Anna 5 Rescued

-------- Anna 5 : Rescued --------

My lovely daughter-in-law Anna was still leading a very complicated life. Her husband's workers were still visiting her almost daily, repeatedly r****g her and collecting their cum from her abused cunt for her husband's perverse use.

The school principal from her son's school continued his demands, using the pornographic images of her that he'd confis**ted from her son to f***e her submission.

He arranged several more meetings with Anna at her home, forcing her to have sex with him each time. He continued bringing a digital camera with him, to take his own pictures of her in humiliating and submissive poses, and considered buying a video camera or digital phone to get full-action videos of the submissive young mother.

The principal had always had a thing for cheerleaders, and regretted that he wasn't in charge of a high school where he might get to watch them all the time .. and perhaps even find one willing to cooperate with him! He decided to settle for the next best thing. If he couldn't find some nubile young teenage cheerleader to dance and pose and submit to him .. Anna would have to do. He purchased a cheerleader costume from one of the school catalogs, brought it to Anna's house, and f***ed her to dress in it .. but without panties or a bra, of course. Then he coached her into doing typical cheers and exercises, obscenely exposing herself throughout, interrupted only by his periodic demand to fuck her. He was careful not to come, not to end his excitement and her humiliation too soon.

The visit ended with him fucking her one last time, finally coming inside her. He took the cheerleader costume with him, reminding the helpless Anna that she'd probably be repeating her performance .. maybe with some football team members from the local high school if the principal could work a deal with their coach.

He'd f***ed her to accompany him twice more to the motel, to indulge himself in his voyeuristic pleasures. Anna had to follow her usual routine: go to a nearby bar, pick up a stranger, and bring him back to the motel room for sex, with the principal quietly sitting in a chair watching her humiliation and helpless response to the invariably heavy sex. She'd actually looked for the two men she'd encountered at her first such adventure, but had been unable to find them. She asked the bartender how they could be found. He remembered Anna very well, but had to disappoint her: the two men hadn't been back in the bar since her first visit. They weren't regulars, and he couldn't really say how to find them. Interested in the sexy woman, he offered to help her out himself if he could. She considered it, and explained her offer. Hugely disappointed, the bartender had to turn her invitation down: he was stuck by himself running the bar, and he'd lose his job if he disappeared to enjoy the voluptuous Anna for several hours.

The men she did finally find were adequate, and she enjoyed the sex with each man during her two motel trips. And each time, the Cuban motel manager demanded his pay from Anna's body. She had to admit she'd never had sex like with him; even the fat black man who ****d her each morning couldn't compare with the little Cuban, his huge cock, and his almost inexhaustible supply of cum!

The school principal had watched them having sex one time, but didn't stay for long, retreating to the front office. He never admitted it to Anna, but the sight of the little Cuban fucking her was simply too discouraging, triggering all sorts of insecurities. Despite his voyeuristic tendencies, the principal couldn't even bear to watch.

On the fourth and last visit to the motel for more stranger sex, it didn't go well. The principal had ordered Anna to find a black man this time, hoping to see her even more humiliated as she was f***ed to have sex with the stranger. Anna returned with a black stranger as ordered, but unknown to her they were followed to the motel by three of his friends. After his first sex with Anna, the man opened the door for his friends. Pushing their way in, they ignored the principal's attempt to protest, ordering them to leave. They beat him severely, tied him up in his chair, and then he watched as Anna was ****d repeatedly by all four men .. and a huge dog one of the men brought in.

Seeing the unusual activity, especially the large dog being taken into the motel room, the Cuban manager realized this might be excessive, even for the eccentric guest and his sex slave. Not wanting attention, he finally called the police, but unfortunately they took their time responding. By the time they arrived, the r****ts and their dog were long gone, leaving a beaten principal tied to his char and a thoroughly ****d Anna sprawled on the bed. The manager, the principal and Anna refused to give any information and were finally released. The principal, bruised and bl**died, was going to abandon Anna at the motel, but she demanded he take her home. Subdued, the two have nothing to say to each other on the drive. Anna was sore, her cunt and ass and bruised breasts aching from the long gang ****. And she was humiliated by sex with the dog, with the four black men cheering and taking pictures with the principal's little camera. But, looking at the principal and his bruised face, she felt a little better. At least this time he'd taken a beating too.


I had been watching, observing the men coming and going. I realized the same three came every morning, and now I saw the team of five in their van at lunchtimes Wednesdays and Fridays.

It took me a while to finally catch the school principal. I couldn't tell who the man was, but Anna's posture and expression as she opened the door and let him in told me that something was going down. I finally saw her naked body in the open doorway as she let him out one day, her nakedness and the gleam of cum down her thighs confirming that this man too, despite his neat suit and clean haircut, was having sex with her too. Given the unhappy look on Anna's face at each of his visits, it was obvious she wasn't happy about it either.

Following the man when he left Anna's house, I trailed him back to the school and identified him as he parked in the principal's reserved slot.

I had had enough. Anna hadn't invited me to her home for weeks, always finding an excuse when I called. I finally made an uninvited visit to Anna's house, and f***ed her to tell me the full story of everything that had been happening to her.

I told her that was it, no more: I was bringing it all to a halt. Anna tried to discourage me, afraid of the blackmail, the humiliation. And especially her husband and her marriage: it was Allan, after all, who was sending the three workers every morning, who sent the team to collect their reward from the submissive Anna. I ignored her weak protests: I was going to stop it.

The weakest link was first: the school principal. I smiled and talked my way past the busy school secretary and confronted the man in his school office. Closing the door, I turned and leaned on the man's desk.

"You've been extorting, blackmailing, r****g my daughter. I just wanted to see you face to face before I have you arrested."

Astounded at these unexpected charges from a complete stranger, the principal gaped at me. Then, realizing what I had just said, he held a finger to his lips as he looked with concern at the closed office door. "Please! Not so loud! I don't know what you're talking about!"

I didn't lower my voice. If the secretary heard, to hell with her. "You heard what I said. You've been r****g Anna. You've f***ed her into sex with other men. You're blackmailing and extorting her. It's all i*****l, I have proof of it all, and you're going to jail!"

The coward collapsed completely. "Oh god no, you can't do that! Look, I'll give you everything! All the photographs, the camera, everything! I'll never see her again, I swear!"

Silent, hate in my eyes, I held out my hand. Anxiously he unlocked and pulled open the bottom drawer of his desk and pulled out a thick manila folder and a small digital camera. He handed them to me, his hands shaking with fear.

"Here they all are! The printouts I confis**ted from her boy here at school, printouts I made of her. Everything!"

I glanced through the folder at the obscene pictures. They were all of Anna, and there were dozens of them.

"This isn't everything," I growled. "Where's the rest of them, the other camera? Where did you upload this shit?"

"No, I swear, that's everything! I didn't upload anything, I was afraid I might get caught. Everything I ever printed out is right there!" He looked desperate as he thought hard. "What other .. oh .. the other camera! There was a problem," he stuttered. "I got beat up, these bastards stole the camera. I can't do anything about that, I don't even know who they were."

I nodded, that fit with the story Anna had told me. If this bastard confessed to that humiliation, he was probably telling the truth about the rest.

"All right .. this'll do for now. But if I hear of anything else with Anna on it showing up anywhere near you .. you're going to pay. Big time!"

"No, that's everything, I swear!"

"You're never going to contact her again, you know," I growled. "If you see her, you bastard, you'd better run in the other direction! Because if I see you looking at her, talking to her, anything, your next sexual partner is gonna be a big black guy named Bubba in the state pen! We'll see how YOU like being ****d every day!"

I thought the man was going to wet himself, he was so afraid. "No, no, I swear .. I'll never see her again! I'll never do anything like this again! Oh god, I'm so sorry!" He was almost ready to cry.

I gave him one last long stare, took the folder and camera, and left the office. As I went by her desk, the secretary smiled, "Is there anything else we can do for you, sir?"

"No thank you, that was everything." On a whim, I continued with a polite smile. "Your principal is a r****t, a c***d m*****er, and an unmitigated bastard .. but at least he's enough of a coward to cooperate. I shouldn't be having any more problems with him."

Smiling at her shocked face, I casually walked out of the office. Let him explain THAT.

--- Husband:

I realized the husband was the biggest problem: it was his fault that Anna was being f***ed to submit to the workers and the team in the first place. The difficulty was that Anna refused to even consider leaving her abusive husband. I decided that I might not be able to stop the unhappy marriage .. but I could certainly end Allan's power over her.

Following my instructions, Anna called me the next time she and her husband were alone at home. Allan was surprised to see me when he came to the door, and was even more surprised and startled when I slammed him hard in the chest, knocking him to the floor.

"No, Fritz .. don't hurt him!" I heard Anna cry. Turning to her where she was sitting on the couch, I didn't change my hopefully menacing demeanor. "Be quiet, Anna. I told you I would stop this, and that's what I'm going to do. Now .. take off your clothes."

Anna gasped in surprise. "This is not to humiliate you, Anna," I said. "You're going to show HIM ..." I gestured at her husband still sprawled on the floor. "... that you will do what I want." Anna paused, looked down at her husband, and then nodded. "Yes, Fritz, whatever you say." Standing, she smiled softly at me, unsnapped her shorts, and let them drop away from her hips and crumple to the floor, leaving her naked from the waist down.

"What the fuck .." Allan started to stay, and I turned and kicked him hard in the ribs. "Shut the fuck up. This is my show." Allan groaned but stayed silent, watching with me as Anna slowly removed her clothes. When she was completely nude, I could see the marks of her continued sexual abuse on her beautiful body: the reddened labia, the bruises on her breasts, the rope marks on ankles and wrists and around the base of her breasts, and shook my head unhappily.

Holding my temper, I turned back to Allan and continued my demands.

"Anna loves me, and I love her. She's MY woman now, you miserable bastard. Mine to look out for, mine to take care of. Oh, she'll still be your wife. For some silly reason, she still loves you, a little. And she loves her c***dren and her home and her life, or what it was like before you turned it into a hell for her!

"So you'll still live here, you'll still pay all the bills, hell you can still sl**p with her, fuck her even, if she wants you to. But everything you do, whether it's saying good morning or having sex with her, is going to be polite, careful, leaving her with her dignity and self respect.

"Those three bastards that **** her every morning? It's going to stop. Now. You stop them. Whatever it takes to make sure they never come back here again, even without your permission. You make sure they understand: they're not the sharpest knives in the drawer and might take some convincing. But you'd better do it good. Because if I see them, there'll be an accident."

Fritz held up the little jar of cum from the refrigerator.

"Recognize this? Yeah, from their last visit with Anna. Gee, it was this morning, how about that? DNA from all three men, three dead men. Found in your poor wife's cunt after they ****d her! It'll be a terrible crime, the papers are gonna love it! These three workers from a guy's company broke into his house, ****d his wife, and then killed him with a shotgun in cold bl**d! Terrible thing, really. Luckily her father-in-law came to the rescue and killed all three of them! **** kit identified them for certain. Yep, I'll be a hero, you'll be an unfortunate victim .. and Anna will be free of you!

"The guys on Wednesday and Friday, the work team? They're going to keep their special treat until Anna says different. Don't change a single thing, don't say a word. If anyone asks, there just won't be any changes. They're nice guys, Anna tells me, and she seems to actually enjoy their visits. There's nothing wrong with her having a little fun, so that is NOT going to stop, understood? If you can't deal with them fucking her because it's MY idea and not yours .. well, that's just too goddamned bad!

"Me? I'm coming over whenever I want, whenever Anna wants me. To the k**s I'm still their loveable grandpa. You will make sure they think YOU think I'm the greatest guy in the world. Fuck with me, fuck with Anna, and you'll end up that unfortunate victim at worst, and one damned unhappy divorcee at best.

"Now, for starters, bring me that DVD you got from those bastards who held her prisoner that one weekend. AND all the prints from the photographs those Mexicans took. AND the digital camera!"

Allan caved in. He knew my background, and he knew I was not only capable of doing what I described, but probably likely to do it just on principle!

"I have the prints here, okay, you can have them," he said. "But the camera's at work. There aren't any images on it anyway; I delete them every day after I copy them."

"Copy them?"

He grimaced. "Yeah, I guess I should have said. They're all on my laptop." I gestured, "Hand it over." "It's in the truck." "Get it!" I found the images, copied them to my flash drive, and deleted the entire folder, permanently.

When Allan handed the DVD over:

"You're never going to watch THAT shit again! But I'll have it in case I decide to use it for evidence at a divorce court. Or a criminal case for k**napping, assault, multiple ****, acts against nature, you name it!"

I gave Allan a straight hard look. I could see the fear on Allan's face: he was a believer now, accepting this, resigned to whatever I demanded.

"The only way any of this is going to change is if you get rid of me. And I know that's not your style: you're always getting someone else to do your dirty work, even me to get your wife fucked regularly! But if you decide to get a pro to get me out of the way, I'll tell you a couple of things right now. 1 - It's gonna be expensive, and he's as likely to turn you in for conspiracy to murder as not! 2 - He'd better be damned good, because I'm damned hard to kill. And if he misses .. you're finished."

I looked at Anna, still sitting naked on the couch with a shocked look on her face. She had never seen this side of me. "Any questions, Anna? Remember, any time you want him gone, out of your life, you just have to say so. One or another, he'll be gone."

She nodded. "No, I think .. I still want my husband. But he must respect me!" She stared at Allan hard, and he avoided her eyes. "He must be polite. He must remember my dignity! No more will I fuck anyone he says, do bad things for him that humiliate me, shame me! No more! Never again!"

"And will he be sl**ping with you? Making love with you?" I asked.

She looked at her husband scornfully. "Before all this evil happened, he wasn't sl**ping with me much anyway. Oh, sl**ping with me, maybe fucking me sometimes, once a week? No love making, that I think was finished."

She shrugged her naked shoulders. "So I think without all these exciting things, the prisoner video, the men fucking me, with their pictures and cum for him to play with .. I don't think he will be very much interested in sex with me."

She looked at him flatly, lifted a full breast with each hand, and spread her knees to display her shaved cunt to him. It was an obscene display for her, and I realized what she was trying to show him: that it was only her body, that it didn't mean anything.

"He can fuck me if he wants, I will give him his marriage rights. But I will not be very interested either. Oh, my body may enjoy it if he fucks me right." She smiled ruefully. "If nothing else I have learned from all this, it is my body loving sex, any sex, even with pain and shame and unhappiness. Well, that is okay, I understand that now, it is not my fault.

"But in my head, I won't care very much whether he fucks me or not. If fucking my cunt makes me an orgasm, okay, fine. But my heart will not care."

She smiled up at me. "Not like with you. You I will love to fuck, every time. No matter how old you are or how long it takes, even if my body still wants more. No matter with you, it will always be special. Because I know I am special to you! That is where my heart will always be."

She looked back at her husband still sprawled on the floor, the smile disappearing from her face.

"I think I still love you a little, yes, you are the father of my c***dren, and we were once very happy together, very good times. But no more, you are too selfish, too cruel. You showed me very well that there is no love for me, only ownership and your own pleasure. You gave me to those terrible people at the garage, only for a video for you! And all those men, just for you!

"For me that is not enough any more. You can be a father here in this house and I will show you respect and even be friendly. I will try to make sure the c***dren still love you and respect you. We will still sl**p in the same bed if you want, although I will be happier if you go somewhere else. If you want sex, yes, I will lay down and spread my legs for you."

She shrugged and touched her cunt.

"And probably even cry out and have orgasms when you fuck me, if you try hard to please me, I know, but you should not think too much about that. That is only my body liking a cock. But my lover, the special man I married? No, I don't think so."

She nodded, her mind made up.

"Better you go to your girl friends, better for everybody."

-- end --

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