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Lilith: Lady of the Night.

Lilith: Lady of the Night.

One of the joys of xhamster, to my view, is not so much the abundance of erotic material contained within the site (although I’m not complaining about it!) but the opportunity to meet extraordinary people online at the very confluence of their sexuality and imagination. True there are many users on the site whose sole purpose is to stimulate themselves by watching pornography and there’s nothing wrong with that. Then again there are ma... Continue»
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My August Gangbang

(The following was originally written to another woman on this site who was interested in visiting an adult theater. I wrote most of this in the form of several PMs to her. I had written so much that I just decided to make it all into a blog. I've added a bit since then. Keep in mind that this is not a story. This blog is a detailed and true account of what I experienced at an adult theater. For the sake of clarity I included events which occurre... Continue»
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Cummings and Goings in 2012

In this blog I write about some of my fun sex times in 2012. Originally, I titled it Shannon's Blog. Here is a Table of Contents for what is below.

November 29, 2012 – Masturbating At My Little Park Hideaway.
December 8, 2012 – Grooming With My Girlfriend.
December 28, 2012- Sl*eeping at an Abandoned Brothel With Angela.
January 8, 2013 – Angela and I Take the Virginity of a Mormon Boy.

The 29th Day of November in the Year of 2012...Masturbating At My Little Park Hideaway.

I'm kind of sad t... Continue»
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Washing a Cock

Hi friends.

I really like the aroma and smell from a cock. It has this very exciting and pulling feeling that gets me very wet.

I do however have a small routine and kind of fetish, when I have the chance, of thoroughly washing a cock before having a more intimate and fun relationship. I learned this from a man that like for me to wash his cock first before sucking it and I maintain this habit when I can so I will tell my routine.

Of course we are in the shower and talking and I ask if he let me wash it. I put soap in my hands and rub my hands a lot with soap so my hands become very s... Continue»
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