How I Became Addicted to Cock

I was a senior in high school, I had heard that you could get a blow job at the rest stop out on the freeway, if you didn't mind the fact that it was from a homo. I had thought about it for a while and finally decided that it really didn't matter as long as no one knew about it, hell the guy sucking my cock sure wasn't gonna talk, it was 1968 and in Michigan no one was admitting they were a cocksucker.
I tossed off twice through the day just thinking about it, I drove out to the rest area about seven in the evening, I really didn't have a clue what to do as I pulled into the parking area. I parked my car and sat there for a few minutes before getting out, I walked to a sign board and stood looking at a state map. I hadn't stood there very long before a man came up beside, he was middle aged, slightly balding and wore a bright red pull over sweater, "I think what you're looking for is down the path" he said softly then looked toward the back of the parking area then walked away. I stood there for a couple of minutes working up my courage then headed for the back of the parking area, there was a sign, "dog walk area", at the back of the dog walk area was to a path. I hadn't gone to far up the path before I met the man in the red sweater, he didn't waste any time, "lets see what you got" he said, stepping close to me his hand going to the front of my pants, unzipping my pants he reached through my open fly, pulling my underwear waist band down pulled my cock out into the open. I was so scared that I was still soft, "nice" he said as he rolled my cock between his thumb and finger, then dropping to his knees took me into his mouth, he unfastened my belt and pants button and pulled my pants and underwear to my ankles as he sucked me. I stood there motionless, as my cock grew in his mouth I thought about how good it felt, how hot his mouth was, I closed my eyes as he sucked me, fondling my balls as he worked his mouth up and down my now very hard cock.
About this time I realized that several men had gathered and were watching the man in the red sweater suck my cock, he had sucked me for a long time when he finally stopped and looking up at me asked "are you gonna cum"? "I'm think so" I answered as he went back to work on my cock. I had closed my eyes and was concentrating so hard trying to cum, I didn't realized that the other men were trying to get the man in the red sweater to let them suck my cock. "Come on Phil if can't you make him cum let me try" one of the men said as he knelt in front of me pushing Phil to the side. This man gripped my ass cheeks as he took me in his mouth and started to suck my cock. I noticed looking at the gathering of men that they were all middle aged men, nicely dressed, clean cut and there was 8 of them. Phil had stayed on his knees and was fondling my balls as the other men took turns sucking my cock, man number 5 knelt and started sucking me, Phil's finger had found my ass hole and was lightly circling it, my balls crotch were sopping wet from the spit that had ran from the men's mouths as they had sucked and slurped my cock. I felt Phil pushing slightly against my pucker, he had spread the spit from my crotch to my ass hole, lubing it allowing his finger to slide into my ass, I pushed forward as he buried his finger in my ass ramming my cock into my cocksucker's throat and immediately started spewing my cum.The man sucking my cock pulled away, leaving my cock spurting into the night air, Phil quickly captured my cock with his mouth and finished draining my balls as he pumped his finger in and out of my ass feasting on my teen aged cum. "Little bastard didn't warn me he just started cumming in my mouth" the man who had been sucking my cock said to one of the other men . I learned later that a few of those men loved to suck young cock but wouldn't let them cum in their mouth, but most did. "You come back anytime I'll suck your cock" Phil told me as I pulled my pants up. "Sure" I answered as I started walking to my car, "you can bring your buddies" he offered. "I"ll see" I told him knowing damn well I wasn't telling anyone I had been here, Messing around with a cocksucker wasn't a good thing in 1968.
I went back every night that week, the first time I found Phil and he sucked me off, learning from my first experience I didn't jack off before going to the rest area, I'm sure it was never more than 5 minutes before I was feeding Phil my load. Friday afternoon I walked up the path, I found a man stroking his cock, I pulled my cock out and started stroking too, he took my cock into his hand and rubbed our cocks together leaning into me, his face so close to mine I thought he was going to try and kiss me, "suck me" he said as he tried to push me to my knees, "I don't do that" I said trying to back away. He grabbed my hand and brought it to his cock "stroke my cock" he said, we stood there stroking each other for several minutes, he was starting to breath pretty heavy, then knelt to the ground and took me into his mouth and started sucking me. It only took a couple of minutes and I felt my cum welling up "I'm gonna cum mister" I warned before exploding in his mouth, he sucked me dry, swallowed, then stood up, again, grabbing my hand he brought it to his cock, "finish me" he panted. I stroked his cock until he shot his load in my hand. I had the strangest urge to taste his cum on my hand as I stood there watching him clean his cock off before shoving it back into his pants, but I just wiped my hand on some leaves. We never said another word, he walked off up the path and I went to my car. On the drive home I thought about how his cock felt against mine, I kinda liked the feel of it pulsing in my hand when I made him cum, damn I had jacked him off made and made him cum, I thought about my urge to taste it, I would have to jack Phil off the next time he sucked me.
It was the middle of a Saturday afternoon, I was on my way to the rest area, I could hardly wait to feel my cock in some man's hot mouth, I hoped Phil would be there, I loved how he sucked my cock, he was very gentle and caring when he sucked me, I wanted a chance to show him my appreciation, jack him off, make him cum too. There were only a few cars in the parking area when I parked, getting out of my car I decided to use the toilet before going back to the path. The bathroom was a 4 stall outhouse style, I went into an end stall shutting the door, I was standing at the toilet peeing and started reading the graffiti on the walls, there was a hole bored in the wall between the stalls, the writing indicated you could get a blow job by putting your cock through the hole. I dropped my pants and sat down to read the writings and see what the hole was all about, peering through the hole I could see that the stall next to mine was empty. I had been perusing the graffiti for a few minutes when I heard the door on the stall next to mine open and close, I looked through the hole and watched a man unzip, pull his cock out of his pants and pee, when he was done he turned toward the hole and stroked his cock a few times moving closer to the hole as he did. I watched him rapt, my face at the same level as the hole, I'm sure he could see me watching him, he held his cock so that the head of his cock was just at the hole but not through it. My cock had become fully erect and I was stroking it as I watched my neighbor stroke his. I was mesmerized as I watched his cock slide through the hole, .it was about 5' long, 1 1/2" diameter, cut. Taking it in my hand I stroked it, then standing rubbed my cock together with his, god the feeling was incredible as I stroked my cock against his, I could see the precum forming at his cock slit. Oh god I knew what I had to do, no one will know I thought as I knelt down, it was involuntary, my tongue licked the head of his cock tasting his precum, I could hear him moan as I took into my mouth, my god I was sucking a cock, I worked my mouth up and down swirling my tongue around his cock head the way the men on the path had done to me. I had stopped stroking my cock and was absorbed in sucking his cock, god I was so excited, I was shaking, my heart pounding as I sucked frantically wanting this cock to cum in my mouth. It was then it happened I wasn't even touching my cock, I began spewing on the wall in front of me, I heard him cry out, then he filled my mouth with his cum, I swallowed, he continued to cum, I swallowed again, I felt his cum dribble down my chin as he withdrew from my mouth and back through the hole. I saw him sit down on the toilet,
What had I done, I just sucked this strange man's cock and let him cum in my mouth, I swallowed it, I think I liked it. I suddenly panicked, pulling up my pants I bolted out of the toilet and rushed to the safety of my car. I sat there reviewing in my mind what I had just done, the man I had just sucked off came out of the toilet, he was in his thirties, nice looking, he went to a station wagon, there was a woman and a couple of small c***dren waiting for him, he got in the car, started it and pulled away, he made eye contact with me as he passed oh god he knew, he knew I was his cocksucker.
I sat there for a long time thinking about what I had done, yes I liked it, I think, would I do it again, I had to know. Another car pulled in and a man headed to the toilets, I was close behind. He went into an end stall, I went into the next, there were holes in both walls, looking through the hole in our adjoining wall I saw him sitting on the toilet playing with his cock, it was maybe 6", about 1" in diameter and cut. I knelt down in front of the hole, he saw me and stood and put his cock through the hole, I went to work sucking him, I heard him whisper "suck my cock fagot", I sucked him for I think maybe 10 minutes. I was thinking how much I loved sucking cock, when he said "here it cums cocksucker" then he started pumping his sperm into my mouth, I loved the taste and how it felt sliding down my throat as I swallowed. I licked him clean as he withdrew, "thanks homo" he laughed and left.I was on my knees in a dirty toilet, try to decide how I felt about what I had done when I heard a knock, I turned around a cock hanging through the hole in the opposite wall. I had never seen an uncut cock before, but there it was, soft it was maybe 6' and it had a hood of skin covering the end. I took it in my hand and pulled the hood back and ran my tongue around the head causing my unknown feeder to moan loudly, ugh I thought, his cock smelled and tasted pissy, but it was growing quickly and fuck it was huge, I continued to suck his cock, the flavor changed as my saliva washed his cock. I wasn't sure if I was good or he had a quick trigger, but it only took a couple minutes and he was filling my mouth, he may not of had the best tasting cock, but his cum was yummy, it shot out in pretty much one long stream like he was pissing but he wasn't, he pulled out of the hole and left.
I walked back to my car, I knew I was addicted, a cocksucker, and I really knew it after I had cum sucking my first cock.
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1 month ago
a high school boy sucking cock I need to find that rest stop
4 months ago
yes, your a cock sucker! like the line "I already knew it"
5 months ago
Raw... But I liked it a lot.... Wonder what my first time will be like..
7 months ago
so hot
1 year ago
Very similiar to my own youth, first man to suck me was at rest stop outside of town...went there often
4 years ago
nice writing.that has me pulling my prick.your story sounds similar to mine but mine was at the beach back in the dunes.i was young and really didn't know what was going on.i knew i liked cumming off and i was pulling my cock every chance i got.i'd usually get these small magazines with pictures of naked women and men.i'd find some hidden place outside and jerk myself off.after awhile i found myself jerking off more times looking at mens cocks than to didn't dawn on me though that i liked cocks better than pussies but i do love to have my stiff meat in a nice tight hot pussy also.well this one day i was at the beach with my family and i roamed off by myself with one of my little books hiden under my shirt.i headed for the dunes to find a quiet area to whack-off.i didn't know at the time that i was going into a cruising area.i didn't even know what a cruising area was.i found a nice secluded area behind some bushes and took my bathing suit and shirt felt so good with the sun on my prick that i got a hard-on right away.i started looking at the pictures and pulling my was so much fun being out there doing shaft was so fucking hard and the head got so swollen i knew this was going to be quick.then i heard some noise and peeked out from the bushes and saw four guys having a circle-jerk.i couldn't believe how excited i got.i almost blew my load.then one of them saw me and called me out.i was so scared i didn't know what to do or expect.i knew i had no choice so i came out.i walked out to the opening where they were with my cock standing straight felt so fucking good swinging back and forth as i walked over to them.i could see them smirking because they knew this was all new to me.they asked me if i wanted to play with myself in front of them which really excited me.even though i was unbelievably nervous i knew i wanted to so i said yes.i started pulling my cock feeling a little awkward at first but then it started feeling so good that i didn't care and started getting into it.i could see they were enjoying the show.then one of them asked me if i wanted to feel their meat.i said no at first but i was so fucking horny by now that i knew i would do anything.he asked me again was i sure and i said o.k.i couldn't believe i was going to touch someones cock.i grabbed it in my hand and i was amazed at how good it felt in my hand.i really didn't know what to do with it.i was just holding it at first.i could feel it pulsing and he started humping back and forth in my hand.he started moaning and his cock was really throbing.i thought i'll do the same thing as i do to my cock so i started stroking his stiff soon as i did he started shooting his load and it seemed like a big one to me.i loved feeling his meat get so hard and feel the cum shoot out and get all over my hand.then one of the other ones asked if i wanted to taste their cock.i was so fucking horny now that there was no hesitation.i put his stiff hard dick half way in my mouth and loved it even better than i liked holding the other guys cock.i still really didn't know what i was supposed to do with his dick in my mouth but he took care of that.he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it up and down on his cock.i loved the feeling of his cock getting harder and harder until he shot a big hot load in my mouth.i loved it.the other two didn't even have to ask.i asked them if i could suck their dicks.i started moving my head on them and even got my tounge into it.the last one i even deep throated a little.i was learning and loved it.after i got the four of them off my cock was the stiffest it had ever been.they said they wanted to see me of them came up to me and gave my cock a couple of started twitching he moved away.i tensed my whole body.pushed my hump and prick out and up and shot a massive cock was twitching up and down spewing out cum all over.i still jerk-off sometimes when i get real horny thinking of that day.
4 years ago
Sucking cock is wonderful
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
great story.
4 years ago
That is as good a story as i have read, almost came just reading it.
4 years ago
Holy hell. This has to be one of the best stories I have read in awhile. I love first time stories and like them even more when it is a straight guy realizing that maybe cock sucking isn't so bad. Great job.
4 years ago
fantastic story, I liked it alot