European Escape

I meet an older but very attractive woman, Tascha, at a shopping center. Her middle European accent catches my attention, and I do my very best big strong young soldier act on her, helping to reach an item on a top shelf for her. I pull the old gag about being an ignorant bachelor, not knowing what to select for supper. Smiling, she joins me in shopping and helps me fill my cart. We find ourselves getting along very well, and she invites me home for a homecooked meal, I meet her two c***dren (Charles, 16, and Susie, 15). One thing leads to another, and without wasting too much time on digesting what was a very good meal, she takes me to bed.

But all this is described in another story. This one is about Tascha's past. I know you've heard this before .. but this story is actually true, as she told it to me. Oh, she just told me the skeleton, the outline of the story. I've filled in the details, the dialog, that sort of thing. But the story told here is hers, and these things happened to her, her mother, her s****r.

I found it painful to listen to her as she casually told it, her mind far in the past. We were in bed when she told it, and I was cuddling her, stroking her full naked body, reassuring her that all was well. Although I'm not sure that was really necessary, if anything it helped to reassure me! she seems to have led a happy enough life, with no signs of the really distressing things that happened to her. And that's a good thing.


She came from a Yugoslavian f****y, middle class, her father was a police inspector for the government. He sent the f****y out of the capitol to the countryside for safety, but it didn't work out as he had hoped. When the Germans pulled out, the country had a revolution and the communists took over. These were not soft men: they'd fought a long hard battle against the Nazi occupiers and their sympathisers. Hard men from a hard life, concentrated on survival, with nothing left for sympathy .. even for a young girl. Tascha was 11 at the time when her story begins.

A small local militia unit finds her f****y, identifies them as prior government sympathisers. They attack her home, kill the two guards the father had left for security. Tascha tries to escape with the rest of the household, but is shot in the leg when running away.

Her mother, her older s****r (just 13) and she are all taken prisoner, along with other women from nearby towns and countryside. They are taken to the militia HQ at a nearby military base, where Tascha's wound is treated and bandaged. Then the women are all pushed into a rough formation in front of the base headquarters. There all the women are told by the commander that told they will be ****d ... not as a sexual act, but as punishment for being part of the hated fascist government and for not supporting the underground as all loyal socialist citizens should have done! For this crime they will be simply used for the pleasure of the true fighters. And this means they'll all be ****d ... repeatedly. Every female capable of taking a cock inside her will be punished this way. And yes, Tascha is told as the men strip her along with all the other women, this includes you.

Two men hold down each woman while the third ****s her. Then they rotate until all three men have ****d that woman. Then, if they're up to another round, they switch teams for another woman. The more experienced men who have done this before quickly team up for the more attractive younger women, the older teenagers and those in their 20's. The inexperienced or slow men end up with the very young girls or the old women.

The first man to **** the crying young Tascha isn't enthusiastic, he thinks she's too young. Straddling her naked body, he pauses, rubbing his half-erect cock against her hairless vulva, trying to get an erection. The other two men holding her down are sympathetic and don't give him a hard time as they listen to what he says to the terrified Tascha. He explains he has a daughter her age, and he only does this because of orders: the communists say that ALL woman sympathisers must be ****d to punish them. Then they'll be kept to service the militia members until a people's court decides what to do with them. He ****s her, almost apologetically, and is even unhappier when he discovers she was a virgin. Erect and aroused, he continues his **** until he comes inside her, apologizing the whole time. The entire **** is painful to the helpless Tascha, especially the tearing of her hymen. The man's thick cock buried its length inside her young body, penetrating her, stroking in her, is a strange and foreign feeling, not painful in itself, just strange. And when the man comes inside her, she can feel the warmth of his cum spurting deep inside her, and she feels a terrible sense of loss, that this should've been something special, with a boy she loved, not some stranger r****g her like this. This starts her crying all over again.

The man convinces his two comrades to leave the crying girl alone, at least for the time being, showing them her wounded leg and the bl**d running down her thighs from her torn hymen. He's a popular man, so his friends agree and move on as a team to enjoy themselves with the other women.

Tascha sits up, trying to ignore the pain in her aching cunt, hugging herself to hide her nakedness and her barely formed breasts, and watches sadly as her mother and s****r, along with all the other women, are ****d again and again. She u*********sly counts as the men lie on her s****r's body and drive themselves into her. Even at 13 years old her figure is already formed, attractive to the sex-crazed men: her s****r is ****d f******n times.

That night several of the older women take the younger girls aside and explain to them their new lives. Knowing they're all going to be repeatedly ****d for who knows how long, there are ways to make it easier.

- Somehow lubricate your vagina: vegetable or mineral oil, fat, butter, grease, anything you can find. The men will not bother to get you aroused, and if your vagina is dry, the first **** will be very painful and even injure the sensitive tissues inside your body. Once your cunt is damaged, it will be almost impossible to heal with the constant ****s. But if you can somehow get through the first **** without damage, after that first man comes in you, it won't be so bad: his cum will be slippery and will ease the way for all the other cocks you'll have to take. Try to hold that cum inside you, at least for a while, until more men have come in you. Then, the older women shake their heads sadly, there will be more than enough cum to keep you slippery inside. But by then you will have other problems.

- Try to be enthusiastic, cooperative, fuck them back! The more you can move your cunt on a man's cock, the more excited you can pretend to be (or actually become), the more excited the man will be and the faster he'll come in you and be finished ... at least for that time. Plus your excitement and energy will show you are cooperating, and probably spare you the beatings and other punishment the unwilling women will get.

- If you can let yourself get aroused, excited, actually enjoy the sex, so much the better. Why suffer when you don't have to? Being ****d is not your fault, there is nothing shameful here. And if you can let your body respond, even enjoy itself, what is the harm in that? And you married women: your husbands cannot blame you for anything that happens. They could not protect you from this, and in any event there will be no reason, no way, for them to ever find out what you did or did not do here. We will never speak of this, the men r****g us will not speak of it. One day it will be as if it never happened. So try to enjoy if you can, and be ready to forget as soon as this is over.

- Try to get one of the men as a favorite. He may somehow manage to do special favors for you, encourage the others to not be so hard on you, maybe even get you out of having to fuck any man at any time. Especially try to become the favorite of a man in charge; he has authority and may keep you for himself. Doing anything one man wants, no matter how distasteful or sick, is better than doing anything for all the men.

- Don't be afraid to give a man oral sex; in fact try to do it even if a man does not ask for it. It will get him excited quickly since all men like a woman sucking on him. He might even come in your mouth instead of your cunt (much easier on your body, and no danger of pregnancy). Even if there are two men, try to convince one to let you suck him while the other fucks you. The man you suck will be that much quicker to come when his turn comes for your cunt. If you choke because the man's cock is too long, use your hand on his shaft to fondle and stroke him: he will enjoy that and not try to fuck your mouth and throat like a cunt. And thinking about the cock in your mouth may help you ignore the cock in your cunt or ass.

- There are no contraceptives, no condoms. With so many men, so much fucking, so much cum, pregnancy will be a problem in any event. All we can do to try to minimize pregnancy is douching. We must all try to get any soap we can find so we can wash ourselves after sex. Try to get vinegar: diluted, it makes an excellent douche and will kill sperm. If nothing else, try to get a few minutes between ****s or sex to squat somewhere and let the men's cum drip out of your cunt. Position is important too: if they hold you on your back with your legs high and spread, the man's cum will go very deep into your body and be most likely to impregnate you. But if you can convince them to use you dog style, it may not go as deep. Even better is if you can ride the man. A man likes this: he can watch your breasts bounce, he can see his cock going in you. You can even play with yourself, your clitoris, your breasts, to excite him (and you) even more. You can also control how hard you are being fucked this way too, since you will be doing most of the moving. And when he does come in you, he will not be that deep, the cum will immediately begin to drain out, and you can get up right away instead of having to wait for him to climb off you.

- If a man wants to fuck your ass, let him! It will be painful, especially if you have no lubricant. You must learn to relax, perhaps offer to suck on him first to get your saliva on his cock. Or let him stroke in your cunt to get it slippery there first. But being fucked in the ass means your cunt will not be abused even more ... and there will be no chance of pregnancy. And if two men want to use you at once ... well, you will just have to bear with it. At least it will not be that much harder than one.

The younger girls are particularly upset at these terrible things the older women so seriously describe and need more tutoring; some of them like Tascha know almost nothing about sex, and their experiences this day are the first exposure they've ever had to sex and men's cocks.

The next day the milita commander returns. He's pleased to see the new captives: the local people need to know justice is being served. And his men have needed women for quite a while now; this is a good catch. He demands the women be brought out and stripped for his inspection, and is upset to hear from his deputy about Tasha not being treated the day before as all the others. He drags her out in front of the other men, bends her over, and ****s her anally, ignoring her pathetic cries for mercy and then her shrieks of pain, just to show everyone she must be punished. Then he commands all the other men to take turns with her. It's a small militia, with only 20 men currently in camp, but it means a long long morning for the unhappy girl. The naked young girl is tied face-up over a barrel laid on its side, her legs spread, her arms pulled down helplessly. Every man ****s her, to include her friend from the previous day. She can see the regret in his eyes, but he says nothing, shows no sympathy and, as he ****s her, is just as coarse and vulgar with his comments about her boyish body and her hairless cunt as any of the other men. Obviously he knows he made a mistake and is trying to get back into his commander's good graces.

For the initial few days, the women are ****d every day by all the men in the camp. These ****s go on all day long, with men returning for a different woman when they find themselves ready (or just wanting) to perform again.

Then the women are informally assigned to groups of men. The young girl becomes the servant and sexual slave for a group of six men and moves into their small barracks. She's given a mattress in one corner of the single room, and is welcomed by all six men repeatedly fucking her, two and even three at a time! Until the commander's ****, Tascha has never had anal sex, and her first introduction is not pleasant. The men all witnessed their commander's ****, and presume it should now be part of life for the now-submissive girl. Luckily only two of the men seem to want or enjoy it on a regular basis, and they are smart enough to lubricate her anus with an a****l grease they use on their heavy weapons, so her anus and rectum won't be too sore for repeated use.

Her mother and s****r are able to check on her, and after a week or two, she's permitted to move around the camp. At least she's getting regular meals, the work for the men isn't too hard (mostly laundry when there's soap, although she has to share kitchen duties with the other women), and the heavy sex demands slack off once the men are accustomed to having her around whenever they want her. Her extreme youth is also an advantage: her boylike body isn't very stimulating to the men, and they often go to other barracks to enjoy the older, more developed girls and women there. In exchange, of course, other men sometimes come to her barracks to use Tascha, those that like the special sights and sensations of fucking a girl so young. This includes the militia commander, who regularly sends for her to be brought to his command post for his own pleasure and satisfaction. From hearing the other women talk, Tascha suspects he'd probably prefer a young boy. But she's the youngest in the camp and the nearest thing to the commander's real desires ... unless it's just bad talk of course. Suspecting he might prefer a young boy doesn't ease Tascha's discomfort however, as the cruel man repeatedly ****s her anally.

At least she's spared the danger of pregnancy: she's much too young for that and hasn't even started having periods yet. She finds, curiously enough, that her breasts start developing, either from the constant sex and sexual stimulation, or perhaps the hormonal changes from a regular sperm diet from the oral sex the men all seem to enjoy.

After several months, a people's judge from the new central communist government finally makes his way to the isolated camp. He rules that, even though the women's husbands were enemies of the state, those men were either dead, already in prison, or escaped outside the country. There was no use punishing the women any further: they had served well enough as slaves for the militia, and they were all free to go.

Some have no place to go and decide to voluntarily stay in the camp; at least here they have shelter, protection, regular food. Some have even grown accustomed to the submission to any man's demands for sex or pleasure, the repeated ****s. It's far better than trying to wander the countryside or reach one of the heavily bombed cities, constantly subject to ****, robbery, slavery, and worse.

Their mother tells Tascha and her older s****r to stay in the camp while she leaves to try to contact their father. She's fairly certain he's safe in Austria (where he'd been working with the Germans when the evacuation from Yugoslavia began), she thinks she can contact him from Czechoslovakia if she can get there. Then hopefully he can somehow arrange to get them all out of the country.

The mother succeeds, although she never spoke of the personal cost as she worked her way to the Czech border with nothing but her body as capital. She returns within weeks with money, trading materials (cigarettes and liquor mostly), and a contact in Czechoslovakia to to help them get to Austria. She'd never actually gotten to her husband, but she'd been able to get a telegram to him and then a phone call. He had connected her with the Czech contact who supplied her with the resources needed to return and get her daughters. He also provided her with a bodyguard, a very large, ugly, dangerous looking man he insisted would be needed to help them all escape.

The daughters are overjoyed to see their mother again; they were afraid they were doomed to stay slaves to the militia soldiers forever! They soon see that their mother is not really giving orders to the bodyguard; indeed, he seems to be the one in charge. Their mother cautions them to be very polite to him.

The f****y and their bodyguard leave the camp, moving cross country toward the Czech border. The young girls soon discover the bodyguard is not only being paid by the distant father; he's taking payment for his services from the women as well! He'd been fucking their mother regularly the entire journey back to the camp; indeed, he'd ****d her within an hour after meeting with her. Realizing he controlled the precious black market supplies needed to survive in the post-war environment, the mother submitted and became his willing and cooperative slave. He was very pleased to see the two young daughters, and the mother could tell from his hungry looks what was going to happen. As she expected, the first time they stop after leaving the camp, he demands that both the girls fuck him as well. Resigned, helpless without his assistance, the daughters all agree to his demands. Not satisfied with one, he has the two girls take turns riding him, sucking him, kneeling to present a warm tight cunt to his thick driving cock. And he takes his time, in no hurry to climax, enjoying all the attention from the two young girls .. and the helpless eyes of the mother as he f***es her to watch her daughters' humiliation and submission. As he had hoped, both girls become sexually aroused during the long sexual bout, and he f***es them to excite one another at the same time they're pleasuring him. To their great humiliation, both girls have several orgasms servicing the bullying man, until he finally tires of the game. Laying the older daughter on her back, he lifts and spreads her legs high, up around her shoulders. Then he begins a steady heavy thrusting, driving his long thick cock its full length into her vulnerable vagina. Somehow he still has the breath to mutter obscene insults to the girl he's fucking and to her silent watching mother.

"Now you feel me come, you slut! Watch this, woman," he growls at the mother, "watch your daughter take all my cum! And she loves me fucking her too, you Yugoslavian sluts, you all love being fucked. Did you hear her cry out earlier? Yes, you will all love what I do to you ... ahhhhhhh! There ... ohhh yesssssss!" With a long groan of satisfaction, he shoots his cum deep inside her cunt. Helpless, aroused and excited again by the unceasing thrusting, the daughter comes again, her orgasm triggered by the last few deep thrusts of the man's cock and by the rush of hot cum deep inside her. She tosses her head from side to side, crying out almost in pain, as her body convulses in yet another orgasm.

The naked Tascha kneels, exhausted by her own orgasms and heavy sexual activity with the man, and watches as he lowers his body onto her quivering s****r to catch his breath. Then, with a grunt of release, he pushes himself away. Tascha sees his long thick cock, easily the biggest she's ever seen, slowly slide from her s****r's gaping cunt.

She sympathises with her poor s****r ... but hopes that her s****r will continue to keep the man's attention. Looking down at her own growing breasts, she shakes her head. Not very likely; she's looking more and more like a real woman every day, she thinks, even though she isn't even 11 yet. Well, at least in her breasts. She still doesn't have much in the way of hips or a slim waist, although the men all said she had the greatest ass in camp. She smiles to herself slightly despite the awful situation; how female of her, to enjoy compliments from the very men who gang-****d her for months.

When they approach the border, the small group is surprised by a gang of bandits. Heavily armed, they demand payment before the f****y can continue to the border. The bodyguard is unhappy but wisely makes no attempt to resist: he's heavily outnumbered and outgunned. Instead he assures the bandits they'll fully cooperate. He has the mother give the bandits all their trading materials and some money, and then offers the women to the bandits to use as they will.

The three women and their bodyguard are taken to the nearby camp, where the women are repeatedly ****d by the entire gang, more than twenty men who have been sexually deprived for weeks or longer. There is only one woman in the camp, a cook, and she's completely exhausted by trying to service so many men. She's glad to see the new women and cautions the three to cooperate. "Let them fuck you all they want, wear them out! They don't want to keep you here, there isn't enough food. But they're horny and want to show off too. So give them everything they want and you'll be on your way in a few days."

The three women are each ****d easily a dozen times a day. Their bodyguard takes his turn as well when the bandits are done with them. He's unhappy to not have their full services for himself, but certainly isn't going to miss out on fucking any of them, even if he's at the very end of the line. The mother and older s****r try to take on as many men as they can, to spare the younger daughter. But there are enough men excited by her slim and barely nubile body to ensure her cunt or mouth is regularly filled with hard cock. Luckily the taste for anal sex isn't as prevalent in this group as in the militia camp, so the women are spared that discomfort. The mother admits in talks with her daughters that perhaps the old women were right: sometimes she almost prefers being fucked in the ass: at least when that happens, there's one less chance to become pregnant. She's worried about her older daughter, now over 13 and just starting her periods. She can only hope and pray they can get out of the country and back to civilization before she's impregnated; or if she does become pregnant, before she's so far along she can't travel, or worse, with a swelling belly men won't want her any more for sex!

The bandits finally tire of the exhausted mother and her two equally drained daughters; they're finally released and the bodyguard gets them across the border. One last long lingering fuck by all three of them, he fills the older daughter's cunt with the last load of his thick sperm, and he turns them over to the Czech contact. Not saying a word about his repeated ****s and sexual demands, the women thank him politely for his help. They're safe now, no matter what's happened. They've all learned to put things behind them, and no good could come of angering the man, even in this more civilized country. He accepts his final payment from the Czech agent, nods more or less politely to the mother and her daughters, and disappears from their lives.

New contacts in Czechoslovakia and more resources, and they're able to actually catch a train into Austria where they're reunited with their father. None of the women say a word about their experiences, or about the bodyguard's sexual demands during the entire trip. The mother has a feeling her husband knew exactly what was going to happen when she insisted on returning to rescue their daughters; it was simply part of the price to get the f****y back together again. She's sure he doesn't want to know the details.

Nothing is said either of the two daughters' sexual trials. **** is so common, so many girls and women have been used and misused, it's simply not even worth mentioning. Husbands don't hold it against their wives, fathers and mothers against their daughters. It just happens and you live with it and move on.

Seeing the obvious joy in her husband's face (and the surprisingly enthusiastic sex they share in their first night together), she has no intention of dredging up the past. She tries to put aside all the memories of her months of submission, the repeated ****s, the humiliation. When her husband touches her, strokes her, comes inside her, she concentrates on the joy she feels that it's him, that she's back with her man again. All those other men, those hands, those cocks ... they are less than history now.

She can only hope her daughters manage to do the same. Seeing them exchange glances and little smiles the next morning when she joins them at the breakfast table, the sexual arousal from her husband's surprising early morning sex still visible on her face, she's encouraged. If they can be girlish, teasing her about her demanding a****l of a husband, and her so tired from the long train ride too ...

Things may be all right after all.

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