Helping a Buddy

-------- Helping a Buddy --------

I returned from Vietnam in '70, back at Benning, was busy with readjusting to a Stateside unit, catching up with my military education and professional schools since I'd been gone so long overseas.

Up at the post hospital for something trivial, I was pleasantly surprised to meet a buddy, Mac, that I'd served with in Vietnam. I'd finished my tour and returned to the States before him, and had heard he'd been badly injured. But there he was, not looking too bad, still on active service but disabled, getting treatment for his injuries while the Army decided if they were going to keep him or not. He was confident they'd let him stay; our outfit was good about that, and we had all sorts of really handicapped and crippled guys around that were still earning their pay and having successful careers.

Mac explained how he was partially paralyzed from his combat injuries, but insisted on hobbling around as best he could. Pleased to see me, he invited me by for supper and to meet his wife.

I'd met her before actually, several years before, on another assignment. Jane was her name, but this was no plain-Jane! A drop-dead gorgeous woman with a stunning figure, everyone was always trying to put the make on her. But she was absolutely straight, faithful and loyal to her husband. Smart, friendly, a real trip at parties .. but don't try to dance too close or fondle that woman's butt! She'd put you in your place in a heartbeat! I'd gotten the word on that early from buddies, and was always on my best behavior with her.

We had a nice dinner and evening visit. Mac was pleased to be entertaining a friend and Jane was pleased to see me again, although we'd never really gotten to know each other at that earlier assignment. I was happy to see she'd stayed in wonderful shape over the few years since I'd last seen her, with that great body, beautiful high full breasts, long legs. Like I said, a real knockout! I tried to be polite, but it was hard to keep my eyes off her, her figure looking its finest as she was dressed in her shorts and a form-fitting tank top.

They admitted they didn't get out much since it was still pretty difficult for Mac to get around, and he tired easily. So they were very glad I had come by, and urged me to visit whenever I could. Taking me aside, Jane pleaded with me to visit if I could; it meant a lot to Mac to have an old friend around again. He'd been excited about my visit all day!

I got in the habit of coming by their home to see if there was anything I could do for him, to keep him company, and so on. They both always seemed happy to see me, insisted I stay for a good meal, and we became good friends.

After several weeks of visits, Mac surprised me with a curious and very intimate proposal. Jane was off shopping and visiting with friends, and he took the opportunity to have a private talk with me. He explained he was getting better in some ways with his paralysis, the therapy was helping. And he wasn't complaining; hell, he could have died from his injuries!

He apologized in advance, hoping I wouldn't be embarrassed as he talked about some personal things. But he thought this was important and hoped I'd hear him out. I shrugged, "Sure, Mac, whatever you need!"

He continued: Although he was walking better, the damage to his body had really interfered with his ability to have sex. He could still get an erection, but the pain of any sort of physical sex with his wife was excruciating and he could never carry it to completion.

Jane was very understanding and had always been eager to pleasure and satisfy him orally, so that helped a lot. And he was able to still give her orgasms as well, pleasuring her orally or with different sex toys, so it wasn't like they didn't have any sex life at all. One of their favorite things was taking a shower together. She'd join him, they'd soap and shower and wash each other, and enjoy bedtime after the exciting shower. Still, she'd confessed to him that she really missed the energetic sex she used to enjoy with him. She always loved it when he fucked her hard, bringing her to one orgasm after another. It was that high-energy athletic sex that she missed the most. He did too, of course, but there was nothing that could be done about that: he doubted he'd ever get that healthy and mobile again.

They also wanted a c***d; they'd been putting it off for years because Jane had worried about his combat tours and didn't want to bring a c***d into the world without its father. Now that his combat assignments were over, she was really anxious to get pregnant, but the VA and Army wasn't going to pay for artificial insemination and they really couldn't afford it at a civilian facility.

They'd tried some improvised things. Like her sucking him to the point of coming, and then her quickly taking him into her vagina, in hopes that he could come inside her .. but the pain was always too much for him. They also tried an improvised sort of artificial impregnation, what they jokingly called "blowjob impregnation". She'd suck him off, giving him oral sex until he came in her mouth. Then, not swallowing as she usually did, she'd hold his cum in her mouth and then carefully transfer it to a small cup. She'd position herself herself on her back with her hips lifted high and her legs spread, and Mac would carefully pour his cum into her gaping vagina. She'd hold the position for several minutes until she was sure the thick creamy cum had drained down to the depths of her cunt. They'd tried a turkey baster, but it was too harsh and artificial; this pouring method wasn't so bad, and gave them a certain closeness. It hadn't worked so far though.

Bottom line, Mac wanted to ask me a special favor. He wanted me to fuck his wife, to give her heavy physical sex, anything I wanted to do .. just so she got thoroughly fucked! He assured me she was willing, and they would both consider it a tremendous favor.

I looked at him, really quite surprised. I'd had sex with other men's wives before, usually without their knowledge but sometimes with, but never with an invitation like this!

"You want me to fuck your wife." "Yep." "Seriously." "Yep." "And you'll hold a gun to my head to make me do it." He grinned, "Yep." "And she's good with this." "Yep."

This was an unusual request from an old friend, to say the least, but he seemed serious! I agreed, and we set a date for my next visit. When I got there, my friend invited me for a drink. His wife came in, already dressed in a sexy sheer nightgown, her full body completely naked beneath. It was quite the sight, and I damned near spilled my drink! Jane smiled, possibly a little embarrassed to be showing herself so openly to me for the first time. Blushing, she admitted she was really excited by the idea. She loved her husband and enjoyed his attentions to her, but confessed she really missed the hard physical sex.

Stepping up close to me, she leaned and pressed her breasts against me. Kissing me softly on the mouth, she took my free hand and placed it inside her nightgown on her full breast. I could feel her nipple beneath my palm, rock hard! "Are we going to do it now?" she whispered.

I don't know why I didn't just jump up and drag her up the stairs; stunned by the sight of her almost naked like that.

Mac grinned and told me to quit wasting time and waved both of us upstairs, and I took the beautiful excited Jane to bed. Upstairs, she gracefully pulled off the nightgown, discarded it on a chair, and lay down on the bed. The sight of the naked woman there, lit by the soft light of the nightstand lamp already prepared, was quite amazing really, and I didn't waste a second in pulling my own clothes off. I could see her eyes locked on my jutting cock as I pulled off my pants; she licked her swollen lips, hunger obvious in her eyes.

The sex was great, she thoroughly enjoyed herself with multiple orgasms, and I came twice in her myself. The sight of her riding my cock, her full breasts bouncing, her eyes closed, her full lips swollen from her excitement: it was something I'd never expected to see with her, and the image is still clear in my mind to this day. This woman was one of the two most exciting and passionate women I've ever had sex with!

Finished, I dressed and came downstairs while she lay exhausted in her bed. Mac was relaxing in his recliner in the den, watching television, and I wondered if he'd heard the sound of his wife being fucked, the bed squeaking, her passionate moans and cries. (She was a very noisy and uninhibited lover.) Well, it didn't seem to have bothered him: he was still relatively sober and I didn't see any guns in sight.

I let him know everything went well (an understatement given the numerous really powerful orgasms Jane had enjoyed), and he thanked me again. He then asked me if I'd be willing to do it again, perhaps once or twice a week? I was more than willing, and we agreed that I'd have sex with Jane whenever I came over. At their convenience, whenever she was in the mood, just call me.

I suggested that he might like to watch us, in a way to share in his wife's pleasure and excitement. I suggested that she might find it pleasurable to suck him off while I was fucking her; I'd known women who found it hugely exciting to be sucking a cock while being fucked at the same time. He agreed that might be doable, it certainly sounded sexy enough, and he'd check with her.

So that became our routine: I'd get a call during the day or the evening before to schedule my next visit. Then a little time together socializing, usually not too long since Jane would be very eager for her pleasure. We would go up to their bedroom where she would help her husband undress. Then I'd play with her body, give her oral sex to excite and prepare her, perhaps bring her to her initial orgasm if she was that aroused. Then I'd fuck her slowly, getting her thoroughly excited while she used her mouth to excite and pleasure her husband to a climax. Sometimes we could even time it so she'd orgasm just as he came, giving them both the height of satisfaction. Then I'd fuck her to one or two of my own climaxes as she enjoyed her own repeated orgasms. I wouldn't stay the night, but would exchange friendly (but tired) good nights with the sated couple, usually leaving them in their rumpled bed, and return to my own place.

This went on for a number of months, and then I was transferred to a new assignment. I was gone for several years, here and there, and then finally returned to Benning for a temporary assignment. I was pleasantly surprised to run into my old friend and his wife on post .. the two of them and a young c***d, a little girl! Mac seemed to be moving much better and was still on active service. With a pleased smile, he confirmed that yes, the therapy had made a lot of difference and he was doing just fine. He didn't say anything about his previous sexual dysfunction or the services I had provided his wife years before, and I decided not to bring it up either. I wasn't going to be in the area long enough anyway, to even consider if they wanted to resume that arrangement. Looking at the still beautiful Jane, I certainly gave it a passing thought: there was no question I would still hugely enjoy fucking that woman. But there wasn't a hint of desire or hunger in her eyes, just the face of a contented housewife and mother.

I congratulated them on their f****y, and mentioned I knew how hard they had been working to make it happen; I was so glad it worked out. I could've bitten my tongue once my unrehearsed words came out: I'd completely forgotten about one unique moment in my visits. Jane blushed a little, possibly remembering the time she demonstrated to me how they were doing it, their improvised blowjob insemination as they called it, but she accepted my congratulations. While she was taking the little girl to the bathroom, Mac leaned over to me. I saw him flinch a little as he moved and realized he wasn't all that great just yet, but I could see he wasn't letting his injuries handicap him.

"We kept trying to get her pregnant, you know, while you were coming over, even though it hadn't worked before. After you'd been having sex with Jane for a couple of months, she finally found out she was pregnant. We didn't say anything to you because we didn't want to worry you. And to be honest, we weren't sure if it was mine or yours. We had agreed when we first decided to invite you to have sex with her, that she wasn't going to be taking any birth control. We still hoped that our blowjob insemination would work! And to be honest, we didn't really care if you got her pregnant instead of me. We really wanted a c***d, you know."

He nodded toward his wife and the pretty little girl as they returned toward our table. "So this could be your k**. You got any problems with that?"

I shook my head. "Nope, no problems at all, I'm damned happy for you two!" Hell no, I thought to myself, I didn't want a f****y, didn't want the responsibility! Let's just leave it as your k**, Mac! God knows you two worked hard enough and loved each other enough to get her! And they seemed to be very happy with their little girl, so who was I to interfere?

Besides, like Mac said, it might have all been due to his wife's loving oral sex and her patience in using his sperm to try to fertilize herself. Watching them that one time, listening to her moans of passion as I fucked her from behind, the slurping sounds of her excited greedy sucking on his cock. And then her pleased muffled sounds as he came in her mouth. I'd stopped then at Mac's request. Pulling out of her wonderful cunt, I sat on the edge of the bed and watched this unusual process for the first time. I was able to see the love in her eyes as she carefully let his cum drip from her mouth and those full red lips into the little plastic cup. And then the blatant sexuality of her body as she positioned herself, opened herself for him to pour his cum into the very cunt I'd just been fucking so merrily! She didn't want to waste the opportunity to use his sperm, she explained as she held herself with her hips high, her groin well above her head, her arms and hands braced to support herself by her full bottom.

So Mac and I went downstairs to get drinks, returned, and waited until she felt she'd held her position long enough for his cum to drain down inside her. I was ready to forget about finishing my sex with her, but with a smile she insisted that I deserved my reward. Reaching into the bedside table drawer, she pulled out a big broad plastic paper clamp and smiled at me as she clamped her labia together. "There," she said, "that'll make sure nothing drips out!"

Then she rolled over onto her stomach and spread her legs, reaching back to spread her buttocks and reveal her puckered anus. "I know you like this too. The KY jelly is right there on the stand!" Mac just lay back on the pillows and watched as I fucked his wife's ass, smiling with pleasure as she came to another orgasm, and then nodding in satisfaction as I finally came inside her bowels.

The sight of her beautiful bottom with my cock sliding into her ass was memorable indeed, I could still remember it vividly. But I remembered even more the sight of her beautiful cunt, gaping open, and her eyes watching so carefully as her husband poured his cum into her body.

Indeed, it might just have worked.

Or maybe it was me, fucking her brains out, enjoying her excitement, her orgasms. And loving the feel of shooting off so deep in her hot wet cunt! God, she'd been a great fuck! Yes, my sperm could've done the job too, although I'd never made anyone else pregnant in all my affairs. God knows I pumped enough of it into that woman's wonderful welcoming cunt.

Pulling my mind back from the thoughts and images of years back, I looked at the little girl, relaxed and happy now that she was used to the strange man with her parents. She didn't look like me, she didn't look much like Mac either. Like her mother mostly, I supposed, which was just as well: that way she'd be a real beauty some day.

No matter: I finished my coffee, shook my friend's hand and wished him well, gave his wife a hug and a soft kiss in remembrance of whatever we had shared, and went on my way.

I never saw them again.

-- end --

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