I watched you glide across the room of that hotel lobby
in search of someone to answer your questions,
but to me it appeared that you had much more
urgent needs than place names and addresses.

I could just detect the smell of your hair when you
leaned down next to me to pick up a magazine on the
table where I had been sitting, waiting, wishing
that an opportunity would arise to deliver me.

You sat close enough for me to count the freckles
that dotted your shoulders and your chest all the
way down to the intersection of your perfectly
formed tits that made my heavy breath quicken.

A topic as banal and insignificant as the conference
we were both attending was the catalyst for a chemical
reaction that started in the cells and tissue of our
glands and would spread like wildfire to your room.

With less than two drinks and no more than an hour
of conversation, we ascended the elevator shaft to
the lofty heights of that modern marvel and fumbled our
way in the door, almost shaking with anticipated desire.

I can't say with any certainty how we became naked, and
I'm not sure why the lights cast such a perfect glow,
but the memory of seeing your dark brown nipples, erect
and slightly beaded, will be etched in my mind forever.

We kissed so wet and deeply, blending our tongues and
kneading each other -- needing each other as much as
we depended on air to breath; and when I traced your
spine with my fingers, your back arched to receive them.

Without prompting you turned and backed your rounded
perfect ass against my engorged cock, then leaned over
to place your hands on the bed for support and looked
over your shoulder at me and said, "Is this okay?"

Holding my stiff cock in my hand, I placed its head at the
top of your ass and slowly slid it down the deep crevice,
leaving a thin, clear trail of liquid that had gathered on
the tip that was now mapping out a destination of pleasure.

You moaned slightly as I rubbed the head across your tight
asshole, already moist from your arousal, and I paused there
to gently caress that little flower and to let our fluids
mix, as if to test the waters before making the final plunge.

I reached down with both hands to spread those firm cheeks
that were noticeably lighter in tone than your bronze back,
and then you raised up slightly to open yourself completely
to me, and I sank myself deep within your warm, soft darkness.

My thrusting was uncontrollable as my balls slapped hard
against your clit, and with one hand you reached up to
squeeze your dangling tits while your moans turned to words
that served to fan my flames of passion to a mounting inferno.

I felt the muscles around my asshole began to tighten as
my strokes became longer and more deliberate, and I reached
around your hips to find your clit, peaking out of its safe
haven as hard as your nipples and slippery as a river stone.

"Please" was all you could utter from that point forward as
I applied more pressure to your clit and sank the shaft of
my cock as deep as I could go, feeling your pussy squeeze me
and your ass push against my hips with an urgency like thirst.

I felt you quiver and you held your breath for what seemed like
forever until the wave of your orgasm crashed and the fluid rushed
out of you, down your legs, down my legs, down the edge of the bed
to puddle on the carpet and soak our feet like a reckless fountain.

At first I came deep inside you, but I pulled out in time
to shoot a stream of sticky cream on your asshole and up
the crack of your ass, and watched it glide back down, all
the way to the lips of your swollen pussy and then to the floor.

You turned and I kissed you softly, then deeply, then pressed my
wet cock against the soft small patch of hair above your
pussy that was mangled with wetness; and your eyes spoke more
clearly than your voice when you said, "Just what I needed."
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1 year ago
Wet and hot
porn poetry

I vote *****
3 years ago
very sensual and erotic,loved it.