An Affair With My Sofa

Sometimes my wife goes away on business trips for several nights. Whenever this happens, I usually spend a few hours in the evenings masturbating. I take the opportunity to experiment from time to time, trying new ways to arouse myself. I also keep myself on the edge -- reaching an erection dozens of times over the course of several hours without climaxing. It's fun to see how long I can keep going before I explode. As a young man, this would have been very difficult, but the beauty of middle age is being able to go for hours without cumming. And then when I do cum, it just squirts and flows, almost like it did when I was young. The feeling is so intense sometimes that my vision gets blurred, and I can feel it all the way down my legs. I'm very lucky in that erectile dysfunction and the need for medication are not an issue with me, at least not yet.

Earlier this year we purchased a new sofa and recliner made of leather. The sofa is partitioned with three cushions. On my wife's most recent business trip, I was lying down on the leather sofa watching television. I wasn't watching porn, but I started getting horny, probably because I was completely naked. I started stroking my cock, not very deliberately, but enough to get the bl**d flowing. I fondled my balls for a few minutes, and even my ass. I started to slide down the sofa, and when I reached down to push myself back up in a seated position, my hand slid between two of the sofa cushions. The fit was fairly tight, but my fingers slid very easily between the cushions, which also have leather sides even between the cushions. I couldn't help but wander what it would feel like to slide my cock between the cushions.

The thought of humping the sofa got me further aroused, and I began stroking my cock more earnestly, quickly achieving a decent erection. Then I turned over on my stomach and slid back until my knees were up against the arm rest with my legs hanging over the end of the sofa. This move positioned me so that my cock was in line with the separation of the sofa cushions. With both hands, I pulled the cushions apart enough to make an opening for my cock, and I slid it between the cushions. When I let the cushions go back, they gently squeezed my cock.

I slowly pushed my ass up, which began to slide my cock out of the cushions, then I let myself down and pushed it back in. The sensation was incredible. I started slowly humping the slit in the cushions, and within seconds, I could feel my pre-cum start to lubricate the end of my cock and the inner leather sides of the cushions. I could see my ass humping up and down in the reflection of the sliding glass door across the room, which made me even hornier. I started thrusting faster, and my cock started throbbing. I knew I couldn't keep this up too long. It was much more intense than just jacking off. The leather was tight enough and the texture was such that it almost felt like the times I had anal sex with my wife.

I spread my legs wide to reduce the pressure on my balls, hoping to slow the intensity and let me go a little longer, but feeling cool air on my ass and balls from the ceiling fan above was even more exciting. I didn't want to squirt all in the sofa, so I f***ed myself to stop. I almost ran to the bathroom, stood up to the bathroom sink, and started jacking off my wet cock. In lass than 15 seconds, I erupted my white cream into the sink in five pulses. It was so hot to watch it puddle in the sink. My legs were weak as my strokes slowed and got longer until I squeezed the last drops out of the swollen, dark pink head.

I'm already planning for next time. I may try to rig up some Glad Clear Wrap and line the underside of the cushions to catch my load so I can finish while I'm fucking the sofa.

Am I a sick puppy or what?
80% (5/1)
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2 years ago
i would love a video of this..
3 years ago
It worked!
3 years ago
LoL very good,let us know how the cling wrap works.
3 years ago
You didn't mention ur age..I am 60 and I have no ED problems..matter of fact..i cum 3 times every day..both with intercourse and by masturbation.