Girlfriend writes what she will do in a hotel.

Well, I go to meet you at the hotel. I have an address and a time to be there. When I arrive, I go up to our room, knowing that you are in the bar waiting for me. I think that I will probably have a couple of bags with me, one with all my outfits, underwear and shoes in, and another one that just has my stuff in. The first thing that I would do, would be to have a look round and unpack my bags. I would take out the six inch platform stilettos and the thigh boots. The pink thigh boots that go with one outfit and the white ones that go with another. I would take out my pvc basque and my gorgeous white lace one. I would try the red one on with the tiniest little g-string and stockings, before settling on a cream and peach corset that laced up at the back. I would roll on the pretty white lace topped stockings and attach them to the suspenders and slip on the white six inch heels. I would stroke the delicate lace of the thong, and feel how it brushes against my skin. I would feel how my nipples harden against the fabric of the corset when I touch them, and rub my fingertips over them until they feel hard and tingle when I stroke them. I touch and feel my pussy lips against the delicate silk and push my fingers up against my clit, thinking of you rolling me onto my stomach and pulling my hair back, so that you can grind into me hard. I think of you reaching round to cup my breasts and pinch my nipples gently. I can feel you slowing down and reaching up so that I can suck your fingers, as though I was licking and sucking your cock. I rub my clit slowly at first, and slide a finger into my pussy. It is beginning to get wet now, with the thought of you touching me, and I slide another finger into me, and rub it up and down against my clit, making me breath harshly as it feels so good. I think of you touching and tasting me and throwing me round.

For some reason you come out of the bar to find me, as I'm supposed to be getting ready and meeting you there. You wonder what can be taking me so long? So, you come upstairs and let yourself into our room. You stand and watch me for a little while, aroused by the unexpected sight of me touching myself, blissfully unaware of your presence. You come over to the bed and kiss me deeply. We spend some time kissing and touching each other, before you push me back and hold me down. You can kiss me still, but you want to control what you do to me. You slip your hard cock inside me, making me gasp as you fill me up. I'm all wet and it slides in easily and completely. I wrap my legs round your waist and have my arms round your neck, whilst you begin to fuck me hard with some urgency, pushing me back against the bed. You look at me as you pound me, knowing how good it feels for both of us. After a while of hard, fast fucking, you pull out of me and get me to suck on your cock for real, so that I can taste my juices and I can lick it off your balls. I spend some time licking and sucking at you, stroking your cock and wanking you into my mouth. I lick and tease your hard, swollen tip with my tongue. We stay like this for a little while and I play and tease you for a bit until I begin to feel you twitch and harden. I turn round so that I can sit on your face and you can slip you tongue inside of me. Tasting and touching me, exploring my pussy with your tongue and fingers, making my breathing shallow and fast and making me feel that with each flick of your tongue that I might shatter into a thousand pieces or just melt away completely.

You flip me over and lay me down, so that I can wrap my gorgeously stockinged legs around your neck and sliding deep into my pussy, so that you can almost feel the top. We don't last long - it has been so intense that almost as soon as you enter me I start to cum and my pussy tightens and releases leaving me breathing hard. When you feel me cum, you can't stop your hot, salty cum from spurting into me and filling me up. Then you lean forward to kiss me. We lay there, not moving, kissing, slow and deep until we move apart from each other and lie next to each other on the bed.
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very good