me n my young niece

this is a true story

when i was 11 years old i started to fuck my niece who was 9 at the time.

it started one morning when my b*****r came down to see my dad n mam. my b*****r came with is daughter ellie.

on the night my dad ask me to look after ellie when ever go out for a bit so i said yh ok then.

when ever left me n my niece was on the bed watchin tv n she asked me about sex i was so shocked n i asked her how does she know this n she said i saw my mummy n daddy have sex.

i didt no wot to do or say and then she was giving me a blowjob i loved it so bad i didt wanted to stop her soon after i came all over her face n she started to lick it of.

she told me she want to put my cock in her pussy so i took of her pjs n started to rubbing next to her pussy lips but it didt let so i said to her when u get older we will do it agian.

its been over 3 years after that having sex with my niece now we where 14 n 12.

one day my dad said we where goin to see my b*****r so i can see my niece as well. when we got there ellie said to my mum n dad can i sl**p please n my dad said ok.

when we got back home me n ellie wnet up stairs n she said are u ready for sex n i said not yet lets wait to my mum n dad go to bed.

after my mum n dad went bed me n ellie got naked every quick n started to hav sex for 2 hours i came in her pussy n in her month as well.

its been 4 years when i shagged ellie it was coming her 16 birthday i went down to her party and sum drinks n on the night when every one went to bed me n ellie stayed up n started to fuck eachother again we did it for 3 hours n 20minutes n i came in her pussy two twice n on her body.

its been over month when we did it but i found out i got her pregnant but no ones in out f****y it was mine.

its been 7months when i found out i got her pregnant but i cnt wait to see my baby girl
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7 months ago
what is your new profile?
4 years ago
this is my story it was my old profile
4 years ago
... o_O
4 years ago
Crap, you need to learn to spell and write
4 years ago
sweet naughty uncle