The beach

I love outdoor sex and sex on the beach. I know you know norfolk a little bit because, but I don't know if you have been to any of the beaches. some of the ones in the north of the county are so quiet, you don't see or hear anyone, because people just don't go there. You may get the occasional dog walker, but that's it. One of my favourite beaches is right on the north coast, it has a little track leading up to it, which you can miss because it is so secluded. You can park, but there are ditches on either side and you have to be careful. When you approach the beach it is over a little slope. It is very sandy and then you get to the top and you can see the sea. It sometimes looks like chocolate milkshake when it is rough, as it mixes it all up. There are patches of rocks on the beach that you can go behind and there are dunes with aran grass on them. You can either go up in the dunes and lay down on a rug, else you get hideously sandy and it chafes, or you can go up against the rocks. The sea is too wild to go in, and sea sex is better someplace warm, where the sea is clear and blue.

We could plan to go to one of those quiet, beautiful, wild beaches. I could have a dress on, so that I don't need to wear any panties and you can slip your fingers in me when we are driving along. We could always pull over for a bit, in one of the country lanes and stop, so we could kiss a bit and begin to touch each other. Not going too far, as it would spoil the anticipation. We could have long, slow, sensual kisses, and touch each other slowly and gently, exploring and teasing, before becoming more urgent and frenzied. We would have to stop, so we could continue to the beach, which is where we want to be together. You pulling my hair and entering me roughly and pounding me with your hard cock, making me breathless with the urgency of it all.

One we get to the beach, and kiss a bit more. We would make our way over towards the sea. We could walk over to the rocks and I could kneel down in the soft sand, and start to stroke your cock inside your jeans, which is desperate to be released. I could rub it, feeling the urgency, and the desire pulsating through your body. I could unzip you and start to lick and suck at your cock, and kiss and nibble at your balls, licking them and sucking them into my mouth one at a time. I could play with your hard cock, moving my hand up and down the shaft, slow at first and then faster and faster, until I feel that if I carry on you might cum, and that would be too soon. I can feel how it throbs and pulses and is beginning to twitch with each flick of my tongue. I let go of your cock and move my mouth away from your balls and ass, and stand up. You feel my wetness under my skirt and push a finger into my pussy, feeling it slip in easily. You knee down and push my pussy lips apart, licking and sucking at my clit, while still probing me with your fingers. You slip them deeper and deeper inside, until I am right on the edge and you can feel me shiver with pleasure. You push me back against the hard rocks, making sure there are no spiky bits, and push your hard cock into me, making me gasp and moan. This time it is urgent and I am clawing at you, cos I want you so badly. You fuck me hard and fast and I am so close to cumming I kiss and nibble your neck, and giving little bites. I feel that you want to cum and I just let myself drift away into the moment, allowing myself to have complete release and enjoy every bit of it, with your cum pulsing into me and dripping out of my pussy, and down my thighs.
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