Ellen: Helping Out

It's good to help people when they need it. It's even better when you can turn that help into so much more. It started innocently enough, well, kind of innocently.


All right, Ellen, I'll help you design and build that database you were talking about for work. However there'll be a cost, a price.

"A price?"

First of all, I need to make something very clear. I'm sensitive about people I work with, people I talk to (especially about personal things) keeping it to themselves. I've heard over and over again how you like to gossip, you like to talk to people about anything and everything. If you and I are going to work together, we're going to talk to each other of course, about the work, about who knows what, right? And I want your promise that you will NOT pass on anything that we talk about. Not about the project, not about the progress, not about anything we chat about, no matter how casual or serious. I want your absolute promise on that!

"You make it sound so serious! We're just going to be making a database!"

Yes, and this agreement doesn't have to be serious. It's just the way I want it, and I want your promise to stick to my terms. Otherwise ... well, you'll just have to find help elsewhere.

"All right, all right. I promise."

You won't say anything to anyone, your son, your mother, your b*****r, friends, anyone, about anything we talk about, anything we do.

"Yes. I promise."

Fine, I appreciate that very much. Now that's just the agreed upon work conditions. Now I'll tell you about the price?

"That wasn't the price?"

No. Let me explain about the price. I'm leading a pretty boring life these days, nothing in the way of excitement, especially sexual excitement. The best I can hope for is maybe seeing my daughter-in-law Anna in a bathing suit when she brings the k**s over to the pool.

So, I want to add a little excitement to the time we're going to work together, when we're in private. Nothing too serious, nothing too intimate, nothing you can't deal with. And you might even find yourself getting a little kick out of it too!

This is the price: whenever we're working together in private, I want you to be dressed very revealingly. In fact, I want you to be mostly undressed, hardly dressed at all!

"What? What do you mean, undressed? What would I be wearing?"

Why don't you think about it, make some suggestions? Use your imagination. Think very revealing, lots of skin exposure, especially the private parts. The more of your body I can see, the better. I won't be touching, I won't be fondling, I won't be demanding any sex. I just want to have some visual erotic stimulation, and I can't think of anything better than an almost naked woman!

"Almost naked? What do you mean? A bathing suit? A bikini? Maybe just wearing underwear? A nightgown?"

No, more revealing than that. Imagine, what if I handed you a roll of plastic wrap and told you to make a bikini out of that? Or a roll of masking tape. You can make a bikini, a two-piece if you like, out of that tape. But it must be a very minimal bikini: the pieces can be no wider than two tape strips wide, so think a string top, maybe some tiny pasties to hide your nipples a little, a G-string that just barely covers your vulva. Or a pullover made from a man's T-shirt, but with big holes cut out for your breasts so they'd be completely exposed, and nothing on your bottom at all!

"What? Why, I'd be almost naked! You want me to come up with shameless outfits like that? To wear for you to stare at me?"

Well, if you can't come up with something, you can just leave it to me. Every day you'd strip completely and I'd make you an outfit, probably out of that plastic wrap again, or the masking tape. Or maybe just some soft cord and beads tied around your naked body in a dramatic way, to emphasize how sexy you are! Or two bells for your nipples and two wide paperclamps clipped to your labia. Of course I'd be touching you a lot while I was putting your new outfit on, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind that all that much, right?

"But ... I WOULD be naked!"

Pretty much, and that would be just fine with me. It wouldn't hurt you a bit, I'd get a big kick out of the way you looked, it would add a lot of stimulation to my work day which is just what I want and need, and you'd get all the free help you need for that project. Free except for the price I'm describing, of course: your modesty.

Besides, it wouldn't hurt for you to get to show off your stuff a little, get some stares and attention even if it's just from me! And you know that no one would ever know about it besides you and me. And you aren't going to tell anyone, right?

"But ... why are you so interested in seeing ME naked? I'm not in very good shape, I don't have a figure like I used to, like Anna does."

I know that, I don't expect you to have a great figure. Neither of us are as young as we were 20 years ago. I know what you look like, I know what your figure is like now. I'll be happy enough with that; I'm not expecting a movie star. And besides, Anna doesn't need any help building a database!

I know, your son would be scandalized if he caught us at our little playtime. So you'll just have to make sure the doors are always locked, that you keep your ears peeled for his car, and that you dash for the bedroom and your clothes or bathrobe if anyone comes!

"And you wouldn't be wanting ... you know, actual sex or anything like that?"

Nope, not unless you get so turned on that you demand it. I just want the visual treat, the stimulation. I'm getting too old for chasing women, I'd rather just have something tasty to rest my eyes on when I need a break from the computer screen. And your body will do just fine for that, especially if it's rigged up really erotic, pornographic even!

--- weeks later ---

Ellen was nicely spread out on her bed, wrists tied overhead to the headboard, ankles spread wide and tied to the bed frame. She was completely nude, freshly bathed and shaved (my earlier entertainment), perfumed ... and my victim to play with.

All part of an agreement my sexy stepdaughter and I had made earlier. I would help her with some things I was expert with. And she would help me with my lack of sexually exciting stimulation. I'd convinced her it would only be sexy modeling, perhaps massaging, perhaps a little bondage and stimulating her. This was going to be the bondage and stimulation part, with a half promise of several orgasms for her if she submitted and was cooperative.

The clothespins weren't attractive as they clamped her nipples, but I hadn't built up a proper collection of toys for my new sex slave. They'd do: she'd admitted to liking their stimulation as I gently but firmly clamped one to each protruding nipple. An improvised rope gag with a big knot inside her mouth behind her front teeth now held her jaw and mouth open, further adding to her sense of helplessness.

I was now gently stroking and fondling her labia as I squeezed her breasts, slowly arousing her, preparing to bring her to her first orgasm of the evening. Her moans of pleasure were getting louder around the knot gag as she responded nicely to my expert touch.

Then I heard a sound out front, a car pulling up. A car door slammed, and I heard steps on the porch. And the sound of the front door being unlocked!

"Ohhh noooo!" Ellen gasped through her gag. "*Ark! Isss *Ark!" I understood what she was trying to say: it's Mark, her son. I thought he'd be gone for the day, but now he was home! And that was a problem: he had no idea his mother had agreed to be my sex slave, no idea of our agreement at all. This wasn't a worst case situation (the worst case might be Ellen's mother walking in and catching us), but it could certainly be awkward!

Luckily I'd already thought about this situation and had come up with some alternate plans.

Leaving Ellen tied and helpless, I quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. Then I walked down the hall to intercept Mark before he saw too much too soon. The young man stared at me as I walked into the kitchen where he was just grabbed a beer from the refrigerator. "Hey, Grandpop .. I didn't expect to see you here!" Then he stared at my state of undress and the towel. "What ... what ARE YOU doing here? What are you doing, taking a shower? Where's Mom?" He'd seen her car out front, of course, but didn't know she'd brought me here herself.

"I have a bit of a surprise for you, Mark," I explained. Joining him at the refrigerator, I reached in and got a beer myself. "Do you mind?" He shook his head no.

"I'm here because of a work agreement I have with your mother. It's a bit of a personal, an intimate sort of agreement, and I really hadn't planned for you to find out about it. At least not right away."

"An agreement?" he asked, puzzlement and curiosity apparent on his face.

"Yes ... and I hope you aren't going to be too shocked at all this." I saw him stare at me and then he shrugged. "I guess not," he responded, curiousity obvious on his face.

"I'm helping your mom with a project she's working on. In exchange, she's doing something for me." I saw Mark drop his eyes to stare at my bare body, legs, and towel again.

"Yes, that's part of it. As you may have noticed for years now, I don't have much of a sex life, okay? You probably know about the problems with me and your grandmother. We're still together, still making things work ... but, well, sex is just out of the question for one reason or another."

He nodded, he'd been around us enough to know that.

"Well ... I wanted at least a little excitement in my life. Not necessarily a sexual affair with someone; that can get too complicated, too involved, too much danger of people being hurt. Your grandmother actually said I could go ahead and find a sexual partner if I wanted one ... but I just couldn't bring myself to do that. Like I said, just too complicated."

I grinned sheepishly, "And let's face it: at my age, how much actual physical sex do I need, really? But I got so damned tired of nothing at all, no flirting, no teasing, no kisses or fondles or just playing around. You know, sometimes that's more fun than the actual fucking!"

He blinked at my use of the coarse word, but nodded. "I guess I can understand that," he replied. I doubted he really understood that: at his age, nothing was more important than fucking, I was sure. But at least he was being polite, and maybe he did understand what it was like for an older man.

"So ... I convinced your mother that she could repay me by maybe modeling sexy clothing, or even special outfits she or I could invent. You know, maybe a really thin nightgown, something we make up from plastic wrap, or masking tape, a G-string and pasties, or just some bells and ribbons!"

Mark blinked at that too, probably imagining his middle-aged mother, overweight, sauntering around in a G-string.

"So she'd dress up real sexy, I'd get to watch her and look at her, maybe play with her a little. Maybe make out a little. Maybe, if she were feeling really frisky, excite her and play with her body until she had an orgasm, some pleasure of her own."

"And ... you weren't really going to ... fuck her?" Mark asked. I saw his face flush slightly, using that same coarse word in regard to his own mother.

I shrugged. "Probably not, unless it was obvious that's what she wants. Just getting to look at a sexy woman, play with sexy outfits for her, maybe fondle and tease and excite a little ... that would be a HELL of a lot more than I've been getting!"

I frowned, "Of course, doing this in the f****y so to speak, well, yes, that could cause problems. I'm pretty sure your grandmother wouldn't really like hearing I'm playing around like this with her daughter. Yes, I knew that. But I figured if your mom could keep quiet about it, if we could keep it secret, no harm would come of it. In fact, just like I'd hoped, your mom's actually getting a pretty good kick out of it too!"

My grandson looked at me quizzically. "So how long has this been going on now? You two playing this game together?"

I grinned, "Oh, about two weeks. Not every day, you understand, neither of us have that much free time. Maybe four times together in two weeks." I smiled at Mark's raised eyebrow and obvious next question. "And no, I haven't fucked her yet. Although I've been tempted."

He flushed and nodded, grinning sheepishly at my ability to read his mind. "So ... I guess that's why you're here now? I mean, not to fuck her ... but just to play again?" He glanced at my towel again.

"Yep. In fact today was going to be some bondage and stimulation, since I like tying up women and having them helpless. And it appears your mother likes being helpless while I excite her!"

I took a sip of beer and then decided to go ahead and do what I'd been contemplating for quite some time now, to make the big pitch. "In fact ... now that you're here ... You can just ignore what's going on in your mom's bedroom and go on about your business."

I nodded my head toward the hall. "Or you can join me in there, watch, maybe see a part of your mother you didn't know about." I watched Mark's face closely, trying to figure which way he'd go. "Maybe even see her in ways you've only fantasized about, dreamed about?"

He flushed again and avoided my eyes.

"Hey, not to worry," I reassured him. "I can't imagine a single son that hasn't thought his mother sexy, that hasn't had fantasies and daydreams, maybe even wet dreams, of playing sex games with her, even having sex with her. You're no different, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

He glanced at me and smiled sheepishly, seeming to appreciate my encouragement. "Well, yeah, I know, it's just not something guys can talk about, you know? Hell, say something dirty about a guy's mom, especially if she's sexy, and you'd better get ready for a fight. Even though you can bet money he'd like to fuck her as much as you would!"

I nodded, "Yep, true that! But in this situation: she's already prepared, naked, completely helpless, tied spreadeagled to her bed. Hell, she can't even complain: she has a gag in her mouth, so we can just ignore whatever she's trying to say. Worst case, if she's really pissed at us, we can just pretend it was all a big misunderstanding!"

"Wow," he said, his eyes drawn irresistably to the hallway and the bedroom door beyond. "Mom's in there naked, all tied up?" I could see the excitement in his face now; perhaps a dream or fantasy of his own was coming true for him!

I nodded again, grinning. "Yep. So I figure we'll just walk back in there. She's probably worried as hell right now, wondering what we're talking about, wondering what's going on. And feeling even more helpless spread out like that. And maybe, if she has any sorts of fantasies too, getting a little hot about the idea of you finding her like that!

"She's going to be shocked as hell when you walk in there behind me, grinning like a rat in a cheese factory, and settle in as audience!"

Mark grinned widely at me at that forecast. "Man, I'll bet she will be surprised! And there's not a damned thing she can do about it either, right?"

"That's right. I'll just go right back to playing with her, ignore anything she tries to say behind that gag, and see how hot I can get her. Even with you sitting right there, I'll bet she won't take long to get over it, to start getting excited again."

I looked at the young man frankly. "Your mother is one hell of a passionate woman, I think. She arouses easily, she likes being excited, she enjoys her pleasures. This could be a lot of fun ... for both of us, if it works out right, you know."

Mark nodded. "Yeah, I'd think so too. Just so she doesn't get too pissed at me being there."

I shrugged, "I wouldn't worry about that. In fact ... if you don't just want to sit there and watch, if you want to join in, you know, fondling her, exciting her, playing with her body ... hey, jump right in! I'd suggest you get undressed though, to be more a part of the scene, you know? And you being there naked, that might start up any fantasies she might have too! It isn't just sons that dream about sexy mothers, you know. I've known several mothers, and I'll bet there are a lot more, who had hots for their teenage sons. Some who were fucking them too!"

Mark grinned even broader. "Damned right, good idea." He started to unbutton his shirt. "Give me a minute, and I'll strip right now! That'll give her an even bigger surprise, when I walk in there and I'm naked!"

I sipped the last of my beer as Mark stripped in the kitchen. When he was naked, I glanced at his body. No surprises there really, I'd seen him often at our pool: slim muscular body, fit enough. But I was surprised at the size of his cock. It was hard already at the thought of his naked mother just down the hall. Long, thick: that was going to be one hell of a nice surprise for his mother as well if things went as I suspected they would.

As expected, when I returned to the bedroom, Ellen's eyes were locked on the doorway. She stared at me in relief, tried to say something through the muffling gag, and then stared again in horror as her son walked naked through the door.

"Whaaaa! Ohhhh noooo!" she wailed, turning her face aside, pulling against the ropes that held her fast. I could see her look desperately down at her nakedness, pull again, and then turn her face away. "Ohhhh noooo! Ohhhh *Ark ... nooo!"

I pulled my towel away from my waist, sat down by the naked woman, and casually stroked her shaven cunt. I felt her try to pull away, and then instinctively push her cunt up against my stroking fingers, confused and dismayed.

"Mark isn't upset with you. I told him what our agreement is, and he thinks that's just great." I fondled her some more, dipping a finger down between her labia into her cunt as I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb. I heard her moan, but probably a complaint rather than one of arousal.

"So he's just going to watch, enjoy the view. Every son has fantasies about his mother, you know, and I think we're about to fulfill one of his!"

Ellen turned her face back and stared at me with bulging eyes. "*antasy? *antasy! I* naked! Nooo, don't touch *ee!" She struggled again, trying to pull her naked groin away from my inescapable exciting fingers.

Ignoring her, I returned to my exciting her, but seriously now. I removed a pinching clothespin, softly kissed and fondled her sensitive nipple with my tongue, and then replaced it again, doing this for both breasts. Then I worked my mouth and tongue down her belly, across her groin, to her wet cunt. She was still excited, still wet, just confused and concerned about her son being there.

I took my mouth and tongue to her cunt, starting some serious cunt lapping, and soon had E groaning and moaning in passion again. She was still trying to complain, to object, still trying to tell me to stop, to cover her, to make Mark leave ... but I ignored her, pretending I didn't understand her muffled words. I could tell she was losing control as she started spreading her knees wide, pushing her shaven groin up against me, jerking and moaning faster and faster, any garbled words finally disappearing into groans and sighs of excitement and passion.

Finally her arousal was beyond her control: with a long drawnout cry of pleasure, her body arched as she pushed her cunt up against my face and its unbearably excitable tongue and lips. With one loud cry after another, she bucked beneath me as I continued to bring her to one repeated explosive peak after another.

Finally, exhausted, sated, she collapsed, motionless, unresponsive even as my tongue continued to lap her clitoris. Lifting my juice-smeared face from Ellen's soaking wet cunt, I head a clapping sound. Turning, I saw a grinning Mark softly clapping his hands, a congratulatory grin on his face.

I grinned back, "I told you she was excitable!"

I then got Mark to help me with the next phase. My plan was to have her on her stomach, postured for doggie style sex. But still helpless, still open to anything we wanted to do.

We untied her ankle and wrist ropes, turned the exhausted unresisting woman over, and placed her face down on the bed. Pulling her arms behind her back, forearms together, I tied wrist to elbow to hold her arms helplessly behind her. Then we placed a big cylindrical cushion beneath her stomach to raise her hips to a comfortable level for us. Then we retied the ankle ropes to ensure she wouldn't be moving anywhere, trying to crawl off the bed or anything. This also pulled her legs and knees wide apart, leaving a perfect view (and perfect access) to her cunt from behind.

Ellen was starting to recover a little from her massive orgasm. Moaning, she tried to talk to us, pleading for us to stop, to turn her loose. Perhaps the new posture, helpless, open, positioned for sex, not for stimulation? Of course we ignored her: I had not finished with my sexy stepdaughter yet. And I knew, as she moaned with pleasure each time I took a moment to stroke her cunt or squeeze a breast, that she was still responding, still tremendously sexually stimulated. Her orgasm might have drained her, but it had also highly sensitized her. It seemed like every inch of her naked skin was responding to our touch, our strokes, arousing her even more.

Mark and I knelt on each side of his helpless mother. Opening her clenched hand, I placed my half-erect cock into her palm and closed her fingers around its shaft. She attempted to push it out of her grasp but, after several tries, resigned herself to my demand and closed her fingers around its shaft. Mark had been watching this, of course, and did the same thing with his cock in her other hand. Surrendering, she made no attempt to resist him and now grasped both of our cocks in her bound hands. Her eyes were tightly closed, as if she could somehow deny or escape what was obviously happening between her and the two men who had her in their complete power.

I continued to stroke her cunt and labia from the rear, letting my wet finger slide up and gently rub and press against her puckered anus every now and then, maintaining her excitement. I saw Mark had his hand beneath her legs, apparently rubbing her clitoris. She was moaning almost continuously now, highly excited, and I could feel her grip tightening on my cock as she became more aroused.

"Ellen," I said to get her attention, "I'm going to give you a choice now, all right?" She moaned, pushing her cunt back against my rubbing finger. It took a second for her to collect her thoughts, to pull her attention away from her throbbing sensitive cunt, but she finally responded in her muffled voice, "A choice?"

"That's right," I asked her softly as I closed my own hand around her fingers squeezing my cock shaft. "If you had a choice, which one of these cocks would you want sliding inside you? Squeeze the one you'd want."

Ellen didn't squeeze mine; I looked down at the other hand with Mark's cock in it and saw no movement; he shook his head, no.

"Come on now, you must make a choice. Which cock would you prefer?" I reached down beneath her chest and grasped her nearest nipple and pinched it, pulled it painfully, even as I continued to stroke and pull at her labia. I heard her gasp around the rope knot, and she moaned either in pain or pleasure. But still nothing, no squeeze.

"Make a choice now, Ellen ... or it's going to get uncomfortable for you." I slid my middle finger into her cunt to get it well lubricated, and then pushed it hard against her puckered anus. I heard her gasp, she tried to wiggle her butt to escape the pushing finger tip, but to no avail. I slowly slid it into her ass up to the first knuckle and then stopped. "Choose. Squeeze one of those cocks, or you'll find a cock in your ass instead of my finger."

I finally felt a squeeze: she'd given in, surrendered, made a choice. But did she think it was only a preference? And not an actual selection of what was going to happen? No matter.

I slowly withdrew my finger, feeling her anus quivering around it as it came out. Leaving Mark to continue stimulating his mother's cunt, his cock still grasped in her other hand, I stepped into the bathroom and washed my hands quickly. I hadn't given Ellen an enema, and I wanted to be sure I was clean.

Returning, I climbed onto the bed behind her buttocks, grasped her full hip with one hand to balance myself, and slowly pushed forward, using my other hand to line my cock up with her cunt slit. Allan moved back, his cock sliding out of his mother's hand, and moved to my side, grinning eagerly. Obviously he knew what I intended, and wanted to see the actual penetration.

When Ellen felt the touch of my cockhead on her labia, she tried to protest, "Noooo!" muffled, distorted by her gag. Her back tried to straighten, to lift her upright, but she hadn't the strength, especially with her arms tied behind her back. Her hips and butt wiggled again, she pulled against the ankle ropes, but to no avail: she was not going anywhere.

Her cunt was perfectly positioned and angled for me, and I slowly, teasingly pushed my cock head inside her vagina. Looking down, I watched with approval as her swollen labia spread apart to give me entry. I heard her new complaints, "Noooo! Ohhhh! Noooo, *on't *uck *eee!", and then a long sorrowful sort of moan as I continued to slide my cock its full length into her cunt. Then, buried in her, as I pushed my groin hard against her buttocks, getting maximum penetration inside her, a different sort of moan, one of excitement. She knew she was well and truly fucked now, and she was starting to accept and respond to it.

"I told you your mother had a wonderful cunt, didn't I?" I said to Mark, but more to taunt and excite Ellen than anything. "You can't believe how great it feels with my cock inside her like this!" I pulled my cock almost all the way out of Ellen's hot tight cunt and then slid it quickly, solidly, as deep as I could go inside her, smiling to myself as I heard her gasp around her gag at the rush of sexual sensation. "Oh yeah, darlin' you are one fine fine fuck!" I heard her softly whine, but I felt her push up against me, and a soft squeezing around my cock by her cunt muscles as I held myself deep inside her. She was liking this, there was no question about that.

Slowly I began stroking, reaching down to rub her labia on each side of my cock shaft to increase her stimulation. I saw Mark reach around in front of her legs again to return to caressing her clitoris, and I nodded in approval. "That's the way, Mark, work that clit of hers!"

Then I returned my attention to the helpless woman I was penetrating. "Now, Ellen, this is going to continue until you orgasm. So you might as well relax and let yourself enjoy it!"

"Ahhhhhhh!" I heard her reply, a long moan of excitement, repeated now with each stroke. She was excited, more than I'd expected given the short time I'd been in her. Our preparations must've gotten her hotter than I thought!

"Oooohhhh! *arder! *arder!" *ore!" she gasped, lifting her buttocks up higher, inviting, demanding more! Oh yeah, she wanted it now!

I was in no hurry, and it was time to give the now very excited woman another surprise. Continuing to slowly stroke inside her, I quietly told her "I think your son is disappointed that you didn't choose him to be inside you. That's totally unfair, don't you think?"

Ellen only responded with a moan of pleasure and another attempt to push her cunt back onto my slowly stroking cunt.

"And really, I don't think you made a very good choice. I mean, Mark is much younger than I, much more energetic. And I think his cock is much longer and thicker than mine too! Why would you ever want me when you could have him?"

I slapped her buttock sharply even as I drove my cock hard and deep inside her. She moaned sharply and pushed back as I changed the pace for a moment, hammering hard into her for a few strokes. Then I pulled myself almost all the way out, stopping, my cockhead just barely inside her labia, taunting her, teasing her.

"Yes, a poor choice. Tell you what, I'll fix it for you."

Without warning I pulled out, and I heard Ellen moan with frustration and disappointment. Moving out to her side, I gestured in invitation. "Well, Mark, would you like to give it a try? It's a wonderful cunt, really, tight, wet. And you can tell she absolutely loves a good cock too."

Ellen heard my suggestion. "Noooo! Ohhhh .. don't stop ... noooo, *uck me! *ou, no* *Ark! *ou!" she pleaded, trying to avoid what she feared was coming.

Mark hesitated, returning my gaze, and then nodded. Taking a deep breath, he moved around behind his mother's naked body, bracing himself against her buttocks as he aligned his cock between her spread thighs.

"Nooooo! Ohhhh noooooo ... no, *ark, *on't ... I'* your *other! *ou can't *uck *e! Ohhhh!" Ellen tried to protest, weakly, her distorted words interspaced with gasps of pleasure as my own finger took up the job of stroking and rubbing her supremely sensitive clitoris. "Ahhhh ... oh god ... noooo!" And then a long gasp of surprise and perhaps pleasure? as her son's cock penetrated her and slowly slid its full stiff length into her hot wet cunt.

I watched Mark's face as he penetrated his mother's cunt for the first time. There was no concern or apprehension there now, only satisfaction and pleasure, his eyes almost closed as he savored the feel of her tight wet cunt around his cock. Then slowly, relishing every inch of the movement, he began a long deep stroking, his cockhead coming all the way out to spread her labia before sliding back in, deep, plunging its full depth into her body, just as I'd been doing.

I heard no more protests from the helpless Ellen now as she apparently accepted what was happening. Only a long groan of pleasure at each stroke, a short grunt of pleasure or surprise as her son's cock bottomed out in her cunt against her cervix, and a querulous moan of demand as he paused at the top of his upstroke, her cunt empty, her labia spread wide by his cockhead, demanding his cock again.

I continued rubbing her clitoris, using my other hand to pull and tease her nipple. It seemed to add even more to her arousal: she was pushing back against him now at every stroke, and I could hear her moans louder, faster, "Ohhhhh... ohhh yesssssssss ... ohhhh god *ark ... *uck me! *UCK me!"

And then she began to convulse and jerk, "OHHHHHH! I'* CO*ING!" I heard her distorted cry as her entire body exploded in another orgasm. Moan after moan as she peaked again and again, her son continuing to drive deep and hard into her now, fast, matching her convulsive jerks stroke for stroke.

And then he stiffened, straightened, eyes closed, a look of tension on his face, and I saw his buttocks jerk again and again as he shot his load of cum deep into his mother's cunt. I was surprised at how long he continued to come, moaning softly with pleasure, "Oh god, Mom ... that feels so good! Oh god! Oh Mom, fucking you is sooooo good!"

And her gasps now were weaker, fainter, almost sighs of pleasure and comfort as she lay motionless on the pillow, her legs collapsed, her entire world centered on the cock buried its full depth within her, and the feel of her son's hot thick cum as it spurted against her cervix.

Finally sated, his climax complete, Mark slowly pulled his softening cock out of his mother's cunt, fondly stroking and squeezing her hips and buttocks as he pushed himself away.

"Oh god, Mom, that was wonderful!"

I hear a faint mew, a sigh from Ellen as she continued to lie motionless, exhausted, drained by her overwhelming orgasm ... and perhaps the knowledge that she'd been well and truly fucked ... by her own son!

"Untie her gag, Mark, I don't think we'll be needing that any more, okay?" I stroked Ellen's back gently. "You won't be complaining or objecting any more, will you honey?"

I heard Ellen sigh and moan softly, and then saw her shake her head no. Mark untied the knotted rope behind her head and gently pulled the wet knot from between her lips. She sighed with relief as she worked her jaws and licked her passion-swollen lips.

"No ... I guess not. I thought we were only going to ... you know, play around? But you fucked me! And I never thought ... my own son!" She tried to turn her head to look at him, but couldn't manage. Sighing, she lowered her head again, her blonde hair falling over her face again. I heard her voice say softly, "Oh god, I can't believe you both fucked me like that! My own son too! And you made me come so hard, oh god, so hard!"

"That was just the first orgasm, you know," I softly told her as I slid my hand up her naked thigh, between her legs, gently touching her swollen cunt. She was wet and slippery, but mostly from her own juices; I didn't feel any of what must have been a huge flood of Mark's cum inside her.

"We're going to get you cleaned up a little. And then we're going to play some more." I didn't ask her, I was telling her. The sensuous mother was dazed, sexually sated for the moment, but I wanted to keep her aroused, wanting more, greedy for all the sex she could handle or desire.

I saw her nod weakly. No objections, no questions, resigned to her role as our sexual vessel. Good, that was exactly how I wanted her: a sex toy for us to use, to pleasure, to enjoy.

Untying her legs, but leaving her arms bound behind her back, Mark and I lifted his mother off the bed and walked her to the bathroom. Sitting her on the toilet, we could hear the faint splashes as long slimy drips of her son's cum flowed from her cunt.

I prepared some warm water in the sink and, reaching between her spread knees on the toilet seat, I flushed her cunt out with an enema syringe I found in the bathroom drawer, cleaning the last of her son's cum from her vagina. Then we lifted her up from the seat and stood her leaning back against the sink. Gently, caringly, I massaged some skin lotion into her swollen labia, smiling as she instinctively spread her knees to give me full access to her groin and cunt. Her labia were slightly red from friction and our stimulation, but still sexually sensitive, not sore at all. She moved with pleasure, pushing her groin against my fingers as I massaged and stroked her soft sex, rubbing the lotion in. And I heard her gasp each time my finger touched her clitoris, obviously one of her favorite spots.

Mark joined me with the lotion, carefully and gently treating her breasts, nipples, areolae. His mother stood quietly in the brightly lit bathroom, her nakedness blatant to us all, submitting with apparent pleasure to our caresses. Her complete helplessness during her thorough fucking had apparently resigned her to whatever we wanted to do with her.

Finished with our care, I kissed her lips softly as I squeezed her cunt with my hand. "Back to bed now. It's my turn."

Eyes downcast, she nodded. Turning, she led us back into the bedroom and hesitated, standing by the bed. "What ... what do you want me to do? How do you want me?" she asked meekly.

Her full naked body, her swollen cunt still showing the signs of her son's hard fuck, her swollen lips, and most of all her submissiveness ... all brought my cock back to full erection and full attention. I saw her eyes drop and look at my groin, holding their gaze as she slowly licked her full lips.

Without being asked, she slowly knelt in front of me and, bending forward, nestled my hanging testicles in one hand as she took my cock in the other. Then she leaned forward, extending her chin as she opened her mouth, and slowly slid my cockhead between her full lips and into her mouth.

This unexpected act surprised me, especially with her grown son standing right there besides us, watching her every sensuous move! I glanced at him: Mark was totally focused on his mother's face as my cock disappeared into her mouth.

One long stroke of her head moving forward, her mouth pushing forward to take me deep, her lips tight around my cockshaft, I could feel her tongue pressing up against the bottom of my cock, pushing and squeezing. Her thumb and fingers circled the base of my shaft, squeezing and stroking, exciting me even more.

Then she pulled away and looked up at my face, her lips shiny with her saliva. "You can fuck me any way you want now."

She turned her head and looked up at her staring son. "Or, if you want, Mark can fuck me again while I suck you off? Would you like that, you two?"

She looked back at me and smiled softly. "You're right: he has a wonderful cock."


I sat on a bedroom chair, dressed, sipping a second beer, watching my grandson energetically fucking his mother. They'd been at it for an hour now, with him now straining for his fourth climax. She would moan and complain about how tired she was after each of her own orgasms or in the pause between his climax and his starting over again. But once he started stroking that long cock of his inside her apparently insatiable cunt, her complaints soon disappeared in moans of excitement and demands for more, harder.

I looked at my watch: I couldn't stay all day here, I had things to do! And I was depending on Ellen or someone to give me a ride back to work!

Plus, I was getting horny again. I'd come twice in my sexy stepdaughter, which was doing pretty good for my age. But watching their passion and pleasure was getting me wound up again! I decided that, once Mark had come again, that would be it for now. He'd just have to take a break while his mother put on something and drove me back to work.

But I'd not be going away horny! When he pulled out of that hot wet cunt of hers, I was going to slide right in and grab me one more piece of that fine ass! Grinning in anticipation, I stood and unzipped my shorts, pulling my already hard cock out in preparation. Yes, just a hard fast fuck, come inside her one more time ... and then let her drive me to work, naked under a houserobe, with my cum and her son's dripping on the car seat!

Mark could take a breather, have a beer, and continue with his fucking if he wished; I have things to do!

I grinned to myself as I took another sip of beer. It wasn't like she was going anywhere. No, my stepdaughter was going to be mine for the taking any time I wanted!

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