A long day at work

It has been a hard day, the long drawn out day of trying to get the work complete and to the standard expected has left me tired and aching. I am looking forward to arriving home and being able to sit back and relax with a cold drink. I know you will be home late so figure will finish off and head home.
When I arrive I don’t realise it at first but something in my sub conscious doesn’t seem right. I choose to ignore it thinking it must be the stress of the day. I walk to the kitchen placing my jacket on the chair by the table. I go to the fridge and get a cold drink, opening it and taking a well deserved drink I place it on the table. As I do I notice something under the magazine on the table. It appears to be a photo, I pull the bottom of it and as it comes from below the magazine it is revealing a lady in a black work business dress suit. With her hair tied up and glasses on.

It takes my brain a while to realise that it is a picture of you. I didn’t recognise you dressed this way. The black jacket undone and your lush breasts are straining the material of your blouse, which is half undone to reveal your cleavage. As I look there is a stirring in my trousers. Have never taken this picture let alone seen you dressed this way. I take my drink and go to the front room. I sit down and notice an envelope on the top of the unit. I open the envelope and remove another picture this time your jacket has been removed; your blouse fully opened revealing your huge breasts. You are lay on the floor with one leg bent. The stirring returns in my uniform. I am getting concerned, where have these pictures come from? I start to look around the room and see on the back of the door another envelope. As with the previous there is a photo. You are naked now except for the glasses and a pair of knickers. You are laid on the sofa, my favourite sofa, one hand on your knickers touching your pussy, the other pulling your right breast towards your mouth. You are looking seductively at the camera.
I am feeling horny now and wanting to find more pictures, I gather the picture I have and go upstairs to try to find more.
I enter the bedroom and on the bed see a DVD, with the glasses placed on top of them. I turn the TV and DVD player on and slide the DVD into the machine. My cock is bulging in my uniform now, is horny and excited wondering what comes next. The DVD starts to play and it shows you in the same outfit in our front room, you start to strip and I can see how this is going to lead, each picture is depicted in the movie, and it gets to you lying on the sofa. I unzip my trousers and remove my throbbing cock. I want to see what happens and am horny already.
The video continues, showing you lay on the sofa your fingers sneaking into your wet knickers the look on your face changing as your fingers find your pussy lips and you start to stroke them. You remove them to show me they are wet and you place them to your lips licking the juices from your fingers. All the time staring into the camera. This is too much and I start to stroke my cock, whilst watching you. I am getting hot and the layers of my camouflage uniform making me hotter. You remove your knickers in the video to reveal your pussy, me watching your fingers teasing your pussy makes my cock start to twitch. The video is so horny and I am laid on the bed so horny. All of a sudden the en suite door opens.
You are stood there dressed in the black suit, watching me my hand on my cock. I stop slightly startled by your appearance. You walk over to the bed and reach for the glasses. You put them on and say “Now for the real thing”
You lift your skirt up to reveal your wet shaven pussy. I reach out to touch it but you stop me. You straddle my legs and look into my eyes through the glasses and lean down towards my cock being stroked still by my hand. Your lips touch the head and your warm breath on me feels so good. You are just teasing me your tongue reaches out and touches the end of my shaft. Your fingers reach down to your pussy and I can just make out you caressing your pussy lips. My spare hand reaches out and undoes t=your jacket, I undo 2 more buttons on your blouse so can see more of your lush breasts. You move your mouth from my throbbing cock, lifting your skirt more you lower your wet pussy onto my aching shaft. You slide over my head and it fills your pussy, leaving you with a gasp as you do. You start to raise your body up and down your breasts flying freely the sight of them bouncing makes me hornier. You pull at my uniform lifting me towards you we grab each other and shiver as we cum together.xxx
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4 years ago
very good start