it after that and I couldn't understand why she brought it up in the first place! I know now I had a lot to learn still.

She couldn't keep away though and kept on seeing me. I moved in with my s****r and she would come over on her lunch breaks when we I moved to work mornings. No one would be home and she would stop by. Normally we would quickly jump in bed and I'd have my way with her. I'd fuck her hard and send her back to work with swollen pussy lips and full of my semen.

She would also come over after work when everyone in the house was sl**ping. I would leave a door pen for her and she would sneak in and wake me up. I slept on a sofa bed (maybe why I had back problems!) And we would try to be quiet!

One time I'm particular, we were on the bed and were really getting into it. I was on top and was fuckin.g her harder and harder so much she was scooting up to the head of the sofa bed. One thrust, I felt something weird and the bed shifted like it wanted to close up on us! I quickly moved back and it shifted to where it should be in order not to close up on us! We laughed under our breaths and then finished with me giving her a sticky mess in her married cunt. The next morning my s****r asked what the loud thud was and I told her it was nothing!

The next time she came over was in the middle of the day. We were fondling and she said her husband woke up after she fell asl**p the day we fucked for almost two hours. I remeber that day fondly! He looked at her pussy and said it looked as if she was fucking for hours. The man knows his woman's pussy! That could actually be an argument for anal...

A few weeks later her husband was very suspicious and it made her son, who was a year older than me, suspicious too. She said her son told her that if she was really cheating, he would never talk to her again. Of course she told me this in bed after we fucked. I couldn't tell you how many times I unloaded in her, but our affair lasted about a year. She taught me a lot and I wouldn't change a thing. We stopped seeing eachother soon after the conversation about her f****y's suspicions. It was a great ride.
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3 years ago
The older ladies not only like to teach a younger guy, but they know what they want and how to get it.
3 years ago
Great story. Older women are fantastic lovers if you give them the chance.
3 years ago
Very very hot,,I have a lady friend also,but widowed,she is 15 yrs my senior,but dam hot,,thanks,going to see her today
3 years ago
A masterpiece!