Chocolate Desire

I wake to the sunrise peeking through the curtains. Looking to my side I am amazed at what I see. In the darkness of the night all the desires of the flesh had been fulfilled. What had I done? There is no turning back. A warm feeling comes over me as I think back to those hours that lead up to this moment.

It was a beautiful spring afternoon. Walking through the park was peaceful helping me forget all the stress of the day. I stop at a bench and sit to watch the c***dren playing. The joggers and the mothers with their babies in strollers are passing by on the trail. I have always wanted c***dren, but my husband insists we wait. Hours go by before I realize it. The sun is starting to set. In the distance I see a man stopped in the middle of the trail and he is observing me. “Could he really be looking at me”, I thought. I get up and start towards my car when I notice him coming towards me. As he gets closer I begin to breathe harder and my heart is pounding out of my chest. We reach the entrance of the parking lot at the same time. I try so hard to act as if I didn’t notice him. He says “hello” and as I look at him to return the hello I am speechless for a brief moment. I am finally able to utter “hello”. He can’t take his eyes off me. He senses my uneasiness and offers to walk me to my car. We exchange names and speak of the beautiful afternoon. What am I doing? I’m a married woman, but his voice, his strong stature and those eyes. I can’t resist. It is like he is pulling me into some kind of trance. He asked if I would like to join him for a drink. I couldn’t believe that I was hearing myself say “Yes”.

We walk to this little café just down the street from the park. Our conversation up to this point has just been small talk. After the waitress brings our drinks, he leans into me and tells me he will own me before the night is over. Wait a minute now. What is he talking about? Own me. I am married. I already belong to someone. I ask him what he means and he told me he could see that I am a submissive woman. A woman who needs to have a Master. I am totally thrown off guard by this. I ask him to explain further about this submissive nature he sees in me and the idea of a Master. Before explaining, he asked if I have ever been with a black man. I told him that I have always had this fantasy of being with a man like himself, but have never put myself in a position to fulfill that fantasy. I have always been afraid, yet drawn to black men. When I am close to them my insides turn upside down. I can’t breathe and my heart feels like it is going to explode. My body goes limp and I lose all sense of where I am. He asks if I would let him fulfill that fantasy. I hesitate and then I hear myself say “Yes”. Oh what have I done? I have never been unfaithful to my husband, but he has not even entered my thoughts since we left park. I have already been disloyal to him.

We leave the café and begin walking back to the parking lot by the park. He asked if I would join him for the rest of the evening. I accept without any hesitation. My husband is out of town, so he will not be looking for me at home this evening. He places his arm around me and leads me to his car. I believe even if my mind told me not to do this I could not obey. He has this dominance over me that is comforting. The strength in his touch gives me security. As he places me in the car, I am without thought. He already has me in his control I just don’t realize it. As he drives he explains further the lifestyle of a Master and his sub. I am like a c***d learning something new. This lifestyle he speaks of is appealing to me. It is more then I would have ever imagined. Why, has no one ever told me of these things? Could it really be possible that two people can have a bond that deep? I can feel the emptiness I have always had within myself begin to disappear. Could this lifestyle be what I have been missing in my life, but just never knew it insisted? To be taught by this man a stranger who doesn’t feel like a stranger and to have that bond with him and be owned by him. It’s not the owning that is attracting to me, it’s the serving. To serve a man and be under his command would be so fulfilling. No worries and no responsibilities other then to serve him. My mind slips back to my husband as I wonder why I have never had these feelings with him. Can I live two lives, one submissive life with my Master and one with my husband? My head is spinning. I have to stop these thoughts and enjoy the moment, stop thinking of the future. I can’t let my thoughts cloud these feelings that are soothing to me right now.

We arrive at his house after what seemed like a brief moment. As we are pulling into the garage this feeling of belonging here comes over me. Like this was something I do everyday. He leads me inside. His home has that bachelor look. You can tell a woman’s touch has never been allowed. It fits him, strong and appealing. He asked me to have a seat at the kitchen counter while he prepares us dinner. I dare not ask too many questions about his life. He seems like a private man. He continues to explain the lifestyle. He doesn’t ask too many personal questions about me. I found that strange. It is like he already knows me. I’ve never been in the presence of a man like him, controlling with a touch of softness. I find it comforting.

Dinner was wonderful. I didn’t expect anything less. He allowed me to help him clean up. Then he led me upstairs to his bedroom. Like the rest of the house, it was exactly as I had pictured it very masculine. As we enter the room he takes my arm and turns me around to face him. He leans in and I thought he was going to kiss me, but he pulled back and instructs me to undress. He turns some music on and I get undressed. When I am finished, I turn around to see him lying on the bed naked. He was observing me like he did in the park. Oh! How handsome he is. He motions for me to come to him. When I get beside the bed, he tells me to serve him by stroking his cock with my mouth. I had never seen a cock so dark, thick and long. It was beautiful. As I begin stroking his cock with my mouth he places his hand on the back of my head. After a few minutes he begins to press my head down further on his cock. The feel of his cock on the back of my throat choked me at first. He assured me I would get use to it and continued to press my head all the way down until I had his whole cock down my throat. It felt good to please him. After a few minutes he released himself inside me. His sweet juices flowed down my throat. He takes my hair and slowly pulls his cock out of my mouth. I licked up all his juices. I had pleased him. He said I would be rewarded.

He tells me to lye down on the bed and spread my legs wide so that he can see my white shaven pussy. He places his hands on either side of my clit spreading me wide open. He leans down and licks my clit. “Oh! How sweet it tastes” he says. He stops right before I am about to have my first orgasm and pulls my legs in the air. He puts his cock right on top of my clit teasing me. The look in his eyes tells me I am pleasing to him. I don’t dare speak any words. I allow my sighs of pleasure to tell him he is pleasing to me. He takes my breast in his hands and sucks my nipples. Then he begins to bite them and I loudly sigh not out of pain, but out of pure pleasure. He feels my wetness increase as he bites them harder. He says, “I see you enjoy pain that is good”. He leans up towering over me and spreads my legs wider as he enters his big black cock inside me. The beauty of black and white together is breath taking. He slowly enters, because he knows my pussy has never felt a cock this big. He strokes me slow at first then as my pussy loosens he strokes deeper and faster. The pleasure of his cock inside me is putting me in another place. I have never felt like this before. It’s wonderful. Don’t stop I think to myself. Harder and faster, please. I feel drops coming from the air like water, I look up at him and he tells me I am squirting. I had heard of this, but I had never experienced it before. It was everywhere and it wasn’t stopping. I couldn’t stop it. Then he slows for a moment and places his hand around my neck and begins to choke me. The feeling of his hand around my neck took me to a place I had never been before. It felt so good to feel his strength. I closed my eyes and savored the moment. The tighter he pressed around my neck the wetter I became and the further I went to a place of pleasure that can not be describe in words. He begins to loosen his hand from around my neck and I grab his hand and ask him not to stop. He lets out a little laugh and tells me that is enough for now.

He tells me to turn over so that he can have the pleasure of viewing my big white ass. He places his hands on my ass and strokes me. I feel his body press against my ass and then he enters my pussy again. I let out a sigh as he strokes my pussy with his cock. My pussy is so wet. The juices are flowing all down his cock and balls. He pulls out and slowly enters my ass. I pulled away, because I have never been penetrated there. He pulls me back and enters again. It hurts so badly, but as my hole is stretched by his big cock I begin to feel the pleasure and the pain goes away. He strokes me hard and deep until I am able to take all his cock inside me. He pulls out and releases his juices all over me. It feels so good to please him. I lay face down on the bed and close my eyes to absorb all that has been done to me. This stranger had taken me to places I had never been before. How fulfilling it is to please him.

After he wakes he tells me to shower and he will meet me downstairs. As I am showering I am wondering if he will accept me as his sub. I want more of him and to learn the lifestyle. I finish my shower and get dressed. As I enter the kitchen he has already prepared breakfast and tells me to sit and eat. He goes upstairs and showers while I am eating. I want this life more than anything. Please, oh please, tell me I am yours. When he returns, I have already cleaned up the kitchen. He smiles as to tell me he is pleased. He leads me to the car in silence. As he is driving me back to the park, he doesn’t speak and I dare not utter a word. When we arrive at the park, he walks me to my car. He grabs my arm and turns me around facing him like he had last night. He kisses me and tells me I am his.

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very romantic please continue