Ellen: The Partying Stepdaughter

Ellen: The d***ken Stepdaughter

I got a call from Mark: his mother Ellen had gone to a party, got d***k, and was now too d***k to drive home. He wanted me to go with him to bring her home, and so one of us could drive her car home so he didn't have to leave it there.

It wasn't not that late, so I agreed. I told the wife what the problem was, and of course she was disgusted with her daughter's behavior.

I drove over to the house where Mark and his mother lived together, picked him up, and then I followed his directions to where Mark knew the party was going on. We found his mother passed out, flat on her back in a rumpled bed, a real mess: she was only half-dressed and has thrown up all over herself. Several men were acting uninvolved, but I had a feeling they were part of the reason why she was only dressed in her short skirt and blouse, missing her bra and panties. And there were streaks of dripping cum down her thighs. She'd obviously been recently fucked, and by more than one man by the looks of things. Her skirt was pulled up high, her legs spread, blatantly displaying her shaven naked cunt, its labia red and swollen from heavy use and abuse. Her blouse was unbuttoned with one full breast hanging carelessly out, its nipple red and sore from tweaking, big reddish hickie marks over the breast's smooth soft flesh. I reached out and pulled down the skirt, but realized that Mark had already seen his mother's nakedness. I was sure he'd drawn his own conclusions.

Mark finally located her purse while I buttoned up her blouse over her naked breasts, and he and I managed to get her to her feet and half-carried her out to my car. She was stumbling, mumbling, barely conscious at all, and she smelled to high heaven of booze, puke, and stale cum. I put her in the front seat in case she started getting sick again; I didn't want her lying down on the back seat in her condition. Belting her in, Mark took the keys from her purse to drive her car home. "I'll meet you back at our house, okay?"

I waved goodbye as he drove away, and then climbed into my own car. Starting it up, I drove out of the housing area where the party was being held. The car was already smelling badly of vomit and I wished I could have somehow hosed off the d***ken woman before I put her in my car.

As I stopped at the dark intersection on the main highway, Ellen slumped over toward me, her blonde head landing on my shoulder. I pushed her back upright, and then leaned her over against the door. Just for meanness (and curiousity too), I reached over and unbuttoned her stained blouse. One of her full breasts fell out again, clearly visible in the dashboard lights. I casually fondled and squeezed her breast; I'd never had that opportunity before and always wondered what it would be like. She had very large firm breasts, but her nipples and aeroles were like a young girl's despite having nursed her son as a baby. I pulled her blouse open some more to reveal her naked chest and both breasts. They were not sagging much at all despite their size; I was impressed really.

I got a rush of excitement at being able to manipulate and take advantage of the d***ken woman like this. She was disgusting, but at the same time her body and especially her helplessness were arousing.

I watched her face closely to see if she was conscious at all, if she had any awareness of my playing with her body, but she seemed sound asl**p. I pulled at her short skirt to see if I could expose her naked groin like back in the bedroom, but it fitted too tightly around her full thighs with her sitting on it and didn't want to slide up at all. I gave that up as a bad try; I was not really that interested in seeing her thoroughly fucked cunt in any event, with all the stains and traces of the other men who'd been fucking her. The thought passed through my mind that I could probably lay her out in the back seat, or take her into the woods or a nearby field or lawn, and fuck her to my heart's content .. but again the thought of that overused cunt, filled with the cum of who knows how many men, turned me off. And a limp u*********s woman never excited me anyway. So, as much as I'd enjoy fucking my sluttish stepdaughter, I'd pass this opportunity.

I carefully buttoned her blouse back up, just in case we were stopped on the way home. I didn't want any police asking any questions. And I supposed I wouldn't want Mark to suspect I'd been fondling his helpless mother, taking advantage of her d***ken state.

Mark was waiting for me outside when I arrived at their house. Between the two of us, we managed to carry his mother into the house and drop her on the couch.

"She's a mess, think we can get her into the shower and clean her off?" I asked.

"You mean .. just spray her down in the shower? In those clothes?" Mark looked down at his mother, and we both saw her blouse had come unbuttoned again and one of her full breasts was hanging out. "Aw geez ..." he frowned.

"Well, she's not getting any cleaner there. And we've both seen tits before, so that's no biggie either. Let's get her into the shower and figure what to do then."

We found it easier to simply carry her, with me lifting the bulk of her weight under her arms, my hands locked across her breasts, and Mark walking sideways, his arms beneath her knees and buttocks. Awkwardly we made it down the hall into the bathroom, and carefully set her slumping body in the shower.

"Might as well undress her," I suggested. "She can wash these tomorrow." Mark nodded in agreement. "Go ahead and get her blouse, I'll try to get this skirt off."

Mark unbuttoned the rest of the blouse buttons and finally worked it over her arms and shoulders. Pulling it away from her body, he made a disgusted face and dropped it outside the shower on the floor. I saw him looking at his mother's half-naked body, but said nothing.

I unsnapped the fasteners securing the skirt's waistband, but needed his help again to lift her bottom off the shower floor so I could pull the skirt down over her full hips. I finally got it free and pulled it down and off her legs. I discarded it as well outside the shower, and the two of us stood there looking at Mark's now completely naked mother, slumped back against the shower wall, soft d***ken snores showing her complete u*********sness. Bruised breasts, chafed swollen labia, but no apparent real harm done.

"Hell, I guess it's time to wash her off." I looked around and saw a spray nozzle on the end of a hose coming from part of the shower plumbing. "This'll do ... but I think I'm going to get undressed though. I don't want to get my clothes all wet."

"Good idea," Mark agreed. We exchanged glances; it was awkward somehow to think of undressing with the young man, but I shook it off. I reassured him, "Well, this'll be no different than the gym shower at school ..." I glance at his naked mother lying at our feet. "Except for this, of course. We didn't have many naked girls in my gym showers!" He laughed at that image. "I donno .. as much as my mom likes guys, she might enjoy the gym shower just fine!" I grinned back at him. "Yeah, I guess she could bend over to pick up the soap for me any time she wants!" More coarse laughter; nothing like good old boy humor in an embarrassing situation.

We stepped out where there was more room, get undressed, and returned back into the shower. We sat Ellen up a little straighter against the wall and washed her down with warm water. When the water poured over her head and hair, she finally woke up and looked around, mumbling in confusion. We ignored her and continued to work our soapy hands over her naked body, slowly washing away the vomit that thoroughly covered her. She'd obviously been completely naked when she'd thrown up, and then had either rolled in it or been dragged through a puddle of it. I'd noticed her clothes were fairly clean on the outside. Someone had redressed her after she'd been sick. But apparently someone had fucked her even after they got some clothes back on her: the lifted skirt and thick cum stains inside the skirt hinted at that last shaming abuse.

Dazed and confused, still thoroughly d***k, Ellen made no objections as we finished washing her off. Between the two of us, we got her back on her feet and turned her around under the shower stream, rinsing the last of the soap suds off her body. I took some shampoo and thoroughly sudsed up her long blonde hair. She'd recovered enough by then to rinse it herself, clumsy and staggering but at least functioning, and Mark and I stand in the shower enjoying the view as she finished rinsing herself off. She hadn't said a word despite the unusual circumstances.

She still staggered as she turned to face us, but she seemed to be getting her head a little straight. "I suppose there's a reason why I'm naked in the shower with you two?" she asked, looking at each of us dazedly, trying to focus.

Mark explained how she'd gotten d***k, and how we'd come to bring her home. I added, "If you're wondering where your clothes are .. well, you were in your blouse and skirt when we found you, more or less anyway. But everything else .. I presume you were wearing a bra and panties and shoes when you got there, right? Anyway, we couldn't find any of that; you might check with your friends tomorrow."

She shrugged, not caring about the details. "So, did you two have fun washing me off?" she smiled ruefully as she tried to focus on our faces. Stumbling forward, her breasts pushed against my body as I caught her to keep her from falling. I could feel her hand sliding down my belly, and suddenly felt her hand wrapping around my cock and testicles. Glancing down, I saw her other hand fondling her son the same way. I realized that wasn't a coincidence: too much coordination was required.

"Why ... you two aren't even hard! I'm disappointed!"

"Mom!" Mark protested, but I noticed he made no attempt to remove his mother's hand. And neither did I. Ellen rubbed her breasts against me again, and I felt her stroke my cock gently. "Well, thanks a lot, even if you aren't very complimentary!" she murmured. "And I don't think you're a real gentleman either?" She glanced at her son as she gave him a last fond squeeze. "You either!"

Then clumsily, she got out of the shower. Mark and I both helped to support her, but she was recovering remarkably well. The shower must've made a real difference.

Out of the shower, We all toweled off. Grinning, Mark cooly let his gaze run up and down his mother's naked body, knowing she was watching him admire her nakedness but not really caring. "Need some help toweling off, Mom?" he asked in a teasing voice. She accepted the challenge and stood naked with her arms clasped behind her head, the position lifting her large breasts high, obviously showing herself off as he toweled her dry. Then she took a fresh towel, briskly rubbed her long blond hair halfway dry, wrapped it around her body and tucked it in on the side beneath an armpit. The towel wasn't that big and barely reaches down her hips. She's covered, but she's hardly decent. Leaning back against the sink, her arms crossed beneath her full breasts, she watched quietly, looking from my body to Mark's as we dried ourself and wrapped our own towels around our hips.

She demanded another drink, and we refused, insisting she go to bed to sl**p it off. Irked, she pulled the towel off, displaying her naked body to us again. Rubbing her breasts up against Mark this time, she demanded, "Well, if I have to go to bed, the two of you are going to come in with me and cuddle until I go to sl**p!"

Just to keep her cooperating, Mark and I followed her as she staggered naked to her bedroom. She climbed into the middle of her double bed, lay on her back displaying her nakedness carelessly, and waved on either side of her. "Come on, right here, you gotta snuggle!" she commanded in a still somewhat d***ken voice.

I turned off the overhead light, and she told me to turn on the dim nightstand light. My towel was uncomfortably damp, so I removed it and dropped it on a bedroom chair. I had an erection now; Ellen's clean voluptuous body walking down the hall and her lying in bed had excited me. Mark glanced over at me and saw my erection, but said nothing. He nodded and discarded his damp towel as well. I saw that he too had an erection, even stiffer than mine! Then Mark and I joined the naked Ellen in her bed. She pulled the sheet up over the three of us, rolled over and snuggled against her son. I could see her hand slide down beneath the sheets, down over his hip, and then she reached around to his front.

"Mom! You're not going to sl**p!" Mark protested weakly, and I heard Ellen laugh softly. "Well, I just wanted to see if you were interested. Oooooh!" she cooed. "You ARE interested!"

She pushed her naked buttocks over toward me. "Come on, Fritz, you have to cuddle too!" I rolled on my side and moved up against her back side. Just to test her, I reached down and positioned my hardened cock so it slid down between her buttocks and between her firm smooth thighs. I heard her sigh softly and I felt her legs spread slightly, giving me access between them to her cunt. Taking advantage of the moment, I snuggled even closer and guided my cock up against her labia. She was wet, slippery, and I was pleasantly surprised to feel my cock slide up inside her.

"Ohhhhh yessssss" she murmured. "That's nice."

"What's nice?" Mark asked.

"Oh .. nothing much .. except your grandfather is so bad, he's so bad! He just stuck his cock inside me!"

"Well heck," Mark responded in a complaining tone. "That's what I always wanted to do, why does Granddad get to do it first?"

"I'm older. And I'm better. And your mom always liked me best," I joked as I started to slowly stroke my cock in and out of Ellen's warm soft cunt. She may have already been fucked a dozen times that night, but she still felt great!

"No, he's right," Ellen said .. but I felt her squeezing her legs together, increasing the pressure of her vagina on my cock. "There should be a contest," she giggled. "Whoever has the longest cock gets to fuck me first!" God, what a slut she was! But at least she'd said "first": both of us would be fucking her before we were done.

I protested .. especially since I was already inside her, but my rotten grandson insisted on the contest. I hadn't really noticed the size of his cock and wasn't all that sure I could win since I was noted more for my skill than my size, so I hated to give up a "bird in the hand", so to speak. But there it was. Sadly I pulled my cock out of Ellen's cunt and rolled onto my back. "Okay, woman. You're so set on getting a big cock inside you, go ahead and measure!"

I saw Mark roll onto his back on the other side of Ellen's naked body and hold his cock jutting straight up in the air. He wasn't circumcised, but his full erection had stretched the skin on his cock so the foreskin was completely pulled away from the bloated pointed cock head. Oh oh, I thought to myself, I might have a problem here.

I'd expected Ellen to find a ruler or something to measure our stiff cocks with, but she had a better idea. With an evil look in her eye, Ellen knelt between us and took one cock in each hand. She gave each of us several strokes, and then took each of us into her mouth, giving a few sucks on each cock and then deep-throating each of us in turn. Lifting her head away from my cock, she smiled ruefully at me and shook her head. "Sorry, Fritz .. but Mark's cock has to be at least an inch longer than yours! So he gets to go first!"

I could see the hunger in Ellen's eyes as she stared at her son's cock. Lying back down between us, she spread her legs invitingly. "Go ahead, honey .. I'm all yours. You can fuck me as hard and as fast as you want!"

Watching the excited young man hammering his cock into his mother's body with long hard strokes, I promised myself I would take it slower when it was my turn, so she'd have all the orgasms she wanted. Mark might be longer, he might be younger and have more energy .. but I'd do my best to ensure Ellen remembered my fucking her! Ellen was moaning with excitement and pushing hard up against her son's penetrating cock, fondling his hard buttocks as he fucked her. Finally, with a groan of pleasure, Mark came inside her and lay on her full body, sated and out of breath. When he finally rolled off his mother's body, I took my turn and thoroughly enjoyed a long slow fuck as I brought Ellen through two explosive orgasms.

I barely managed to hold off through Ellen's second orgasm, holding her at the peak of her pleasure with long deep strokes as she came again and again. I finally came myself, my cum spurting deep inside her as she shuddered and moaned one last time. Then we both collapsed.

When we finally got our breath back, Ellen looked up at me and stroked my back fondly. "Oh god, Fritz .. that was wonderful! You can fuck me any time, any time at all!" I saw the piqued look on her son's face as she said that and gave him a teasing grin. "See, boy?" I told him. "It's like the old bull and the young bull."

"Huh?" he said, not knowing the joke.

"They're looking down the hill at a herd of cows. The young bull says 'Hey, let's run down there and fuck one of those cows!' The old bull says 'Let's walk down there and fuck them all!'"

Ellen snorted with laughter beneath me, her cunt squeezing on my softened cock until it finally slipped out of her cunt. Well, no matter. Mark might be recuperated in a matter of minutes, but it would take me a bit longer before I'd be ready to fuck my sexy stepdaughter again.


Relaxing after the double fuck, I asked her what happened at the party, that she ended up in such a mess.

She admitted drinking too much too fast. One of the other women there had responded to a dare and had taken her blouse off to flash her tits. So Ellen did the same thing. And she pulled her panties down and waved them around, daring the men to crawl around on the floor to look up her short skirt.

Ellen continued to dance with various men, pressing her bare breasts up against them. Several men removed their shirts so they could feel her skin to skin. As the several men danced with her, they would pull up the rear of her skirt and fondle her round buttocks. With the skirt lifted almost to her waist, she could feel the cool air on her groin and knew her cunt was clearly visible to anyone who wanted to look. She could feel the men pressing against her, their trousers rubbing her labia, exciting her. She giggled with excitement but made no attempt to stop them or to cover her nakedness.

She blushed and laughed as she described one situation she remembered. She went to sit down on a couch, and one of the men (a complete stranger) sat down before her as a joke. He then unzipped his trousers, pulled out his cock, and invited her to sit on his lap. Quite d***k by now, Ellen took the dare. Flipping up her short skirt in the back, she sat down on his lap and, leaning back, turned her body around to give him a hot wet kiss. She'd expected to feel his cock against her buttocks, but was surprised to feel his erect cock slide right up between her legs and into her cunt! Embarrassed, not meaning to have everyone know this stranger was now fucking her right there on the couch, she said nothing and didn't move; she just continued to kiss the man passionately. She could feel his hands reach around her body to squeeze and fondle her breasts, and knew the hot intimate embrace, his fondling, their kissing was being watched by everyone in the room. Other women were necking and hugging with men in the half-darkened room, but no one was as blatantly, erotically making out like her and this stranger! Moaning slightly with excitement, she returned her full lips to his, enjoying the squeezing of her breasts, and the long wonderful stiffness of the cock inside her.

Finally pulling her mouth away from his, she looked around the dim room. Several people were in fact watching her with great interest, but the mens' eyes were fixed on her breasts as the stranger continued to squeeze and fondle her. No one seemed to notice that his cock was still buried in her cunt.

He succeeded in having friends bring over several more drinks that Ellen carelessly gulped down. She thought of getting up, perhaps to tease him, to attract other men to kiss her, but she was unsure how to get up without it being obvious his cock had been buried inside her the whole time she'd been sitting there. His hands continued to fondle her breasts, so she relaxed and turned to continue kissing him. At least that way it would look like a makeout session and not anything else.

Pretty d***k now, totally involved in the hot passionate kissing and fondling, she didn't really notice one of his hands slide down from her breast to pull her skirt up in front. She dimly felt him fondling her clitoris and u*********sly started moving up and down on the penetrating cock, rocking her hips to move it inside her. Her head turned, her eyes closed, she didn't see the half dozen people now sitting around on the floor and pulling up chairs to watch her being fucked in the stranger's lap.

Finally she heard the clapping, in time with the instinctive rocking of her hips. Turning around, she realized everyone was watching her. Looking down, she also saw she was completely revealed.

"Come on, baby, everybody's seen everything. Let's get it on!"

The stranger lifted her up, bent her over the back of the couch with his cock never leaving her cunt, and commenced a rapid solid fucking of her hot wet cunt. After all the stimulation of her sitting on him, it only took a minute for him to come inside her.

"Oh yeah, honey, that was good, real good," he said as he pulled his softening cock out and casually squeezed her buttocks. "Really good, you're a hot one!" He called out to one of the staring men, "Come on, Jack ... try some of this!" and stepped from behind her.

She realized another man had moved around in front of her and was now holding her helpless, still bent over the back of the couch, her arms pinned behind her back. He pushed forward and she felt his cock head push against her lips. Resignedly she took him inside her mouth, and then felt another cock penetrate her cunt from behind.

The man fucking her mouth came inside her throat. He pulled out, turning her over to a new man who continued to hold her helpless. The first man returned with a fresh drink, but waited until the man fucking her from behind had come in her and pulled out. They released her arms for a minute to let her straighten her body, but another man pressed behind her, holding her firmly in her position against the back of the couch. She smiled gratefully and hastily swallowed the drink to wash down the cum that still slimed her tongue and throat. Someone took away the glass and pulled her head forward, pushing her face down onto his waiting cock. As she took it into her mouth, she felt his hands grasp her wrists and pull her arms behind her, crossing them across her back and holding her helpless again. She no longer cared what was happening with her. The cock was fucking her mouth, and she cooperated, sucking and squeezing with her lips and tongue to hasten his ejaculation. She could feel the heavy impact of a man's hips on her bottom, the long hard strokes of his cock as he hammered hard into her from behind. Then a flood of warmth and a groan of pleasure from the man behind her as he came deep inside her. How many men had come inside her now? She shook her head, she couldn't even remember!

Exhausted, she let her head drop, the softening cock sliding through her lips. The sated man continued to hold her helpless as yet another man penetrated her from behind. Dazed, the alcohol finally overwhelmed her and she didn't remember anything else.

She vaguely remembered someone helping her walk back to one of the bedrooms and pulling off her skirt. He pushed her on the bed and she thought she'd finally get to rest, to get some sl**p .. but she found herself spreadeagled on the bed and being taken by yet another man. When he was done, grunting in pleasure as he came inside her, another took his place. And again she faded away into u*********sness.

"So I guess that's where you found me. I don't know how many guys did it with me, but I can tell you one thing: that's one house I'm never going to party at again!"

I stared at my sluttish stepdaughter in amazement. "Wait a minute! You're telling me your FRIENDS got you stone d***k, took turns gang-r****g you, even stole your underwear .. and you're just saying you aren't going to party there any more?"

Ellen shrugged. "Well, I mean it wasn't all their fault! I went there to have a good time, I was ready to party." She glanced at me and her son, "And yeah, I guess I kind of figured I was going to get balled while I was there. I was the one who started drinking; I just drank too much, that's all!"

She glared at me defensively. "As for all those guys who screwed me .. well, I guess I could have said stop any time I wanted, couldn't I? It wasn't like they were r****g me. I was there, I was what they wanted, I was turning them on. I guess I just let them do what they wanted to do .. maybe what I wanted them to do, okay?"

"So if maybe all those guys got their rocks off at my expense .. well, it didn't really hurt me. Hell, half the time I didn't even know they were fucking me, I guess. So I made a lot of guys happy. Big deal!"

Ellen frowned. "There is one bummer about the whole thing though."

"What's that?" Mark asked.

"Well, all those cocks, all those guys fucking me .. and I don't think I had a single orgasm!"

Ellen looked from me to her son. "Speaking of orgasms .. you guys have had enough time to rest up, haven't you?" She reached out and, taking our cocks in each hand, began gently stroking up and down. I could see her tongue dart out with excitement as she looked from one erect cock to the other, choosing, deciding. Then she bent over and expertly took her son's cock into her mouth. We both watched as she lowered her face onto his crotch until his entire cock was buried in her mouth and throat, giving us another expert demonstration of deep throat that I hope her son could appreciate.

I reached out and grasped one of her hard nipples between thumb and forefinger and tweaked it gently. I could hear the muffled sound as her gasp of pleasure came around the cock filling her mouth.

I pushed her over so she was kneeling over her son's crotch, her head bobbing up and down slowly as she worked his cock in and out. I could see her hand stroking its shaft and fondling his balls, and knew she wanted to bring him to a climax in her mouth.

Well, that wouldn't give her the orgasm she wanted. I knelt behind her and pressed my bulging cockhead up against her labia. She arched her back and pushed back against me; obviously that was what she wanted. Slowly I penetrated her until my cock was fully buried in her cunt. Then I began a slow steady pumping, the full length of my cock penetrating her at every stroke. At the same time I worked my fingertip round and round on her rosy asshole, stimulating her even more. I could feel the muscles in her cunt clamp down on my cock every time I pushed my finger against her anus.

I reached down to her dripping cunt, got my middle finger well lubricated, and then pushed it against and then into her tight ass. I heard her moan around the cock in her mouth, and she really started bobbing her ass around as I started working my finger in and out of her asshole in time with the strokes of my cock.

She suddenly pulled her head up off her son's cock. "AAAAAAAHHHHH!" she wailed, and then her entire body convulsed as she came hard, explosively, jerking as my cock and finger continued to pump in her most sensitive parts.

Then slowly she collapsed, still twitching, still squeezing my cock as I slowly pumped it in her. I pulled my finger out and lay down on top of her, letting my hard cock just rest deep inside her. I wasn't in a hurry to come in my sexy young stepdaughter: she had a lot more sex to go.

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