I Am A Cocksucker

I am not gay, but I am a cocksucker, I don't want a relationship with other men, I don't want to kiss and cuddle, I do however love to suck their cocks. I love the feel of another man's cock in my hand, against my face, in my mouth, I love the smell and taste, I love to feel the head slip down my throat. I love to have my mouth fucked, I love to hear them moan and call me cocksucker and talk nasty to me. Most of all I love to make them cum, in my mouth, I always swallow, or in my face, I love a facial. I love knowing I have the power to make them cum when and where I want them to. Anonymous middle aged, married, cut cocks are my preference, but when it comes right down to it I'll suck any cock that is clean and healthy.
I was waiting for the elevator on the tenth floor of a local office building, there were three others also waiting, one of them I recognized as a prominent local attorney, I will call him Atty X. We entered the empty elevator and started down, stopping on the ninth floor, the doors opened to a large group of people, as they boarded we were pushed to the rear of the elevator, Atty X ended up standing against the back wall, I was directly in front of him and very close to him. I reached behind me and checked my wallet accidentally on purpose rubbing the front of his pants with the back of my hand in the process, just then the elevator stopped on the seventh floor and two more people stepped in pushing us even closer, my hand still in between us. I took a chance allowed the back of my hand to rub against him again, I felt him push slightly against my hand, turning my hand I felt his cock through the thin material of his suit pants. I spent the rest of the ride to the second floor and walkway to the parking garage feeling his quickly hardening cock, I withdrew my hand as the doors opened, several of the passengers got out including Atty X and myself. "I'm parked right over there" I said quietly as the others moved out of earshot, Atty X followed me to my car I just looked at him and smiled as I unlocked the doors. He got in the passenger side I in the drivers side, my car has very dark tinted glass making it very hard if not impossible for someone to see inside, I leaned over and unzipped his pants "lets see what you got for me" I whispered as I fished his cock out. It was very nice, maybe seven inches, average thickness and cut. I rubbed my face against it as I unfastened his belt and pants button. "Mmmm you smell good" I breathed as I pulled his jockey's down, he smelled of Gillette Body Wash. I stroked his cock as I licked and sucked his hairy balls, I worshiped his cock and balls for several minutes getting it very wet, but without taking it into my mouth. He started caressing my head with his hand, "oh god suck my cock" he gasped. "Hmmm?" I moaned as I continued to tease him licking and caressing his cock, but still not taking it in my mouth. "Suck it cocksucker" he commanded. The magic words, I took him into my mouth working the head of his cock with my tongue, savoring the taste of his precum before burying my nose in his pubis hair. "Oh fuck" he cried out as I swallowed several times milking his cock with my throat. I worked my magic on his delicious cock for at least fifteen minutes, then pulling off him I looked up at him and whispered "I want your cum, feed me". Taking him back into my mouth I went into hoover mode, fondling and squeezing his bloated balls as I sucked his cock in and out of my wanton mouth. He was getting close, I could feel his cock growing "I'm gonna cum in your mouth cocksucker, is that what you want" he panted. "Mmm hmm" I moaned squeezing his balls hard. "take it cocksucker!!" he yelled as his cock exploded in my mouth, I sucked just the head and pumped his balls letting his cock fill my mouth with his cock juice only stopping after I had drained his cum filled balls. I licked his cock clean of any trace of cum then kissed his cock and sat up. He pulled his pants up "wish my wife could suck cock like you do" he complimented. "Thanks it was my pleasure" I assured him. "Here's my card, direct to my cell" he said giving me a business card and a wink as he got out of my car. I didn't get a chance to tell I don't normally suck the same cock twice, but then again he did taste really good.
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3 months ago
I'm sure this is a true story. I have sucked off MANY guys who for the most part are straight. They just can't refuse a warm mouth and a sucking throat to cum in.
4 years ago
All my stories are based on real experiences unless otherwise indicated
4 years ago
is this story real lol
4 years ago
Nice job cocksucker........
4 years ago
Nice erotic story.
4 years ago
Excellent experience, I dream of such adventures too.