Jerkin’ game! Cum Slut or Pee Whore? Choose

Game details.

Time Span: One week or to make it harder extend duration as much as you wish

Jerkin’ allowed: as much as you want

Edge Breaker: Yes

Blue Balls Modality: Yes

Cum Games: Sissy lipstick, Loser/Sissy cum eating position, Sissy Anal lube

Cumshots Allowed: twice over time span choosen

Cumshots Type: in your face and your own mouth, make sure to lift those legs over your head

Pee Games: Golden Lipstick and swallowin’. If you do not like pee, substitute it with your own cum.

The Game
Over the time span you have choosen you are allowed to cum twice. You are free to masturbate as much as you want but with a catch.
First. Do you know what’s Edge Breaker? It means that you have to keep track of the times you edge on your first day of the game and the following. Every time you jerk you must break your Edge Record. You must break it every time you masturbate: you have to edge at least 10 times more than the last time, but that’s just a minimum.
Let’s say the first day 50 edges sound like a promising start, so on the last day of a week time span it means you will have to edge 110 times, if you broke Edge Record +10 every session, if you masturbate once per day. If you just masturbate once every two days make +20 edges. Once every three day? +30 and so on.
If you wanna make it really hard try also to reduce the time duration of your masturbation session every time. This means you will edge more and faster in a constantly reducing amount of time.
Second. Playing with precum is a compulsory activity during masturbation session. Apply some to your lips. Yes that’s the infamous Sissy Lipstick! Or smear some on/inside your ass or balls. Here you go with some Sissy Anal Lube!
Third. You are allowed to fully cum only if you assume the Sissy/Loser Cum eating Position and you are allowed to do it only if you break Edge Record and only twice over the choosen time span! If you can’t hold back: RUIN IT and endure your punishments!
If you are a faithful stroker and can control your orgasm the game is pretty straight, otherwise check what’s in store!

If you fail to break your Edge Record, if you cum more than twice, if you don’t assume the Sissy/Loser cum eatin Position, if you don’t swallow, or you have failed any of the tasks described you have to endure the following punishment.
1. First time you fail any of the above, next time you jerk you have to tie your balls
2. Second time you fail any of the above, you have to tie your balls and cock
3. Third time start fingering and dildoing your ass, use some Sissy Anal Lube and make sure to frequently lick your fingers/dildo clean
4. Every time you fail to break your edge record you have to slap your balls the same exact same number of edges you were supposed to do in order to break Edge Record, while you try to break it again: only this time you have to pull out a minimum of 25 edges. If you fail twice consecutive times to break edge record, better start slapping with a ruler.
5. If you don’t swallow cum every time you are supposed to do or you cannot manage to assume the Sissy/Loser Position after breaking Edge record, you will like what’s in store for you. First thing first, before starting your session drink water and start jerkin’. When you feel you have to pee do it in a glass and keep it where you can see and smell it. (For those who don’t like pee games just have some cum stored up and substitute pee with cum). Every time you edge smear some pee on your lips. If it’s the first time you fail to swallow your own cum, well it’s not so bad. Before ending the session you have to put in your mouth some pee, then edge 5 times, on the last edge I want you to swallow. Too bad you cannot cum, this time.
6. If it’s the second time you fail to swallow cum for any reason, or the first time you fail swallowing pee, things are getting worse. Double the time you have to edge with pee in your mouth. Oh I see this is your second time, isn’t it? I am sorry you have to take your punishment twice.
7. It’s the third time you fail with cum, or second with pee? Well triple edge numbers and take your golden medicine three times
8. Fourth time? You know what to do, by now!

100% (6/0)
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12 months ago
mmmmm I Love to play that game
12 months ago
mmmm i like to play that game