Surprise Date With Mother and Daughter

Surprise Date With Mom And Daughter

Several years ago I worked with a father and son at a construction company. On the weekends I would go fishing with the father and sometimes i would fish all day with him. Because they lived forty miles away from me and I sometimes would crash at their home. Sometimes i would go out cruising around town with his son. Bill was five years younger than me so most of his friends were younger than me. One night we were at a party and I met several girls there and got to know one,Ellie, pretty good. We did everything but fuck that night but since she didn't want to appear easy she made me promise to come back the next friday night and take her out. So I called her that week and set up a date. Now this little town 40 miles north of Abilene didn't have much to do so our plans were to hang out, drink beer and cruise around the strip.
I showed up at her house and was invited in to wait by her mother. While waiting i also met her grandmother and her younger s****r. Mom came in and offered me a beer which i accepted. She sat down beside me on the couch and said it would be a little while because Ellie got off work late and was still in the shower. No problem. Mom and i started shooting the breeze. She asked where I worked, how we met, etc, etc. AS we chatted I noticed her leaning in closer as we talked but I really didn't know what was going on. Ellie was 18 years old, I was 24, and her Mom didn't look to be much more than early 30s. Shortly Ellie came in all clean with that fresh washed hair smell. She was hiding behind a towel and apologizing for being late. I smiled and said to take her time cause I was visiting with her mom. She gave me a look and said ok. Now Ellie was barely over 5' tall with perky B cups and a very nice ass. Well it looked nice in her shorts. Her mom wore glasses and was about the same size with a little fuller breasts. Both were real nice looking country girls.
After a few more minutes and a discussion between Ellie and her Mom, i am being asked if it is okay if mom tags along for a little while as she has been home all day and is bored and thirsty. I can never say no to a women who is sticking her tongue down my throat. So out the door the three of us go. All three of us pile into my pickup and sit on the front seat together. I have a cooler of beer behind the seat and we are on our way. After an hour or two of drinking, cruising, and visiting we stop to eat and then are on our way again out to the lake. Ellie is almost perched on my lap as i drive and she is regularly kissing and grabbing my chest and dick. Mom is slamming beers and singing to the radio and having a good time. I pull over down a back road cause it is time for the girls to pee. I get out as well and move off away to give them privacy. Before I finish this hand reaches around and grabs my cock. Ellie says she will finish for me and she shakes it and starts to put it back in my pants. Then another hand comes around from the other side and Mom tried to help as well. Now it doesn't take me long to go from pissing dick to hard dick now and it took no time at all back then. Ellie pushes her Mom away and gets down on her knees and starts giving me head. Mom comes up and starts kissing me. I have been with older women than mom by 10 years or more so i have no problem with this but I stop her and tell Ellie to come up and talk to me. She saw her Mom hanging on to me and said she was cool if i was. We get in the back of the truck and start to have some real fun. These are small women and I am 6'3" tall and it is dark so i can't really tell who is doing what but I'm liking it. I had also been in several threesomes before twice with two girls so i was no rookie. But MOM/DAUGHTER, what the fuck, I was soon able to tell the difference because Mom was the better cock sucker and Ellie had the tighter pussy (by a cunt hair). We go at awhile and I need a break so I suggest we go back in town and get a room.
It took several beers to drive back and finally we are all three in the room. I suggest a three way shower cause fucking in the Texas summer heat…well you know. I help them both undress and we are in the shower soaping down and starting to have fun again when I am suddenly in the middle of a cat fight. I get them calmed down and find out that d***k f****y can get jealous. I manage to get the soap off of us and back in bed and I think we are going to go again when the fight breaks out. I stop it and decide to take mom home. Ellies last words were don’t fuck her again…of course I mounted her on the hood in front of her house and then kissed her goodbye.
The rest of the night was boring watching a d***k girl sl**p. She blew me in the morning and I took her home. We didn’t go out again cause this boy didn’t need the drama.
Monday morning Bill asked how my date went then he asked if I fucked Mom too? I just smiled!!

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1 month ago
You should have done them before they got drunk.
2 years ago
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Good clean family fun that is!