Nursing at Work

Nursing At Work
I have always admired women's breasts. I like all of them and in any size. I use to work in a partially filled office building for the company that owned the building. I was in charge of the facilities as well as other company properties. So I was in and out of the office at irregular times. One day I arrived at the office after lunchtime. As I walked through the parking lot I saw one of my co workers Trish bent over while sitting in her car. I thought something was wrong so i approached her car and as i got closer she looked up and waved me away. I had stumbled upon her pumping her breast milk. I was embarrassed and yes aroused. She was trying to be discreet but she is too well endowed to hide that beautiful pair. Later I apologized for interrupting her and told her I thought something was wrong and wanted to help. She said not to worry and she appreciated my concern. I have noticed Trish in the office as she is the person that handled our Accts Payable and she would occasionally ask me about the invoices i had approved. Oh and she is a very attractive Red head. I asked why she did this in the parking lot and she said she didn't like doing it in the restroom.
As time went on i would make a point to catch a glimpse of her in her car fantasizing about my mouth being her breast pump. Our relationship developed to where one day we were alone in empty office and we kissed. An affair ensued that was wild and erotic. One day as we were naked in the woods of a local park she asked about my fantasies. I told her about my desire to breastfeed from her. She smiled a real devious smile and said she had seen me several times trying to sneak a peek at her pumping. Weeks went by and on one saturday morning she called me and said she was away from home running errands and could we meet. I'm thinking this was great and we would be making love. When she showed up with her baby I was dismayed. After chitchatting she smiled and said today your fantasy comes true. She slowly opened her blouse and opened up her bra and pulled my head down to her milky white breasts. She helped me to get her milk flowing and i was in heaven. Her sweet milk was intoxicating. I sucked for awhile with intensity. Then I felt her move a little and she placed her baby right next to me on the other breast. I looked up at her and she smiled saying that she now had both of her boys where they belong. Unbelievable!!!
Eventually we quit the affair because of our families and remained friendly. She knew that my wife and I couldn't have k**s so I would never be able to do this at home. What a sweet beautiful lady and an unforgettable gift. Oh to do this again..

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2 years ago
Erotic perfection
2 years ago
this is amazing - lovely
2 years ago
it is the sweetest thing next to pussy juice there is
2 years ago
love this