The lady got ditched at a hotel

I worked overnight front desk at a major hotel chain in 2003. It was a good job, let me see a ton of interesting people. One time I can never forget.

I got a call from a room complaining about noise. I asked him where it was coming from and he said it was coming from the room next to him. I thought to myself "shit, another asshole" and went upstairs to the floor it was coming from. As I approached the room he was complaining about, I heard a radio. It was too loud to be a clock radio that was in the room. I knocked on the door a couple of times.

What answered was a beautiful southern woman about 30 in a string bikini. Shit, was this a fuckin movie scene or what? I asked her to turn the radio down, it was about 2am. She was upset and apologized. She turned the radio off and the door closed behind me. She said she was there with her parents and her boyfriend. They had an argument and all of them stranded her there. She was d***k and was trying to cope with what they did. I told her she should get a cab home since she only lived about 20 miles away. She agreed and I could see that she just need someone there. She had sad puppy dog eyes and I held her.

She started caressing me and we kissed. I had a shirt and tie on so it took me a minute to get undressed. She, on the other hand, got undressed in seconds. I layer her down and licked her pussy. She moaned and writhed. I got up and started fucking her she seemed to want more and more. She got on top of me and fucked me good. She pulled my cock out and I shot it all over her ass and my crotch.

I thought I wouldn't see her again, but she came by the desk and asked to use the Jacuzzi. I told her OK, just don't let anyone hear her. I came out to check on her and she was naked! As much as I liked seeing her naked, I told her she had to put her bikini on. She begged me to join her, but I knew I couldn't.

She came by the desk after I left the pool area and I let her in the back rooms. Again, we kissed and I undid my pants. I bent her over and fucked her hard in the housekeeping department. Again, I shot it on her, this time on her back and in her hair.

She must have went to sl**p because I didn't hear from her again the rest of the night. I did hear from her boyfriend who called the hotel looking for her. I tranfered his call and she didn't answer. He kept trying to call her and she didn't answer. He was getting mad at me and I ended up telling him maybe she just wants privacy. What a loser he was!

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3 years ago
thats great ^^ ha.. love it
3 years ago
Haha, loved the ending to this. Hope to read more soon.