A Taste of Her

I find her sl**ping on the couch wearing the white button-down shirt of mine that she loves so much. The bottom hem gathers just below the cheeks of her plump, round ass. I lean down and whisper in her ear that I love her, and she moans deep and long. I kneel down at the end of the couch and rub her tired feet, sliding my fingers between her soft toes. She moans again and tells me how good it feels. My hands begin to slowly slide up the inside of her legs, and she rolls over to her side and lifts one leg slightly as if to beckon me further. I reach the hem of the shirt and lift it just far enough to see that she is wearing no panties. Just before my fingers reach under the shirt tail, I let them softly run back down to her knees and feel the goosebumps pop up on her thighs. She looks down at me with drowsy eyes and wet lips and asks, "Are you teasing me, baby?"

"Do you want to be teased?" I ask.

"Only a little. I'm so horny."

"How horny, sweetheart?"

She reaches down and lifts up the shirt and turns over to her stomach, slightly lifting her perfect ass towards my face. I decide not to tease her any further, and I run my right hand up between her legs until I feel the moisture gathering on the lips of her pussy. She pushes her ass back further, and my middle finger slides inside her. She gasps with pleasure.

"I want to taste you," I whisper.

"I want your tongue inside me," she says.

I turn her over to her back and spread her legs wide and lift her thighs. Her soaking lips part, visibly swollen and deep pink. I waste no time and bring my face within an inch of her pussy, breathing softly on the soaking lips. She looks down at me and moans, "I need it, baby. Please tongue me."

I push my tongue out as far as it will go and bury my face in her wet lips. I fuck her with my tongue, pulling out to tease her asshole, then up and down her lips. Her hips begin to move in rhythm with the strokes of my tongue. She unbuttons the shirt and begins squeezing her tits. Her salty juice soaks my face, and her faster breathing makes me rock hard. I run my tongue over her clit and continue up her belly and finally to her tits. I run the back of my tongue over each of her nipples, and gently blow on them. They draw up hard and turn a dark brown. She sucks in air as her mouth opens wide.

"Lick my clit," she says. "Lick it hard for me. I'm so ready to cum."

I quickly obey, sliding my face down her body, letting my hair tickle her skin. I open my mouth over her mound and feel the swollen bud against the front of my tongue. She pushes into my face, and I press my tongue firmly against her bulging clit. It takes less than a minute, and I hear her start making those familiar sounds that are almost like word fragments.

She gasps one last time and cries out sharply, "Oh honey!" She pulls her knees back towards her chest, and I work my tongue rapidly but firmly over her slippery clit as she cums, with a little squirt that dribbles from my lower lip and down my chin -- a taste of her.

As the tension releases from her legs and hips, I slide my tongue back inside her and let her juices cover my face. She gently squeezes my face with her inner thighs, and runs her fingers through my hair. And I head to the bathroom to wash up and then to the kitchen to start dinner for this goddess whose gifts I simply do not deserve.
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Very sexy and tasty! ;-)

3 years ago
So sensual and hot -- loved it!
3 years ago
Oh so sweet and hot.Another good one.Five X's
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