I remeber when I was young and started getting hard, then figuring out it felt good to masturbate and then when I was making out with a girl and cumming in my pants... lets go back to the first hard ons, I would masturbate to my dad's old Playboys or to lingerie mags from Victoria's secret.
One day I was out mowing the lawn and saw her. Our neighbor walking her dog in a tight fit summer dress. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She was probably about 50, blondish white hair, thin body with a perfectly round, larger then average ass and smallish tits. I was watching her and rock hard. She looked right at me and then right at my hard on pushed up against my shorts. I am sure she could make it out, she just smiled and kept walking.
I ran in and blew a load right away. The next day i watched her walk by from the window. Competely naked, on my knees I was jerking like crazy as I watch her pas by. She looked up and saw me in the window. Each day I would wait for her so I could get off. One day I stripped completely naked and stood on the porch so my hard on wasn't quite visible from behind the bushes.
She slowed, looked up, lowered her glasses smiled and sloly moved on while I shot my cum all over the porch.
Each day she would have a bit more clevage showing or wear tight pants or shorts. she would bend over as if to pick something up. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. I just wonder if she was going home and getting off to knowing this young boy was cumming to her everyday...
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4 years ago
4 years ago
lol great short and sexy
4 years ago
Dude this reminds me of ME!!! I was 15 and same thing happened with my neighbor woman! Frome florida she would mow her lawn in shorts or bikini and drive my cock crazy! I started to stand in my bathroom window naked acting as if i just got done showering and she would be mowing her back yard and she could see right into my window and watch me wacking off! She would also slow and stare even a few times i noticed she would rub her thighs together so maybe she was also getting wet knowing i was jacking off watching her lol!