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Years ago,while in college in my early 20s(a small private church related universty),I was hospitalized due to an infection in my leg from a motor cycle accident,a cut that I had not taken seriously enough or had proper treatment for - until it started swelling up and oozing yucky greenish yellow fluid and hurting like hell. Think I was running a fever as well.

After being admitted to the infirmary,I was placed on a high dose of IV antibiotics. My symptoms began to improve after a couple of days to the point that I finally noticed the really hot,shapely,dark haired nurse who worked the night shift and took care of me. She seemed to spend a lot of time making small talk, treating my wound and checking my urine bottle. She also followed my schedule of bowel movents,checking to see if I was impacted/constipated with her gloved finger.

The night before I was going to be sent home,Jane( her actual name) decided,after calling the doctor,that I needed a cathterization to drain my bladder and also an enema. She first inserted the enema tube into my rectum and filled my bowels up,or so it seemed. Don't know what she put in that enema but I quickly felt relaxed and really horny. After expelling the fluid with only a small amount of feces. she disinfected the head of my soon very erect penis and inserted a size 20 foley catheer until it pushed through the urethra past my bladder's sphincter and let loose a gush of urine into the urine bottle I had been using. That felt strangely rather nice.

I was so horny and d**gged up( at least it seemed so) at this point that she could do anything to me and I was ready to go. Commenting that I had to release one more bit of fluid to finish draining my pelvic of it's excess, she placed some KY jelly on her gloves and fingers to insert two left fingers in my anus against my prostate ang used her right hand to stroke my erect and leaking penis.

The clesvage shot of her braless bosom as she leaned over me added to my exctement. My moans statrted to exceed the threshold of propriety even with the door closed and divider in front of my cubicle.All of the sudden Jane drove 3 fingers into my rectum and vigorously stroked my swollen prostate.As she did,with her right hand she squeezed my testicles til they were purple and painful but then quickly released the grip on my balls and started a rapid up and down grasp of my turgid shaft.Just before the end came my dedicated nurse gave me a rag to muffle my screams of pleasure.

I don't know if I've ever ejaculated as large a volume of semen or felt such intense release. My gown and bed were almost soaked. Jane ,with an impish grin on her face, helped me to a chair,washed me off,changed my gown and my bed linens. It seems there was some residue even on the floor,which I think I wiped up..Before she left,she gave me a quick kiss on my lips and announced this was her last night working at the infirmary and she was headed for Africa - to comtinue her work as a Nun! My mouth hung open as my eyes followed her lucious form out into the hallway,never to be seen in my life again,other than in some very pleasant dreams.
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3 years ago
Wow, what a woman!
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great story - thanks!