The older lady

When I was 20, I worked at a deli in the local big supermarket chain. I worked with various types of people, including a hot little 40 year old married Puerto rican woman who got her kicks from teasing all the guys there. I would make comment to her about the logs of meats to her and she'd eat up the attention.

This went on for months with none of the other guys scoring with her. They tried. She would just shoo them away and laugh about it. At the time, I was not as experienced as some of the guys I worked with and didn't think I had a chance with her.

One night, about 1am, the married lady and I were one of the only ones to close and she offered me a ride home. I accepted and we left when the store closed. In her car, our conversation quickly turned sexual like in the deli... only difference there was no chance of me getting fired if I hit on her.

I started rubbing her thigh and could see by her eyes that she was enjoying it. We parked close to my house and started kissing... our hands everywhere. She went down on me, something I would find out is he one thing she had to do every time she had sex (I would never complain!). She not only enjoyed it, she was damned good at it! She should have been a porn star just the way she gave head. She wasn't done though.

Unfortunately, there were two men walking down the street and she jumped up and drove us off. We found a darker street and parked there.

As she was going down again, I tilted my seat back and was enjoying her car! She said she didn't know if we should go on... her son was a year older than me! I convinced her to continue by saying.. quite frankly I forgot what I said. All that mattered was she agreed then climbed on top of me. She rode me soft at first, kissing and touching me. Then she started riding harder and faster. I sucked her tits through her bra when I opened her blouse and she fucked even harder.

I told her I was going to cum, giving her common courtesy. She didn't seem to want to stop and I came hard. I filled her and she held herself on me to take every drop. She dropped me off at home and I knew it was only the beginning.

She joked with me the next day and said she was pregnant, but quickly recanted and said she had her tubes cut. We continued seeing eachother three to four times a week for almost a year until her husband was asking her too many questions. Too bad, she had an incredible sex drive.

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2 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
This was almost 20 years ago... I don't remember all the details!
3 years ago
Agree with the other comments - lets hear more about her and expand with more detail next time! You've got the bare (Ha ha!) bones of a good series here, but needs to be expanded and more depth to the descriptions - fill in all the juicy 'details'... ;-)
3 years ago
OK. When I get a chance, I'll tell you about her more!
3 years ago
I agree with the previous comment from kisshu24!
3 years ago
Pretty hot, though I'd like to hear more of those moments with her.