So there I was sitting in the computer chair, back to the door and watching a video of me and the girlfriend, of the time, going at it doggy style. I thought I would have the place to myself for a few hours. The GF was out of town on business and her younger s****r was supposed to be at work for a few more hours, I didn’t hear her come in the house. She was staying with us on a summer break from college.
It was when I heard a unusual noise from behind me I spun around to see Misty standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame, one hand up her shirt grasping a small tit and the other down her unfasten pants rubbing her pussy, eyes close head slightly tilted back obviously enjoying herself. Now she was the one that was unaware of the fact she as being watch.
I don’t know what caught her attention as she suddenly stop and open her eyes. She looked like a deer caught in the gleam of headlights. She manages to stammer something along the line that she was sorry she shouldn’t have… I will assume this is the point where she notice I hadn’t bother to cover myself and was still fully erect, a wet spot of pre cum cover the tip, because she stopped in mid-sentence. She was starring in a way that made me feel she was like what she seen.
I assure her it wasn’t her fault, that I should have close the door as I wouldn’t have been caught and neither would she, indicating that I was not the only one that been caught, teasing her about a earlier incident. The only rule we had in the house was establish soon after her arrival when Misty walked in as I was getting a hand job/blowjob from the older s*s. My back was to the door, so Misty didn’t see anything, but it seemed to infuriate Carolyn that she just walked in. She was met by the words, “if the door is shut, knock and wait to be invited in.” Needless to say I was left with a case of the blue balls that day.
Here I was again, blue balls on the horizon… That is when Misty pointed out the video was still playing, and she verbalized this by saying it looked whoever that was really enjoying herself. At this point, I knew she couldn’t tell who was on the video. As I turned to X the video out she stop me and said don’t, she wanted to see. I then stopped the video and minimize it and explained that was a video of me and her s*s. She was like so, it looked hot. She insisted that I restart the video.
Since I just paused the video I just hit the play button and it started where I it was. On the particular day when the video was made, Carolyn was feeling pretty horny and she was a little tipsy. No way in hell she would agree to let me make the video if she was sober. I had to tell her that I deleted it. Actually I just hid it from her. And it was very seldom she let me do her doggy, even though most of the time she had an intense orgasm when we did.
We were watching the video and Carolyn was getting into it being pounded. I was surprise that little s*s was watching and seemed to be enjoying the fact that it was her elder s*s getting fucked. She shocked me even more when she bluntly stated that she was getting very wet, and she hadn’t had it like that in a while. The video cam was setup on stand so it really just showed more of the act than any details, no close up. Misty asked me if I was doing her anally. I stated no, that the one thing she wouldn’t do, wouldn’t even discuss it… Misty said she just don’t know what she missing. She goes on to say that she hadn’t been fuck, in nearly a month and old BOB wasn’t doing it for her.
At this point the video was near its end and was I just had shot my load across my partner back. Misty stated that I looked bigger in person than on screen but it didn’t matter as long as I knew how to use it. She quickly stands, pants still undone and said don’t move, I’ll be right back. She returned shortly and hands me a thumb drive.
I insert it and open it and she directs me to open a file. She told me it was only fair that I get to see too. The video starts with a slide show of misty fully dress, posing in various arrangements and outfits. It last maybe a minute with the last few snapshots showing her naked. She stated not to worry, it definitely gets better, and this would be out little secret. The next part of the video showed her on her knees blowing some guy. She asks me if she could advance the video to her favorite part.
She takes the mouse and moves it to the midpoint of the video. She was on her knees, the guy now doing her doggy, and holding the cam. I could tell by the moans both were enjoying this. The guy was a little large. She was squirming in chair beside me. Then the guy pulls out and starts to enter her anally. This is when she states this is her favorite part. He was the only guy that ever did her anally and she just loves it.
I was rocked hard again. While she was gone I had pulled my pants up and was now regretting it. I didn’t fasten them and I was glad of that. Misty looks at me and tells me looks like you enjoying this as much as I am… What could I say? She stated that she was so horny she was going to burst … In the video she was telling the guy to fucked her meeting every stroke with a backward thrust of her on. The guy pulls out and shoots his load across her ass.
With the video over, she looks at me as tells me there’s one thing better than the video. I asked what that would be. She tells me that she wants me to fuck her. She stands drop her jeans to her knees bends over the desk and props her hands against the desk and looks over her shoulder and stated unless you want blue balls.
It didn’t take me long to make the decision. I stood drop my pants and slid my hard cock into what has to be the hottest wettest tightest pussy I been in. We both moan in ecstasy. She immediately starts moaning as I started to pump. After about a minute of this I felt the all too familiar feeling. I was about to cum and as I attempted to pull out she thrust back and said no, inside me. Caught in the moment, I filled her pussy with my hot cum. This set her off into her own orgasm. Misty was what I classify as a gusher. As she was cumming, my cock and balls were being cover by her cum. She met every stroke, milking every last drop of cum from me. I was still half erect and weak in the knees. She states she isn’t done yet. She proceeds to turn and push me in the chair and blow me till I was completely hard again.
At some point she removes her jeans and panties. When I was hard again she climbs on top and starts riding me. I could feel both her juices and my cum left there earlier mixed together. She came at least once while on top. She then asks me to do her doggy. She gets on her hands and knees and I enter her again. After a few minutes she starts grunting the words fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me. She reaches between her legs and starts playing with my balls. I start tickling her anus and she pulls away, letting me know that was off limits. She did tell me not without lube… I wasn’t completely turned down. After about what seemed to be turn down her moans were deep and long. She started saying I going to cum… and when she did she once again let out a gush of fluid. It covers my balls and dick. I couldn’t hold it and came without warning. We just collapse right where we are and lay there to recover.
After a few minutes we manage to get up and decided to go out to eat. Both of us were too tired to cook. Conversation over dinner was polite and minimal. I think we both were wondering what the rest of the night would hold for us. Let just say it was a good thing Carolyn was due back in for a few more days. On the day she was due back in I didn’t fucked Misty. I needed to save some her s*s which she accepted.

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Now that was a hot story