Submisive girlfriend

I love the idea of you telling me what you want to do and how you want me to do it. I would love being really submissive for you and pleasing you in whatever way you want me to. I can dress up for you in my white lace basque and lace topped stockings with white high stiletto platform heels and a tiny lacy thong. You would be sitting on the bed watching tv and thinking I was in the other room, wouldn't expect me all dressed up for you. You would turn to look at me and just stare at me, not being able to catch your breath, seeing me dressed up like that, looking gorgeous and sexy for you. I would walk over to you, keeping eye contact and climb on the bed next to you, lying next to you. We would kiss until we felt breathless and dizzy, and I move to sit on you. We can kiss and touch still, but I can feel your hardness underneath me, and you can see my big, dark nipples through the lace. You can lean forward and lick and nip at them, until they become hard and perky. I pull my top down to release them and let you get to them, and you can touch, and suck them properly. I feel so wet and need you so much, that I am rubbing myself against your hard cock. I unzip you and move down, your hands leave my hard nipples and are tangled in my long hair. I feel your hard cock and I slide the head into my mouth, flicking and swirling my tongue round the tip and taste your pre-cum. I lick and kiss your hard cock, moving down the shaft and licking and kissing you. I take the head into my mouth as far as it will go and I suck you. I hold your balls and caress them, moving my hand lower and massaging your perineum, and moving a finger into your ass, just teasing round the rim and dipping in. Still sucking and tasting you. We stay like this for a bit until I feel you twitch and throb like your going to cum and I move round so you can taste me and we stay like this for a little while. You slip your tongue and fingers in between my pussy and ass, using your fingers and tongue to send me almost over the edge. When you feel like I might be cumming soon, you flip me over and push me onto my back. I put my legs round your neck and you slide your hard cock inside me. The way my legs are lifted makes the bl**d rush to my head quicker and makes the feelings so good, and intense in my pussy. It feels like you don't even need to move at all, otherwise I will cum so hard I might just shatter into a thousand pieces or dissolve myself and melt away. You start slow and it feels incredible, and each little thrust or movement just brings us both closer. I feel that if I touch myself now I will just give in to the feeling and let it wash over me in a rush of pleasure, enjoyment and exquisite delight. I just want it to go on, and I feel dizzy with how good it feels. We stay like this a while. You are gazing down looking at me, feeling the same and knowing that if you do anything else or anything different you won't be able to stop yourself going over the edge and giving into the intensity of the moment. We stay like this until we both need it now, and you begin to move and thrust into me hard. Almost as soon as you have I feel the rush and shiver as my body gives in and I cum heavily and intensely, squiritng over you. You cum too, filling me with your hot, salty cum. There's loads everywhere and once you move off me and lie next to me, it just drips out. We lie kissing and touching and enjoy the moment.
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very good
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mmmmm very horny