Hospitail Stay

Just recently I had to have two different surgeries meaning two different stays in the hospital. My wife came to stay with me and to make sure I was well taken care of. The first night was rough not only on me but my wife not much sl**p for either one of us. The next day we both slept and rested well and where up all the night.

Just about every hour on the hour my nurse would come into the room, she was younger than us and had just recently had a baby. She was chubby and full breasted and very sweet. I told my wife that I thought she was a pretty girl and my wife agreed with me.

Later into the night my nurse came into the room I was half asl**p and my wife spoke to her they where talking about babies and breast feeding. I heard them talking about when they get full of milk that they start to hurt and need to be emptied. Seems like the nurse had not brought her pump to work so she was in discomfort. My wife was telling her things she did to help the discomfort, and told her how one time I sucked her breast and had milked them dry and how much I loved how the breast milk tasted. They giggled and the nurse left the room only to return later complaining her breast where hurting so badly. My wife offered to help her and slowly reached out to massage her shoulders. as she did it help the nurse relax and out of the corner of my eyes I could see her scrub top showing milk spot on it. I heard my wife tell her she was sorry that the milk was leaking out. My wife suggested she take it off so not to leak on it any more and damned if the nurse did not take it off and then her bra too. I heard her tell my wife her massaging her helped relax her.

I laid there watching my wife massage her shoulder and neck; I also could see her milk dripping off her nipples. I noticed my wife’s hand would move down to the nurse’s breast. I had never seen my wife touch another woman’s much less touching her breast. I then heard the nurse beg my wife for relief from the pressure of her breast being filled with milk. My wife asked her what she wanted her to do, the nurse said please suck on them like your husband did yours that time. "Please suck on then please" she begged my wife. "I am not sure I can I have never done that before" My wife replied. She begged again to my wife "Please help me Please" My wife then slowly leaned over and was about to put her lips around the nurses nipples but stopped and squeezed on her nipples and the nurse let out a painful moan. My wife then leaned on in and wrapped her lips around one nipple and started sucking on it slowly. I could hear my wife swallow the milk as she sucked it out; the nurse was letting out moans of pleasure. I noticed the nurse had put her hand on my wife’s head pulling her deeper on to her breast and my wife was now rubbing on the other breast. My wife stopped sucking on one nipple and moved to the other one. I rolled so I could now see better and neither of them noticed.

As I laid there watching my wife sucking on the nurse’s breast I had started slowly stroking my hard cock under the covers. My wife’s was facing away from me and the nurse was facing me. I noticed then the nurse was watching the sheets moving and then she looked me in the eyes and had this passionate look on her face. I did not slow down I even moved the covers off so she could see how hard and how wet the head of my cock was. I notice she was licking her lips and I could hear my wife still sucking and drinking her milk. Then my wife stopped and came up for air and when she did she turned to me and smiled. "Damn her milk taste so good" "Would you like to taste baby"? "Yes" I said. The nurse moved and leaned over my mouth so I could suck on her breast, as I did one my wife was sucking the other one. I felt a hand on mine wrapped around my cock. It was the nurse she started stroking my cock for me and freed my hand so I could caress her breast I was sucking on. She did taste so good it had been 10 years sense my wife had our last c***d.

As we sucked on her breast and she stroked my cock, I felt my wife move but could not see her. I then felt her lips wrap around the head of my cock and started suck on me as the nurse stroked me. My wife grabbed my hand and placed it in the front of her jammie pants she was soaking wet, dripping wet. I eased two fingers into her wet throbbing pussy and she let out a moan only muffled by my cock in her mouth. I heard her say "Fuck it baby Fuck my pussy with your fingers" I felt the nurse pull away and I looked down saw my wife sucking my cock and the nurse walk to the door. Then she came right back but stopped behind my wife. The next thing I felt was her fingers slowly joining my fingers in my wife’s pussy. "Oh yes fuck me yes fuck me please" my wife whimpered out. We both worked together and were finger fucking my wife as she steadily sucked my cock.

I could tell me wife was about to cum and she was about to collapse to the floor. I saw the nurse ease up behind here and start humping her as she finger fucked my wife with her. This was helping my wife stay on her feet. My wife let out a moan and then cried out "OH Damn I am cumming baby oh I am cumming please don’t stop fuck me please" she almost hit the floor but held strong. I notice the nurse had moved again and this time she was with my wife sucking on my balls and cock with my wife. I looked down watching them share my cock and as the kissed the top of it I shot my load and they cleaned it up very nice and cleaned each others lips. I was so spent and wore out i feel asl**p right away.

I woke up the next morning to find my wife asl**p but she had a look on her face. As she woke I looked at her and had to ask if it was for real and she said yes. I told her I was sorry I feel asl**p and she smiled and said it is ok that I missed out on something as well. She told me she fingered fucked the nurse while sucking on her breast until she cummed twice and the after the nurse left she laid there and fingered fucked her own pussy and cummed again.

I can not wait to go back to the hospital again!

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16 days ago
WOW that was one HOT Arousing story, I love to drink milk straight from the source
1 year ago
very good that does not happen every year
1 year ago
Thank you
1 year ago
hot verry hot
1 year ago
hot story