Last Valentine's day

Last year my girlfriend and I had a wonderful evening. The night started off nice, with a dinner at a local sushi restaurant; and a rather large bottle of sake. Afterwards, we returned home for a movie and a little fun. I kept trying to cop a feel during the movie, but was batted away and shot evil looks (I suppose that could have been because her s****r was in the room). After her s****r retired to her bed, I fed her a bit of tequila to get her feeling a little frisky again. Upon entering the bedroom I received my v-day present. She put on a little mood music and began a slow, sensuous strip for me. She pulled my shirt over my head and began to kiss down my chest, while she rubbed my hard on through my jeans. Then she released my throbbing dick from my pants and flicked the tip with her tongue. In one swift motion she grabbed the base of my dick, and took as much of it in her mouth as she could handle. Slowly, she bobbed up and down on my tip and her hand worked the base of my dick; using her spit to lube my shaft. We shifted positions; and she lowered her moist, wet pussy towards my skilled mouth while she worked my shaft. I grabbed her ass and f***ed her hips lower, closer to my mouth. I ran my tongue from her swollen clit up to her anus, and she shuttered and let out a moan. I inched a finger into her tight pussy as sucked on her clit and flicked it with my tongue. She stopped sucking and squeezed her muscles even tighter around my finger; I felt her drip on my face as she orgasmed. I rolled her over and restrained her hands above her head, as I began to slowly and gently kiss my way down her body she fought her restraints. Stopping only when my tongue flicked upwards against her clit, she moaned softly as I tickled her anus and sucked on her clit. I put my tongue as far in her pussy as I could, as she orgasmed a replaced it with two of my fingers. I quickly found her gspot and began to massage it between my index and middle fingers. She came hard and begged me for more, not wanting to displease her I continued, licking her clit as I did so. I removed my fingers after she came again, screaming in ecstasy. Then I worked the tip of my dick in her tight, wet pussy. She begged for more, but I took my time teasing her for as long as I could until I finally plunged deep into her. As she gasped, I shoved my cum covered fingers into her mouth. She licked and sucked my fingers clean between her orgasms. I flipped her over doggie style and started fucking her again. When I stuck a thumb in her ass, she begged for her toy. I fetched her plug and let her lube it up with her spit before I slowly worked it in her tight little anus. Watching her ass take the toy was sending me over the edge, watching her gape as I slowly worked it in and quickly pulled it out. Once it was in, I moved her restraints behind her back so she could wiggle it around while I fucked her pussy. Several screaming, sheet soaking orgasms later I pulled out of her pussy and started to push into to her ass. She took it in stride begging me to choke her as I fucked her in the ass. I could feel her cumming as my balls slapped against her pussy, I pulled her up by her hair mixing her pain with her pleasure. She orgasmed and squeezed her ass muscles trying to f***e me out of her ass, making me want to only fuck her harder. By now I had untied her wrists and she was massaging her gspot while using her other hand to brace herself while I grabbed her throat with my free hand. I came hard in her ass, after I pulled out I watched as she pushed my cum out and let it run down her labia as she played with her clit to get one last orgasm.

Hopefully, Monday with be at least this much fun

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3 years ago
very good
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excellent story