European Closeness

I meet an older but very attractive woman, Tascha, at a shopping center. Her middle European accent catches my attention, and I do my very best big strong young soldier act on her, helping to reach an item on a top shelf for her. I pull the old gag about being an ignorant bachelor, not knowing what to select for supper. Smiling, she joins me in shopping and helps me fill my cart. We find ourselves getting along very well, and she invites me home for a homecooked meal, I meet her two c***dren (Charles, 16, and Susie, 15). One thing leads to another, and without wasting too much time on digesting what was a very good meal, she takes me to bed.

I was a little concerned about how obvious it was to everyone that I'd be staying the night and having sex with this voluptuous mother. The two k**s were curious about me but seemed to like me well enough; we had a good time at dinner and sitting around watching television. But I felt a little awkward when the woman encouraged me to slide my hand inside her sweater and fondle her breast, when we started some pretty heavy petting there on the couch right in front of the k**s. And they never blinked an eye (although I thought I saw the two siblings exchange amused glances) when their mother led me off to the bedroom, just a friendly round of "good night" from everyone.

I'd never seduced a woman in quite this fashion before. Indeed I wasn't at all sure who was seducing whom; but that was okay with me: this was one very exciting woman! She assured me that they understood that she loved their father (off on a lengthy overseas business assignment), but that she had needs and that there was nothing serious with the men she occasionally brought home to sl**p with. She insisted that these are HER k**s, she'd done most of the raising while the father was mostly gone, and they wouldn't be telling any tales or causing any problems.

We had some pretty enthusiastic sex that night; she'd been without a man for a while, and was very pleasantly surprised to have found me (a young soldier, in excellent shape, enthusiastic about it all, and quite expert in the sexual delights she enjoyed so much). She was quite uninhibited and was willing to do anything to please, just so long as I took as much care in pleasing her. For me that was no problem: Tascha was wonderfully responsive to every stimulation, and her passionate response to every stimulation encouraged me to drive her to new heights of excitement. I considered myself very lucky indeed to have found such an exciting catch! Even if the f****y arrangement was a bit new to me.

The next morning (a weekend) I was awakened by a hand fondling my cock and testicles. It was Tascha, ready for a morning wake-me-up, it seemed. We were snuggled together, my cock between her legs, slowly sliding in and out of her warm wet cunt, my hand fondling her breast ... and the son Charles walked through the open bedroom door with a cup of coffee for his mother!

We were a little decent at least, with the sheet at least covering our bodies up to the hips. But Tasha' naked torso was perfectly visible to her son, as was my hand fondling her breast! And I was sure he'd seen the movement beneath the sheets as I stroked inside her body; it must have been perfectly obvious I was fucking her!

But he never batted an eye, smiled at me and his mother, "Good morning, Mom! Hi, Fritz! sl**p well?" and set the coffee cup down on the nightstand. Then, of all things, he sat down on the edge of the bed and started talking about his day's plans with his mother!

I was motionless now, of course, but my cock was still buried in her cunt (although I could feel it shrinking from the surprise and uncomfortable situation). And my hand was still squeezing her breast! I really couldn't figure what else to do with it that wouldn't draw even more attention to my fondling! I saw his eyes go down to her breasts and my hand, but then he didn't really pay it any special attention.

"Well, have a good time then, dear," Tascha said when their conversation was over. Charles smiled, got up, "Have fun, you two!" in a cheery tone, and walked out of the room.

"Damn!" I muttered to her. "That was embarrassing!" She turned and smiled at me, squeezing my hand on her breast with her own. "Not as much as if I'd been coming when he came in!" she teased.

"But ... well, do they always come in to your bedroom when you're having sex with a man?"

She shrugged, "No, not usually. But this is our morning routine; Charles always brings me coffee in the morning, it's a special thing we both enjoy. The fact that you were in bed with me doesn't really change that."

"But ... you ... he ... hell, woman, you're damned near naked!"

She looked down at her breasts, still revealed above the sheet barely covering us. "Oh, this? We're kind of casual about dress and undress in the f****y. In fact we used to spend time regularly at nudist camps, nude beaches, that sort of thing. We even have a tall fence around the patio in back so we can all sunbathe nude out there. So the k**s and I are used to being naked around each other."

I accepted that ... and felt myself hardening again as she reached down and stroked my cock shaft. "You gonna finish what you started, big boy?" she teased. And I did exactly that ... wondering if the young daughter Susie was going to come wandering in next. The bedroom door was still wide open, just as it was all last night! Well, if she came, she came. And if the young teen girl caught her mother with her knees up around her ears and me fucking her like a donkey ... let Tascha explain that to her!

I got regular invitations, two or three nights a week, to come by for dinner, with the understanding that I'd be spending the night each time. It always included Friday night, which gave us Saturday morning for a long leisurely morning for serious sex. Saturday afternoons we usually spent with the k**s, going to the mall, a movie, several times to a nearby water park, regular f****y occasions. There was the occasional awkward moment when strangers would assume us to be a complete f****y and me the father despite my youthful appearance. Tascha and her k**s always found that tremendously amusing and went right along with the joke, often to my embarrassment or confusion.

I enjoyed the water park much more with this f****y than I ever did by myself. Tascha was seriously sexy in her very tiny European bikini (she kept herself in remarkably good shape, working out regularly with both the k**s, she said). The young daughter Susie was equally exciting despite her young age: even at 15, her breasts are high and firm (which was to be expected, I suppose, given her mother's voluptuous body and full breasts); she had an amazing figure for her age, and she wasn't afraid to show it off either! She seemed to be teasing me, I suspected, flaunting herself a little, but I paid it no mind. I was much too physically taken with her insatiable mother to spend much time on an inexperienced nymphet like Susie. Much to her irritation, I suspected.

I was surprised at the good physical shape of the son Charles. He was sixteen, quite tall (6'2" easily), and very muscular for a teenager. It seemed he works out regularly with weights as well as running and exercising with his mother.

There was an oddness about him though that I hadn't figured out yet. He was a nice enough k**, friendly and polite with me, well mannered ... but he just seemed, I don't know, slightly effeminate! Something about his voice, the way he moved sometimes ... I'd never met an out-and-out gay teenager before, but I was wondering if that was what was going on here. He'd shown no interest in me at all sexually, just normal friendliness. He was unconcerned, nonchalant even, about his mother's obvious sensuality and high sex drive. I couldn't quite figure it.

I continued to share supper with the f****y and then an evening of television or movie watching. Tascha and I would casually make out on the couch, working her up to some serious sex in the bedroom later, more or less ignoring the k**s (since they knew we weren't watching the TV anyway). I noticed that the son pretty much ignored us, but the young daughter Susie was watching us more and more.

I also noticed that Susie had gotten into the habit of changing into a long t-shirt type nightshirt after supper, as if she was getting ready for bed. But it was awfully early usually, and the thin cotton fabric was quite revealing, showing her young breasts and nipples clearly. I also noticed she would stand in front of the patio glass doors while she had my attention, letting the evening sunlight outline her naked body beneath the thin nightshirt. I didn't think this was accidental: this young girl was trying to show herself off to me! And it was making me uncomfortable: what am I to do with a 15-year-old vamp coming on to me? Especially when I was fucking her mother?

I noticed one evening that the big stuffed chair Susie usually sat in had been moved over closer to the TV. It wasn't particularly well sited for a good view of the TV, but it certainly gave her a clear view of the couch where her mother and I made out ... and it gave me a very clear view of the daughter sitting there! Especially when she picked her feet up to the edge of the chair, spread her legs and knees, and intentionally gave me a clear view of her naked cunt up beneath that nightshirt!

I pretended to ignore it, but that was difficult, especially with her opening and shutting her legs to flash that cute young cunt at me, with her eyes and a sultry smile locked on me the whole time. Here I was, trying to pay attention to her very sexy mother, and this minx was flashing me!

When her mother, hunger obvious in her eyes, stood and pulled me to my feet to lead me to the bedroom for another evening of enthusiastic sex, I could see the young girl watching me, pouting, her eyes almost smouldering. I wondered if there was a sexual envy thing starting to build here? I wouldn't want to upset the apparently very nice balance and relationships in this f****y, wouldn't want to turn the daughter against her mother because of some adolescent crush on me!

Tascha, it turned out, had her own concerns. Before I could bring up the issue with her l****a daughter, she wanted to have a serious talk with me ... about her son!

It turned out she too had noticed some of Charles' recent mannerisms, the changes in his speech, even they way he was taking extra care in his dress. He was still working out (with her and alone), he was still on the high school baseball team (and was looking forward to football season in the fall where he was a valued player). But she also had noticed something effeminate about him, and she was getting concerned. He was well over sixteen but still wasn't dating, didn't show any particular interest in girls, porn, or anything else sexual so far as she could tell!

"You'd think he'd be like any other teenage boy," she said to me, "ready to stare at a woman's tits every chance he gets, even his own mother or s****r! But he doesn't look at me with any interest at all, not even when the three of us work out in the nude." (That was news to me, but no matter; it didn't surprise me when I thought about it.)

"So I was thinking ... maybe you could have a man-to-man sort of talk with him, maybe a little Sex Ed 101? Not the birds and bees exactly, he knows all about that. But something more personal?"

I agreed, and later that day he and I sat down and I tried to see if he had any questions about his sexual development, girls, etc. He seemed comfortable, confident, and mostly disinterested. He was polite, but it was like he just wasn't interested in the subject. I tried to hint that if he had any interest in guys, that was all right too and maybe he'd like to talk about it. But that didn't produce anything either! Most curious, I thought, and I reported the same back to his mother that evening when we went to bed.

"Okay then," Tascha said, "Time for drastic measures." I looked at her, not sure what she was getting at.

"Here's what we're going to do. I'm going to have Charles come in to the bedroom with us, I'm going to tell him I want to be absolutely sure he knows everything he needs to know about women and sex. I've already taught him all about female anatomy ..." I stare at her and she sees my surprise. "Well, of course! Why should I rely on those fools at the high school and their silly text books and outdated movies? I showed him on MY body, exactly what everything is, how it works, what it's for, what women like, how to excite them, everything!"

I was staring at her now, and she blushed a little. "Well, I didn't see anything wrong with that. He already knows what I look like naked, he's known that since he was a baby. So why not give him names for all the parts, and show him what they're all for?" She smiled faintly in reminiscence. "I even used a dildo to show him how a man would fuck me, or how I would give a man oral sex. I'll admit the size of the dildo was maybe a little unrealistic, but then Charles always has been kind of ... big, you know?" She smiled again, and I see a distant sort of hunger in her eyes. "I wonder ... I haven't seen him hard in quite a while, I wonder how big he really is now?"

She paused and I saw her tongue dart out to lick her lips, as she collected her thoughts.

"Well anyway ... I need to take it a little further, make sure that if he does have any interest in sex that he's comfortable and confident in expressing it. So ... he's going to watch while we make out naked right here in bed, while you do anything you want to get me excited, make me orgasm. And he's going to watch while I suck you, and then while you fuck me in every position you know! Until you're completely worn out!"

I blinked at her; this should be interesting, I thought to myself. I shrugged, "Well okay, if that's what you want. He's your son, and I don't know why that wouldn't work. I certainly don't know what else to do, and I'd hate to just ignore what might be a problem here."

I looked at her, "But you're sure? This is going to be pretty blatant, pretty raw, for what is really still a young inexperienced teenage boy."

She grinned at me. "You don't know the half of it. Because, when you're done fucking me ... Charles is going to take HIS turn! I'm going to take his kilt off (the boy often sits around watching TV in the evenings in a cotton kilt, his own sort of bathrobe) and suck his cock until he's this close to coming! And then he's going to climb on me and spread my legs and fuck me like a man!"

Okay, this was a stretch. Still, if that's what she wanted to do ... I had no problem lying there watching a woman getting fucked by her teenage son. In fact, if Charles got into it, that might be quite a scene! Someone that young, that fit, the height of his sexual powers ... and if he had a cock to fit the rest of his physique as his mother was hinting ... she was going to be in for one hell of a ride!


It was the woman's fourth orgasm, my third climax, and she was lying on top of me naked and exhausted. Charles had sat there in the chair by the bed, watching and listening as his mother explained and then demonstrated every possible sexual act we could think of. He'd been polite, attentive, curious even (some of his questions were a bit strange, but at least he was showing an interest in the heterosexual activities.) Admittedly he hadn't leaped up and hammered his cock into his mother's ass, or pulled me off her spread body to take my place; but that might just be good manners.

Catching my own breath, my hands still cupped around his mother's firmly rounded buttocks, I looked up and caught his eyes.

"So, like your mom said before we started ... we've been worried ... that you didn't seem interested in girls ... or even an obviously exciting woman like your mother! So ... this demonstration.

"And, if she ever gets her breath back, your mother is going to invite you, no, she's going to INSIST that you fuck her."

I saw him blink and look at her naked body, at her shaven cunt clearly visible beneath her slim legs with my cock still imbedded in it.

"Are you going to have a problem with that?"

He grinned and shook his head. "Heck, no! I'd have fucked her a long time ago if I'd had a chance, if I thought that was what she wanted. I mean, I've always thought Mom was hot! Heck, I see her naked all the time, and sometimes when we're working out, I'd wonder what would happen if I just stepped up behind her when she was bent over or something and just stuck my cock inside her!

"But I just kind of thought it was ... inappropriate, you know? I mean, she was getting plenty of sex from you and other guys, and from Dad when he's home. She never really said she wanted me to fuck her. So I figured I'd just take my time, I'd get my turn having plenty of sex when I found the right girl."

I saw Tascha raise herself on her elbows and look back at her son.

"Plus ..." He blushed a little. "To be honest, Susie's been keeping me kind of worn out!"

"Susie?" we both exclaimed.

"Well, yeah ... didn't you know, Mom? Heck, that was months ago! Susie came in one night when I was asl**p and started sucking on me! That was when you were seeing that other guy, the one before Fritz here." He looked at me and shrugged as if to say, sorry to mention that other guy who was fucking my mom. "She was mad at you, I guess, because she said that you said that you weren't going to let that other guy fuck her! At least not until she was older anyway, that she was way too young for that! And since you were getting cock all the time, she wanted some for her too! And if that guy wouldn't fuck her, than I could! And she climbed up on top of me and stuffed my cock inside her and started riding away!" He shrugged. "I've been fucking her pretty much every day, twice a day sometimes, ever since!"

Charles looked at his mother, still lying on top of me, naked, thoroughly fucked, my cock still in her cunt. "That's okay, isn't it, Mom? Mom? Do you still want me to fuck you now, Mom? Maybe while I'm fucking you, Fritz could fuck Susie so she wouldn't feel left out?"


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