Beach Vacation II

---------------- The Close f****y: Beach Vacation II -------------


Stepfather / Grandfather: Fritz
Son: Mark
Stepdaughter / Mother: Ellen
b*****r: Allan
b*****r's wife: Anna

Part 2

Ellen's b*****r Allan had finally made it to the beach with his wife and their k**s for the weekend. Luckily the motel room right next door to the one the other three f****y members were staying was still vacant. It was a tight squeeze for the whole f****y, but Allan decided it was better to be close .. and the price couldn't be beat, especially right at the weekend!

Allan walked over from his room and knocked on the other motel room door. Mark opened the door, dressed only with a towel wrapped around his waist.

"I just came over to see what you guys were up to," Allan said. He looked over at the big single double-bed, to see his s****r still sl**ping, her long hair spread carelessly across the pillow. The sheet was pulled down to her waist, revealing her naked back and the side of one full breast. He looked hard at her breast, getting an eyeful of her nakedness. "Where's your grandfather anyway?"

"Oh, he went out to get some more suntan lotion," Jimmy replied. "Mom got quite a bit of sun yesterday and he didn't want her to get burned today."

"Heh .. I can understand that," Allan replied. "That new bikini of hers really shows a lot of skin." He glanced over at the sl**ping woman. "She sure did look good in it, don't you agree?" he grinned at his nephew. "She got a bunch of whistles and stares, that's for sure!" Jimmy nodded, glanced over at his half-naked mother and then pulled his eyes away again.

The uncle entered the room, quietly closing the door behind him. His nephew seemed a bit awkward and embarrassed, and they both kept their voices down to avoid waking the sl**ping mother.

"We couldn't help but hear some noises from over here last night," Allan said. "You know .. distinctive noises, bed thumping, passionate moans, that sort of thing. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought someone was having wild hot a****l sex over here! At first we figured you were a bit young for that. And your granddad is a bit old for it maybe. But then again .. knowing your mother .. I decided there was no telling what she might've gotten up to with you two!" The uncle arched an eyebrow and grinned lecherously at his young nephew.

Jimmy blushed even more. "You could hear all that?" he said.

"Yep .. so it's not hard to figure what was going on. Your mom always was kind of uninhibited, kind of wild, and I guess she hasn't changed over the years, even if she is a mother now and all." Allan glanced at his nephew, and asked bluntly, "So I'm just teasing about you being too young, or Fritz being too old. So, tell me: were you sl**ping while Fritz was fucking your mother?"

The nephew looked at his uncle, startled at the blunt language, and decided to be honest about all the new experiences he'd been exposed to.

"Well, not exactly ..."

"Oh ... so they wanted you to watch?"

"Well, yeah .. kind of ..."

Allan stood up and quietly walked over to the bed. Carefully he pulled down the sheet, revealing the mother's completely naked body. As the room's cool air hit her skin, she mumbled a little, rolled over flashing her shaven groin, and nestled back into the pillow. The uncle casually looked over his s****r's body and then returned to his chair.

"Yep, she's just as sexy looking as she ever was. And she's really sexy with that shaved cunt of hers," he said. Looking back at his nephew, he asked quietly, "So it wasn't just Fritz. I guess you both were fucking her then, right?"

Mark blushed again and nodded. "Yeah .. it was Granddad's idea, really, and Mom went along with it. We had all already agreed to be naked, you know, while we were sharing the room? That way we wouldn't have to be silly about keeping covered up, how to change clothes, that sort of thing? It was supposed to be kind of like a nudist colony or something, but .. well, I guess Granddad and me, we were both kind of turned on by Mom being naked like that. And I think Mom kind of found it exciting too, being naked around us and all. And then Granddad bought that new bikini for Mom yesterday, and she started acting .. I donno, even more sexy, you know? I think she liked all the men staring at her, and she didn't seem to mind when Granddad and I were looking at her either!"

The teen glanced over at his naked mother, and then back at his uncle.

"I mean, I know it's not polite to stare at somebody's tits or crotch, you know, especially my own mom! But she really has a great body, and with that new bathing suit ... man, you could see her nipples right through that top! And if I looked right, I could actually see ... you know, her cunt, its slit and lips and everything! So I was looking at her body a lot, but she really didn't seem to mind. In fact she'd smile a little when she caught me looking at her, so I just started staring because it didn't seem to matter. No question, she looked great in that bikini.

"Then, when we were back here after swimming, we all took showers and Mom was worried about too much sun. So Granddad was rubbing lotion on her, and then he had me do it too so I could get used to what a naked woman felt like as well as what she looked like.

"That was kind of fun, and I think I was getting Mom a little worked up with massaging and stroking her, especially when Granddad had me rubbing her tits and thighs right up next to her cunt and her butt and stuff.

"And then Granddad said she oughtta reshave her pube area because of the new bathing suit and all, and she wouldn't want any stubble. So he got out his shaving kit and had me do that too! And that was REALLY interesting, because I'd never gotten to look up close at a woman's cunt like that. And I was having to, you know, kind of hold her and touch her while I was shaving her, and she was just giggling and pretending to be shy and everything because I was seeing her so naked and touching her and all. But then I guess what I was doing was kind of stimulating her, because she started wiggling and her face was getting kind of flushed, and her nipples were sticking WAY out. Granddad had me squeeze her nipples too, just to show me how hard they could get, and he told me that girls liked their nipples squeezed, and sucked on too, especially once they got good and excited. I thought Mom might get mad because I was playing with her tits and nipples and stuff, and her cunt before that when I was shaving her, but she wasn't!

"Granddad thought it was funny that my mom was getting so excited and worked up and all, and he teased her about it and started rubbing her clit, that's what he called it, showing me how sensitive it was and how it was a good way to get a girl all excited, along with rubbing her cunt lips like I was doing when I was shaving her. He called them something else, labia? Yeah, labia, that's what they were.

"And then when we got her all shaved and washed the shaving cream off and all, he told my mom that she should show me how a girl liked to kiss and how to touch a girl to get her excited. When he gave her a really hot kiss, he was squeezing her tits too; I'd never seen him and Mom kiss like that before, that's for sure! It was like, after that kiss Mom was ready for anything, that's for sure! I thought she was going to argue that she shouldn't do stuff like that with me since I was her son and all, but she never said a single thing about that. I think she was too hot from getting shaved and from him and me fondling her.

"She agreed with Granddad, that it would be, you know, good practice for me? I'm having an awful time with girls, Uncle Allan; I don't have any luck with them at all! So Mom and Granddad were saying if I got more experience, it would help my self confidence and all. At least that was Granddad's idea, and I guess Mom didn't mind going along with the idea. I guess she just likes to make out anyway, huh?" Mark looked at his uncle questionably, and was reassured at his uncle's nod.

"Oh yeah," Allan said with a smile, "your mom always did like to make out, no question about that. In fact, I can still remember a couple of times when we were all pretty young, still kind of learning things, just fooling around but still ..." He looked distant for a second and then pulled his thoughts back. "I donno if she ever expected to be making out with her own teenage son though!" The uncle smiled. "I guess you can give your granddad the credit for that idea!"

The teen looked over at his sl**ping naked mother. "Well, I was a little nervous about that, the making out I mean, because I'd never even seen Mom naked before. And I really hadn't ever made out, you know, seriously, with any girl before. And here she and Granddad were saying she was gonna make out with me? And both of us naked and all? And I had this really hard boner, you know, sticking right up there, and Mom kept looking at it although she pretended not to, and that was kind of embarrassing too. I mean, a guy isn't supposed to get a hard on for his mom, even though it happens and everybody knows it. I asked Granddad about that when we were in the bathroom getting the shaving stuff, but he said don't worry about it. He had a big hard on too, but he said it was just natural and the woman would either ignore it if she didn't want to know about it, or she'd maybe even be flattered because she was getting the man excited.

"Anyway, we laid back down on the bed and started making out, Mom and me, first just kissing but then that got real hot with Mom using her tongue and all, and pushing her body up against me, and pushing her cunt up against my cock so like it was lying right along her cunt slit, you know. Not sticking in her exactly, but rubbing up and down the long way, and that really seemed to get her hot! That was getting me pretty hot too! I mean, I'd never even had my cock near a cunt, and now I'm naked with my mom and rubbing my cock right up on one. Jeez, I don't think I've ever been so hard in my whole life!"

He grinned at his uncle, and then continued. "And Mom was taking my hand and making me touch her all over, squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples and stuff. And then putting my hand down between her legs and rubbing up and down on her cunt lips, and rubbing her clit like Granddad had done earlier.

"Next thing I knew, Granddad had me laying on top of her and sticking my cock into her cunt, just a little bit at first just to see what it felt like, he said, and Mom was really hot and wiggling and pushing up against me and telling me 'More, more!', and the next thing I knew I was all the way inside her, and then I was fucking her even though I didn't really know what to do, you know, just doing it like I saw guys do it in the porn videos and amateur sex videos? And she was really liking my cock, I guess, and had her legs spread out and was pushing up against me every time I pushed down into her, and she was squeezing my butt with her hands and making these moaning sounds and breathing hard and telling me how good my cock felt, and before I knew what happened, I came inside her!"

The teen stared at his sl**ping mother's naked body again, and then turned back to his uncle.

"I fucked my own mom, Uncle Allan! I never thought I'd get to do anything like that, although I guess I'd always thought a lot about it! Well, ever since I was a teenager and started getting hardons and stuff. I couldn't believe it, it felt so good!

"I guess I had done it good enough, because Mom was still real excited and was wanting me to fuck her some more, and I started to because I was still hard, you know? But Granddad said I should take a break. I think he was pretty excited too, and I figured he wanted a turn at fucking her! I was right too: when I pulled out, he knelt down and pulled her legs up over his shoulders and just shoved his cock right inside her! She moaned like crazy when he did that, I mean really loud! I guess that's one of those that you heard, huh? And I thought he'd hurt her, but it was just what she wanted I guess because she started moving all around, bucking her hips up and pushing her cunt on his cock while he was pumping inside her. Man, I thought she was hot when I was fucking her, but she really went nuts with Granddad's cock inside her! He fucked her for a long time, I was surprised how long because it didn't take me any time at all to come inside her. And she had a kind of convulsion a couple of times with lots of moaning and telling him to fuck her and stuff, and Granddad said that was her having an orgasm and that was just what you wanted a girl to do! Because if she has an orgasm, that's the best sex of all for a girl, and she'll want you to fuck her again!

"And after the first time she had an orgasm, he kind of moved around and pushed her legs even higher up, and he reached up and grabbed both her wrists and held her arms down over her head, like he was holding her prisoner or something, you know? And then he started fucking her even harder then ever, and that really seemed to turn Mom on because she was twisting around like she was trying to get away, but he wouldn't let her, and she was kind of saying Noooo nooo nooo with her eyes tight shut, but I don't think she meant it, it was all a kind of a game I think. And then she came again and she was jerking and making this real loud sort of a sound, sort of a long aaaaahhh sound but her gasping each time she jerked, it must've lasted 10 or 15 seconds, and her body was shaking and then she just kind of collapsed and lay there.

"I was laying right there by them watching everything, you know? And I was worried, I mean I didn't know if she'd had a heart attack or if Granddad's cock had hurt her inside or what! But he didn't seem to be worried, and he just kept fucking her real fast. I could hear this sort of slapping noise, from his balls smacking up between her legs, and there was a sort of a sloshing sound, I guess from his cock pumping in and out of her cunt. It must've been real wet and slippery because Granddad's cock was real shiny, well, the rubber he'd put on. I did mention we both had on rubbers, didn't I? Yeah, that was something else Granddad wanted us to do. Not because we were worried about getting Mom pregnant because she's fixed and all, you know? But because it would keep her cunt from getting all messy from our cum because Granddad said we were both gonna fuck her a lot and it could be messy. And because it was a good habit to have, he said, to always use a condom when I'm fucking somebody.

"But it was noisy the way he was fucking her. I didn't realize that having sex real hard like that could be so noisy, I mean it almost sounded like somebody plunging a toilet, you know?"

The teen exchanged grins with his uncle; both of them found the description amusing.

"And finally Granddad came inside her. I could see the muscles in his ass kind of jerk over and over again, so I guess that was him coming inside her. And then finally he just kind of lay down on top of her for a minute or so, I guess just enjoying what she felt like inside. And then he got off her and breathed hard for a couple of minutes, and then told me to fuck her again! But I should take off the rubber that was still on my cock because it was full of cum, but don't worry about another one this time because he wanted me to see what it felt like 'bareback', he called it. And he wanted my mom to feel me when I shot my cum up inside her. Well, you can bet I was ready for more, because it was really hot watching Mom getting fucked like that! Mom heard him and was saying she was too tired and wanted to rest, but Granddad just laughed and said there was gonna be a lot more fucking before she was done.

"Then he rolled Mom over and pulled her butt up so she was kind of on her face and knees, you know, with her butt way up in the air? And he spread her knees apart and made me get up and come around to the end of the bed in back of her, so I could see down her butt crack and all. I could see her asshole, I'd never seen that on a woman before either! And he kind of slid his finger down into my mom's cunt, to get it slippery I guess, and then rubbed her asshole with his fingertip. He said most women liked having their asshole stimulated, their anus he called it, that's the nice word for it. And some even liked being fucked in the ass, he said, which I guess I'd heard about before, and I guess I've seen porn with guys fucking a woman in the ass, but I'd never really thought about doing. He was rubbing his finger around and around on her asshole, and Mom really moaned at that too and pushed her butt even higher and back up against his hand. But he said we were gonna save her asshole for later; he was just doing that to get her hot again. And I guess she was, getting hot I mean, because she didn't say any more about being tired.

"Then he pulled her down toward the end of the bed, still kneeling with her butt up in the air, and had me stand by the bed and push my cock up into my mom's cunt from behind, he called that doggie style, and told me to fuck her again but to go real slow. He said he wanted her to come twice, I guess have two orgasms, before I came again.

"So I did what he said and started fucking her but slow like. It felt different, going into her cunt like that from behind, and it was a lot less work than being on top of her like the first time because I was standing up and just had to move my hips back and forth kind of. And I could hold on to her hips and rock her back and forth, so she was almost fucking herself on my cock. It felt different without the rubber too, with my cock actually touching her skin inside.

"It's kinda funny, Uncle Allan, but there I was, standing behind my mom, doing that slow fuck inside her cunt like Granddad said to do .. and that's just what I was thinking. 'Wow, I'm actually doing this! I'm fucking my mom .. AGAIN .. and I've already come inside her, and I'll get to fuck her all I want!' And I was thinking how really great this all was! There she was right in front of me, absolutely butt naked! I could look down and see my cock sliding in and out of her cunt, and I could look around the side and there were her tits just swinging down underneath, and I'm fucking her, and I'm going to come inside her again! I just can't tell you how great it all was!"

The uncle smiled at his young nephew's enthusiasm and obvious happiness. Whatever else came of this i****tuous experience, he thought to himself, at least the k** was having a hell of a good time!

Mark continued, "Anyway Mom was really wet inside and kind of loose, I guess from Granddad fucking her so hard, or maybe from having orgasms or something. But once I started pumping my cock in her, she seemed to tighten up like she was squeezing her muscles inside there or something. And I guess she wasn't very tired after all; it didn't take much time at all before she was moaning again, and I could see her reach down with one hand under her stomach and she was running her fingers on my cockshaft where it wasn't buried inside her cunt, and I think she was rubbing her clit too!

"She had the one orgasm, but I just kept right on fucking her until she started moaning again. So Mom had the two orgasms Granddad told me to give her, although it took maybe five minutes for each one and I was getting kind of tired. Once I felt a kind of tingling, like I was gonna come again, but I just slowed down a little until it went away, and then went back to fucking her.

"But after she had the second one, he said I could go ahead and fuck her fast and get off myself. So I did that and really came hard inside her! I guess it was all that slow fucking and putting it off, but it felt like I exploded inside her, and I guess she felt that too because I was so deep and all, because she came again right when I did! That really felt good when she came right when I did too! It was like her cunt just opened up deep inside, but then it clamped right down again and was squeezing me!

"So that was THREE orgasms for her just with me fucking her, but Granddad said that was good, that women could always have more orgasms than men could have climaxes, and the more we could give them, the happier they'd be. And then we kind of collapsed and I just lay down on top of her with my cock still inside her. Boy did that feel good! Even when I shrank up and my cock pulled out, it still felt good there pushed up against her cunt and between her legs and all.

"So then Granddad mixed us up some wine coolers, and had Mom go into the bathroom and shower and get cleaned up. Grandpa said we were gonna use rubbers every time from then on, but not because he was worried about Mom getting pregnant. We knew she'd had that operation so she wouldn't have any more k**s and could have all the sex she wanted without worrying about it. Granddad said it was because he didn't want her cunt all messy with cum from him and me coming inside her. I guess that made sense, because I could see our cum dribbling down her legs when she got up to go to the bathroom, and there was a wet spot on the bed too! Plus he said it was a real good idea to always use rubbers when fucking girls, both to keep them from getting knocked up and to keep from getting all sorts of diseases. Because you never know what's been fucking that cunt, and even the nicest girls could have a really bad disease if they let somebody beside you fuck them."

Both males heard a sound and looked over to see Ellen sitting up in bed looking at them. She made no attempt to hide her nudity, her full breasts blatantly sexual as she looked at them with sl**py eyes.

"Oh .. hi, Mom! So .. you're awake?"

"Yes .. I wake up to hear you telling your uncle all about how you fucked your mother? You and that stepfather of mine?" She looked unhappy.

"But Mom .. this is all, you know, kind of confusing! I mean everything we were doing last night and all. I just needed to work it out in my head, and Uncle Allan is always easy to talk to! Plus he seemed to already know what was going on; I mean, I think he heard everything, with you being so noisy and all when we were fucking you!"

The uncle shook his head at his s****r. "Ellen, I don't know what you're getting pissed about. It wasn't like your son got Fritz to help him **** you or anything. It sounds like you've had a hell of a good time too! So what if Mark has fucked you? And Fritz too! You've probably sucked him off too, right? I'll bet you sucked them both off! And you're trying to go all shy and modest on me? Hell, woman, I remember a certain time when you and that sexy mouth of yours gave ME a bit of .. well, never mind! I'm sure you remember!" He grinned lecherously at his s****r.

Ellen blushed and glanced away. But her tongue darted out to lick her full lips at the memory. "Well .. so what? So what if I sucked them off? That's still all kind of personal! What are you doing here anyway?"

"I came over here because I knew somebody was fucking somebody over here and making a hell of a lot of racket doing it too, beds banging, moans and groans and stuff. Hell, Anna and I both got turned on by it last night! You ever try to fuck with both your k**s in the same little motel room? And wondering what kind of a f****y porn show we're missing out on next door?"

"Anna heard us too?" Ellen gasped, frowning. The two women had never gotten along very well. They were both very attractive and there should have been no jealousy. But Anna was happily married to Allan, was a stay-at-home mom, with a middle-class life very different from Ellen's. And she was six years younger, an age difference Ellen was very conscious of as she moved well into her 30's and approached middle age.

"Of course we heard you! We didn't really mind, it was quite a turn-on actually. And the k**s were already asl**p by the time you all really got noisy, although I kind of wondered what we were going to tell them if they woke up and asked what that thumping and moaning was all about! Especially with their mother and me having our own good time and trying to be quiet! Anna's down at the pool with the k**s, so I decided to come over and see if you've changed since our own teenage days!" The uncle grinned at his s****r, and then glanced at his nephew.

"You see, Mark, your mom and I have a kind of a history too! i****t isn't exactly a new thing with her. Want to hear about it?"

"No!" Ellen exclaimed. "That's really personal. Besides, it was a long time ago." She glanced down at her naked body. "You haven't seen me like this for, hell, it must be 17 or 18 years! My son doesn't need to hear things like that!"

The uncle ignored his s****r's protests. "Yep, like I said, your s****r always was a wild one."

Just then they heard a key in the doorlock, and the stepfather opened the door and entered, a paper bag in one hand. He glanced at the naked Ellen on the bed, and then grinned at his nephew. "Well, hello! Come to check out your naked sexy s****r? Or to complain about noisy neighbors?"

"Well, both actually. Mark here has been telling me all about last night and his new education. It sounds like you're really getting him the practice and learning he needs, huh?" The two men exchange grins.

"Yep, he's learning a lot," Fritz replied. "He's really getting to know his mom too! And I'll bet the first hot young teenage girl he gets alone in the dark is going to be in for a real shock!"

"I was just about to tell Mark about his mom's younger years," Allan responded, "especially one really wild experience that I'll bet she's forgotten all about." He glanced over at his s****r. "Remember the fraternity party, Ellen? Where I had to come and get you? And how you had to pay me back?"

Ellen gasped and blushed beet red. "Oh no! You aren't going to tell Mark about that!"

"Damned right! Besides, I'm thinking it won't do him any harm. That was all a long time ago, and it might make him appreciate how he ended up with such a sexy and educating mom!"

"Well, I'm glad I got back when I did," Fritz said. "I'd love to hear this story myself!"


Allan was 19 at the time, was a student at the local state college, and had his own part-time job. He still lived at home to save money though. One Friday night Allan got a call at work: a friend of his at a local frat house needed him to come and pick his younger s****r up at a fraternity house party. Allan managed to get the rest of the evening off from work and drove to the frat house. His friend hadn't been very clear what the problem was, but it seemed to be a sort of emergency. His friend met him at the frat house door. He explained the problem as he led the way to one of the many bedrooms upstairs.

"Your s****r had a date here with one of the guys. But she got about half d***k and had an argument with him, and things got a little weird after that." A d***ken frat member was standing outside the closed door, doing his best to guard the room. Allan opened the door and saw Ellen sprawled naked on a tumbled bed, passed out cold. They waved away the d***ken guard who was interested in a closer look at the helpless girl, closed the door, and stood by the bed staring at the d***ken naked teen girl.

"So why did she get so d***k? And what the hell is she doing naked?"

"Look, it's like this. The guy who invited her was kind of flirting with this other girl, and your s****r got all pissed about it. He said she was just acting juvenile, and that really set her off. So she said real loud that not only was she NOT going to put out for him ... but she was gonna put out for every other guy at the party! And she grabbed some guy standing there and started unbuttoning her blouse and told him to show her where the nearest bed was!

"So he takes her upstairs and gets her naked and fucks her, and there are three or four other guys watching, hardly believing this! And when the first guy is done, she kind of spreads her legs and announces that the first guy to get her another drink can fuck her next. Heh, it was funny as hell, watching all those guys damned near falling down the stairs, fighting to get her a drink! Except this real fat guy out in the hall already HAS a drink, so he walks in and hands it to her. And by the time the other guys get back up there, he's on his back like some big floating walrus, and she's riding his cock like there's no tomorrow and drinking that drink!

"After that it got a little wild. She was sucking on guys while others were fucking her from behind. And I remember once she was lying on one guy fucking him, and another one had his cock in her ass, and her head was sideways with a guy crouched down by the bed with his cock pumping in her mouth!

"Things kind of slowed down after an hour or so of guys fucking her one after the other. Some of the guys were back for the second or third time, and so they were taking a lot longer getting off. And everyone was getting pretty d***k, so that slowed down things, or guys just were worn out and went off to bed.

"But two of the hornier guys were taking turns fucking her when they finally realized she was passed out. That last guy went on fucking her until he came in her. And the other guy said he always wanted to cornhole a slut like that, so he turned her over and fucked her ass until he came. But that was pretty much the end of the party and of your s****r being everybody's sex-toy. The two guys just left her there and went and found the frat member who'd brought her to the party. It turns out he'd been in his own room fucking that other girl he'd been flirting with, and he'd missed the whole thing! He didn't want anything to do with your s****r though, and the girl he was with was starting to get pissed about the whole thing. So he suggested they call you to come and get your s****r. He had your work number and kept telling everyone you were cool, you wouldn't get upset just because everyone in the fraternity had fucked your s****r, some of them more than once. So that's what we did: we called you!"

Allan was disgusted at his s****r's sluttish behavior, and decided to teach her a lesson. First he borrowed some felt tip pens. Then the two of them started discussing how they could decorate her naked body, the more obscenely the better! The d***ken guard was still outside the door. When he realized what was going on, he offered his services, being an art major and all. Soon they came up with some good ideas, a real work of art. First a blue spiral of color starting at the perimeter of each breast and circling in to the center, with the nipple and aureole tinted bright red. High up on each smooth naked thigh, a broad red arrow pointing at Ellen's cunt, with the words "FUCK" and "THIS". And then, across her flat stomach arching over the top of her cunt, "MIKE WAS HERE". And up each buttock, something for the fraternity, "PROPERTY OF" AND "BETA KAPPA PHI". Blocks of yellow, accented with thin black lines, up each labia, making her cunt look like some strange swollen zipper or a bee's behind. The art major was really getting into this, very pleased with his initial concepts and already sketching out preliminary layouts on the girl's naked body as they discussed the design. Then, with the help of the other two to turn the naked u*********s girl as necessary, he quickly finished the decorations.

The three stood back and admired their work. Then, getting volunteers from the several frat b*****rs who had gathered to watch the painting, he posed the d***ken young woman, barely regaining consciousness from all the fondling and movement. Allan was determined to humiliate his s****r after her outrageous behavior, so the poses were, of course, all obscene: sitting on a bench naked, her legs extended and spread with a beer bottle neck clearly visible projecting from her cunt. (They were all quite surprised at how easily the small bottle slid up inside the girl's cunt, and how absolutely obscene its neck looked poking out between her cunt lips.) A man on each side of her, holding her up with an arm around her, his thumb and forefinger pulling out a nipple ... with their hard cocks jutting up from their trouser zippers and one of Ellen's hands wrapped limply around each cock shaft. Two more men standing behind her, their cocks also out, jutting out over her naked shoulders right below her face.

Using a borrowed Polaroid camera and flash, Allan took several photographs of each pose until he was sure he had several that met his requirements. He carefully kept all the photographs and film trash; the frat b*****rs wouldn't forget what happened that night (too many of them had enjoyed his slutty s****r too well and too often); the evening would probably become immortal frat house history; but Allan didn't want any physical evidence left behind. Wild tales, even vivid memories were one thing; but photographs could be too damning.

He thanked all the frat members for their help and apologized for all the trouble. That wasn't what he was thinking, of course; he was quite sure the rowdy horny men of that house got more than enough reward from the joyful unhibited hours with their little sex-toy. But one had to be polite about these things. And he didn't want anyone suggesting it might be time for another round with his d***ken helpless s****r.

He collected her clothing and shoes, wrapped her in a borrowed sheet, and carried the comatose girl out to his car. Laying her down in the back seat, he drove home. The house was dark and silent: Allan presumed his younger b*****r was home but already asl**p (although he might have stayed over at a friend's), and their mother was gone on a business trip. So he had no trouble quietly carrying the sl**ping girl unnoticed up to his bedroom.

He had a decision then: to put Ellen in her own bed, or take advantage of her u*********sness to set her up for a greater shock the next morning. He decided on the latter, and that meant she was going to sl**p in HIS bed. So he laid her down on the near side of the double bed, and went to the bathroom to use the toilet and wash up. Returning to his bedroom, he looked down at his s****r's form lying there. He started to pull the borrowed sheet from around her, revealing her naked body, but it was too much trouble to get it out from under her limp figure, so he just left it there. Looking down at her naked body, he was tempted to take advantage of her helplessness: all he had to do was spread her legs, and her much-used cunt would be open for the taking. But he decided to wait until the next day. He had better plans for his slutty sexy s****r. So, crawling across her body, he lay down beside her, pulled a sheet over them both and went to sl**p.

The sun woke him up the next morning, and he found his s****r still lying naked beside him, softly snoring away. Time to start the surprise, he thought to himself. Nudging his s****r, he said softly "Hey, Ellen, time to get up! Wake up!" Badly hung over, she didn't really notice that she had awakened naked in her own b*****r's bed. She managed to get to her feet and found her way to the bedroom door. When she opened it and entered the hall, she seemed confused for a second, but then staggered off to the bathroom. But almost immediately she's right back in her b*****r's bedroom, her hair wild and touseled, glaring at him with bl**dshot eyes, no longer naked but with a thin robe tightly pulled around her figure.

"What happened! What is this!" She opened her robe to reveal her naked body ... and the blatantly obvious pen markings on her skin. "Who did this?" She glanced down at her groin and finally saw the upside down words. Puzzling them out, she muttered "'MIKE WAS HERE' ? What? You wrote that on me?" She suddenly realized how she was exposing her body to her b*****r and hastily pulled the robe closed. "What did you do? Did you .. did you fuck me?"

Allan sat up in bed, threw back the sheet, and turned to sit on the edge of the bed. He ignored his s****r's shocked stare as she realized he was sitting there naked in front of her. He grinned and shook his head.

"No, I didn't fuck you last night, s*s. I could have, maybe I even should have." He grinned even wider at her shocked expression. "But I didn't feel like following a dozen, hell, maybe twenty other guys at that frat party who'd already fucked you. When I fuck a girl, I kind of like her not to have fucked anyone for, oh, the last two minutes or so? and maybe not have sucked a dozen cocks before mine?"

"What? I never .. no, that didn't ..." Ellen protested, but her eyes refused to meet his, and Allan knew she was starting to recall at least parts of what had happened the night before, up to her passing out at least.

"So I came to the party when they called me, and saved you, white knight that I am. Although it was a bit late, since everybody had fucked your slut cunt at least once, and half of them your ass, and you'd probably sucked off a half dozen others." He ignored the shocked look on his s****r's face.

She was speechless, biting her lip in humiliation, avoiding his eyes.

Reaching over to the nightstand, he picked up the single big Polaroid print he'd positioned there and held it up in front of her. Bending over, she tried to focus on the image and suddenly realized what it depicted. She reached out with both hands, but Allan pulled it away before she could grab it. He grinned as her robe fell open to reveal her brightly painted naked body again. Blushing, she hastily pulled the robe closed again.

"Give me that!" she pleaded. "What is that photo? That isn't me! With all those guys! I didn't do anything like that!"

"No use tearing it up," Allan warned his s****r as he gave the photo back to her. She stared at the photo's details, more humiliated as every obscene detail was revealed. "I have several other shots, and if you tear that up, you'll just make me angry. And you do NOT want to make me angry! I saved your ass, more or less, and now you owe me. That stuff on your body, that's just to get your attention. It'll wash off if you scrub really hard in the shower. And it's not all that visible anyway, unless you go showing your naked ass all over town like you did at that frat house last night."

"As for fucking you .. no, I didn't." He met his s****r's eyes, seeing the relieved expression on her face as she lifted her eyes from the obscene photograph to her b*****r.

"But I'm going to." He smiled at her startled expression.

"You're .. what?" she whispered, eyes locked to his.

"That's right. And this is what's going to happen. You're going to take a shower, you're going to douch, you're going to give yourself an enema, to remove every trace of those twenty guys who fucked you over and over again last night. You're going to rub some lotion on your cunt, because I'll bet it's sorer than hell. And you're going to put some Vaseline in that tight asshole of yours. It might be kind of sore too!

"And then you're going to come back here and let me fuck you. And I'm going to fuck you in every room of this whole house. On every piece of furniture. In every bed. On the kitchen counter. On the back porch swing. On the stairs and on the bannister. I'm going to open the windows upstairs and lean you out over the window sill and fuck you hanging out of every window, while anyone who wants can stare at your naked tits, so you'd better hope nobody's watching. After today, no matter where you go in this house, there won't be a place that won't remind you of getting fucked by me right there.

"The house is empty today, everybody is gone. It's going to be nobody but you and me, both naked, me the fucker, you the fuckee.

"When I get tired of fucking you, I'm going to let you wash my cock and balls and then you're going to suck on me until I get hard again. And that'll be the hard cock I use to fuck you again!

"When plain old cocksucking doesn't work, we're going to sit down and watch some hardcore porn, and you're going to play with yourself and fondle and suck my cock until I do get hard again. And then we'll do whatever the porn stars are doing, no matter what!

"I figure in a full day, given the right stimulation, and you WILL provide the right stimulation, my dear little sex s****r, I'm good for five, maybe six climaxes. Of course there's no telling how many orgasms you're going to have, but that's okay. We're going to make sure you have as many as possible, you can depend on that!

"But I'm a nice guy and I'll make it easy on you. All you have to do is get me to six climaxes, and that'll be the end of it. You won't have to fuck me any more, not unless you want to, of course." He grinned at his shocked s****r.

"But today .. you're all mine."

"But but ..." The dazed girl tried to protest. Reaching up, he pulled the front of the robe loose from her limp hands. Pulling it off her shoulders, he reached out and stroked her revealed nakedness, sliding his hands over her full hips, up her narrow waist, around and up her back, and then back around to cup and lift her bulging breasts. She made no attempt to stop him; he could see her eyes glaze at the sudden stimulation, her face begin to flush with sexual stimulation, her lips begin to swell. She was already thinking of the sex he was promising her, he was sure. And she was anticipating it! God, what a sexy creature this was! An absolute slut, he suspected .. but a slut s****r he could and would enjoy!

"Now go and take that shower. Don't waste time on your nice colorful paint job; most of it will probably wear off before we're done today. Just get cleaned up, brush your teeth, get all nice and oiled up. You have fifteen minutes.

"If you aren't back here, ready for your first fuck, I'll come after you. And that'll mean a spanking and then you'll be fucked anyway."

Standing, he turned the helpless girl toward the door and gave her a gentle shove. "Go on, fifteen minutes to get ready. Then you're all mine."

Weakly she stumbled toward the door. Glancing back over her shoulder, she looked at her b*****r pleadingly, but he just pointed down the hall. Without a word she walked down the hall to the bathroom, her slim naked body swaying in the dim morning light. In a minute he could hear the shower running.

Smiling in anticipation, Allan put away the Polaroid photo and began checking through his sex toys. He was going to give his slut s****r the sexual workout of her life, just for the sheer hell of it. It wouldn't hurt her, she would undoubtedly enjoy it once she got used to it. And he was certainly going to get his pleasure out of it!

Dildo, extra large. Vibrator. They'd be for later when he's a little worn out; put her to work and let her fuck herself while he rested up. He'll just have to make sure she was in the right, excitable, submissive mood for that. Butt plug. Nipple clips. Some nice soft rope for some bondage games. Those nice broad paper clamps for her labia. And he knew she had some really tall spikey open-toed high heeled shoes that would be really sexy, especially with those long legs of hers. Yep, he could see her walking around on those tall heels, her cunt spread wide open to show their delicate inner lips and tissues, that fat butt plug filling her ass and sticking out between those great buttocks of hers! Nipple clips pinching those great tits, maybe with some home-made tassles swinging?

Yes, this was going to be quite a day.

He didn't expect his little b*****r to return; he was a year younger than Ellen, but he was usually gone with friends all day on Saturdays, especially if he'd spent the night somewhere as apparently was the case last night. But if little b*****r came back unexpectedly .. well, he just might be in for the treat of his life as well as he got to join his big b*****r in enjoying their s****r.

In fact that might work out just perfectly. About the time he was wearing out, there'd be k** b*****r, all hot and ready to start the games all over again!

The six-climax promise? Phthth, he thought to himself. Ellen was going to fuck and be fucked until he and his b*****r were done with her.

Yep, this would be quite the day.

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5 months ago
different way to tell things. liked it up to the frat party.
1 year ago
2 years ago
My two-year younger sister did the "nasty" many times in our pre-teen years; I could never in my wildest dreams imagine treating her body in the intended way Allan intends in the story. But then I didn't have the "ammo" to blackmail her.

Still, the story is slutty, hot, and does bring on the sexual excitment intended.
2 years ago
Great story...Thanks for posting.
2 years ago