Anna 2: Anna and the Morning Visitors

Anna has me come over. She tells me it's been days since I had sex with her, and she understands. I'm not so young, I can't fuck as often as the younger men, but that's okay. She enjoys it very much when I just watch her playing with herself, when I help her pleasuring herself. She likes sucking on me, she likes me inside her even if I don't want to fuck her hard and come inside her.

She then says she wants me to do something special just for her. She will suck me until I'm hard, and then she wants me to fuck her ass. She knows I prefer her ass because it is so tight on my cock and excites me more than her cunt does. And that's all right too: she understands and wants to give ME pleasure, because I've given her so much.

She seems quite serious, so I cooperate. Prepared by her expert sucking mouth, I oil my cock and slide it into her ass. She makes no attempt to masturbate or stimulate herself, but just concentrates on squeezing and giving as much sensation to my cock as she possibly can, reaching behind and cupping my balls, encouraging me to squeeze her breasts and nipples, until I finally, after a long slow and even strenuous fuck, come deep in her ass.

"Now stay there, stay right inside. I know you can stay in my ass even if you get soft, and I want to feel you there all the time while I talk to you.

She explains it has been very good for her since she and I were caught that day. She has had wonderful sexual adventures, much pleasure, more than she ever imagined possible. Lots of fun too, it was fun being with me, playing with me, our games, the sex, everything. The firemen were fun although they were very tiring and wore her out, so she couldn't visit them very often, they were just too exhausting.

She loves me, she really does. Maybe even more than she loves her husband. Oh, she wouldn't think of leaving Allan: he cared for her and his f****y, he provided a good home, they had their c***dren. But she is very glad I am now a part of her life too, and that she and I could share so much together.

Anna continues to gently squeeze her anus around my soft cock, just a familiar friendly contact, wonderfully intimate too, and her hand reaches behind her to gently fondle and squeeze my testicles. My arms are still around her with my hands fondling her breasts; it's a very close intimate time.

"And things were even better with me and Allan," she says. He is having more regular sex with her, he enjoys some of the new toys she'd found, and some of the teasing sexy games she's started playing with him again. She has a naughty side now that he seems to find interesting.

She wants everything to stay the same, and she especially wants to make me happy any way she can. But she warns me there may be some things that will happen that I will not be happy about, and she wants to tell me about them now. I must try to understand, and I must do as she says. Her marriage is very important to her, she will not divorce her husband no matter what. She knows about other women that he sometimes sees, that she suspects he sl**ps with, and it doesn't matter: he doesn't love them at all, even though she knows he doesn't really love her all that much either.

But she will not leave him, no matter what he does. And he has begun to do some things that she is not so happy about, things that will not make me happy either.

"Do you remember, last week, there were some marks on my wrists, on my ankles? On my breasts? And I was sore, inside? So you had to be very gentle when we fucked?"

I remember, I asked about them, and she brushed it off as some bondage games with Allan where they weren't careful with how she was tied up, and she got too excited and pulled against the ropes too hard.

"Well, that wasn't what happened. Allan has made some new friends, not very nice people. You remember how I thought that maybe he would want to watch me having sex? How much he liked that hillybilly prisoner movie? Well, I was right: that is what he wants, what he enjoys ... very very much.

"He took me to this place, a house outside of town. These two men and a woman were there, very rude people. The house was very dirty and I didn't like it at all. Allan insisted I have a drink, so I did even though I didn't want to stay. And then I somehow fell asl**p, I think the drink had a d**g in it.

"And when I woke up, these men had me naked and tied up in their garage! They were dressed in those special leather clothing some men like for domination, they call it. These leather pants with the front cut away so their cock and balls stick out! And they have these leather things around their cocks with sharp spikes. And the woman was there too, dressed very sexy but black leather and high heels. A very short jacket with holes in the front where her breasts stuck out! And she had a whip that she would hit me with, not very hard because they didn't want many marks on my body, but it would hurt because she would whip my breasts and cunt. And the men would tie me up in positions where I was very uncomfortable, my legs spread and pulled up high and my cunt very open. And then they would fuck me over and over again. And if they got tired, they would put on fake cocks, big dildos that fit over their real cocks, and they would fuck me with them!

"And when they got tired of that, they would take me down and tie me up some other way. Many different ways, so many ways I can't even remember them all. Tie me up, laugh and play with me and my body, maybe fuck me with a dildo or the woman would whip me with her whip or fuck me with the handle. And then take me down and tie me up some other way! Ropes around my breasts to make them bulge so strange, and clips on nipples that hurt, or strings that would pull them out so hard.

"There was a big wheel on one wall, and they would tie me to that wheel, with my arms and legs spread way out and a cloth tied around my head that went in my mouth and held it open so I couldn't make sounds, and that was tied to the wheel too so I couldn't even move my head. And then they would spin the wheel and make me go around while the woman whipped me some more. And the weights clipped to my nipples would spin around and pull my nipples in every direction. I would cry and try to scream, but I could make no noise because of that cloth that gagged me.

"And then they would take me down and tie me up some other way and fuck me and whip me some more.

"Sometimes it would start out very simple, like just tie my wrists and hands together and maybe a ball for a gag in my mouth, and I would think this maybe isn't going to be so bad. But then they would do more things: the rope to my wrists would now be over a pulley in the ceiling and my arms are being pulled way up over my head, stretching me so I am on tiptoes and they can play with my whole body and I can't even move!

"And I think this isn't so bad, the whip doesn't hurt so much, the dildo fucking me even starts to feel good a little. And then they do something else, like one of those cone things like you see in the streets? Orange and white they use to mark where the road is bad? Well they have one of those, with the top rounded and smooth. And they set it under me, between my legs, pressed up against my cunt. And then they pull up my feet and tie my ankles to my legs so I cannot stand, and then they stop holding my body up and all my weight is now on my arms where they are tied over me. And they let the rope out through the pulley and now more of my weight is now right on my cunt on the top of that cone! But the top is so big it can only fit inside my cunt a little bit, so it spreads my poor cunt open more and more. They took pictures of the cone pushing up in my cunt and then showed me the pictures on that little camera, it was so ugly, so cruel, my poor cunt spread so open with that cone pushing into it! And when I thought I could stand no more, they poured oil down my cunt and over the top of the cone, and let more rope out, and I dropped even more on the cone, and it pushed even deeper into me! I thought I would tear in two! And then the woman came and started stroking my body and my breasts and nipples and clitoris and using her tongue on me and getting me so excited that I didn't even notice my poor cunt being split open by that cone! And then she made me come so hard, and right when I was coming, they lowered me even more and the cone went even deeper, and I came even harder, moving on that cone, trying to make it fuck me to even more orgasms!

"They made me sit on that cone every day I was there, you know. Every day and I was there three days, Friday through Sunday. And every day I had to orgasm on it. This is how they punished me, and yet these orgasms were so strong, so like a bomb going off inside me, I could hardly think. They were so clever and so cruel in exciting me, I don't know how they ever learned all these terrible things, but they had so much fun with me and I didn't know what was pain and what was pleasure any more because every pleasure had some pain and every pain had some pleasure!

"I didn't know it, but this garage had cameras in every corner, recording everything, so there was a movie of everything happening to me. And sometimes the woman would bring out a little camera and take special recordings when they would do things to my cunt or make me suck them. Oh god, Fritz, they never fucked my cunt to come in it; they would make me suck them until they came in my mouth! I don't mind that, really, but their cocks were dirty and I don't know what they eat but their cum tasted and smelled bad even!"

She squeezed my hand where I was fondling her breast.

"You know, I am very proud of my breasts. I think they are pretty, a good size, not too big to make me vain but a nice size. A nice shape, men like them, I know you like them just like now; you hold my breast and squeeze it just because it feels good and because you know I like it too.

"But those people, my breasts were only for hurting me, for shaming me! My breasts were nicer than that woman's, and she knew it too and she hated me for it! And they punished me for my nice breasts, just like for everything else they hated or liked about me. Everything was for pain, and yet it was somehow pleasure and sex all mixed up!

"They had these plastic things I think they made from big plastic bottles like the 7-Up comes in, you know? It was only half of a bottle, cut around the middle, with the small neck where the cap screws on.

"Well, they had this vacuum cleaner like I use to clean the house, and they would use it to suck on my nipples or my cunt lips to hurt me. The second day the woman decided to use the bottles on my breasts. She tied a string tightly around my nipple and dropped the string down through the bottle so it fell out the neck, you know? Then she used the string to pull my nipple and breast way out, hurting me but pulling it into a more pointed shape, not round like now, okay?

"And that made my breast small enough to at least start to fit inside the bottle! Usually my breast is too round, too big to fit inside even a big bottle like that, but this string pulling my nipple was like when they used nipple clips and weights on the wheel: they too would pull my breasts out into a strange shape!

"So my breast was now long instead of round, and my nipple hurt so much with the string pulling tight around it, but she would suck on the nipple and that somehow felt good, and she would fuck me some with her whip handle until I was begging her to make me come, but she wouldn't. And then the man brought up that vacuum machine and they put the hose on the bottle neck and turned it on. And the vacuum sucked the rest of my breast up into the bottle so the bottle was FULL of my breast and my nipple was all the way up in the neck! And then they took away the vacuum and my breast stayed up inside the bottle because it fit so tight. And they took a bottle cap and pulled the string until it was pulling hard on my poor nipple that was already so sore, and they screwed on the bottle top so it held the string tight and wouldn't let my nipple go!

"They did that with both of my breasts, and then tied my arms up and made me just hang there, laughing and taking photographs of my poor breasts stuck inside those terrible bottles, with my nipples burning like fire. Not my pretty breasts and nipples which even those terrible men liked to squeeze and suck on. Now they were sucked up inside plastic bottles hanging on my chest, like some plastic toy.

"And then that woman stroked my body, my ass, my cunt, and she fucked me with the whip handle and then whipped me, and they had this thing stuck in my ass that had a long plastic tail on it to make me look like a horse or something! And that made them laugh even harder, because they were already d***k I think. And I was hurting and crying and so excited and so close to an orgasm, and that terrible woman knew it and made me so close to coming and then stopped and squirted cold water on me, and then made me hot again. Sometimes fucking me and sometimes whipping my cunt, and I couldn't tell after a while which was more exciting! If they didn't have a gag in my mouth, by this time I would usually be begging them to fuck me, to make me come, but that just made them laugh harder. And then she was hitting my breasts in their bottles with her hand and whipping my poor cunt so hard, right on its lips and clitoris, and I came so hard, I had such an orgasm I couldn't stand up any more.

"And the men, they were both d***k, and they took me down and fucked me right there on the floor, both of them. But again they wouldn't come inside me. They were going to, I think, they were fucking me so hard and fast, one man holding my arms and my ankles high, the other fucking inside me. But the woman came and told them not to come inside me, so they just took turns fucking me some more and when one got too close, he would trade with the other man and just hold me while he fucked me for a while. They got me so hot and almost coming and begging for more fucking, and then they fucked my mouth and came in my throat, and that woman whipped me while I was sucking on them until I came again! I think she was trying to make me have sex with pain rather than pleasure, and I was so afraid she was doing that too! None of them ever did anything nice for me, tried to make me feel good, they never touched me for my pleasure. It was always for their pleasure and usually my pain! I hated them so much for that ... but yet I kept having orgasms, so much pleasure even when hurting, and that was very confusing.

"And there was a machine, made just for fucking me. They would tie me on this small bench with my arms behind me, pulled way back and up behind me by a pulley on the ceiling and a rope. And my hair pulled up that way too to pull my head way back, and always gagged so I couldn't cry out.

"And a bar between my ankles spreading my legs to hold me wide open. And then this machine they brought out, it was on wheels and it had this long thing sticking out in front with a big dildo, bigger even than the black one the firemen gave me! And they made this machine fuck me! The long thing would move back and forth, making the big dildo move back and forth, in and out of my cunt. And they could adjust it so it moved exactly as long as the dildo, so it would fuck me with its whole length!

"Except they didn't have the nice lotion the firemen had, just some baby oil I think. And it fucked me hard and fast and it would never ever ever stop! It made me come over and over again even though I didn't want to!"

Anna is in tears now, but continues to f***e the words out, telling me what happened to her.

"And always calling me names, making fun of me, whipping me. They had a little thing, like what you put on my clitoris the first time we went to that fireman party? And they put that on my clitoris, and it would vibrate and get me too excited, so even when they were hurting me and whipping me, I would still be having an orgasm. It was so awful! Soon I would be so mixed up and my body was just so hurting and sensitive and still I would be coming and they would be fucking me ...

"I want you to watch the recording they made. Yes, I have it here. Because you see, Allan had them do this to me. He paid them, although I think maybe they had so much pleasure hurting me they would have done it for free. But they liked the money too, I'm sure. The recording was for him, he wanted to see them doing these terrible things to me!

"I was there for three days, and they did this every day. Late at night, when they were tired and too d***k to fuck me any more, they would tie me on this old bed, legs and arms spread out so I couldn't even move. And still with a ball in my mouth so I couldn't scream. And maybe somebody would stick something into my cunt, a dildo or a bottle or whatever they had, just to make me feel bad and to remind me that my cunt was theirs to use any way they wanted. And they would throw a blanket over me and then go to bed, leaving me there until the morning. When it would all begin again!

"The third evening they tied my wrists to that pulley rope and pulled my arms up high so I couldn't move. Then the woman had a bucket of soapy water and she washed my body and my hair and used a thing with a bulb with the soapy water to wash out my cunt and my ass so there would be no evidence that they had been r****g me. And the men just sat there drinking and laughing at me, calling me terrible names. And they were playing the camera recording on a laptop and laughing at how I would be crying and having orgasms at the same time while they whipped me and fucked me and had me on that machine or on that terrible cone.

"And then they tied me up again with my arms behind me and my ankles tied together, and stuck this vegetable, this cucumber, up inside my cunt to keep me company, one man said, since I wouldn't have their cocks to make me happy any more. And I was still gagged but with a stick and a rope around my head because they didn't want to waste a good ball gag on me, they said.

"And then Allan came and looked at me to be sure they hadn't really hurt me, and the woman gave Allan the disk with the recordings, and then he paid them the rest of their money, it looked like a lot of money too! And the two men carried me out to the car and laid me down in the back seat and threw an old blanket over me so I guess people in other cars couldn't see me naked and tied up there.

"Allan never said a word the whole way home. But at least I was able to move my legs and hips a little and make that cucumber fall out of my cunt! I could do that anyway! And then at home, he untied my ankles but he wouldn't untie my arms or take out the gag, and he made me walk into the house naked and tied up like that! I was so glad it was late and dark and no one could see that side of the house, I was so ashamed! And the k**s were already in bed of course, so they didn't see me like that either. I felt so much like a slave that someone had bought, and now I was not even human any more, just something owned, to be used.

"And then, right there in our living room, Allan made me bend over that big padded footstool. Then he got undressed, and he got a broom and taped it to my ankles to spread my legs apart again, like they did in that garage. And then he put that recording there on the TV, the same one my c***dren watch cartoons on, with the big screen! Then he pulled my head way back with the cord from that gag still in my mouth, so my face was up and I would have to watch the TV. And he played that disk, that recording, watching everything they did to me. He would skip around, looking for special parts, making me watch it too, watch everything they were doing to me, hearing their nasty voices calling me names and insulting me.

"When he was excited enough by the recording and watching what they did to me, then he started fucking me.

"Fritz, he fucked me FOUR TIMES! FOUR times he came in me! More times than I don't know how long. He was that excited. He watched that recording all night long, and every time he got hard again, he would fuck me again! But not to give me pleasure, although I was so sore now I don't think I could enjoy any sex, but just to humiliate me, to use me, to give himself pleasure. Even when he couldn't come any more, when he got hard watching that terrible video, he got oil and made his cock slippery and stuck it in my ass, not so he could fuck me and have pleasure, but like he was telling me I was only there for him to use!"

She shows me the recording, pretty much as she described. A typical home-made torture chamber, and three abusers who had a very good time abusing and r****g the helpless Anna. I've seen a lot of B&D films, acting and real; but I never saw one helpless woman subjected to so much abuse, torment, and sheer raw sex as my poor helpless daughter-in-law. Or one that looked sexier and more exciting, no matter how they humiliated her.

"Allan said it was a wonderful recording, exactly what he'd always dreamed of. He knew it wasn't fun for me, but I wasn't really hurt, no harm done. And since I was having so much fun doing what I wanted with you, it was time I did something for him and that's what that weekend in the garage was all about, something for him! He said it wouldn't happen again, it was just that once, just for the recording. But from now on, he'd probably want to play that recording and fuck me like what was happening on the recording. So I should be ready to be tied up and gagged. Yes, and he'd probably want to whip me too. He was going to get a whip just like that terrible woman's. And some nipple clips. And maybe make some plastic bottles for my breasts."

She turns her head away from me, and in a soft voice says, "And there will be other men, he said. Not you and maybe the friends who would be fun to play with. Men to use me for their pleasure. And he plans to watch these men as they use me. I will be like a slave to these men, like I was a slave to the people in that garage, and like I was a slave to him right there, tied, gagged, watching my own torture with his cock in my ass."

"You don't have to put up with that," I tell my unhappy daughter-in-law. "It's i*****l, it's wrong. Your husband can't do that to you. Everything he's done to you, what those people did to you, is wrong!"

She shakes her head. "No, he CAN do it to me. I will LET him do it, because I need my f****y, I need my home. And yes, I even need him! Even though this is terribly cruel, and what he had those people do to me is so shameful ... I think once he has done all that he wants to do with me, all these **** and dominating things, even all these other men using me, that it will be okay again. He will have tried it, done it, enjoyed it, you see? And maybe that will be enough, he will be bored perhaps, and he will see that I still love him, I hope, and we can go back to as we were. So I'm going to let him do this, I will even cooperate. If he wants to **** me, I will pretend to try to resist but he will always win. If he wants to bring more men to **** me and fuck me ... he can do that too, I will let them do what they want, pretend to fight, but surrender and let them do anything they want to me. If they want a slave, I will be their slave. I don't think he really wants to hurt me, it's just his imagination, the things he needs to give him pleasure.

"And I will just hope that he will get his fill.

"But I hope that I can still come to you, have you for my affection and my love and my happy sex? Even if things are not so happy with Allan?"

I'm disturbed, very disturbed. I see no good coming from this, but if Anna's mind is made up to tolerate this incredible abuse, there's little I can do to prevent it. This is a problem, a serious problem, and for now I have no solution.


Anna has asked that I don't come over unless she calls me to ask me. She doesn't explain, and I don't push her for details. I know she'll confide in me when she's ready. But I make a habit of swinging by her house to watch for a while, just to see what's going on.

Coming earlier one morning, I see a van parked in front of her car. After about 45 minutes I see three men leave Anna's house, get into the van, and drive away. Two appear to be Mexican, the third a very fat black man.

I later learn from Anna the full details of that first shocking morning visit.

-- Anna's story of her morning visitors

Allan had told his wife that these three men would be coming by, that she was to do everything they asked without question.

"What will they want?" she asked apprehensively. "What must I do? Do you mean ... these are the men you spoke of, the men who will be ... having sex with me, making me do what they want?"

"Yes," he replied, "they'll be having sex with you, photographing it too." He looked at her sternly. "And you'll cooperate too, whether you like it or not, understand! Anything they want, give it to them, whether you like it or not!"

Unhappily, Anna agreed.

The next morning Anna heard a hard knock on her front door. Peering out nervously, she could see three strangers: two Mexicans with brown skin and mustaches, and a hugely fat black man. She cracked open the door, "Yes?"

"You're Anna, right? The boss sent us over. You're supposed to let us in!"

Swallowing her fear, Anna opened the door wider and the men pushed in to her home. Anna was dressed in a house robe, nervous, embarrassed at these strangers in her home. The men were a little unsure of themselves, not sure if everything is as they were told. "You know we are coming? You know you must do everything we want?" one Mexican asks. Anna nodded, her eyes downcast, avoiding their stares. But she could feel their eyes roaming over her body, seeming to see right through her robe.

The fat black man said "You a good looking bitch, no question there!" He reached out and squeezed one of Anna's full breasts through the robe's fabric. "You naked under there?" Unresisting, Anna nodded. "Yes, I'm naked." She swallowed again, determined to cooperate as her husband demanded.

The second Mexican stepped forward. "Hey mon, I gotta see some of this shit! Let's not have no more screwing around okay?"

He stripped off her robe, cast it aside, and the men all stared at the completely naked woman. The second Mexican pushed forward and grabbed Anna's breasts with both hands. "Oh yeah, we gonna fuck right now, honey, right now!" he said and pushed her toward the couch. But the first interrupted him and held him back. "Hey, we got our instructions, man. We gotta fuck her in the kitchen! Nobody said we could fuck her on the couch!"

"Yeah, we can do that too. The kitchen is next. But this fine chica is right here, she's naked like a baby, and she got the finest titas and cunt I seen lately! I want me some of this fine pussy right now! Come on, honey, we gonna fuck!" He grinned at the other two men. "I just get her warmed up for you, okay?"

He bent Anna over the end of the couch and, without delay, fucked her heavily, with the second Mexican photographing the action. Coming inside her, he pulled out and grabs the digital camera from his friend. "Lemme see, what do they look like?"

The two Mexicans were looking at the digital camera images, chattering in Spanish. The black man said "Hey, you two, speak English okay? Not Spanish all the time!" They grumbled but switched to English.

"You got her face good and clear man, and great, there's a tit right there! Except you didn't get my cock, man! You gotta get down low so you can get pictures of my cock fucking her! And my balls hanging down too, I wanna see that too!"

"Screw you and your cock. Okay, I'll see what I can do. No, YOU take the pictures, it's gonna be my turn next anyway."

"Mon, that cunt is so sexy shaved smooth like a baby! I love a naked cunt, that's for sure! You know, we gotta make all our women shave their cunts just like that!"

Ignoring the other two, the fat black man pulled the unresisting Anna to her feet. She was flushed, her nipples were hard; she was excited but there hadn't been enough time in the fast heavy fuck to get her really aroused. But she was wet now; when the Mexican first entered her, it was painful. She was glad she'd thought to lubricate herself with some of the firemen's lotion before these three arrived, or it would have been even more painful. She'd prepared her anus and rectum as best she could too: a bowel movement, a thorough enema, and then petroleum jelly inside and a thorough coating of lotion along her ass. She could feel the slippery lotion between her ass cheeks at every stride, and wondered if she'd be fucked in the ass as well.

In the kitchen the black man pushed Anna to her knees, unzipped his trousers, and pulled out a massive cock. "Start sucking, bitch! Hey, you two, get in here and get some photos!" They photographed her taking the black man's huge cock into her mouth, fondling his balls, but he didn't let her suck him off.

Instead he directed the other two. "We gotta tie her up in here like that video he showed us. Somewhere with her arms spread out, her legs up high, her cunt real open!" After a discussion, they set the naked woman on the kitchen counter. One of the Mexicans pulled some soft cotton strapping from a pocket. Using it, they lashed each of her wrists and pull her arms high. The only place to secure them was to the swinging cabinet doors, so they pinched the strapping with the door hinge, holding her arms high.

They lifted her ankles high, spreading her legs wide; that exposed her shaven cunt very nicely, but they couldn't find any place strong enough to tie her legs up. They agreed that just holding them up like that would work: two would hold her, get some good photos of her face, her naked body, her spread-open cunt ... and then they would take turns fucking her.

"Man, I can't get my cock that high! I'm not that tall!"

"Well, here's a stool, you idiot! You can stand on the stool!"

"How can I fuck her standing on a stool? I'll fall down and bust my ass!"

"Okay, don't then. We're gonna fuck her on the kitchen table anyway, you can do her there."

The first Mexican tried the stool anyway. Standing on the first step brought his cock up over the counter top, one more step and he was just about lined up with Anna's cunt. But she was too far away, her ass set too far back on the counter. Grumbling in Spanish, he grabbed her thighs and pulled her toward him until her ass was right on the edge of the counter. Satisfied, he pushed his hips forward and pumped his hard cock straight into her vulnerable cunt.

Anna gasped at the sudden sensation as the cock buried itself in her vagina. She was totally helpless, couldn't move at all, and could only groan with unavoidable pleasure as the now rapid fucking built the excitement even higher in her body.

"Hey man, get a shot of this! This is great: you can see everything around her cunt, and my cock going right in the middle! Man, look at that pussy pump!" Reaching out, he grabbed Anna's clitoris between thumb and forefinger and pinched. The helpless woman gasped at the unexpected combination of pain and pleasure, and then began to moan loudly as he continued to rub her clit with a rough circular motion as he pumped his cock in and out of her cunt, a full length stroke every time.

"Ohhhhhh!" she moaned. "You ... you're making me ... oh god, I'm coming!" She couldn't move, she couldn't fuck back at the cock inside her; she could only sit there helpless, her legs lifted high, as her body exploded in an orgasm.

"Man, did you see that? This bitch just came like crazy! Hang on, chica, you gonna get a box full of cum now, oh yeah, now I'm coming, here ya go baby! Ahhhh! Ohhhhh mama mita!" Grunting with pleasure, the Mexican came in his own climax, pushing his cock its full length into her soaking wet cunt, shooting his thick cum deep inside her body.

Once he got his breath back, he and the other Mexican released the straps holding her arms high and wide. They lifted Anna's naked body down onto her feet, gleefully groping, fondling, pinching her breasts, buttocks, everywhere on her naked body, taking full advantage of her helplessness. Pulling her arms behind her back, they wrapped the wrist straps around her forearms just below the elbow, securing her arms together across her back. Then, after more groping and squeezing of her breasts and cunt, they put her face down on her own kitchen table.

"Hey man, we got any oil? You see any oil? We're supposed to fuck her ass, but I ain't doing it dry man, that hurts!"

"Damn right ... it would hurt her too, and we aren't supposed to be hurting the bitch, just fucking her!

"Wait a minute ... I just stuck my finger in her ass a minute ago. It's already slippery!"

The fat black man laughed. "This slut is a real slut! She figured she'd be fucked in the ass and got herself ready for it!"

"Well, I wanna be sure. Looking in the cabinets, one Mexican found a bottle of olive oil. "Here, this will do just fine! Look, nice and slippery!"

Pouring some in his hand, he liberally coated his cock with the olive oil, and then slid his hand between Anna's cheeks to thoroughly coat her anus. He could hear her moan at the sensation as he buried his middle finger to the hilt in her ass. "Oh yeah, you like that, bitch? You know what that ass is for, don't you?"

He took several strokes with his finger in Anna's sphincter, and then moved behind her and pushed his oiled cock between her full round buttocks. "Here ya go, honey, one nice hard cock right into the old shit tube!"

Grinning with delight, he pushed his cockhead up against her tight round anus, pushed harder, and then grunted with pleasure as his cockhead suddenly popped through Anna's tight anus and into her rectum.

"There we go, now we fucking some ass, uh huh!" The other Mexican continued photographing as the first slowly pushed his cock deeper into the helpless woman's rectum, savoring every inch of the sensation as his thick cock shaft pushed through her quivering pulsing sphincter.

"Okay, Jose, all the way in! You like it too, don't you chica? Come on, tell your friends how much you like my cock in your ass!"

Anna was moaning, excited again at the sensation of the cock burying itself in her helpless bottom. She wasn't listening to the chattering Mexicans, her entire universe was now her cunt, her sensitive anus, and the cock fucking her. A hard slap on her buttocks got her attention. "What did I say, baby? Tell us how you like that butt fucking!"

"Ahhhhhh ... oh god ... oh yes, I like it! I like it! I love your cock in my ass. Please, please ... fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass!"

Anna was thoroughly aroused now, wanting nothing but more excitement, more stimulation. Her groin was on fire, her tight asshole burning from the cock now stroking in and out of her bowels, and she could feel a rush of warmth deep in her cunt as the excitement builds even more. She tried to remember, talk dirty, men love it when she talks dirty!

"Ohhhhh! Fuck me! I want to come with you fucking my ass! Oh yes, hold me, fuck me hard! Put your cum in me! Fuck me! You make me orgasm, I know you can! Oh god I want your cock!"

"You got it, chica!" The Mexican was breathing hard now, fucking as fast and hard as he could into Anna's ass. Her rectum was tight around his cock head and shaft when he was fully buried, and the muscular anus squeezed tightly around every inch of his thick cock as he stroked in and out.

He could feel it coming now, a tingling, a throbbing ... and then a pulsing surge of sperm jetted down his cock and shot into Anna's bowels! She gasped as his cock swelled with each spurt of cum, and then let out a long wavering cry as yet another orgasm overwhelmed her. The fat black man could barely hold her down on the table as her body jerked and convulsed, her hips bucking up, pushing her ass back onto the cock still buried in her bowels.

She was still jerking, pushing, trying to keep the fuck going, when the Mexican laughed. "You got a load now, honey! Time for some more fucking, but your cunt gets it this time! And we get you while you still hot too, you slut!"

Without any delay, the three men lifted her from the kitchen table top. Not even bothering to put her on her feet, they carried her still-jerking body over to the side of the kitchen. There they bent her over the top of her washer, and the other Mexican fucked her in the cunt from behind. Hardly recovered from the last orgasm, Anna was brought right back to the peak of her excitement and came again, one long shuddering continues series of spikes of pleasure as the second Mexican fucked her hard and fast.

"Hey man, I got an idea!" The black man dropped his pants to the floor, exposing his huge buttocks and the massive cock hanging down in front. He got the other two to help him and finally lay on his back across the top of the washer drier. "Now put some stuff in this drier! We'll get it running, it'll vibrate, and that'll give the bitch a real thrill when she rides me!"

"You gonna make her ride you man? You too lazy to fuck her yourself?"

"Damn right, fool! I'm too big, that's way too much work pumping my big ass the way you little guys pump yours! It's like you guys got a two pound hammer and I got a twelve pounder! Too much sweat, I'm not sweating just to fuck some bitch. Not when she's in good shape to do that! Let the bitch do all the work!"

The two Mexicans finally got the drier loaded with some already clean clothes that they wet in the sink and figured how to get it started. "Oh yeah," the black man said. "That's working just fine! Now get that slut up on top of me, she's gonna enjoy this ride!"

The Mexicans untied Anna's arms. Leaving the straps dangling from her wrists, they made Anna climb onto the black man's body, suck and fondle him to full erection, and mount herself on his huge cock. He f***ed her to take the entire length inside, and then made her rock herself to an irresistable orgasm. The drier's shaking moved through his bulky body, transmitting its vibration the full length of his huge cock as she rode him. Her entire world disappeared, there was nothing but her cunt and the thick black cock, and she filled the kitchen with her cries of passion as she came over and over again.

The two Mexicans took turns photographing the entire action, amazed at the length and thickness of the black man's cock as he grew even larger. But he gave her no relief after her first explosive orgasms on top of him: he made her fuck him more, harder, more stroking, until he finally came inside her. The rush of hot cum deep in her vagina made Anna come again on this massive, unbelievably stimulating cock, and she collapsed in sexual exhaustion on the fat man's body.

The two Mexicans lifted her down and led her over to the kitchen door. They'd already planned their next game. Using the cloth strapping again, they pulled her arms back over the door and secured the tape at the door hinge. This left the unresisting helpless Anna standing, naked and helplessly stretched, on the front edge of the door. Her full breasts were pulled high by her upstretched arms, her belly stretched taut and flat. Thick driblets of creamy cum were drooling out of her thoroughly fucked cunt and streaking down her naked thighs. They got good clear photos of her standing there helplessly, and then zoomed in for closeups of her fucked cunt and the cum dripping from her.

"Man, this is one fucked woman, no question!"

"Yeah, man," the other Mexican laughed. "No question, the boss will know we fucked her good!"

"Well I ain't tired yet man," the first said. "Come on, let's tie this naked cunt up somewhere else and fuck her some more!"

They then took her down, sat her on a tall kitchen chair, and tied her hands behind the chair's back. Lifting her legs high over her shoulders tilted her pelvis upward, positioning her cunt and vagina for perfect hard penetration. Holding her there, the two Mexicans took turns fucking Anna until both of them had come inside her yet again.

The black man was tired from his climax on the washer (even though he'd hardly moved at all during the long fuck that brought poor Anna to multiple explosive orgasms), and didn't want to fuck her again. He directed the two Mexicans to lift Anna up from the chair. But he sat down in a kitchen chair and f***ed Anna kneel in front of him. With her arms still helplessly bound behind her, she moved her head and naked torso slowly, her full red lips stretched around the thick black veined cock shaft, sucking avidly, tasting the cum and her own juices from the long exhausting self-fuck on the drier. She almost choked several times because of the length and thickness of his cock and the way he pulled her head into him, face-fucking her. But he finally came, forcing her to hold his cock in her mouth and swallow his thick cum, sucking on him until he softened and relaxed.

Untying the unresisting Anna, the three men then left, laughing, promising to show her the pictures, leaving the exhausted, naked, cum-stained woman crumpled on her kitchen floor. With streaks of cum and olive oil on almost every surface of her once spotless kitchen.

"Why you think the boss wants us to fuck her in the kitchen?" one of the Mexicans asked as they walk out to their car.

The black man laughed. "Kitchen's the special place for women. Now we fucked her everywhere, counter, table, washer, door, chairs, everything. I bet every time she looks in her kitchen now, she sees us fucking her! I bet that's why he did it, to make her feel bad."

The second Mexican shook his head. "That's one mean guy, that boss. Why he want to make such a pretty sexy woman feel bad? She one great fucking machine, she do anything, everything. I bet she's the best fuck I ever had, and she don't even love me! I know she love my cock though. And your cock." He grinned at the fat black man. "And for sure your cock!" He frowned in puzzlement. "No, I don't understand our boss."

The black man laughed. "You don't gotta understand him, amigo! Just work for him, take your pay, and the three of us fucks his hot sexy wife every single day on HIS time!"


The three men returned the next day. Resignedly Anna let them in and, without protest or order, opened and dropped her robe to stand naked before the three leering men. She knew what to expect from them now.

They all repeatedly ****d her, taking special care to stretch each long fuck out, to make sure she came as often as possible. Even the fat black man found the energy to bend her over the couch and fuck her from behind. Again, his massive cock hammering deep into her body brought Anna to a huge orgasm, leaving her almost unable to stand, collapsed over the couch, for a minute after he'd already pulled the still half-hard cock out of her body.

Knowing her excitability, the Mexicans went to great lengths to excite and torment her sexually, holding her on the very verge of orgasm, forcing her to plead for release, and then teasing and taunting her when she finally orgasms. They repeated the bondage in the kitchen, getting more photographs. The Mexicans had apparently discussed better ways and positions after studying the first batch of printouts.

There was something different though in the ****s on this visit. After each man ejaculated in Anna's cunt, they stopped all the action, f***ed her to squat with knees spread wide, and used a small jar to collect the cum as it dribbled from her gaping abused cunt.

"Why do you do that?" she asked numbly after the third collection. There was almost a half inch of thick whitish cum in the jar, most of it from the black man's huge discharge.

The fat black man shrugged, "Donno, just doing what we been told to do. I guess the boss wants it for something."

"Seems pretty nasty to me," one of the Mexicans commented. "But whatever he wants, no matter to me."

After the two Mexicans had both fucked her twice (to include two of them together, cunt and ass, for the first time), and the black man had f***ed her to ride him to her own orgasm and his own second climax, they took her into the living room. Sitting her down on the couch, they spread a collection of image printouts on the coffee table.

"We told you we would bring those photos for you to see! Turned out pretty good, huh?"

She blushed at the obscenely graphic pornographic photos. She was clearly identifiable in almost all of them, always being penetrated or with a mouth full of cock, hands groping her nakedness. Totally obscene, and totally undeniable.

One Mexican showed her a closeup of her face. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back in passion. Her mouth was gaping, her cheeks flushed, her full lips swollen with excitement.

"This is when I was fucking you really hard and pinching your nipples hard and you had that really great orgasm! Man I thought you were gonna buck me right off! But I kept fucking you, remember? And you came again and were really yelling so we had to stuff a rag in your mouth! But that was after this shot, it really shows you right when you were coming! Great stuff huh? I bet you never had an orgasm like that before!"

"Bullshit, man," the black man said. "She went nuts when she was riding me that first day. She came twice just sitting on my cock! And today too! You saw her come when she was riding me, I bet she thought she was gonna die and go to heaven, riding that cock of mine! You guys know damn well I got the biggest cock in the whole company, and that's just what she wanted too!"

"Yeah, your cock is big, man ... and I go along with her liking a big cock, you right there, man, hell, she likes ALL this fucking! But you can't fuck her in the ass like we can, man!"

"Yeah, man, you'd split her in two! Her cunt can take you, that's for sure, although I donno how, you big horse dick! But no way her ass!"

"Oh yeah? Well, let's just see!"

The black man heaved his massive weight to his feet and pulled his limp cock out of his pants. "Come on, bitch, get me hard here!" Anna stared at his cock. Even soft, it was easily two inches in diameter, and she knew how much it stretched her sensitive cunt every time she was f***ed to take it into her. "In my .. my ass? I can't ... it is too big! Too thick! Too long! You will hurt me!"

"Bull shit!" The black man pulled her head over into his groin and f***ed his bloated cock head between her lips and into her mouth. Groaning, Anna began sucking and stroking the cock. She could barely take more than its head into her mouth without gagging, but her expert lips and tongue and her hands stroking its shaft soon got him to full erection.

He pulled her up and bent her naked body over the end of the couch. "Get me some of that oil from the kitchen, one of you! We get this bad boy all slippery and she'll do fine!"

But despite their attempts, despite Anna's best efforts to relax and let her tight sphincter relax, they couldn't manage to get the huge bloated cockhead inside her ass. The black man finally gave up in disgust, grudgingly accepting the Mexicans' teasing.

"Stupid damn bitch, you ass so tight you can't even take a real man's cock!"

He pulled Anna with him as he lay down on the couch. "Well, you got me hard for something, now you gonna fuck me again, hear! Get on! I donno I can come again in you, but you sure gonna come on me!"

Resignedly the submissive Anna straddled the fat black man and guided his huge cock head up to her waiting cunt. Slowly she managed to work it into her body and then lowered herself, trying to relax her vaginal sheath as she slid the huge cock deeper and deeper into her body. She could feel the pressure deep inside her now as the cockhead hit the very bottom depths of her vagina. She knew she could take more, she'd had to take his entire length before, so she kept lowering herself onto his body, forcing the cock even deeper. She could feel her vagina opening, her cervix pushing to the side, as her body opened to accomodate the obscenely huge dick.

Finally she felt his stiff curly hair scratch her labia as they pressed against his groin. She had all of him! The depths of her cunt ached from the pressure of his huge cockhead buried inside her, but every inch of him was inside her!

"That's right bitch, you done good! You got the whole thing! Now fuck yourself, you slut! Start rocking! I wanna hear you come so loud the neighbors complain!"

Resignedly, Anna began her rocking. She knew how to excite herself now on this massive cock, and within minutes had worked herself to a surprisingly powerful orgasm! She knew what the black man expected and liked, her humiliation and surrender, and f***ed herself to be very vocal, moaning and crying as she worked herself to her peak. She even tried to please him with cries of "Oh god, yes, oh fuck me! fuck me! That's so good!"

She knew she was saying that to try to satisfy the man, excite him, get him finished with her ... but she knew, to her shame, that in fact his cock WAS good, it DID excite her, she DID want it to fuck her deep and long and hard! It shames her to be f***ed to climb on his fat bloated body, the Mexicans watching and laughing. Because they knew what she now knew: she WANTED to bury that obscenely huge cock in her body! She hungered for the overwhelming excitement it brought in her, the orgasms that drove everything but pleasure from her mind. She was so ashamed, she hated these men and what they made her do, what they did to her. But yet, every time, what they did, what they made her do, her body became excited and aroused and involved, and it betrayed her every time! How could she hate what they did when she got so much pleasure, over and over again?

She never knew she was like this. Oh she knew she was easily excitable. The men she slept with always enjoyed her passion, and most were expert enough to bring out all the lust and excitement she could give. They knew how to please her, and her body quickly learned how to please itself, how to extract every bit of pleasure from a fucking cock. But these were always men she liked, men she wanted, even men she loved. She never had to fuck or let herself be fucked by men she didn't really like or want to fuck. But now, these men, using her as they wanted, not caring about her, she did not care for them. She disliked them even, for what they did to her, for what they made her do. And the three, the man and woman at the garage where she was prisoner, she hated them! But yet ... when any of them began to excite her, her body responded, her body wanted more, her body hungered for the pleasure and the sex and would give and take anything! Anything to fill the hunger, to satisfy the need, to bring the orgasm that exploded in her cunt and burned out through her body!

"All right, bitch! You got off. Now you gotta get ME off! And that's gonna take a whole lotta fuckin'!"

Her body still shuddering in orgasmic aftermath, her cunt tingling, hot rushes still flooding up from her groin and through her tight breasts and nipples, Anna knew what she must do. Bracing herself with her knees and thigh muscles, tensing her vaginal muscles as much as she could to maximize the sliding sensation on his cock, she began to slowly raise her hips and groin, pulling her body up off the long thick cock. Then, trying to relax inside, she f***ed her body back down, fully burying the shaft inside her. She could hear the black man groan with pleasure at the full stroke of her tight cunt on his cock, and hoped, prayed that she can get him off quickly.

Building into a rhythm, panting now with both the heavy exertion and her own building sexual excitement, she moved faster and faster, each time taking a full stroke of the long cock inside her. He was motionless, savoring the tremendous sensation of Anna's cunt moving on his cock, so she was able to gauge her movements closely. She managed to pull the bulging cockhead completely out of her vagina and into the clinging tissues of her vulva at each withdrawal, and then f***ed it back through her tight vaginal opening as she lowered her body again. She knew this should give him a tremendous sensation as the cockhead pushed into her. But it was also giving tremendous sensations to her too, and she could feel her excitement building beyond control.

And then the excitement became unbearable: a rush of heat exploded from her groin and her body convulsed as she erupted in yet another full orgasm. Moaning, she dropped her body completely on the cock penetrating her and shudders, jerked, shivered for long exquisite wonderful seconds as pleasure completely flooded her mind.

Stunned, exhausted, she collapsed on the fat black man's chest. But he was having none of that. "Oh no you don't bitch! You not riding me like that to just have fun, I ain't come in you yet! You keep right on fucking!"

He looked over at the two grinning Mexicans who were enjoying (and photographing) the show. "Come on, give her ass a smack! Get her going again! Sheeeit ... you like fucking her ass so much, stick your dick inside her butthole and get her going again! She can fuck both of us if she gonna be so lazy!"

The first Mexican obediently slapped Anna's buttocks hard, while the other started painfully squeezing her breast and pinching her nipple. Then the one grabbed the bottle of olive oil and hastily coated his cock with the slippery oil. He then climbed up behind her, straddling the black man's legs. Grabbing Anna's hips with one hand to balance himself on the soft couch, he guided his slippery cockhead down between her buttocks until it slid down to her tight sphincter. Looking down, he could see the thick black shaft of the black man's cock buried in Anna's cunt, the bottom of the labia lips spread wide and stretched taut by its huge diameter. Grinning with pleasure, he pushed his cock against her ass, feeling its natural resistance.

Anna moaned at the new sensation, still stunned and confused from the overwhelming orgasm. "Wha ...what are you doing?"

"I'm fucking your ass, you slut! Shit, damn tight ass! Give me some more of that oil!" he demands to the other Mexican. Taking the oil, he poured more down the crack of her ass, coating her sphincter and the head of his cock even more heavily. "There we go! Now you get busy fucking my friend here or you gonna be stuck getting fucked all day!" He pushed his cock against her anus again, and then grunted with satisfaction as Anna instinctively relaxed to permit him entry.

"There we go, bitch! Now you getting fucked good!" he sighed as his oiled cockhead disappeared inside her tight little rosette of an asshole. He paused for a second to let her adjust to his size, and then continued to push forward, smoothly sliding his cock its full length into her empty rectum. Then he began a rapid stroking, interested now only in his own pleasure.

Anna tried to focus but the sensation of the cock hammering into her ass and the huge thick shaft still buried in her cunt was building up a whole new flood of sexual stimulation. Bracing herself, she lifted her body up and started to lift and drop her hips in the familiar movement needed to fuck herself on the cock buried within her cunt.

"Not so fast, you stupid bitch!" the Mexican complained. "You gonna pull my cock out, you keep bucking around like that!" He finally coordinated his own strokes with hers, and soon she had both cocks stroking in and out of her body. She felt the excitement building yet again, but she tried to concentrate. The black man was grunting now, even lifting his heavy body up against hers as he drew closer to his own climax.

"Oh yeah, bitch, you getting me good now. That's the way, fuck me good! You want this cock, don't you? You want my cum inside you, you fucking slut!" Obscenities poured from his mouth as he got even closer to his climax.

Then, with a groan of pleasure, he reached up and pulled Anna's hips down, forcing her body completely onto his cock, burying its full length inside her. Then he came deep inside her, groaning with pleasure and strain as each jet of cum spurted into her deepest crevices.

The sensation of his pulsing cock, the hot cum spurting inside her, was too much for Anna: she exploded in another orgasm, her body stiff and shuddering as her awareness totally centered on her cunt, the cock still stroking through her tight asshole into her pulsing rectum. The world was nothing but red flashes and pleasure, surge after surge of pleasure.

"Oh yeah, that's it! Man, feel that asshole pucker!" The Mexican groaned with pleasure. "Oh man ... here I go! Feel my cum, bitch!" With a burst of pleasure he climaxed inside Anna's bowels, as spurt after spurt of his cum shot inside her.

Anna distantly felt the swelling pulse as his cock swelled within her tight anus at each ejaculation. The stimulation, the knowledge that he was coming deep in her ass, that both men had fucked her to their full satisfaction, brought her to one more shivering peak of the long long orgasm. Then, almost u*********s, she collapsed again on the fat black body beneath her.

The two fucked-out men relaxed for a few minutes. Then the Mexican pulled his softened cock out of Anna's ass.

The other Mexican had been photographing the entire time. "Man, I got some great shots that time. She REALLY got off on that, you should see her face!"

"Screw her face," the first Mexican said. "Did you get shots of my cock fucking her ass? Man, that really got her off!"

"Yeah, sure I got that. And that big black cock filling her cunt right underneath too! I bet that helped a little bit too! You can't believe how she can do that, pull that great big long cock all the way out of her cunt and then push it all the way back in again! I just can't believe it!"

The two Mexicans lifted the limp Anna off the black man. She wobbled on her feet, unable to focus, hardly able to stand, her legs weak from her exertions and the overwhelming orgasm.

"Hey man, get the jar, that shit is dripping out already!" The Mexicans collected the latest ejaculation from Anna's abused cunt, capped the small jar, and set it on the coffee table.

Shaking her, they finally got her attention. Pointing to the jar, the one told her, "You gotta put that in the refrigerator so it don't get smelling too bad, okay? That's what the boss say you should do, he'll tell you about it when he gets home, you hear?"

Confused, nodding, Anna replied "All right ... in the refrigerator. I will do that."

The other Mexican stacked up the image printouts that were still s**ttered on the coffee table. "Here, these you can have, they're okay but I think we got lots better photos today! You keep these, maybe show them to the boss, okay? That way he knows we did everything he wants, sees you have a good time too, huh?"

Still confused, unable to focus, Anna nodded numbly. Taking the photos, she picked up the small jar and stumbled toward the kitchen.

The black man had put back on his pants, and the three of them stared at the shapely naked woman walking away from them.

"Man, I could even think of doing some more of that, you know?" one of the Mexicans said.

"Yeah, me too ... but we're late for work already! No problem, we do her again tomorrow, even harder!"

"Yeah," the black man agreed. "She fucked me twice today, that's pretty good! We see if she can do that good tomorrow."

Grinning with satisfaction, the three men left the house and drove off to work.

Inside, Anna was still confused and exhausted. Staring at the jar in her hand, she looked at its thick milky contents, perhaps 8 or 10 tablespoonsful of cum. How many times did they fuck her to get that? And that was just from her cunt. She knew her rectum still holds all the cum from the ass fucks; they made no attempt to drain that.

Confused, she remembered what the Mexican said, in the refrigerator, the boss wants it? Her husband the boss? What would her husband want with this? Resignedly, she put the jar back behind some cartons on the top shelf of the refrigerator.

Exhausted, she decided she just had to get cleaned up and perhaps take a nap. There was housework to do, the kitchen must be completely cleaned after all the sex there. So much to do! Her cunt ached, not painfully, just making her aware how much, how often she'd been fucked. Her ass was a little sore, but she could bear that.

Walking toward the stairs, she noticed the paper sheets in her hand. Shrugging, too tired to even think, she dropped them on the stand beside the big TV, and climbed up the stairs to clean herself and take a well-deserved rest.


When Allan returned from work that night, Anna was sitting on the couch. The k**s said hello to daddy, the f****y had supper, they watched television together for a while. Anna remained quiet, hardly speaking, remote.

Finally it was bedtime for the k**s, and she took them up to bed. When she returned down the stairs, Allan was waiting in the living room with a drink for each of them. She accepted the drink, took a sip, and then joined him on the couch.

Allan asked her, "Did those men come today like I told them?" Anna nodded, "Yes, they came. Three men."

"And did you do what they wanted? Were they satisfied with you?" he asked.

She nodded again, avoiding his gaze. "Yes, everything. Everything they wanted. And yes, I think they were satisfied. Whatever they wanted, I did."

"And they left something, a jar?"

She nodded, remembering the jar. "Yes, I put it in the refrigerator like they said." A slight curiousity prompted her to ask, "What do you want with that? What could you possibly want with ... what is left of them, of what they did?" She finally met his eyes questioningly.

"I just had an idea, something I'd always wanted to try." He patted her thigh possessively. "You know, I'm getting to do a lot of things I always wanted to try lately! It's really great too! Oh, I know it may be a little hard on you," he said quickly as she glanced at him, a hint of hostility in her gaze. "But from what I hear, you're really enjoying everything. Oh maybe the guys are a little crude and unpolished, but they say you're very passionate, very exciteable, getting much pleasure!" He chuckled, "Those Mexican guys, they can be so romantic sometimes!"

"And Junior? What did you think of Junior?" he prompted.


"Yes, that big fat black guy! They were saying he has the biggest cock in the whole company! That's why I asked him to join the two Mexicans, just to give you a special treat!"

She nodded. "Junior. Yes, Junior was ... a challenge. He is very lazy."

"Well, I knew you could deal with it, could deal with all of them! The photos came out just great, they're a real treat. I'm saving them all, you know, so you and I and whoever ... well, sometimes it's fun to repeat things, you know?"

Anna nodded. Yes, like the video from the garage weekend. He liked repeating things from that too. She realized now, one of the posed shots in her kitchen with those Mexicans ... the same pose, legs high, spread, helpless, as in the garage.

"Anyway," Allan continued. "I have a special plan for that jar. So I want you to strip."

She met his eyes. "Strip?"

"Yes, get undressed. Right here. I want you naked, and you're going to do what I want."

Resigned, she nodded. Standing, she removed her blouse and slacks and dropped them on the coffee table, and then kicked off her house shoes. She was not wearing brassier or panties, so she's completely naked now. A vague thought passed through her mind: what if one of the k**s came down the stairs now, to see her like this, to see whatever her husband planned to do? She dismissed the thought; there was nothing she could do about that.

Allan nodded with satisfaction, not even looking at the familiar shape of his wife's naked body.

He positioned her on the couch: her head and shoulders on the end cushion, her back braced against the armpiece cushion. Then he lifted her legs high and spread them wide, leaving her cunt open and exposed.

"Stay right there, I'll be right back." She saw her husband walk into the kitchen. "Where did you say that jar was?"

Anna managed to get out her response, strained by the uncomfortable position. "In the refrigerator, the top shelf, behind the cartons."

"Okay, got it!" She could hear the sink water running for a minute and wondered what her husband is doing. Then Allan returned to the living room. He's carrying the little jar and a bottle of cooking oil. Going over to his coat hanging by the front door, he reached into a pocket and pulled out a clear plastic tube. About 8 inches long, it was tapered like a funnel, the wide opening at one end perhaps 3" in diameter, the smaller opening at the far end perhaps only 1/2" or less.

After carefully oiling the funnel, Allan slid it into Anna's cunt, pressing it in until it was fully imbedded in her body. Straining at the awkward position, Anna stared up at her body and at the strange device now inserted in her.

Allan then picked up the small jar. "I ran it under hot water to warm it up a little; wouldn't want you to get chilled after all!"

Opening it, he positioned it over the funnel going into his wife's body.

"What ... what are you doing?" she finally managed to ask.

"Oh, I always thought it would be interesting to ... well, to fuck you after a lot of other men had fucked you. To put my cum into you after they'd already come inside you.

"Well, I didn't feel like watching or hanging around while those three guys fucked you all morning. Some things it just isn't proper for the boss to do, you know? I don't mind them knowing they're fucking the boss's wife ... but I don't plan to stand there waiting while they do!

"But I figured if they saved the cum they'd pumped into you when they were fucking you ... I could pour it back in to your cunt, and then fuck you, pretty much doing the same thing!"

He grinned at his humiliated wife. "Oh, I know it's not quite the same. You'd be a LOT hotter and turned on after all those guys had fucked you. Yeah, they told me how hot you get, and how you keep getting hotter the more you're fucked.

"But you won't be as tired either!"

Carefully he began to pour the thick whitish liquid into the funnel.

"But in any event, I thought it was worth a try. And actually, the whole idea is really getting me excited too! I think this'll be great!"

Silent now, Anna watched as her husband poured the entire contents of the jar into the funnel. She felt nothing at first, and then slowly a warmth started to spread down through her vagina, deeper and deeper as the warm cum heated the cold plastic. And then, so deep inside her, she felt a rush of heat as the thick warm cum poured out of the bottom of the funnel and deep into her cunt.

She felt a strange tingling, a warmth spreading through her groin, not just from the warm cum flooding her womb ... an erotic excitement. There was no cock, just the funnel imbedded in her, no movement, no stroking, no balls hammering against her labia or vulva ... but she was being fucked! The three men who ****d her that morning: their cum was flooding inside her again, filling her, r****g her all over again!

And then her husband pulled out the funnel. Opening her eyes, she could see he'd already dropped his trousers and his hard cock was jutting out.

"Turn over," he ordered her. "Bend over the end of the couch. I want to fuck you from behind."

Obediently she swung her legs down to the side and climbed to her feet, dizzy for a second from the inverted position.

"Hurry! I don't want all that cum leaking out everywhere!" he commanded, pushing her around to the end of the couch.

Submissively, she bent over, feeling the smooth leather of the couch against her sensitive nipples as she lay over the end. She felt her husband's hands on her buttocks, stroking her and spreading her ass cheeks to look at her cunt from behind. Then she felt his cock pressing against her labia, and then a rush of sexual sensation as he pushed his full length into her!

Without any delay at all, Allan began an excited rapid hammering into his wife's cunt, fucking her just as hard and fast as he could.

"Oh god, this is great! Man, those guys all fucked you, and you loved every minute of it, you loved all those cocks! But now I'm fucking you, and you'll have MY cum inside you too!"

She felt the excitement building. The cock stirred her, aroused her, the warmth of the cum flooding her mixed with her own sexual excitement, and she felt the tingling of an orgasm. So soon! Usually her husband's rabbit-like fucking didn't excite her so quickly! But here it came, an orgasm!

He was groaning now, panting, pulling on her hips with his hands as he beat his body against hers, driving his cock as deep and hard as he could into her.

"Oh yeah ... gonna cum, gonna cum! You're gonna feel my cum!" he panted.

Anna was fully aroused now, moaning with her own excitement. "Oh yes, Allan! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! You fuck me better than any other man! Your cock is the best! Come in me!" She gasped out the exciting words, the obscenities, the filthy talk he liked so much, acting like the oversexed tramp he seemed to like visualizing her.

She knew it was a lie: any of the three men that day had fucked her better, the horrible black fat man perhaps the best of all. Nothing could beat his cock, or her having to do all the fucking! Especially with that Mexican fucking her ass at the same time!

Her husband's cock kept hammering into her, and she could feel her own excitement swelling even more now. Here it came, it was coming: her mind flooded with sensation as she disappeared into the wonderful orgasmic rush of pleasure. It didn't matter whose cock, whose cum, what was happening to her: the pleasure was everything!

Her husband groaned, "Oh god, I'm coming! Oh yeah, bitch .. I'm fucking you now! Gonna fuck you good! Gonna fuck you, have everybody I know fuck you! All you want is fucking, and you'll get it too!"

He groaned again and then pushed hard against her body as his cum spurted out through his pulsing cock, deep into Anna's body, mixing with the sexual juices of three other men. He stiffened, savoring every instant of the pleasure as he flooded her with his sex. He held himself deep in her, feeling his cock soften and shrink, pulling out from within her vagina. She was open and loose inside as she always became when she was having an orgasm. Why wouldn't she be tight, squeezing on him, he thought to himself as he savored the last feel of her hot wet vagina around his shrinking cock. Can't she do something? Exercise? Didn't he read of something, some balls, something to have her exercise and make her cunt tight? Why be loose like that just when he's coming inside her, when he wants her tight?

His thoughts wandered as he softened, and then finally his limp cock slipped out of her warm wet cunt. He looked down at her vagina, at the milky traces of cum that dribbled out of his cock. He wondered for a moment if he would like to make her squat, pull open her cunt, let him watch as the cum from four men, all those fucks, dribbled out of her.

He shook his head. No, that wasn't an attractive picture at all. Fucking her after those others, that was exciting, that was great. Watching old stale cum dribble out of a fucked cunt: not so much.

"Well, I'm glad I did that," he said as he patted his wife's bottom familiarly. "Saving that cum was a good idea! In case I forget, you be sure to tell the guys to save it every time, okay? Just keep the jar, they can reuse it."

Picking up his pants, he went up the stairs for a nice shower, leaving his exhausted wife, her throbbing cunt now filled with a new load of sperm, d****d over the end of the couch.

Lying there, too exhausted for the moment to even think of getting up, she thought of what had been happening. Her husband had other men, men who work for him and will obey him, come to his own home to fuck his wife. And not just fuck her, but photograph, humiliate, dominate. He was excited by the thought of their cum in her body and got a huge pleasure from fucking her after putting that cum back in her!

She wasn't paying a lot of attention when he was coming a few minutes ago, confused and stunned by her own orgasm. But the things he was saying, did she understand him? Was he just babbling dirty talk, sex talk, in the excitement of the moment? The same way he liked her to talk to him? Or did he really mean those names he was calling her? The things he promised to do or have done to her? Have everyone fuck her? Isn't it enough already: the terrible garage weekend when she was a prisoner and slave of those torturing people, that he himself had paid? The video they made of her days of humiliation and submission and torment, that her husband so loved to watch over and over again, making her do things, position herself, tie her up even, fuck her like those terrible men did? And now, the latest, the three every morning? What else could he possibly want?

Sighing, she felt a warmth in the shallow depths of her vulva. Reaching down between her legs, she touched her cunt slit and discovered the familiar wet stickiness of sperm, a man's cum. But in this case, she realizes, four men's cum.

Time to clean up, she decided. Life moves on, she'd been fucked again, she was full of cum again ... but life moves on.

82% (10/2)
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1 year ago
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
it was good.. but the 2nd part got a little carried away.. First part was very erotic though. Cheers!
2 years ago
I liked part 1. It started in a good way and was erotic. Part 2 is totally different, crude and to me, not very good.