Anna: Intro to Bondage

-- Anna and Bondage --

I'm having morning coffee with my daughter-in-law Anna. We've only recently started this, with me taking time from work to drop by her home and share a cup with her. She seems to enjoy the time with me, a pleasant change from husband and c***dren. With the k**s at school and Allan off on his work routines, we have the house to ourselves. At first we were a little awkward, but after several visits we're comfortable with each other and always find something to chat about. I'd noticed she was more casual with me: the last visit and this one, she hadn't even gotten dressed for my visit but welcomed me at the door dressed just in a comfortable houserobe and house sandals. The fabric was thin enough on that robe for me to be fairly sure she was nude underneath, and I had to wonder: was that just because she wanted to be relaxed and comfortable, not bothering with bra and panties with just me visiting? Or was her nudity some sort of conscious or u*********s signal? She'd always been quite straight with me, not flirting, although lately she'd been hugging me a lot more than in the past, often with no reason at all. I certainly wasn't complaining: I thought Anna to be very sexy, very attractive. I'd always been a little in love with her, ever since my stepson had married her; and I was certainly more than a little in lust with her! But I tried to mind my manners; I had no hint she might be interested in me sexually, or that she was flirting with other men or running around on her husband at all.

We were talking about what people find interesting, and the conversation somehow shifted to what couples find exciting, especially after they'd been together for a while and the romance had kind of worn off the relationship. I had a feeling she was talking about her own marriage. I happened to mention my own interest in bondage, and how much one of my previous wifes had enjoyed it.

Anna looked at me curiously. "Bondage? I've heard of this, I guess; one of my girlfriends talked about some games she and her boyfriend would play ... where he tied her up? But I don't know very much about it."

"You've never tried it? You never had a boyfriend who liked to make you helpless? Allan never tied you up or held you down during sex, nothing like that? You never asked anyone to do that to you?" Anna blushed at that, but shook her head. "No, not really. I wouldn't have asked, I'm sure; I mean, it doesn't sound very exciting!"

Well! It looked like she was indeed sadly ignorant of this interesting area. And it might be a most excellent avenue to increase our intimacy. I enjoyed very much the new friendly, close relationship that seems to be developing with my attractive daughter-in-law, and certainly didn't want to do anything to ruin that, to scare her off! But if I treated this as something educational, or just a silly little game? At least at first, until I could see how she responded.

"Well, basically bondage means tying someone up, but in sex it would be anything that had you helpless or vulnerable, that encouraged you to be submissive, to be like a prisoner or a slave. That would be like if I would hold you helpless, or maybe tie you up a little, again to give you this helpless feeling."

I was watching Anna very closely, and she seemed to still be interested, not disapproving, not being turned off. I decided, rather than making this too educational, to keep the explanation at a personal level, describing things between her and me rather than some hypothetical other couple.

"A lot of women find that helpless feeling VERY exciting; it's like they're no longer responsible for what happens, for what's done to them, for what they're doing or how they're responding, okay? And you can play games too, pretend, like you're a prisoner or a slave girl even!"

She nodded, her eyes excited. "A slave girl? I always wondered what it would be like to be a slave girl! Maybe like that TV show with Jeannie? With pants you could see right through, and maybe no top at all!" She smiled, teasing me.

"Well, Jeannie was a wonderful genie, no doubt, but she was no slave girl! She had a mind of her own and she hardly ever did what her 'master' ordered her to do. A real slave girl would be much more obedient!" I smile, teasing her back.

"But to give you an idea, a sample, if I could demonstrate just a little ..." I smiled at her reassuringly when I saw a little concern on her face. I got up from the chair, and walked over to stand behind her. She started to turn her head and body to watch me, but I gently used her shoulders to straighten her in the chair. "No, no, just sit there; this is just a simple demonstration, nothing fancy at all."

I paused and stepped around to where she could see my face. "You DO trust me, right? You ought to know by know that I'd never do anything to hurt you. You're one of my very special people, you know!"

She smiled, "Oh yes, I know, of course I trust you," she responds. But I still could see that concern. I had to be cautious here.

"Put your arms behind you, that's right, around the back of the chair. Now I'm just going to hold your wrists together, like this." I gently crossed her wrists behind the chair back and then held them together with one hand. "There, now you're bound, okay? You're captive, you're helpless. I know, not really: you're a strong girl and I'm just holding you with one hand; you could pull away your arms away any time ... but the idea is that you won't, see? You're playing the bondage game too, you're pretending just like me that I'm holding you prisoner, that you're now my slave, that I have you helpless! You could pretend to pull away maybe, as part of the game, but you wouldn't really want to, right?"

I saw her nod, "Okay, I see what you mean." I felt her twist her shoulders and pull gently against my grip, but she made no real attempt to get free.

"And can you feel yourself getting just a little excited? Aroused even, at the idea of me holding you helpless? So you'd just have to ... well, do whatever I wanted, right?"

I took a deep breath and decided to make my first move toward a closer intimacy. "Like this?"

Holding her wrists with my one hand, I bent around and used my other hand to turn her face toward mine. Anna and I had hugged, certainly, perhaps a peck on the cheek, but we'd never kissed mouth to mouth. Then I slowly moved my mouth to hers. Her eyes were open, she was watching me ... but I heard no protest, she made no attempt to pull away. I gently kissed her full lips, and after a second, I felt her press her lips even tighter against mine as she kissed me back! Pulling my mouth just slightly away, I looked into her eyes. "See? I decided to kiss you and there was nothing you could do about it! You had to kiss me back because you're my slave, helpless; you have to do whatever I demand!"

She nodded. "And if you ... if you kissed me again, I ... I would just have to kiss you back? Because I'm your slave? Your helpless slave girl?"

I smiled and nodded. "That's right." And I kissed her again, moving my hand around the back of her head to press her mouth even harder against mine. I felt her mouth open and her tongue darted out to push into my mouth. We slowly, sensuously French kissed. I was hugely encouraged by her response, by her willingness to play along with me. This was the first time we've ever really kissed, and I considered it a wonderful start.

I pulled my mouth away and felt her breath against my face; she was breathing faster and I saw a flush to her cheeks. She was getting more aroused than I had expected! "That was very nice," I murmured softly. "You make an excellent slave, I think. Very cooperative! Which means, of course, that you won't be punished if you stay cooperative!"

I smiled again and released her wrists. I saw a flash of, what, disappointment?, go across her face. But I was in no hurry with this game, with conditioning my beautiful daughter-in-law to accept these new behaviors, these new games. Slowly, slowly, I didn't want to scare her off.

"Punished?" she asked. "There is punishment in these bondage things? Not just holding or tying up?"

I smiled reassuringly. "No, not real punishment, real pain. Again, just playing games. Like maybe spanking, or making you do something embarrassing or immodest. Oh, some women actually want a certain degree of pain to go along with all the pleasure they're getting ..." I wasn't going there, to some of the extremes the real bondage addicts enjoyed and demanded. "But I don't like hurting anyone, really; I don't get any pleasure out of inflicting even a little pain, so that's never been my thing." I smiled at her teasingly as I saw her face clear of concern again. "Of course I have a VERY good imagination, and I can always come up with other interesting ways to punish you if you are bad!"

"Oh, I expect you could!" She smiled teasingly, reassured now. But I could still see the signs of arousal: her swollen lips, the flush on her face extending down her throat and chest, across the top of her full breasts, their cleavage so teasingly visible through the top of her housecoat.

"And there are other ways of bondage too, to make you feel even more helpless. Again, another simple demonstration if you'd be interested? But I'd need some rope or cord or belts or something."

"Oh ..." She thinks for a second and then her face lights up. "Yes, I think I have something right here!" Interested now, excited, she jumped up and went to the kitchen closet. I admired the quick glimpse of her slim legs and thighs as her houserobe swirled back. I was more certain than ever she was naked under that robe, and I wondered if I could extend our little game to get a better look at this very sexy woman.

She held out some soft cotton rope. "I have this. Will it do?" Obviously she was getting into the spirit of this game, I was glad to see. "Yes, that would be perfect!" I responded.

I had her return to her chair and sit down, and I took the rope from her. "Lean forward now, and put your arms behind your back." As she moved her arms behind her back, I gently moved them to where they crossed her back, forearms parallel, and her wrists pulled over almost to the opposite elbow. This put a small amount of strain on her arms and shoulders, but nothing serious or discomforting. "You see, this should make you feel even more helpless," I told her as I held her arms in place with my hands. I kissed her neck and heard her almost purr at the stimulation. "Now I'm going to use the rope to just tie your arms together a little. This will be a real bondage, not something you can so easily pull away from, okay? So if you get nervous or scared about this, you only have to tell me to stop and I'll stop and untie you, okay?"

She nodded but made no effort to pull away or move her arms as I took several wraps around one wrist and secured it to the other forearm and above the elbow. Then I ran the rope across to the other wrist and secured it as well. The rope wasn't tight, not enough to hurt circulation, but she wouldn't be moving those arms until I untied her.

"Go ahead and pull against the ropes," I encouraged her. I saw her pull, and then pull harder, but she obviously wasn't getting free. "I'm really tied up this time," she said, looking up at me.

"Now you see, you really are helpless! Which means I can do anything I want, right?" I kissed her on the neck again. Then I turned her face and leaned around to kiss her full lips again, first softly and then more deeply. We exchanged a long even more passionate kiss and I felt her breath quicken again.

"Do you feel more excited? Do you like this helpless feeling?" I prompted her as I ran my hand from the back of her head, across her neck,and across a shoulder, stroking her, getting her used to my touch. She nodded, "Oh yes ... I see what you're talking about. It's really exciting, isn't it?" She looked at me and her tongue darted out to lick her lips. I saw her shoulders and arms move as she pulled against the ropes again. "And I really am tied up! I can't do anything until you untie me! You ... you could do anything you wanted!"

That was a hint if I ever heard one. I smiled and leaned forward again, she lifted her face and her mouth to mine again, and we kissed again. I heard a slight moan as she arched her back, pushing her body toward me. Slowly I slid my hand down her throat and slipped it down inside the opening of her houserobe. She stiffened as she felt my hand slide down across her breast, but then I felt her relax and she pushed her mouth even harder against mine, her tongue even more actively playing with mine. I cupped her full breast, squeezed her rock-hard nipple, and then began some serious fondling as our kiss got even hotter.

Finally pulling away, I smiled at Anna. Her eyes were a little out of focus, her lips swollen, her face very flushed. This was definitely one aroused woman! I didn't pull my hand out of her houserobe either, but continued to gently squeeze and fondle that wonderfully full breast. "Yes, I can do anything I want! I can kiss that wonderful mouth of yours. I can fondle your breasts, touch your body, anything! And you're completely helpless, aren't you?"

She nodded, her eyes meeting mine. I continued to fondle and squeeze that breast and she made no protest or attempt to escape.

"You're being very good, very cooperative, a very good slave. That's good; I would certainly feel bad if I had to punish you."

"Punish me?" she whispered. "How ... how would you punish me?" I knew she was excited now, really getting into this whole prisoner / slave / bondage thing.

"Well ... I could take all your clothes off, have you completely naked ... but still tied and helpless, so you couldn't do anything as I looked at every inch of you." I saw her eyes go distant again, her imagination obviously kicking into gear at these graphic descriptions. "All your private parts, so secret, so personal ... all there for me to look at, to admire, to touch, to kiss, to excite you ..."

She was breathing hard again, and I decided to move her to another level.

"In fact, I think that's just what I'm going to do! And as a well-trained submissive slave girl, you of course have to obey me, you have to do everything I say, right?"

She nodded and whispered "Yes, I suppose so." Her breast felt so good, her nipple was so hard as I tweaked it between thumb and forefinger, and I heard her soft moan at the additional stimulation, her back arching even more to push her breast out against my fondling hand.

"Stepping outside of our game, Anna, I just want to remind you, you're very dear to me, very special. I would never do anything to hurt you, and you know that." I looked into her eyes and she nodded. "I know," she says softly. I continued, "This game is wonderfully fun, I'm certainly enjoying myself and I think you are too, right?" I gave her breast a special squeeze to remind her of what I'm talking about. She nodded, her eyes still meeting mine.

"So I may ... stretch some of your limits, okay? We may do things we haven't done before." I squeezed her breast again and I saw her smile faintly. But again she nodded, "I understand." "But I won't push you beyond your limits, not beyond what you're willing to do. So if you think things are going too far ... you just tell me. 'We've played enough for today' if you want to be nice, or just 'STOP!', okay?"

She nodded again, "I understand."

"There's a special thing they have in bondage, what they call a 'safe word' or a 'safe signal'. That's if we were really role-playing, pretending things. A 'safe word' would be a special word you could use that would tell me to stop, it was over." She looked at me curiously, "a safe word? Like what?" "Oh, maybe Jello or 'I'm done' ... so you could say other things ... you know, like 'Oh please please please don't fuck me any more!', but that would just be pretend." I saw her eyes widen at the blunt phrase (I wasn't not sure if she had any intention of going that far in this game, but it wouldn't hurt to use it as an example.) but she just nodded.

"And if you couldn't talk like if you were gagged or your mouth were full ..." (I didn't go into detail as to what might be in her mouth; I let her imagination work on that.). ".. if you couldn't speak that safe word ... the 'safe signal' would be something you could normally do, no matter how you were tied, no matter what position you were in. That might be something like three grunts or three thumps with a foot or arm or knee or whatever on the floor or whatever." She nodded again.

"We shouldn't need them because we won't be going that far today. Today we're just playing, just introducing you to bondage, okay?" She nods again. "But I thought I'd mention them, you never know ..." I smiled lecherously and squeeze her breast again. She smiled faintly, but I saw her eyes go distant again.

I lifted Anna to her feet and moved her away from her chair and the table. Then, holding her by her shoulders, I kissed her mouth again to keep her excited, and was pleased to see her kiss me back passionately, pushing her body and her full breasts against me. That little departure from our game hadn't distracted her or cooled her off too much, I was glad to see. Then, standing in front of her, my eyes locked on hers, I reached down and untied the cloth tie holding the houserobe closed around her waist. As I let the tie drop away, I saw her glance down her front as the houserobe fell open to reveal her nakedness underneath.

"You're ... you're going to ... make me naked?" she whispered.

"Yes ... you will be naked ... and there's nothing you can do to stop it, is there?" I smiled as I reached up, grasped the houserobe's lapels, and pulled it up and back over her shoulders. The robe fell completely open, revealing her full naked body. I stepped back and deliberately, obviously, ran my eyes over her figure. I knew she was well built, with a real hourglass figure and full breasts ... but I'd never really gotten a look at her full figure, not even in a bathing suit. And now here she was, almost completely naked, her robe pulled back over her shoulders to reveal her entire beautiful body to me! Her breasts were high and full, gorgeous, tipped with rock-hard nipples and full pink aurolea, not a sign that she'd breast-fed her c***dren. Her slim waist swelled out to full hips and well-muscled legs. I was pleasantly surprised to see that her groin was completely shaven, with her cunt with its beautifully formed labia fully exposed, its swollen mound an absolute invitation to sex!

"You are absolutely gorgeous," I murmured as I continued to stare at her. She was blushing furiously now, but made no attempt to turn or hide herself. I stepped forward and kissed her again, a long passionate kiss as I slid my hands back behind her, beneath the dr****g houserobe, to squeeze her full bottom and pull her naked body against mine.

"You are just unbelievable," I murmured again as I fondled her bottom. "I always thought your body would be wonderful, but I had no idea!" I pulled my face back and looked into her eyes. "But we're just going to play our game today, okay? No matter how sexy you are, no matter how much I want you ... I am NOT going to fuck you." She blinked at that and dropped her gaze, I wasn't sure if from modesty, embarrassment at the blunt expression, or disappointment. No matter, that would be too much, too soon. I'd rather play with her, enjoying her nakedness and helplessness. If she finally decided to have sex with me, to let me fuck her, there'd be time enough for that later.

"Now I'm going to untie you, just for a minute, to get this robe off. But don't try to escape!" I reminded her of her slave status. "If you try that, I would have to punish you even more, a spanking even!" I saw her smile faintly as she picked up her role too. Obviously her nudity and helplessness hasn't dampened her spirit too much. "Yes ... master." She glanced at me, a tiny teasing smile on her face. "Should I call you master? Since I'm your slave?"

"Master will do fine," I replied with a smile. Untying her wrists and arms, I pulled the robe back over her arms and dropped it on the chair. Then, stepping back in front of Anna, now completely naked except for her little house slippers, I tied the rope around one wrist, leaving a few inches slack, and around the other wrist. This left her wrists bound together in front but separated a little. I led her over to the open kitchen door and had her back up against its edge. Pulling her arms up over her head, I lifted the rope between her wrists over the top of the door. I'd gauged it right, I was glad to see. Anna was not very tall, but the length of her arms and the rope slack worked out just about right. She was pulled tightly upright, her breasts pulled up in proud naked display, but she wasn't quite on tiptoe. That would be sexy, undoubtedly, but it wouldn't be comfortable for her, and this position wasn't meant for true punishment. Not this first time anyway, I thought to myself.

I ran the rope back to the the hinge side where I dropped it between door and frame, with the top door hinge holding it high. Then back across the rope slack across the top again, where I tied it off. Stepping back, I admired my work. The completely naked Anna was stretched against the door end, fully exposed, fully vulnerable, and completely helpless.

"Do you know how wonderful you look at this moment?" I asked her, letting my eyes run over her full naked body. "How sexy? How beautiful?" Compliments always worked with her, and I saw they weren't failing this time. I was sure she knew what she looked like in that position. I saw her arch her back again to lift her breasts even higher; she even opened her knees a little, to ensure I got the clearest possible look at that beautifully shaven cunt.

Stepping forward, I took her mouth again in a long passionate kiss as I let my hands roam all over her body, stroking her sides, her back, her breasts, her buttocks. Squeezing a breast with one hand, I slid my other hand down her flat belly and gave a full-handed squeeze of her cunt. I heard her gasp at the sudden intimate sensation, and then gasp again as I slid my middle finger from the sensitive spot beneath her cunt and between her legs, up the full length inside her labia, and ending up with a few quick stimulating circular rubs of her hardened clitoris. Her cunt was dripping wet: she was obviously thoroughly aroused by our play, her nakedness, her helplessness. She moaned into my mouth as I continued the clitoral stimulation and I felt her hips move as she tried to push her clit against the tormenting fingertip.

Slowly taking my mouth away from hers, I dropped to my knees. Pinching each of her full smooth labia between forefinger and thumb, I pulled her cunt open, exposing the soft pink tissues of her vulva, the pink convulutions of her vagina and its opening now fully visible. Then I leaned forward and ran the tip of my tongue the full length of her vulva. She gasped at the sudden new sexual stimulation and then began to moan as I continued to excite her with my tongue. A lick of the hardened clit, a quick dart of the tongue tip into her vaginal opening, a full-tongue lick of the sensitive vulva tissues ... soon I had her crying out passionately, "Ohhhh ... ohhhh god ... oh, that's so good! DOn't stop! Don't stop! Ahhhhhhh !"

I had no intention of stopping. This little game of ours was going to be capped with the most erotic and exciting experience I could give, just to be sure my sweet little daughter-in-law wanted more in days to come!

Finally her cries and moans built into a crescendo, and I felt her hips thrusting forward, pushing her cunt against my face, my tormenting exciting lips and tongue. And then she exploded, convulsed, cries of passion pouring uncontrollably from her mouth as she had a tremendous orgasm!

Her body jerked and quivered and her passionate moans began to ease. But I didn't let her come down. I continued the excitement, adding my fingers to stimulate her sensitized cunt. A thumb buried in her vagina, my hand stretching between and beneath her legs, with the middle finger (already slippery from her lubrication) pushing against, rubbing, and then finally sliding into her tight anus, while my lips and tongue continued to work on her vulva, labia, clitoris. I brought her right back to her peak of excitement and heard her come again, and then again!

"Ohhhh ... oh god, no more, I can't ... oh please ..." She was starting to slump now, hanging from her wrists, her legs weak. Well, three consecutive orgasms should be enough for a starter, I thought to myself. I slowly eased my finger from her anus, my thumb from her vagina. I gave a few last familiar strokes of my tongue to her vulva and clitoris, fondly tweaked her swollen labia with my fingers, and then slid my hands up her naked body as I rose to my feet. Squeezing both her breasts, I found her mouth with mine and gave her a long lingering kiss. She lifted her face and pushed against me, kissing me back with surprising passion.

Then she slumped again, her lips falling away from mine. "Oh god ... Oh, I never ... that was so ..."

She was breathless, still fighting for breath, dazed by her repeated orgasms.

I gave her breasts and body a final stroke, and then reached up and untied the rope, freeing it from the door and lowering her arms in front of her. I led Anna by her bound wrists back to her chair. With her standing there, submissive, still stunned, I pulled her up against my body, squeezed her full buttocks and gave her one long soft kiss. Then I sat her down in her chair.

Sitting back in my own chair, I picked up my coffee cup and had a sip of the now quite cold coffee. I smiled across at my naked daughter-in-law, her wrists still bound, her eyes distant, her body obviously still recovering from the tremendous sexual experience. I toasted her with my coffee cup, "Would you like some more coffee, Anna? I'll be glad to get some for you." She lifted her eyes to me and tried to focus. Then she looked at the table, the familiar setting, and then down at her naked body and her still-bound wrists.

"Are we ... are you done?" she asked softly. "Am I ... am I still your slave?"

"Only if you want to be, my dear," I responded. "I figure you've probably had enough of our little game for one day, don't you think? But I thought I'd leave you naked and tied like that, just so I could enjoy looking at you. And so you can remember what it's like to be like this with me."

She smiled at me and pulled her shoulders back, displaying her breasts to me. "I see ... yes, of course. You can look at me all you want!" She coyly looked at me from the corner of her eyes. "I'm glad you find me good to look at!"

"Oh yes," I agreed as I took another sip of cold coffee. "Very good to look at. Very good to touch, to kiss, to excite." I met her eyes. "And I hope, I think, that maybe you enjoyed our little game today? Just a little?" I smiled as she blushed and nodded shyly. God, what a beautiful, sensuous woman this was! If things worked out as I hoped ...

I put down the coffee cup and, stepping over to her, lifted her bound hands to my lips and kissed them fondly. Then I untied the rope from around her wrists and folded it up neatly, setting it on the table. "It's time for me to go, enough for today, I think."

She nodded, looking up at me. "We'll ... we'll do this again?" she asked softly. That pleased me: she had definitely enjoyed herself, definitely wanted more!"

I nodded, leaning down to kiss her softly. "Yes, we'll do this again. And next time ... if you're willing ... or if you are a good slave girl ..." We exchanged smiles. "Next time I might just decide to use you ... for MY pleasure!"

Kissing her again, I walked out of the kitchen, looking back to smile and wave goodbye. Anna was still sitting there at her kitchen table, naked, rubbing the slight red marks around her wrists, looking at me with a warm smile.

"Yes ... next time ... YOUR pleasure!" she said, and gave me a little wave.

Now THAT is something to look forward to!

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Excellent story! Exactly how to play it!
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Great story, well written. Chapter 2?
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